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Half Price Books, Records, Magazines, Inc. "We buy anything printed or recorded except yesterday's newspaper". Industry Retail (Specialty) Founded 1972 Headquarters Dallas, Texas Number of locations 127 (2016)[1] Key people Sharon Anderson Wright, CEO Products Books, Records, CDs, DVDs, Magazines, Video Games Website Half Price Books, Records, Magazines, Incorporated is the largest family-owned chain of new and used bookstores in the United States.

The company’s original motto is "We buy and sell anything printed or recorded except yesterday's newspaper", and many of the used books, music, and movies for sale in each location are purchased from local residents. The corporate office is located in the flagship Northwest Highway location in Dallas, Texas. Half Price Books now operates more than 127 stores (including outlets) in 17 states.[1][2] History Entrance to the Half Price Books Northwest Highway, the corporate headquarters, on E.

Northwest Highway in Dallas, Texas Half Price Books in Berkeley, California Founders Ken Gjemre and Pat Anderson opened the first store in 1972 in a former laundromat in Dallas, Texas, filling the shelves with 2,000 books out of their personal libraries.[3] Pat Anderson’s daughter, Sharon Anderson Wright, is the company’s current President and CEO. In 2009, Sharon's sister Ellen O'Neal stepped up to the position of Chairperson of the Board in order to become more involved with the family business.

Philanthropy The Half Price Books original mission statement includes the promise to “promote literacy and be kind to the environment."[4] Teachers and librarians, for example, are offered a year-round 10% discount on purchases.[4] Each year, every Half Price Books store holds a book drive to collect new or gently used children's books, building “Half Pint Libraries” at pediatric hospitals and special-needs clinics in the communities it serves.

The company has promoted recycling and reusing, and the sound management of paper, energy and water resources. In 2008, Half Price Books launched a formal environmental education initiative called “B(eco)me Green” to help spread knowledge about the health of the environment.[5] In addition, the chain donates millions of books and its overstock inventory to non-profit organizations around the world such as Feed the Children and American Red Cross.

It also gives some of its books to Better World Books, a for-profit on-line bookseller. Publishing Half Price Books publishes some of the books it sells, inexpensively reprinting non-copyrighted titles or acquiring the U.S. or English language rights from another publisher. Half Price Books reprints these titles under its publishing arm, Hackberry Press.[6] Among Hackberry Press titles is the Half Price Books children's storybook series Say Good Night to Illiteracy, with 13 editions in print.

All proceeds from the series benefit family literacy organizations such as Reach Out and Read and the National Center for Family Literacy. The company is a strong proponent of the First Amendment freedom of speech and Americans’ right to knowledge and the expression of ideas. Its website “” supports imaginative and courageous books, including those that address controversial topics and have been censored or banned.

[7] Wholesale The wholesale division of Half Price Books is Texas Bookman, also headquartered in Dallas.[8] Texas Bookman sells trade and scholarly remainders at discount prices to wholesale buyers around the world. References ^ a b Stafford, Leon (May 25, 2016). "Cobb readers rejoice — new bookstore coming". The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved 25 July 2017. ^ "Our Stores". Half Price Books.

Retrieved 25 July 2017. ^ "Obituaries: PASSINGS Ken Gjemre, 81; Left Corporate Career to Found Bookstore Chain". Los Angeles Times. June 1, 2002. Retrieved 25 July 2017. ^ a b Lasica, JD. "Where to find nonprofit, independent & progressive booksellers". SocialBrite. Retrieved 25 July 2017. ^ ^ Hackberry Press - Trademark ^ ^ Texas Bookman External links Official website BecomeGreen.

org - an environmental initiative by Half Price Books - a Banned Books Awareness message sponsored by Half Price Books Official Facebook Page Retrieved from ""

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Rated by Interested Party   [From USA  - 7/26/2006]The first place to look for a book; however, you have to watch for the following:People who list their old editions under the headings of the newer books.People who sell cheezy international soft cover books with ink that comes off on your hands as hard cover editions @ same price.I say this because you have to email, email, email until you are sure you are getting what you expect.

Always upgrade shipping whenever possible; media mail is great - sometime in march when nobody is using it! At the beginning of the semester and christmas they take full advantage of their 8 week shipping window.I always check - they are the ones to beat and the best part is you are generally buying from a person just like yourself who knows how bad you need that book. It is not uncommon to sell them your book that they need.

