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Provident Metals is pleased to offer an extensive selection of1 oz Gold Bars that are beautifully designed, and that deserve a place in your investment portfolio. Each bar consists of at least .9999 fine gold, and will be a valuable addition your investment portfolio. Each 1 oz Gold Bar is manufactured by a reputable Private and Sovereign Mint, and each qualifies for a self-directed precious metals IRA.

Are you new to investing in gold? One ounce gold bars are a great place to start! Are gold bars a good investment? Yes; because each of the bars we offer meets or exceeds the industry’s purity standards, and they are a great way to diversify your investment portfolio and protect your investments against inflation. Why should I buy bullion bars instead of bullion coins? Most investors favor bars over rounds or coins because they are easy to store, and they carry a lower premium than bullion coins.

How much gold should be in my IRA? Most economists suggest holding between 5-15% of your portfolio in precious metals. By diversifying with precious metals, you minimize risk of catastrophic losses in the event of a market collapse of a commodity or stock. Also, most savvy investors use precious metal bullion as a hedge against inflation Who makes the best gold bars? Provident Metals only sources gold bars from reputable mints with a history of producing high quality bullion.

Each bar is investment grade gold and qualifies for your precious metals IRA; however, some bullion bars might hold a higher numismatic value due to rarity or production errors. When you are shopping at Provident Metals, you can be certain that the product you choose is composed of at least .9999 fine gold; the only difficulty you will have is choosing which design you like best. How should I store my gold bars? There are many storage options available to gold and silver investor.

Most investors favor the certainty of taking physical possession of their bullion. An advantage of bullion bars is their rectangular shape, which makes storage in a personal safe simple. Where can I buy gold bars? Provident Metals is your go to source for low priced, high quality bullion with superior customer service and fast shipping. As one of the leading dealers in the US, Provident ensures customers are pleased with each and every transaction.

We have customer service representatives ready to take your call to answer any questions you might have. How is the price of gold determined? The universal price of gold is set twice daily (10:30 AM and 3:30 PM GMT) by the London Bullion Market Association. The price is set in US dollars and is reflected worldwide. A variety of factors affect how the price is set by the LMBA. Supply and demand, as dictated by political, environmental, and socio economic factors has the potential to radically change spot price throughout the day.

How can I check the price of gold? Provident Metals makes keeping up with current spot prices simple. Simply check out our updating gold chart page to see the current and historical spot price of gold. In addition to price updates, you can find answers to commonly asked questions about investing and purchasing options. How do I know when to invest in gold? It is most important to invest only when your risk is low.

If you can safely invest, our gold chart page can help illuminate market trends and provide insight on how to best maximize your investment.

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Gold Price Per Ounce = 1279.6 US Dollar Bid Price: $1279.6 Ask Price: $1280.6 Day's Range: $1271.2 - $1290.4 Prices Updated: Dec 03, 2017 at 02:30 NY Time What is the gold ? Gold is the most popular precious metal accepted by everyone. It is a soft, dense, malleable and ductile metal with a bright yellow color, and its lustre is maintained without tarnishing in water or air. Its chemical symbol is Au.

Gold is one of the least reactive chemical elements, keeping solid state under standard conditions. Throughout history, gold has been sought after by people, used as money and made into jewelry. Nowadays, more and more people are glad to hold gold that is not only used for gorgeous jewelry, or used in industry, but more commonly trading as a popular investment product. How many types of gold investment products? Of all the precious metals used as an investment product, gold is the most popular.

Generally, investors buy gold investment products as a way of diversifying risk. Gold investments are held and declared in different forms, such as gold bullions, gold ETFs, gold options and futures, and so on. Different investment types carry different investment risks. However, no matter what type of gold investment is held, it is critically important for investors to keep an eye on the gold price.

What factors influence the price of gold? Throughout history, the price of gold has varied but has always continued to rise. In very recent times, from 2011 to the end of 2013, the fluctuations in gold prices have been dramatic. Fluctuations in the price of gold are driven by supply and demand including demand through speculation. The price is also affected by the policy of central banks and the International Monetary Fund, the value of the US dollar, the state of the global economy, by war, by invasion and by national emergency.

What are the international major gold markets? In order to establish rules designed to prevent market manipulation, abusive trade practices and fraud, the global gold markets are overseen and regulated by governmental and self-regulating organizations. Globally, there are four important international gold exchange markets, they are London Gold Market (London Bullion Market Association, abbreviated as LBMA), America Gold Market (CME Group), Zurich Gold Market (controlled by three banks - UBS, Credit Suisse and Union Bank of Switzerland) and Hong Kong Gold Market (Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society, abbreviated as CGSE).

The Japanese gold market (Tokyo Commodity Exchange, abbreviated as TOCOM) is also important. By linking these markets, gold trading can be achieved within 24 hours of continuous trading in the worldwide network. The London gold market is by far the largest global centre of OTC transactions. Its gold spot-price is fixed twice each business day at 10:30 am and 3:00 pm (London time) in USD, GBP, and EUR.

London prices have a great influence on the world gold market price. Which is the largest gold producing country? Before 2006, South Africa was the world's dominant gold producer, followed by the United States of America, China, Australia, and Peru. More recently, other countries with greater land surface areas have surpassed South Africa. Since 2007, China has become the largest gold producing country, followed by Australia, United States, Russia, and Peru.

South Africa sits in sixth position. What is the use of gold? According to GFMS as of 2012, a total of 174,100 tonnes of gold has been mined in human history. Currently, the world consumption of gold produced is about 50% in jewellery, 40% in investments, and 10% in industry. In industry, gold is commonly used in electronics, dentistry, commercial chemistry and other fields. Its characteristic of high malleability, ductility, resistance to corrosion and most chemical reactions, and conductivity of electricity have led to many more uses, including colored-glass production, electric wiring, and gold leafing.

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