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Country of Origin The Black Russian Terrier originated in the former Soviet Union and was created by the military run Red Star Kennel. They are also referred to as Chornyi, Terrier Noir Russe, Russian Bear Schnauzer, Black Terrier, Tchiorny Terrier, BRT and Stalin's Dog. The Black Russian Terrier was created as a military working dog, bred to withstand the varying climate differences throughout the country.

Several breeds were utilized in creating the Black Russian Terrier. These breeds included Airedale Terrier, Caucasian Ovcharka, Newfoundland, Giant Schnauzers, Standard Schnauzers and the Moscow Water Dog, which is now extinct. The Black Russian Terrier was bred for a working ability with little concern regarding appearance. Black Russian Terrier's of today only vaguely resemble the original Black Russian Terrier.

They received recognition from the FCI in 1984, but gained AKC recognition in 2004. Size The male Black Russian Terrier can reach heights of 25-29 inches, while the female will reach heights of 25-28 inches. The breed can weigh in between 80-143 pounds, however, male Black Russian Terriers tend to appear a bit bigger than females. Coat The coat of the Black Russian Terrier should always be black, while some individual gray hairs are expected and acceptable.

Any white or brown within the coat is a disqualification. The coat will feel hard to the touch and is very dense. The hair on the face of the Black Russian Terrier should create what appears to be eyebrows and a beard. The Black Russian Terrier's coat is a double coat that has a soft undercoat while the top coat is far coarser. Character The Black Russian Terrier is a family oriented, affectionate, curious and protective breed.

They will be eager to please their owner and will take direction well. However, it is important that you do not allow the Black Russian Terrier to do anything as a puppy that you may not want them to do as an adult, as these dogs are quite large and will want their way. The Black Russian Terrier makes an effective guard dog for their family, as they are suspicious of strangers and will instinctively protect the home as well as its inhabitants.

However, if the Black Russian Terrier is left to live outside in a kennel, the dog could potentially become protective of its kennel, even against its owner. The Black Russian Terrier is quite curious and as a puppy will get into anything they can. It is imperative to give firm but loving redirection when this occurs. Temperament The Black Russian Terrier is a very loving and energetic breed that loves to play with children well into adulthood.

They constantly seek the attention of their family so if you are not available to the dog for long periods of time, this breed may not be for you. The Black Russian Terrier will do well with other non-dominant animals in the home. It is possible for a Black Russian Terrier to live in a home with another large male, but only if the owner has made themselves entirely dominant over both dogs. The pack master must exert dominance over this breed to ensure the dog is fully aware who the leader of the pack is.

Care The Black Russian Terrier requires a moderate amount of grooming. They should be brushed on a weekly basis and stripped if the coat is too soft. The beard and eyebrows should never be touched, however the body will need trimming 2-3 times per year. It will be necessary for you to remove hairs from the Black Russian Terrier's ears as well as the underside of the paws. The Black Russian Terrier can live comfortably in an apartment with proper exercise.

They will not be very active indoors, as they will most likely be following you wherever you go. Training The Black Russian Terrier is very eager to please and will learn quickly. They do require a firm and consistent pack master, but will respond better to a slightly more loving approach. It is necessary to begin training at a young age, as the Black Russian Terrier will grow to a relatively large size and may be more difficult to correct.

The Black Russian Terrier must be made to know that they do not rank above the human members of its pack. When walking your Black Russian Terrier, it is imperative that the dog heel beside you and never lead. In the dog's mind the leader is the one in front. Activity The Black Russian Terrier is very playful and will enjoy outdoor play in a large area. However, they will still require a long daily walk and may get hyperactive and destructive if they do not get enough exercise.

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Finding a Black Russian Terrier Whether you want to go with a breeder or get your dog from a shelter or rescue, here are some things to keep in mind. Choosing a Black Russian Terrier Breeder Finding a quality breeder is the key to finding the right puppy. A good breeder will match you with the right puppy and will have completed all the certifications necessary to screen out health problems. She is more interested in placing pups in the right homes than making big bucks.

Good breeders will welcome your questions about temperament, health clearances, and what the dogs are like to live with. They will come right back at you with questions of their own about what you’re looking for in a dog and what kind of life you plan to provide. A good breeder can tell you about the history of the breed, explain why one puppy is considered pet quality while another is not, discuss what health problems affect the breed, and explain the steps she takes take to avoid problems.