Rated by Guest   - 10/18/2016I have been a very reputable seller on since October 2008 and just treated me like many other people have described as being completely unfair.A buyer ordered two very large, heavy books (Bibles) from me and I promptly shipped them to the address provided by the buyer which was a PO Box. The order was received at the PO Box and the recipient refused the order.

The order was then returned to me by the USPS.The buyer had been provided the shipping/tracking number via's automated system and I also sent an additional email supplying the shipping/tracking number to the's policy on their site states that is not responsible for refused packages. It continues to state that the buyer is responsible for additional shipping to another address if the package is refused at the first address.

That was my situation.I received an initial email from the buyer demanding a full refund stating the item was not received. That was a total lie and the tracking number proved they were lying. The email was typed in all capital letters and using an angry tone with the language.I explained the policy (copied & pasted) from the site. The buyer threatened me with negative feedback and a buyer claim if I didn't issue a full refund.

As many of you sellers know, the shipping cost exceeded the minimal shipping allowance provided by Therefore, I was not intending to do a complete refund to a buyer whom was angry, insulting, and accused me of stealing from them, committed buyer extortion practices and did leave two negative feedback comments on my seller ID.Ebay did remove the feedback from my account due to the buyer's extortion practices. did not officially send me anything stating that a buyer claim/case had been opened. gave the buyer a complete refund!The buyer, in my opinion, had an agenda to begin with and allowed them to use my time, shipping materials, and the additional shipping cost to accomplish their goal! should be shut down or completely reorganized in my opinion as too many people have had negative experiences.

I have called eBay numerous times due to this transaction as I have an unblemished record since 2008 with both and eBay. The eBay representatives know and agree that took the wrong action with my transaction and state they have also reported this wrong doing to their upper level management.We, as sellers, strive to ship our materials as quickly as possible and we appreciate our buyers.

Had this buyer approached us in a manner consistent with the policy, we would have been happy to work with them. Our items are as described and our intent is to provide the expected delivery service in every transaction. must have complete idiots as customer service representatives because they don't even know how to follow their own written policies as published on their website.

What a disgrace! Rated by Guest   - 12/22/2015They say they have books in stock that they truly don't, then they cancel your order, but take days to issue a refund. Rated by Guest   - 12/12/2015Anyone used this third party selling app for in the Apple App Store? mitad Seller is the name.Any good? Rated by Guest   - 5/3/ Irresponsible business, Zero customer serviceIf you intend to sell books thru Half.

com, please be warned and advised. This site does not care about sellers. They cancelled our selling account after 10 years of long standing good history, because of a supposed shipping violation; they never explained the violation even though we requested explanation several times. Only possible communication with them is via email (they call themselves "an online company"); the online customer representative was very rude and not helpful, ignored all our questions or concerns and simply kept referring us to their "help" pages.

Since accounts link to, this caused our account to also be blocked, which is a totally different site with different policies. This blocks seller activity also on the other site, and doesn't even let you use the account for buying any product; but did not care about helping resolve the situation. The eBay people tried to help but they could not do anything about the already blocked account.

On top of this does not immediately pay seller revenues, as policy they only pay twice a month and they provide no option for requesting immediate payment if you are in urgent need of the money. So upon cancelling an account like they did to us, they place your pending payments on a 60-day hold period, which we doubt is legal. After 60 days when you try to reclaim the frozen funds they come up with another list of hurdles and "account identity validations" in order to release your money.

In our case we did not have any extra identity validations to do since our account had current up-to-date information, so then the customer representative simply stopped responding to our email requests for payment. (There is no way to contact them via phone).We had to call ebay for advise, they provided a phone number for 800-545-9857, when you call this number it is an endless loop voice response system that never connects you to a real person.

So, when there is a problem with these people, there is no simple way to resolve issues and you are stuck, and THEY ARE EXTREMELY DISREGARDING AND DISRESPECTING OF SELLERS, who are THE ONES WHO ALLOW THEM TO EARN THE STEEP FEES they charge on every book sale.If you intend to sell with this company beware of their questionable and unfair practices, try to take your business somewhere else.Thank you.

Rated by Guest   - 2/19/2014Love this site for buying both used AND new books. Never had any problems and in case a seller was unable To ship an order, always an immediate refund. I find books a bit cheaper here than Amazon. Rated by Leo P.   [From USA  - 5/13/2013]THis company has a definite history of this deceit: they order a book from a customer on Half. com and report it as not received, asking for a refund.

