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Tango More info Breed: Belgian Malinois Sex: Male Age: 12 Weeks Price: $2000 USD  Tianna More info Breed: Belgian Malinois Sex: Female Age: 4 Months Price: $2000 USD  Tony More info Breed: Belgian Malinois Sex: Male Age: 12 Weeks Price: $2000 USD  Noah Import More info Breed: Belgian Malinois Sex: Male Age: 14 Months Price: $3300 USD  Akc Molly More info Breed: Belgian Malinois Sex: Female Age: 4 Months Price: $1200 USD  12 Pups More info Breed: Belgian Malinois Sex: Male Age: 13 Days Price: $1000 USD  Gray More info Breed: Belgian Malinois Sex: Female Age: 5 Weeks Price: $750 USD  Coco More info Breed: Belgian Malinois Sex: Female Age: 9 Weeks Price: $600 USD  Rosie-import More info Breed: Belgian Malinois Sex: Female Age: 6 Months Price: $3500 USD  Green 5 More info Breed: Belgian Malinois Sex: Female Age: 8 Weeks Price: $900 USD 

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I think what 'Hunter' wrote is a very reasonable price....for an 8 wk old pup.As someone a long time ago told me....'you pay what the dog worth to YOU??'....Some will pay 2,000 for an 8 wk old pup...and others expect to get everything for nothing....I've seen 4 mos old Mals selling for $4,000!  I told my friend that they better be 'pooping gold' before I would consider paying that much for a 4 month old! :)--regardless of breed.

I think one has to take into consideration a number of factors: ie., age of the pup (8 wks, 6 mos, 12 mos)...amount of training (if any), up here to register a litter of 8-10 pups ($400), deworming, and feeding daily ($200/8wks), first set of vaccinations for a litter of 8-10 pups $390+ (depending on the vet)...if an older pup:  also socialization, worming, 2nd (390+) and possibly 3rd (390+) set of vaccinations, handling and imprinting/shaping their behaviours daily.

...If for example...the pup is 6 mos...then you have the time (daily) to train, all the shots, food, worming ($90 for 3 administrations), crate training, house breaking, health guarantee, the risk to the dam (for every pregnancy) and should something go wrong ie., genetic issue...again the replacement of the pup/young dog with another from another litter....Not to mention: quality food is going up 30% in cost this year.

...not to mention price of gas....and the Vet fees have increased over the last year...If the bitch needs a C-section=$1000 up here...and then she may only produce 3-4 pups....As well for many breeders there are costs also for stud fees (usually the price of a puppy)....BUT if the stud isn't accessible or 'dead'; then there are AI costs involved which could run into thousands....and litter sizes vary with AI vs Natural--so unlikely to pay for itself.

Then there are the YEARS of genetic research, travel, Breeder's cost for their own that you (generic) can have the pup you're looking for.....This all costs an incredible amount...And if the Breeder is also titling (it cost me $18,000 to title one dog to Ring III in 18 months); then the costs just keep accumulating...if the stud dog has an accident while training (which happens often in the Ringsports).

..the vet bills can be horrific....mine were over 5,000 for one dog/one incident---and then months of rehab ($$$$$).A friend of mine bought an working Aussie 13 yrs ago when he was 8 wks old  for 'show' and paid $1000 for him....The well bred Mali will give you on average 12 years of workability (and perhaps 15 yrs of companionship)....So I guess my question is: what is this worth to you...??I'm fortunate in the fact that I only breed 1-2 litters/year; and consider it super if a litter 'pays for itself'.

.....If breeders were constantly 'in the red' (their pockets are only so deep)...eventually, you'd be looking for another breed as there wouldn't be any Mali breeders.Please don't get me wrong...but many times the 'buyer' has NO idea as to the expenses and risks the Breeder takes; long before the Buyer even sees his little 'prodigy'.---Perhaps you do...but there are many who don't.That being said..

.the buyer is buying genetics and not titles...and a price of 1000-1200 for a well bred Mali pup is reasonable in the 21st century.I had a guy call me a couple weeks ago....hadn't had a working dog due to work/travelling for over 20 years....He was aghast when he heard price for a registered WORKING pup with a lifetime genetic guarantee and told me that 'way back when'....A Mal could be bought for $200 in Belgium.

---I had to chuckle as my parents also bought a house at that time for 100,000 which you couldn't buy today under 1/2 million.....and they bought a fully loaded new Grand Prix for 8,500---which costs over 35,000 today.---Sometimes one just has to wonder where t

Hazel Gordon

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