24 Carat Gold Biscuit Price In Usa

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The following tables shows the latest gold price in United States calculated in U.S. Dollar (USD) and updated regularly. The prices are sometimes updated more frequently at times of strong price moves based on live spot gold price (Bid Price). The last update was on Friday 05th January 2018, 05:48 pm (GMT) or Friday 05th January 2018, 12:48 pm according to the local time of New York. Gold prices are calculated both per ounce, gram, kilogram and tola and for the most common karats.

Gold Unit Gold Price in U.S. Dollar (USD) Gold Ounce 1,321.70  Gold Gram Carat 24 42.50 Gold Gram Carat 22 38.95 Gold Gram Carat 21 37.18 Gold Gram Carat 18 31.86 Gold Gram Carat 14 24.80 Gold Gram Carat 12 21.25 Gold Gram Carat 10 17.71 Ounce Carat Gold Price Per Ounce in U.S. Dollar (USD) 1 Ounce 24K 1,321.70  1 Ounce 22K 1,211.56 1 Ounce 21K 1,156.49 1 Ounce 18K 991.28 1 Ounce 14K 770.99 1 Ounce 12K 660.

85 1 Ounce 10K 550.71 Gram Carat Gold Price Per Gram in U.S. Dollar (USD) 1 Gram 24K 42.50  1 Gram 22K 38.95 1 Gram 21K 37.18 1 Gram 18K 31.86 1 Gram 14K 24.80 1 Gram 12K 21.25 1 Gram 10K 17.71 Kilogram Carat Gold Price Per Kilogram in U.S. Dollar (USD) 1 Kilogram 24K 42,498.47  1 Kilogram 22K 38,953.80 1 Kilogram 21K 37,178.69 1 Kilogram 18K 31,863.61 1 Kilogram 14K 24,797.42 1 Kilogram 12K 21,249.

23 1 Kilogram 10K 17,707.70 Tola Karat Gold Price Per Tola in U.S. Dollar (USD) 1 Tola 24K 495.64  1 Tola 22K 454.34 1 Tola 21K 433.68 1 Tola 18K 371.73 1 Tola 14K 289.12 1 Tola 12K 247.82 1 Tola 10K 206.52 * 24K= Gold Karat 24, 22K= Gold Karat 22, 21K= Gold Karat 21, 18K= Gold Karat 18, 14K= Gold Karat 14, 12K= Gold Karat 12, 10K= Gold Karat 10

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