History of this type of deceit also on Stop this guy! Rated by Guest   - 10/8/2012I bought a book over a month ago and I paid for it and never received it. The seller has not responded to any of my questions. There is not customer service and no one really seems to care. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THIS SITE EVER AGAIN. Rated by Guest   - 10/4/2012Why don't they ship overseas? I would be spending literally hundreds on this site if they would just ship them to me!!As it is they'll get nothing and I'll go else where.


Rated by Guest   - 6/24/2011my favorite place to buy used textbooks, cheers! Rated by watermelon   [From USA  - 1/19/2011]I purchased a book over a month ago, paid for it, never received it. Seller has not responded to any of my inquiries. There is zero customer service and no one really seems to care. Will never buy from the site again. Rated by Nick   [From CA, USA  - 12/29/2010]Got my textbooks.

always like thanks. Rated by John Galt   [From USA  - 11/23/2010]Will never buy from again. I purchased a book and when the seller looked for it he could not find it. Simple right just file a claim and get my money back. NO after 3 months I cannot even get to respond.NEVER buy from and if you do heaven help you get customer support. Rated by Lithiumflower9   [From USA  - 11/16/2010]Ordered books from a few sellers in 'Like New Condition' they came with tons of highlighting, dirty covers, and the pages were curled up.

These sellers had over 50 ratings previous with atleast 95% good feed back. Not too impressed. Rated by PJ   [From USA  - 10/31/2010]Excellent Deleivery and very good choice. I use a lot Rated by bookfinder4me   [From USA  - 8/12/2010]Do these people have diamonds & gold inside these workbooks they're trying to sell for over $1000.00?re: ISBN 0812355784 Rated by alvinspencer01   [From USA  - 5/18/2010]Half.

com do not enforce it purchase policies and allow crooked sellers at advantage of buyers. I would never use again or recommend to the worst enemy. EBay and have not resolved my issue with a book purchased on on 3/2/2010. The book wasn't shipped in 72 hours. I wasn't notified by seller of book shipping; I was informed delivery would be between 3/11 and 3/23. On 3/11, I contacted seller through half.

com. I didn't receive a reply. On 3/23 after not receiving the book, I filed complaint on On 3/25 I received first contact from seller about book delay. I replied that a wanted a refund for the book. On 3/29, I was notified the book was shipped 27 days after purchased and 6 days after the "no-later-than" delivery date. On 3/31, I received contact from seller that a refund would authorize on the return of the book.

On 4/5, I received the book. On 4/6, I shipped the book to the return address the seller had on the package. On 4/10, I received contact from customer service that the package was not delivered to seller proper address. I believe that the seller intentionally manipulating the Ebay, its policy and myself. Rated by Guest   - 4/29/2010Best place to find textbooks. Always have had great service.

Sellers answer questions within 24 hours. Rated by Guest   - 4/27/2010Great seller. Always has the lowest prices, always delivers. Have bought three different books over the past two years. Rated by steve   [From USA  - 12/11/2009]I have been ordering books from for the past several years at least, and cannot remember ever having a problem with any of the sellers. The books arrive in the condition listed and delivery is usually pretty quick.

I am a very satisfied customer! Rated by Wayne   [From USA  - 12/11/2009]Several time this store has had the lowest price on a book I wanted, but it was not available and the status did not correct after a half hour. Rated by Guest   - 11/3/2009Do NOT shop here. EVER!!! You will NEVER EVER get your money back if you have a problem. Yes, most of the sellers are very reputable and send your purchase quickly.

However, if you happen to choose the wrong person, you are screwed. will do NOTHING ever to try to help you. You can e-mail the seller, but they will not respond. You can then open a Buyer Protection Claim that they will do NOTHING with. Then they will refuse to return your e-mail. And the phone number 1-800-545-9857? It's just an automated voice telling you that you're screwed and they don't care.

So, everyone who rated them a "5" has just been lucky so far. I would have rated them a "5" six months ago, too. Now it is six months since my last purchase and I have no book, no refund, and can't get a response. sounds good but as soon as you stumble upon a lame seller that doesn't ship? just doesn't care so neither should you! You need to shop somewhere where the company will help protect your purchase.

Rated by Betts   [From USA  - 6/21/2009]Excellent communication if there is a problem with the seller.Sellers are trustworthy and honest. Rated by Guest   - 5/21/2009I buy cheap textbooks from and I simply love it! Rated by Guest   - 5/12/ is an excellent place to shop for the lowest prices. I have been buying and selling on their site for over five years and on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the extremely satisfied), I'd give them a 9.