Remember, breeders who offer puppies at one price “with papers” and at a lower price “without papers” are unethical. Look for more information about the Black Russian Terrier and start your search for a good breeder at the website of the Black Russian Terrier Club of America. Choose a breeder who has agreed to abide by the BRTCA’s code of ethics, which prohibits the sale of puppies to or through pet stores and calls for the breeder to obtain recommended health clearances on dogs before breeding them.

Avoid breeders who seem interested only in how quickly they can unload a puppy or whether your credit card will clear. You should also bear in mind that buying a puppy from websites that offer to ship your dog to you immediately can be a risky venture, as it leaves you no recourse if what you get isn’t exactly what you expected. Put at least as much effort into researching your puppy as you would into choosing a new car or expensive appliance.

It will save you money in the long run. Lots of reputable breeders have websites, so how can you tell who’s good and who’s not? Red flags include over-availability, multiple litters on the premises, a choice of any puppy, and the ability to pay online with a credit card. Quickie online purchases are convenient, but they are almost never associated with reputable breeders. The cost of a Black Russian Terrier puppy varies depending on the breeder’s locale, whether the pup is male or female, what titles his parents have, and whether he is best suited for the show ring or a pet home.

The puppy you buy should have been raised in a clean home environment and come from parents with health clearances and conformation (show). Ideally, the breeder should have working titles to prove that they are quality specimens of the breed. Puppies should be temperament tested, vetted, dewormed, and socialized to give them a healthy, confident start in life.  Before you decide to buy a puppy, consider whether an adult Black Russian Terrier might better suit your needs and lifestyle.

Puppies are loads of fun, but they require a lot of time and effort before they grow up. An adult Black Russian Terrier may already have some training and will probably be less active, destructive, and demanding than a puppy. With an adult, you know more about what you’re getting in terms of personality and health and you can find adults through breeders or shelters. If you are interested in acquiring an older dog through breeders, ask them about purchasing a retired show dog or if they know of an adult dog who needs a new home.

If you want to adopt a dog, read the advice below on how to do that. Adopting a Dog From a Black Russian Terrier Rescue or Shelter There are many great options available if you want to adopt a dog from an animal shelter or breed rescue organization. Here is how to get started. 1. Use the Web Sites like can have you searching for a Black Russian Terrier in your area in no time flat.

The site allows you to be very specific in your requests (housetraining status, for example) or very general (all the Black Russian Terrier s available on Petfinder across the country). AnimalShelter can help you find animal rescue groups in your area. Also some local newspapers have “pets looking for homes” sections you can review. Social media is another great way to find a dog. Post on your Facebook page that you are looking for a specific breed so that your entire community can be your eyes and ears.

2. Reach Out to Local Experts Start talking with all the pet pros in your area about your desire for a Black Russian Terrier. That includes vets, dog walkers, and groomers. When someone has to make the tough decision to give up a dog, that person will often ask her own trusted network for recommendations. 3. Talk to Breed Rescue Most people who love Black Russian Terriers love all Black Russian Terriers.

That’s why breed clubs have rescue organizations devoted to taking care of homeless dogs. The Black Russian Terrier Club of America can help you find a dog that may be the perfect companion for your family. You can also search online for other Black Russian Terrier rescues in your area. The great thing about breed rescue groups is that they tend to be very upfront about any health conditions the dogs may have and are a valuable resource for advice.

They also often offer fostering opportunities so, with training, you could bring a Black Russian Terrier home for a trial to see what the experience is like. 4. Key Questions to Ask You now know the things to discuss with a breeder, but there are also questions you should discuss with shelter or rescue group staff or volunteers before you bring home a pup. These include: What is his energy level? How is he around other animals? How does he respond to shelter workers, visitors and children? What is his personality like? What is his age? Is he housetrained? Has he ever bitten or hurt anyone that they know of? Are there any known health issues? Wherever you acquire your Black Russian Terrier, make sure you have a good contract with the seller, shelter, or rescue group that spells out responsibilities on both sides.

Petfinder offers an Adopters Bill of Rights that helps you understand what you can consider normal and appropriate when you get a dog from a shelter. In states with “puppy lemon laws,” be sure you and the person you get the dog from both understand your rights and recourses. Puppy or adult, a breeder purchase or a rescue, take your Black Russian Terrier to your veterinarian soon after adoption.

Your veterinarian will be able to spot problems and will work with you to set up a preventive regimen that will help you avoid many health issues.

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