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Consumer Guide to the Cost of Solid Hardwood Flooring for their Home. Learn about Average Prices, Types of Hardwood Flooring, What’s Included in Most Price Quotes, Comparison of Hardwood Flooring Installation Versus DIY and Much more. Solid hardwood flooring is a very popular style of flooring in all types of homes. There are many reasons to choose hardwood flooring. It adds a timeless look to any room, and can be put in the entire house without feeling overdone.

Not only is it super durable and can last a lifetime with the proper upkeep, it’s easy to clean, stain resistant, and hypoallergenic. There is a style of hardwood flooring to fit anyone’s needs. Just as every tree is unique, so is each hardwood floor. In this section of the Home Flooring Prices website, you will learn all about hardwood flooring prices. We will discuss what those prices include, what can change the cost, and how to negotiate with a contractor to swing the prices in your favor.

We will also look at different types of hardwood flooring, and what kind of upkeep costs it requires over the long term. Average Hardwood Floor Installation Cost Using the good, better, best scenarios below, we have outlined the average cost of hardwood flooring you can have installed to your home, including installation, with all supplies and needed materials, etc. The only way to get an accurate flooring price quote for your space, is to have a contractor come to your home, measure the area and provide a written estimate.

Click here for free estimates from participating companies in your area. Good: $3 – $6 sqft Better: $5 – $11 sqft Best: $9 – $22 sqft – Hardwood Laminate (more)– Vinyl Wood Planks– Easy Installation– Scratch Resistant – Engineered Hardwood– Prefinished Flooring– Handscraped, Distressed Finishes– Long Lasting– Bamboo, Cork and Exotics – Unfinished Hardwoods– Stained & Sealed Onsite– Wide Selection of Colors– Wide Selection of Wood Species Types of Hardwood Flooring There are many options when it comes to styles and other factors that can affect hardwood floor prices.

The first thing to look at is the type of wood. Though oak hardwood flooring is most common, there are other wood families to consider. Pine, maple, teak, and walnut are a few other choices, though there are more. Each has different properties, like hardness and durability, which should be looked at when deciding. Also, the wood species will have a large affect on the price of your hardwood floor.

The next step to look at is the pattern, and how it is laid or arranged. Plank and strip flooring are less labor intensive to install, as they come in wider and longer strips of wood, but parquet is popular with the DIY crowd, as it leaves room for personalization. There is always the option to use decorative shapes as well. Yet another difference in hardwood can be made by the stain or finish applied.

This can make the wood darker, if desired. Hardwood Pictures on Pinterest Usually Included in the Installation Cost of Hardwood Floors When looking at the price of hardwood flooring, it can be helpful to consider what a handyman would include in an estimate. Always ask to see a detailed estimate from your handyman before agreeing on a price. Some things you can expect to see listed are: Labor costs, including time, setup, and cleanup Supplies, materials, and tools used, including flooring Dimensions and complexity of the floor Removal and disposal of previous flooring, if applicable Disposal of unused and discarded material Not including the hardwood flooring itself, there are tools, supplies, and various other items a flooring contractor, handyman or do it yourselfer would need to complete the installation of hardwood floors including: Household tools, such as tape measure, marking tool, hammer, etc.

If flooring is not considered “floating”, fasteners, nails, or other adhesives Sub-flooring, if necessary Wood cutting saw to cut flooring to size Sawhorses make working with the hardwood flooring much easier for fine cutting A way to uninstall previous flooring, such as crowbar, utility knife, or other – if applicable Safety gear, such as gloves, knee pads, and goggles Understanding Cost Differences There are a few things that can affect the installation cost of your hardwood flooring.

Some of these things include : Style and type of hardwood chosen. While some woods are cheaper, it can sometimes be beneficial to opt for a more expensive, longer lasting wood Stain or finish. Natural wood appeals to some, but others choose to add a different color and look to their flooring Complexity and size of flooring. Larger floors, and more complex floor plans can increase your costs Condition of floors underneath, if a remodel.