As some raters have stated, there are sellers on the site who are less than professional. Things to keep in mind when shopping are (1) the sellers rating (I never buy if it is less than 95%), (2) the number of transactions the seller has had (I tend to avoid low numbers), (3) where the seller is located (the closer they are, the slightly better the chance you'll get your item sooner), and (4) read the More Info section of the item listing (sometimes softcovers are listed with hardcovers and the seller will note it there, or a regular DVD is listed with Blu-rays, etc.

). If you are still a little unsure, email the seller before purchasing to get clarification on exactly what they have for sale (if they don't get back to you that says something and you may not want to buy from them). Another thing to consider is that because not all the sellers are actual businesses it is probably not a good idea to buy big ticket items from them. For instance, I would not buy video game consoles on Half.

com. Anything that you would want covered by a warranty or replaced if it is damaged it?s better to purchase from a well known business with a clear return/exchange policy. is a third-party so returns and exchanges can sometimes be prolonged or complicated. Buyer beware, however, is still a great first stop for your small shopping needs. Rated by Guest   - 5/4/2009Here's something weird.

I never sold a thing on ebay before April of 2009. So where do all the comments and ratings dated before this time come from??? Rated by Guest   - 3/25/2009I clicked everywhere trying to find a link to contact the seller. If this is possible, it isn't very apparent!! Rated by Guest   - 10/9/2008always seems to have the lowest or near-lowest prices! Rated by Guest   - 9/24/2008well, i have purchased half a dozen items from different half sellers and it has been great but. out for shopping spree! this seller didn't deliver, told me it had been shipped(it hadn't) and took a month to return my money. they still had the book listed for sale on this was going on---beware of this one! Rated by Guest   - 5/5/2008I order almost everything nowdays from, movies, books, CDs, etc. I've had very few problems, considering the number of items I've bought.

Rated by Guest   - 4/8/2008I had good experience with in the past. Ordered many books, and only have 2 delays which were most likely caused by my local USPS. Rated by Guest   - 2/6/2008Just wait until all you ***** people have a problem, and then you'll get a full volume of frustration and foot dragging, maybe even knuckle dragging by Sure most sellers are honorable and great, but I am batting an 80% with money still owed to me.

Shop here at your own risk, it is worth a little extra money for a good experience. I was left with several hundred dollars billed to me, no item meant for a birthday gift for my husband, and a bunch of s**t for ordering his item over the site in the first place. BUYER B WHERE? the h**l is my item? Rated by Guest   - 2/6/2008DON'T USE HALF.COM If the seller doesn't send you and item, you are screwed, and for a long time.

I could not find an email or contact us address, and I couldn't even leave negative feedback since my seller had become an unregistered user after I paid 200 dollars for the item. The seller told me that he had no intention of sending the item because of how had treated him, true or not I don't know. Had to wait a month to try to resolve issue. Finally found number 1-800-545-9857, but still trying to get my money back.

Rated by Lindsey   [From USA  - 1/10/2008]I love I have used them for over two years, and the website is well organized and easy to use. The problems described by others in these reviews are stemming from the individual sellers, not the website. Ebay/ cannot control exactly who uses their services, and obviously any time a person is purchasing something off of the Internet he/she must exercise caution.

I applaud for creating a system of reliable feedback (for both buyers and sellers), so you can easily access a seller's track record, and safe means for contacting potential sellers about questions or problems. I would recommend to anyone! Rated by Guest   - 12/17/2007HEY! You sure talk a lot about the store. What about the BOOK!I have book 2. If it is anything like that.

..then....This book has game solutions to lots of old text games. It probably has a map for the locations in the game. It might have a "walk-thru" of each game. It might have a hint section. Book 2 is great since I have some infocom games. So I can only guess that book 1 is just as good. Rated by Guest   - 12/8/2007When shipments do not arrive they make it very difficultto make a claim. I am certain it is their policy to do that si that clients will give up in frustration.

It doesn't surprise me since they are owned by EBAY and they are the worst. Rated by GMal   [From JAPAN  - 9/13/2007]I used it once and had no problem. It's inconvenient for me, though, since I live in Japan but they only ship to the US, and even with a US shipping address, I still need a US billing address on my credit card. Rated by Guest   - 8/30/2007Have used for the past 1 -2 years and have never been let down.

I definitely recommend! Rated by Guest   - 6/27/2007I'm a fairly recent shopper at, and all I could say when I discovered this site, and its unsurpassed value, was AMEN.So far, I've had no problems whatsoever. There were a few copies of books that I had ordered, which ended up being unavailable, but I received communications from the seller immediately, along with a prompt refund.

