Apple Pie Moonshine Prices

Picture of Apple Pie Moonshine Prices

KITCHEN MENUS STARTERS Moonshine Potatoes Crispy Yukon gold potatoes tossed with fresh basil pesto & Parmesan cheese 6 Luc's Poutine A Canadian classic... Fries with gravy and cheese curds. Add Pulled Pork or Brisket $4. 10 Quesadilla Large flour tortilla stuffed with pork or chicken, corn salsa, chipotle crema & cheese. Served with pico, sour cream & house made guacamole 10 BBQ Street Tacos Three corn tortillas topped with pulled pork, chicken, brisket or portabellas.

Layered with Chipotle aioli, spicy BBQ sauce and smoked corn salsa 11 Smoked Chicken Wings Choose from Buffalo, Dry Rubbed, Hoisin or BBQ Half Dz 8Dozen 14 Pulled Pork Nachos House made chips, pulled pork, black beans, cheddar & pepper jack cheeses. Topped with pico de gallo and chipotle sour cream 10 Cheddar-Bacon Potato Fritters Crispy fritters stuffed with cheddar & jack cheese and bacon.

Drizzled with roasted garlic-basil ketchup 8 Fried Pickle Spears For all of you long time guests. these are for you! Served with ranch dressing. 8 BBQ Sliders Three mini BBQ sandwiches. Choice of pulled pork, chicken, brisket or portabellas. Served with fries. 10 Sriracha-Honey Brussel Sprouts Crispy Sprouts tossed in a sweet & spicy glaze 8 Smoked Brisket Chili House Favorite! Add a piece of cornbread for $1.

50 Cup 4Bowl 7 *Menu and prices subject to change BURGERS Served with choice of Fries, Coleslaw or Potato Salad. Classic Burger Fresh ground beef with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion & garlic aioli. 12 The "Animal" Burger Our burger topped with house smoked pulled pork, provolone cheese, garlic aioli, frizzled onions and Bourbon Bacon Jam!! 16 Moonshine BBQ Burger Fresh ground beef, spicy BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, frizzled onions, bacon & BBQ mayo.

14 Peanut Butter-Bacon Burger Don't knock it till you try it. Just as it says...Grilled burger, with cheddar cheese, bacon and a spread of warm peanut butter. 14 Brisket-Blue Cheese Burger Smoked brisket tops a fresh grilled grilled burger with blue cheese, bacon jam, garlic aioli and crispy frizzled onions. 16 Mushroom & Swiss Burger Topped with smoked portabellos, swiss cheese, lettuce, red onion, aioli & roasted garlic ketchup.

15 “Back to Bed” Burger Crispy bacon, fried egg, cheddar cheese, crunchy hash brown patty and maple-bacon aioli all on a juicy burger 16 *Menu and prices subject to change SANDWICHES Served with choice of Fries, Coleslaw or Potato Salad. “The Boz” Big, Meaty and Feisty! All our smoked meats with slaw, frizzled onions, bacon jam and other stuff 19 Smoked Salmon BLT House smoked salmon, crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato and garlic aioli on grilled sourdough.

13 Cuban Sandwich Slow smoked pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles & mustard pressed on our griddle 13 Pulled BBQ Sandwich Choice of slow smoked pork or chicken, coleslaw, frizzled onions and BBQ mayo 13 BBQ Brisket Sandwich Slow smoked brisket, piled high with BBQ mayo on a toasted bun. 15 Grilled Shrimp Po’ Boy Marinated and grilled shrimp w/ bacon, coleslaw, chipotle mayo & pickles on a toasted hoagie roll 15 Reuben on Pretzel Bun House smoked corned beef layered with 1000 Island dressing, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on a toasted pretzel bun.

15 *Menu and prices subject to change ENTREES Comes with 2 side selections and corn bread. Add side of Ribs, Kielbasa or Hot Link for $4 Pretzel Crusted Mac & Cheese Gobetti pasta tossed in a three cheese sauce with caramelized onions, smoked chicken and bacon. Topped with blue cheese and crispy pretzel crust. 16 Pesto Mac & Cheese Pasta tossed with fresh basil pesto, three cheese sauce, smoked portabella & cherry tomatoes.

