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Test the purity of gold and silver coins and bars with the Sigma Metalytics advanced precious metal scanning machine to detect fake or counterfeit coins.Have you tested the purity of your gold and silver coins? With the Precious Metal Testing Scanner from Sigma Metalytics, you can instantly verify that the coins you own or are interested in purchasing are as pure as advertised. With both the number and quality of fake gold and silver surfacing on the market increasing, the ability to verify the authenticity and purity of your physical gold and silver investments with the exact same device used by the experts at SD Bullion is essential.

This gold and silver testing and detection scanner is used to measure the bulk metal in a bullion bar or coin and ensure that the metal matches the electrical characteristics that would be expected of it. The testing scanner can assess a sample in less than one second without affecting the coin or bullion in any way. No chemicals are used and no physical damage is done to the coin or bullion being tested.

Unlike in other testing methods, plating and surface features do not significantly impact the unit's ability to measure the underlying metal. Using electromagnetic waves that penetrate deeply into the coin or bar, plating and surface features are largely ignored, and the main body of metal assessed. The testing scanner can see through plastic cases and bags, so numismatic coins do not need to be removed from protective holders.

Different sized sensors are used for different sized samples. The biggest sensor is in the main housing and is used for large samples, like 1-ounce coins and bars. To measure smaller objects one of two external wands is connected to the main unit via a cable. The large wand is used for coins weighing between ¼ and 1 ounce. The small wand can be used for smaller samples, such as 1-gram bars and CombiBars, 1/10-ounce coins, and the like.

We now offer a new Bullion Wand as an option which is included with this purchase. This new wand will penetrate the surface of gold and silver bars to a depth of 2 mm (.08 in). The user selects the metal that the sample is expected to be. The testing scanner sets the value of that metal’s resistivity to the center of the bar display. The bar display has brackets that show the expected range of the reading for the selected metal.

So, for example, if the user selects pure gold as the metal, and pure gold is placed on the sensor, a value within the brackets will be obtained. Virtually any other metal with a similar weight will fall far outside this range. If the actual reading does not correspond to the expected reading, an arrow will show up on the bar display. Many standard metals are stored in the Precious Metal Testing Scanner and can be selected by the user.

For example, for gold coins the user can select pure gold, 22 K gold, 90% gold, or American eagle gold; for silver, pure silver, sterling silver, 90% silver. and Britannia silver. Pure platinum, palladium, rhodium, and copper also have stored values. Each of these coin and bullion metals will produce a unique reading on the Precious Metal Testing Scanner. Even small changes in alloy make a big difference in the readings on the Precious Metal Testing Scanner.

The Precious Metal Testing Scanner has many advantages: Can be used with any metal. Reads the metal bulk—not coatings and plating. Can read through packaging. Very fast—1 second results. No wet chemistry, no consumables, no scraping or filing. Inexpensive to buy and use. Detects and prevents precious metal fraud. Can assist in determining numismatic authenticity. Easy to use, easy to program for additional sample types.

Portable—long battery life. Durable—no maintenance required. NEW BULLION Wand increases the depth of measurement by a factor of four. The three wand attachments are able to detect a multitude of pre-programmed metal contents including: Gold - Pure Gold - 91.7% 22K Crown Gold - 90% Gold - American Eagle Gold - 98.6% Silver - 99.99% Pure Silver - 99.9% Pure Silver - 92.5% Sterling Silver - Morgan Dollar Silver - Peace Dollar Silver - 90% Coin Silver - 96% Britannia Platinum Palladium Rhodium Copper Includes: 3 Attachment Wands Carrying Case Instructional Manual USB Cable Charger More questions? Click here to see our frequently asked questions.

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Premiums have been reduced 4% on 1/10 oz US Gold Eagle Coin | Random Year this week only! Take a look at more discounted Gold and Silver bullion products in our Weekly Deals category. Deals change every Monday, so check back or sign up for our weekly newsletter and save on your next purchase!Get 1/10th oz gold eagles for 9.5% over spot in any quantity!Dates may range from 1986 to current year and may or may not include a variety.

Product Specs Mint: United States Mint Year of Issue: Randomized Composition: One-tenth troy ounce of .9167 fine gold Face Value: $5 USD Obverse Designed by Augustus Saint-Gauden, the obverse focuses on Lady Liberty as she steps out from rays of sunshine. She holds up a torch in one arm, and an olive branch in the other. “LIBERTY” is inscribed within a ring of stars around the rim, along with the year of issue.

The dates of this product will be random and may or may not include a variety. Reverse The reverse, designed by Miley Busiek, features a male Bald Eagle flying back to his nested family with an olive branch in his talon. Inscriptions include “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” and “IN GOD WE TRUST,” along with the weight and denomination. About American Gold Eagles The first annual American Gold Eagle was produced in 1986, after the Gold Bullion Act of 1985 kicked off the program.

The gold used to make these coins is sourced directly from the US, with additional metal alloys for stability and strength. Gold Eagles have since become the most widely traded gold bullion coin in the world. Shipping Info Individual coins ship in a plastic flip. Multiples of 50 ship in mint packaging. Place your order online or call a customer service representative at 800-313-3315.

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