I'm preparing to launch an eBay business venture, and so, I purchased an extensive "library" of educational resources, to prepare for this venture. As an upstart business, I was VERY appreciative of the value received. (I purchased 12 books from one of the larger sellers, and with shipping included...It totaled a mere $77)I have also become a new seller on, and though I may not have a "track record" as of yet, I am a person of integrity, who is seeking to build a successful home-based business, so, of course customer service reigns supreme.

Everyone has to start somewhere--and just because an individual is not a volume seller, does not mean that customer service to the buyer will suffer.A fan of Half.comLDCdesignsBook division at Rated by ballyhoobooks   [From USA  - 6/15/2007] sets the bar for the best buys online! Go to any book store and see the outrageous prices. offers thousands of books for less than $0.75 cents and is very easy to understand to have a pleasant shopping experience.If you want great deals on half check out ballyhoobooks Rated by Kaytrex   [From USA  - 6/10/2007]OK, here's the deal with the experience. . . They are both run by eBay, and they are both poorly managed. So if you are an eBay member, you are automatically a half-com member, with the same user ID on both sites.

The big difference between the two sites is how much control the seller has over the transaction. Now is still a very good place to buy books and such, because a seller's feedback rating is tied in with their eBay ratings, so you have a wide choice of sellers to chose from, and if you choose a good one, all should go well unless messes it up. I sold on for a few years until they decided that they were going to eliminate certain items from the half.

com inventory, and that if I had any of these items listed, that they would be taken out of their system. So they cut about 30% of my inventory WITHOUT telling me which specific items had been cancelled! Talk about inventory control problems! Then a few months later they tell me that is to be eliminated completely. So I opened an eBay store, and transfered my inventory there. Then tells me that they're not going to eliminate it anyway! Well guess what.

.. no regrets! The only REAL difference between and an eBay store is that you can deal directly with the eBay store seller, who is not bound by the beauracracy of the conglomarate, because the eBay store seller can control every aspect of their sales with minimal rules and no forced formats, meaning that you have to try to cram the item you're selling into's established parameters.

Those forced formats are why you run into the problems with wrong editions and such on And that's why I, myself, buy all my books and media from eBay stores. And the great thing for the buyer is that both eBay and are both very strong on buyer protection issues, and seller integrity practices, making all their venues great places to buy your media! Rated by linden   [From USA  - 3/31/2007]Half.

com employees are a bunch of incompetent idiots who don't know how to read and take good care of their customers. As long as they get a commission from your sales, it's fine. But if something happens, they will pass the entire cost onto you. They will find all the possible excuses to avoid digging into their pockets - that's what their managers teach them - share the benefits, but not the losses. Who wants to do business with these profit-seeking self-interested crooks? Rated by jennyofaye   [From TN, USA  - 3/4/2007]I have both sold and purchased numerous books on half.

com. I have never had problems with the company. As far as some of the complaints about international versions and older versions, Half will stop any person from selling books until complaints are cleared up. Also, one of the biggest assets I find with half is if you have reason to believe a book is not as described, report the seller. Half will pull the book from their listing. I actually have had books pulled from my listings because someone felt it was not listed properly.

In one occasion, it actually was listed incorrectly. I was glad someone pointed it out to me, even if they did need to go through half to get it corrected. If you have a complaint, get in touch with customer services. They will be prompt in getting your complaint settled. Rated by Guest   - 1/27/2007I will not order from again. Twice in good faith I ordered the same book and each time they sent me an e-mail saying the book had shipped.

Both times they waited until the day before it was to arrive to send me an e-mail saying they were cancelling the shipment because the book was unavailable. Each time I tried to contact the seller and there was no way to go back to them via e-mail. What a shabby way to do business. Rated by Guest   - 1/19/2007I hate yes the books are cheap, but the sellers are terrible! I ordered a math book and never recieved it, It took over 6 months to get the matter cleared up and their was no way whatsoever to contact at customer service help or anything, Dont let the price full you, buy from a different site its not worth the 10 bucks you save trust me! Rated by Guest   - 1/13/2007Half.

com Rules!!! ;-) Rated by Guest   - 1/12/ sucks... i ordered a math book that i need... waited forever... turn out if was a scam! took over 4 months to settle the case... didnt even have a book for the whole semester! waste of time & effort!!! so be careful when buying online! never know whos out there just to get your money but no product! Rated by Guest   - 12/29/2006I BUY ALL MY BOOKS AND VIDEOS ON HALF.