Topped with crispy frizzled onions. 15 Grilled Meatloaf Large portion of our signature meatloaf made with beef, bacon and ground pork. Finished with roasted garlic-basil ketchup and comes with a choice of two sides 15 BBQ Sundae Baked beans piled high with coleslaw, frizzled onions, pickles and choice of pork or chicken 15 *Menu and prices subject to change BBQ ENTREES Comes with 2 side selections and corn bread.

Add side of Ribs, Kielbasa or Hot Link for $4 Smoked Hot Link or Kielbasa Choose two cheddar-jalapeno hot links or kielbasa. Or choose one of each 16 St Louis Ribs Half rack of dry rubbed & smoked St Louis ribs 19 Beef Brisket Half pound of 14 hour-smoked brisket 20 BBQ Chicken Slow smoked half chicken. 17 *Menu and prices subject to change COMBOS Comes with 2 side selections and corn bread.

Add side of Ribs, Kielbasa or Hot Link for $4 The Classic Combo Choice of two of the following meats... pulled Pork, pulled chicken, brisket, corned beef, hot links, kielbasa or ribs 20 Chicken Combo Slow smoked half chicken paired with choice of pulled Pork, brisket, corned beef, hot links, kielbasa or ribs 19 Family Combo Half pound each of Brisket and Pulled Pork along with a half rack of Ribs, and hot link or kielbasa.

Comes with four pieces of cornbread and two large sides (serves 3-4) 49 *Menu and prices subject to change Lunch 3 Item Combo (choose 1 meat and 2 sides) 8 4 Item Combo (choose 2 meats and 2 sides) 11 Meats – Pulled pork, 1/4 chicken, brisket, kielbasa, hot link, corned beef, ribs, pork slider, chicken sliderSides – Coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, mac & cheese, house salad, Caesar salad, fries, collard greens, succotash, corn bread Smoked Chicken Verde Enchiladas House made green chili sauce and melted cheese over corn tortillas, smoked chicken and onions.

9 Traditional Cuban Sandwich w/ Fries Smoked pork, sliced ham, pickles, mustard and Swiss cheese pressed in a hoagie roll 11 Duo of Mac & Cheese Try both of our signature mac & cheeses in one shot! Small version of our House mac & Pesto mac 11 Chicken Caesar Wrap w/ Fries Smoked & shredded chicken, romaine, parmesan & Caesar dressing rolled in a large flour tortilla 9 Grilled Shrimp Romaine Wedge Salad Entire “wedge” of romaine lettuce topped with blue cheese dressing, bacon, grape tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles and a marinated grilled shrimp skewer 8 *Menu and prices subject to change HAPPY HOUR Everyday 3pm-6pm and 9pm-close $1 off any 16oz drafts $4 well drinks $3 Rainier draft $4 House Red or White Wine $6 Bootlegger XXX Punch Moonshine Potatoes Crisp Yukon gold potatoes tossed with fresh basil pesto & Parmesan 5 BBQ Sliders 2 sliders with choice of pulled pork, chicken or brisket, topped with slaw & frizzled onions.

Served with fries. 6 Personal Poutine A Canadian Classic. Crispy fries with cheese curds & gravy. 6 Cheddar/Bacon Grit Fritters Crispy sharp white cheddar and bacon filled southern grit fritters. Served with Roasted Garlic-Basil Ketchup. 5 Hoisin Glazed Crispy Ribs Crispy St Louis ribs tossed with an Asian inspired glaze, green onions & sesame seeds 7 Street Tacos Fresh corn tortillas topped with choice of brisket, pulled pork or chicken.

