Average Gas Price In Colorado

Picture of Average Gas Price In Colorado

The prices below are for regular gasoline as of 12/12/2017 12:25:02 AM local time. Area Average Price Trend Oklahoma 2.141 Mississippi 2.194 South Carolina 2.197 Alabama 2.198 Texas 2.203 Arkansas 2.211 Louisiana 2.237 Tennessee 2.247 Missouri 2.254 Kansas 2.260 Virginia 2.275 Georgia 2.318 Kentucky 2.341 Delaware 2.341 North Carolina 2.342 Arizona 2.

353 Ohio 2.373 Wisconsin 2.387 Florida 2.406 New Mexico 2.411 Minnesota 2.422 Maryland 2.439 Wyoming 2.448 North Dakota 2.452 South Dakota 2.461 Utah 2.468 New Hampshire 2.470 Colorado 2.475 Indiana 2.478 Nebraska 2.483 West Virginia 2.484 Maine 2.486 Iowa 2.491 Illinois 2.512 New Jersey 2.513 Michigan 2.524 Vermont 2.528 Massachusetts 2.

538 Rhode Island 2.557 Idaho 2.596 Montana 2.607 New York 2.642 Connecticut 2.668 Washington DC 2.671 Nevada 2.676 Pennsylvania 2.719 Oregon 2.808 Washington 2.960 California 3.135 Alaska 3.169 Hawaii 3.235

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