COM, IT'S BEEN AN EXCELLENT SOURCE FOR ANYTHING MEDIA! THE SELLER BOOKS_AT_HALF HAS ALWAYS GIVEN ME GOOD SERVICE & GREAT QUALITY. TO FIND BOOKS_AT_HALF JUST GO TO HALF.COM & ON THE BOTTOM OF THE HOME PAGE CLICK ON SHOPS & THEN SEARCH SELLER NAME BOOKS_AT_HALF, DON'T FORGET THE UNDERSCORES! HAPPY SHOPPING! Rated by Guest   - 11/3/ was fine for me until I purchased a textbook from the seller "smilystace" who is the WORST seller ever! I paid for it and waited! It's almost 2 months now, not received the book yet, never got response and haven't got refund! What's wrong with this seller?! Rated by Falken   [From UK  - 10/14/2006]A few times I've seen half.

com show up as the cheapest option to buy a book I'm after. But they won't ship overseas, so they lose me as a customer!When you think about it, this is daft, overseas shipping isn't difficult, and if the shipping costs arn't marked up too much, I'm happy to pay extra. Rated by Guest   - 9/28/ is my favorite for textbooks. because itself does not ship books, but other sellers do, I never buy from low rating sellers on half.

com. as a result, I rarely have any problem with my orders. Rated by chuck   [From USA  - 9/27/2006]I order 2 books from and I never recieved my books or heard from them. After 5 weeks of waiting and still waiting for my books I never recieved my money back either. Rated by Guest   - 9/15/2006I love The coupon works for me as well!PLease make sure you have to be the NEW customer to get the discount.

they do say it in the description. Rated by Guest   - 9/13/2006Very disappointed. After I applied the SAVEBIGNOW coupon to my invoice, I was somehow unable to proceed to checkout. When I resubmitted the order, I was told that I could not use the coupon. The $5.00 isn't going to brak me, but you shouldn't dangle the offer if you can't use it.Dan Rated by chuck   [From NV, USA  - 8/15/2006]Glad I looked into half. had the book by Kathryn Shortledge........"The Asteroid Effect". When will you advertise her other books "All the President's Ghosts" and "Vegas to Vegas"? Thanks......Chuck Rated by Guest   - 8/11/2006textbooks, textbooks, textbooks!!!always my first place to check textbooks! Rated by Reader   [From USA  - 6/21/2006]I love Their vendors are well rated, and usually, the books I have received have been in better condition than expected.

Plus, shipping charges are much lower. Rated by toma   - 4/3/2006Great site. Be sure to read the listing carefully for CDROMS, edition etc. Check out the seller ratings. Had only one bad experience and made good on the buyer protection but it took almost 2 months. They should speed that up. Rated by RGorman   [From GA, USA  - 3/13/2006]My favorite place to buy books. I've had only one problem in over 100 purchases over the last five years.

Just be sure to always check the rating of any individual seller. Rated by Andrew   - 1/26/2006Site itself is great, make sure you check rating of individual sellers within the site however! Rated by Guest   - 1/23/2006Admittedly, marketplace sellers like,abebooks sometimes are not as reliable as standalone retailers since it's hard to control the quality of hundreds and thousands of different sellers.

but based on my experience with and other major marketplace selers, ALWAYS buy your book from a reputable seller with considerable ratings over a long period of time if their prices are close to the lowest available. If you follow this simple rule, at least 9 out of 10 orders will follow through and you will get your book quickly. Rated by Guest   - 1/23/2006So far 3 out of 4 transactions failed.

It took about a week to find out that the seller no longer had the book or sold it to a friend or on another website or some other excuse. Don't buy this way if you need the book fast.One book was in far worse shape than advertised but the seller gave me a partial refund. On another book I paid extra for expedited shipping and it still wasn't mailed for a week and then went media mail.I am not happy as I scramble to find another book for a class that allready strated.

Rated by Guest   [From MA, USA  - 1/21/2006]their prices are at a affordable rate Rated by dallan ying   [From AR, USA  - 1/16/2006]I cant say enought about If you're looking for cheap books, go half! I personally haven't have any problems with my dozen orders with half so far. Rated by Guest   [From MA, USA  - 1/7/2006]The best place to buy textbooks! Very reliable.

Rated by Guest   - 1/4/2006I found exactly what I needed at a good price. beats anywhere else if you want to buy books online. Rated by Jason Wu   [From MI, USA  - 12/19/2005]My favorite place to buy textbooks.

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