Finished with house made spicy BBQ sauce and smoked corn salsa. 6 Sriracha-Honey Brussel Sprouts Crispy Brussel sprouts tossed with a sweet & spicy glaze. 5 Pulled Pork Nachos Fresh, crispy tortilla chips topped with smoked pulled pork, pepperjack & cheddar cheeses, black beans, pico de gallo and chipotle cream. 6 Meatloaf Sliders 2 pieces of grilled meatloaf on toasted slider buns with BBQ mayo, cheddar cheese and frizzled onions.

Served with fries. 6 Fried Pickle Spears Pickle spears coated in Panko bread crumbs, fried crispy and served with ranch dressing. 6 Brisket Caesar Salad Classic Caesar salad topped with house smoked BBQ beef brisket. (Plain Caesar or house salad - 3) 6 Quesadilla Crisp flour tortilla filled with smoked chicken or pork, corn salsa, cheese & chipotle crema. Served with pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole 7 *Menu and prices subject to change KID'S MENU Just for the youngsters, 12 & under please Kids Cheeseburger 1/4 Pound Angus burger & cheddar cheese, served with fries.

6 Cheddar Mac & Cheese Noodles tossed in cheese sauce w/ pretzel topping. 5 Pork Sliders 2 buns piled high with BBQ pulled pork, served with Fries 6 Chicken Quesadilla Flour tortilla stuffed with cheddar cheese and smoked chicken 6 Chicken Tacos Corn tortillas with chicken & cheese, served with fries. (Get them “Hailey style” w/ cheese, sour cream & lettuce) 6 Chicken Strips Served with fries.

6 Grilled Cheese Sourdough with cheddar and provolone, Served with fries 6 Kids Ribs 2 St Louis style, dry rubbed ribs, served with fries 7 *Menu and prices subject to change SALADS Add chicken or Brisket to any salad for $4 more House Salad Mixed greens, grape tomatoes, cucumbers & croutons. Choice of dressing 8 Caesar Salad Chopped Romaine, Caesar dressing, croutons & parmesan cheese 11 BBQ Chicken Salad Mixed greens, grape tomatoes, smoked chicken, pepperjack cheese, frizzled onions & BBQ ranch dressing 13 Chipotle Brisket Salad Chopped Romaine, grape tomatoes, bacon, blue cheese crumbles & chipotle blue cheese dressing.

Topped with warm slices of smoked brisket 16 Smoked Salmon Salad (seasonal) Mixed baby greens and romaine with roasted corn salsa, balsamic vinaigrette and smoked line-caught, wild Coho salmon. Topped with guacamole 15 *Menu and prices subject to change SIDES Coleslaw 3/Lg 5 Yukon Gold Potato Salad 4/Lg 6 French Fries 4 Sweet Potato Waffle Fries 5 Collard Greens 4/Lg 6 Smoked Corn Succotash 4/Lg 6 Smokey Baked Beans 4/Lg 6 *Menu and prices subject to change CATERING CATERING PACKAGES Please allow 48 hour notice for large orders PACKAGE #1 Serves up to 124 LBS of Pulled Pork2 LBS or Brisket2 Quarts of Coleslaw2 Quarts of Baked Beans1/2 Pan of Cornbread$125 ($10.

41 per person) PACKAGE #2 Serves up to 253 RACKS or Ribs4 LBS of Pulled Pork4 LBS or Brisket2 Whole Chickens1/2 Pan of Coleslaw1/2 Pan of Baked Beans1 Full Pan of Cornbread$300 ($12 per person) PACKAGE #3 SLIDERS PACKAGEMinimum 10 person order. Build your own sliders.Each package comes with your choice of meat, slider buns, coleslaw, baked beans and mac n cheese.Brisket $13.25/per personPulled Chicken $12.

