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Have you heard about high quality  plastic surgery in Colombia ?Colombia is considered one of the 5 most developed countries in cosmetic plastic and esthetic surgeries in the world!Everyone is aware that Colombian women are upon the most vane in the world and don´t hesitate in plastic surgery as their first option to enhance their natural beauty.This means that the total number of plastic surgery procedures performed per year, by a Top recognized plastic surgeon in Colombia doubles the number of cosmetic and plastic surgeries of any top plastic surgeon in United States.

Surgical silks gained during years of practice,plus high expectations of Colombian women, are without any doubt what makes Colombian Plastic surgeons among the best in the world.Are you looking for excellent results, safe surgical facilities and a top surgeon?If your search is based  on selecting for your face or your body what you deserve , an excellent Plastic Surgeon  ,a  safe plastic surgery ,with  safe surgical facilities , and an excellent  Post Op care, this  is   the  right web site  for  you.

If your search is based on the lowest price without  any interest in thinking in the risks, please go on to other web sites, this is not the wright place for you !.Bargain shopping with plastic surgery is extremely dangerous. Plastic surgery is not like getting a manicure or a hair appointment. If you have a poor outcome from the plastic surgery you cannot give it back as you can with a pair of high-end shoes or a high-end purse.

First of all, patients must find a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon; there are no substitutes whatsoever. Unfortunately, any physician in Colombia with a medical license is able to perform any type of medical treatment or surgery; Medical license, in other words, is unrestricted. This is extremely dangerous to the consumer in that, they are not safeguarded by misleading ads in beautiful web sites, or ads of "fake top physicians" who are not qualified in performing cosmetic surgical procedures.

Plastic surgery in Colombia is also performed by Otorrinolaringologists, gynecologists and Dermatologists. Worse than that it can sometimes be performed by "fake doctors" without Medical license. That explains why you are able to find in many web sites , very cheap deals, with cheap implants made in china, and cheap medical facilities without licensed Anesthesiologists etc.Bargain shopping is extremely dangerous.

In my practice as Board Certified Plastic Surgeon   specifically, and being considered one of the top plastic surgeons in Nose job or Rhinoplasty , Facial rejuvenation ,  breast implants and Tummy Tuck , a large proportion of my work involves revision surgery. A significant number of those revisions presents from local patients who have gone to doctors who are not board-certified plastic surgeons in Colombia.

In other words, they are physicians who have no training in plastic surgery, however, because they have an active license, they have performed cosmetic surgical procedures.In Plastic Surgery, you truly get what you pay for and if you are paying significantly less, there is a significant chance you are going to get a lesser result with your cosmetic procedure and remember, some results may be unfixable.

Therefore, bargain shopping at your nearby grocery store may be an excellent choice, however, when considering plastic surgery, it is not a good option.Never shop on price: Cheap deals, such as clinics offering an extra procedure such as Botox for free, or a second free surgery, or surgeons advertising for free appointments should always be a red flag of non- trained Plastic Surgeons.  Normally prices in Colombia are 1/2 to 1/3 than prices in USA .

And that is a god deal for you. But trying to find good Plastic Surgery for less than  1/3  is a very bad idea!Consultations in which you see a front person but not the Plastic surgeon should be avoided. Insist on meeting and talking with the surgeon before the operation.Check with the Colombian Board of Plastic Surgery that the surgeon is a specialist in the field. Also check his profile and awards given by his peers or colleges.

That is the highest recognition given to a Plastic Surgeon because just like it is in the United States , awards are given during International meetings , and the  highly desired contest award is given by all other Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in the meeting.About USCiencia y Estética or Science y Esthetic is a plastic surgery logistic team Directed by Dr Pavajeau, three times Board award winner plastic surgeon, dedicated to provide the best esthetic and best plastic surgery experience.

Dr Pavajeau , will be the only Plastic Suregon ,making your Plastic surgery in an upscale and safe environment. Some other Plastic Surgeons , might have a second or third college making surgery in the name of the main surgeon!Cienca y Estetica means Science and Esthetic or scientific knowledge combined with state of art Cosmetic or Plastic Esthetic  knowledge.Your Plastic Surgery treatments are done by one of the best and most highly skilled Plastic surgeons in Colombia, at some of the most modern and state-of-the-art plastic surgery facilities in Bogota.

Is it Safe to travel to Colombia?Bogotá the capital of Colombia is the most visited place for Cosmetic Plastic surgery and Medical Tourism in Colombia . High scientific level of plastic surgeons in Colombia, affordable prices, and excellent results, have made Colombia the paradise for Plastic and Esthetic surgery Tourism, and other types of Medical Tourism such as Massive weight loss patients, laser eye surgery, cardio vascular surgery, fertility programs and odontological procedures.

Plastic Surgery in Colombia is a combination of wellness and health care, coupled with leisure and relaxation which is aimed at rejuvenating you mentally, physically and emotionally. We can include Post op treatments for your relaxation to increase healing.Healing process is better if you feel the trip is not only for a surgical enhancement, but also as a moment of relaxation.  Having that in mind we invite our patients to be in bead the shortest possible time to prevent Deep Venous Thrombosis DVT, and we plan our surgery with post op care, in a non-risk environment for fast recovery.

Patients can put the money they are saving on the procedure that can be up to 50% or more, into turning their journey in a magnificent, world-class retreat. For many   patients, it is the only way to get the needed or desired plastic surgery treatment, without wiping out their entire life-savings as in Europe and United States.Is it Risky to make your Plastic Surgery Abroad?Not all patients are good candidates for surgery abroad.

Patients with Massive Wight Loss surgery usually have bad healing. Also obese patients that have been reducing weight, have sometimes bad healing. Smokers who have been smoking in the previous months also have high risk even if they stop smoking one month before surgery. An active smoker has even  a higher incidence of bad healing of the wounds. If  you have any of  this  conditions you  should  have  in mind that if you have plans on  various Plastic surgical procedures , these should not be on  the same  day .

The so called “Combos” have been prohibited and have a well known risk of bad healing and DVT.However if you are not a smoker , or a patient with Massive Weight Loss , or an obese patient  who has been for  a long time in diets, then  your risk is normal and you can expect your surgery without any complications.

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