It is imperative for the safety of you and your house that floors are structurally sound and well maintained Possible need of sub-flooring. It can be wise to choose a style of hardwood that does not require a sub-floor. This is called a “floating” floor Though hardwood flooring may be expensive for some people’s taste, there are some ways you can look to lower your costs! Some ways to save on hardwood flooring prices include: Do it yourself! Hardwood flooring is a popular project done by non-professionals.

Make sure to do your research and do it right, though! Negotiate prices. You never know if you don’t try, and it never hurts to ask for a discount Shop around! Check out prices and estimates at more than one place, there’s always the possibility of a better price, if you look. Maintain your flooring. Though this won’t help with the initial cost, correctly maintaining your floors can save a lot of money in the long run.

Customer Submitted Hardwood Installation Costs. While the average hardwood installation prices quoted above are reliable we also rely on our visitors to give us valuable insight into their specific projects. As discussed there are many factors that feed into a final price and the hardwood pricing below offer a detailed snapshot of cost nationwide. All identifying personal information has been removed.

Cost Flooring Brand and Type City, State Project Size $9,500 Jasper, Maple Solid Hardwood Charlotte, NC 865 sq/ft Maple Hardwood $4 per sq/ft. Total installation cost, including removal of old flooring $5900 $5,500 Bella Cera Floors Houston, TX 418 sq/ft 8″ x 1/2″ thick walnut, fixed floor widths, Bella Cera Estate collection, hand distressed $6,000 Shaw, Maple Engineered Wood Detroit, MI 1000 sq/ft Really happy with my Shaw Maple floors at just $3 per sq/ft.

Same again to have it installed and enough wood left over to have the WC done as well. Not much preparatory work needed before installation. $18,000 Armstrong, Solid Oak Flooring Vancouver, WA 1,200 sq/ft The solid hardwood was just $10,000 which was/is great but the installation was a nightmare with lots of extra work to the sub-floor. $9,000 Red Oak (Select Grade) New York, NY 1100 sq/ft Oak flooring though out home including stairs.

The price included everything including disposal of old floor, moldings, leveling of sub floor, sanding and finishing. $2,800 Home Depot, Engineered Hand scraped Elm Milwaukee, WI 650 sq/ft Price is just for materials including wood, trim, underlay etc. I did the work myself which was an experience! Love the floor now. $15,500 Solid Oak Hardwood, 2.25×3/4 Sacramento, CA 2000 sq/ft Love these thin planks and the house looks amazing.

Think I got a fair price on both materials and installation which included sanding and sealing. $8,700 Somerset, Appalachian Solid Oak Winchester, VA 1,200 sq/ft Very happy with the installation team, all done in a day. Furniture moved, old flooring removed, underlay etc. Share Your Hardwood Floor Projects With Our Readers Don’t stop sending us your wood floor pricing! After all, you are the ones who know precise costs being charged by traders in your area.

Please go to this page and complete the short estimate questionnaire. We will remove any identifying information and add your hardwood price estimate to the list above. Thank you in advance. Cost of Maintenance and Care of Hardwood Flooring A long lifespan is one of the most important factors to consider when calculating the total cost of installing hardwood flooring. To ensure its durability, however, it is important to routinely upkeep and maintain your floors.

A simple daily sweep  or dust mop is a simple way to keep your floor clean and free of debris. Spills can be wiped up easily right after the incident, and usually don’t need additional attention. Buffing your floors is a great way to keep the shine that comes with hardwood floors. If you do not wish to own one, they can be rented. If a lot of wear is noticeable on your flooring, it may be in your best interest to sand down and refinish your floors.

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Since 1997, River City Flooring has been a trusted name in Louisville for new hardwood floors and refinishing services. We have expanded our product line to include Carpet, Waterproof  Luxury Vinyl Plank, and Laminates.  We have a huge inventory for the weekend warriors and the “Do it Yourselfers”.  To support our growth, we have added several experienced members to our team to services our installations and to help support your hardwood decisions.

We are widely recognized for our pre-finished hardwoods in a wide range of colors and species, including those by Bruce, Armstrong, Johnson, Anderson and Bella Cera. 7/12/2017 Voice-Tribune Magazine Article Laying Down a Difference 8/28/2017  WHAS GDL –Live Broadcast

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