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People that visit our farm are always fascinated by our strange-looking cattle. These peculiar looking cows are called Belted Galloways. Most farmers just call these cows Belties for short. This rare breed of cattle originally comes from the highlands of Scotland. They are sometimes called an “Oreo” cow because of their unusual color pattern. Our Belted Galloways are black cows with a white belt that totally wraps around the mid section of their body.

A black colored front and back with a white stripe in the middle makes the cow look like an Oreo cookie. The Belted Galloways are beef cattle. They are not milking cows. We like this breed of cattle for many reasons. First, they don’t have horns. They are naturally polled, so you don’t have to worry about them goring each other. These cows also have a really nice personality. They are friendly cows that are very calm and do not get spooked easily.

The cows are very protective of their calves(forming a strong bond), making them great parents. The calves are small at birth, weighing around 50 pounds. Because the calves are so small, you rarely have difficulties when they give birth. That can save you lots of money on veterinarian bills. Another great feature of our Belted Galloway cows is that they are equipped to handle very poor weather conditions.

The Belted Galloways have a double layer of hair that protects them from the cold, wind, rain and snow. They are perfectly suited for the type of weather that’s common in the Scotland highlands. They are very sure-footed and can climb hills with no problems. They also do very well living on poor quality land. They will graze on vegetation that most other breeds of cattle would avoid. We’ve never butchered our Belted Galloway cows for food(they are our pets), but have heard from experts that say the meat is better tasting than most other types of cattle.

Their beef is very lean and flavorful. Since they have such thick hair, these cows don’t need the extra layer of fat that most other cows must have to survive in colder weather. That’s why their meat is so exceptional tasting. Belted Galloway steaks are some of the best tasting meat you can buy. If you ever get a chance to visit our discus hatchery in person, you might want to take a few minutes to view some of our rare Belted Galloway cows.

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Clifden Farm occupies 122 acres (49 hectares) of prime agricultural land in the rolling hills of West Gippsland, Victoria, just 4 kms from the well-known village of Yarragon. You can reach the heart of Yarragon in 1.5 hours from Melbourne CBD without encountering any traffic lights.The farm is home to Clifden Alpacas and Clifden Belted Galloways - and we are delighted to breed these amazing animals, and farm for both fibre and food production.

Both species share some traits including calm temperaments, gentle natures, excellent mothering abilities and obvious good looks. Our stock are earth-friendly and farmer friendly, and we appreciate this. We are fortunate to live in a clean green environment with an average rainfall of 900mm. Our elevated position affords panoramic vistas of remarkable beauty and we strive hard to ensure we continue to offer the very best natural conditions for our stock.

We are not certified organic but do adhere as closely as we can to the guidelines and practices. To date we have planted 20,000 trees on the property to provide shade and shelter for the stock and to enhance the environment. Water quality has been greatly improved and we are very proud of our efforts to continually provide a first class natural environment for the animals. In addition we pride ourselves on our strict adherence to ethical animal care.

Clifden animals are not seen on the show circuit. We prefer to admire them in the paddock and believe we achieve outstanding results on the farm. Of course our animals are always on show at home for those who wish to visit us here in Yarragon. We do ask that you ring 0408 827 896 first to arrange a mutually convenient time. We are happy to offer selected pre-loved animals for sale at realistic affordable prices and presented in optimum condition.

Full health records are available for all animals in our care. We are committed to the agricultural industry and our livestock and extend that dedication to friendly after-sales support. Our farm facilities are unpretentious but have been purpose built for practical herd management of both alpacas and cattle. This helps minimize stress on the animals and us, improves safety and provides sound bio-security measures.

The 2 animal classes never traverse the same ground which allows us to manage the paddocks optimally for each group. We are very willing to help new breeders plan their own ideal farm layout.

Hazel Gordon

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