25/per personPulled Pork $12.25/per person *Menu and prices subject to change CATERING A LA CARTE Please allow 48 hour notice for large orders ---HOUSE SMOKED MEATS---- Beef Brisket Pulled Pork $15/lb Hot Link Kielabasa $4/each St. Louis Style Pork Ribs Smoked Whole Chicken $19/per Jumbo Wings ---SPECIAL ORDER SMOKED MEATS--- Prime Rib Whole Turkey $70/each (12-14 lbs) Whole Ham $85/each (18-20 lbs) ---SIDES--- Potato Salad $8/Quart, $30/half-pan, $55/pan Coleslaw $7/Quart, $25/half-pan, $45/pan Baked Beans $9/Quart, $35/half-pan, $65/pan Brisket Chili $12/Quart, $45/half-pan, $80/pan Mac & Cheese $12/Quart, $45/half-pan, $80/pan House Salad $25/half-pan, $45/pan Collard Greens $9/Quart, $35/half-pan, $65/pan Slider Buns $8/pack(24) Corn Bread Full Pan $26 (40 pieces) Corn Bread Half Pan $14 (20 pieces) *Menu and prices subject to change DESSERTS S'mores Brownie Gooey double chocolate brownie topped with toasted marshmallow and graham cracker crumbs Seasonal Cornbread Shortcake Fresh baked cornbread layered with Seasonal Fruit and whipped cream 6 Rumchata Bread Pudding A true original!!! Classic dessert of bread baked in a cream custard, however we flavor ours with Rumchata (Horchata-flavored rum) 7 Ice Cream 2 Large scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream.

Choice of chocolate or caramel sauce on the side 3.5 *Menu and prices subject to change

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Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine There’s a lot of mystery and mystique around moonshine, and often the misperception that it’s fire water or on par with turpentine. The truth is that moonshine is more accurately aligned with Grandma’s home baked apple pie than the drink-it-and-you’ll-go-blind image it seems to have gotten over the years.  Moonshine is often made from corn, although since it’s historically been an unregulated spirit, it can be made from just about anything.

Unlike many un-aged whiskeys on the market (often sold under the moniker of white dog or white whiskey), moonshine isn’t an interim step between distillation and aging. It’s a product that’s designed to be drunk clear, and in the case of Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine, it’s designed to be drunk straight out of the jar. Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine (100 proof  $34.95) has a very light and sweet corn nose without any vapors whatsoever (pretty amazing for a 100 proof spirit).

The entry has a little bite and is less sweet than the nose. The corn notes come in pretty solid as we move into the mid palate where the heat increases noticeably.  There’s a sugary, rum-like note that steps in towards the end of the mid-palate where things get a little vapory.  The finish is pretty quick as the heat begins to fade and things ultimately finish up pretty clean. When we first got the jar of Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine, we tried pouring it out into glasses, which ended up as a little bit of a disaster as it’s not an easy task to cleanly pour from a mason jar into a glass.

We were then told that the moonshine was designed to be, and is traditionally, drunk from the jar itself.  Drinking out of a mason jar is actually quite fun, and a nice change.  We really like the nose of this moonshine and the taste does a fair job of matching it.  We aren’t over the moon with the flavor shift towards the end of the mid-palate, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying this “moonshine experience”.

 At $34 it does come in a little on the high side of things, a full $12 over Glen Thunder Corn Whiskey which we are huge fans of. Ole Smoky Tennessee Apple Pie Moonshine (40 proof  $34.95) – A significant drop in proof from the main moonshine makes the apple pie moonshine extremely easy to drink in fairly large quantities. The nose is distinctively apple and spice, a little like spiced apple cider.

If you didn’t know it had alcohol in it, you wouldn’t be able to tell from smelling it.  The entry is appley sweet to the start and then it transitions in the mid palate to more spicy with deep cinnamon and allspice flavors.  The apple flavors here are much more apple pie than apple cider and it picks up a slight vinegary note at the end of the mid palate.  The finish is longer than the original moonshine with apple flavors lingering for quite some time.

We like the fact that Ole Smoky Tennessee Apple Pie Moonshine isn’t sticky sweet, and it’s legions beyond the Travis Hasse’s Original Apple Pie Liqueur that’s on the market. As with the traditional Ole Smoky Moonshine, you drink the Apple Pie Moonshine straight from the mason jar.  It’s a nice treat and a good way to experience a softer, sweeter, and more fruity introduction to drinking moonshine.

Hazel Gordon

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