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Shoulder height: 14 – 15 inches. Weight: 18 – 28 pounds. The coat is short and fine on the head and medium length on the body, with enough undercoat to give protection. This breed is friendly, gentle, lively, and very outgoing. Cocker Spaniels are very good with children. They need daily brushings or their coat will become very matted and dirty. The Cocker Spaniels learn quickly but do not do well with harsh training.

This dog needs some exercise so they do not become overweight. Make sure you understand and research the dog breeds you are looking to own before purchasing your Cocker Spaniel puppy from one of our reputable Cocker Spaniel breeders. Looking for your new pet can be very difficult each puppy breed is different. Do your breed research by reading our breed profile about the Cocker Spaniel dog.

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The Cocker Spaniel is a beautiful, and intelligent dog that commonly makes a terrific house pet. However, this breed would be best suited in a home with older, more respectable children. This breed must be properly socialized as a pup to avoid many behavioral problems that can occur such as shyness, which can lead to aggression and submissive urination. Cocker Spaniels are intelligent and very loyal dogs.

However, they do require an energetic owner, as they are very playful and active. This lively breed makes a great household pet, and should not be left outdoors for a long period of time. Their long hair prevents them from staying cool in hot weather. This breed is sure to bring plenty of joy to your life. Cocker Spaniels are beautiful dogs that can get along well with older children and animals providing they do not pester.

A very cheerful dog, this breed loves to play and sometimes enjoys barking. This very gentle breed can become somewhat of a tyrant if not given the proper attention or socialization. This breed has a long and flat or wavy coat that requires daily brushing. This breed requires grooming on a daily basis if hair is to stay long. Eyes should be cleaned daily to remove any tear stains. Trimming is necessary.

Ears must be cleaned regularly to avoid ear infections. Most commonly seen in white, solid black, or light cream this breed has a beautiful silky coat that should either lay flat, or be slightly wavy. Clipping is necessary to keep hair at medium length. This breed can be rather difficult to housebreak, but are otherwise very easy to train. Obedience classes are recommended for this playful breed.

Initially bred to be used as a gundog, this breed does exceptionally well in obedience if given consistent training with a gentle hand. The Cocker Spaniel is recommended for a home with at least a small yard, but can do well in an apartment if they receive the proper exercise. This is a fairly active breed and does require 3 walks per day, unless able to roam free in a fenced back yard for exercise.

24-28 lbs Male: 14.5-15.5; Female: 13.5-14.5 inches Black variety: solid black or black and tan; ASCOB variety: cream, red, brown, and brown with tan points; Particolor variety: any color with white Size: Grooming Needs: Exercise Needs: Good With Dogs: Watchdog Ability:

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