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People enjoy getting a chance to win something, so here are some easy fundraiser raffle ideas to boost your fundraising efforts. Your raffle can be an inexpensive ticket for a prize drawing or a $100 ticket for a big prize such as a big screen television or a new car. Raffles Are Easy Fundraisers The basics of a raffle fundraiser are quite simple. Your costs are limited to the ticket expense and purchasing the prizes.

Oftentimes, local merchants will donate items or offer special discounts to nonprofits or school groups. As with any fundraiser, the better the items offered, the more funds you raise. Your fundraising raffle can be of short duration or have tickets for sale for a month or more. It all depends on how much you are trying to raise and what type of raffle you conduct. Get Publicity For Your Fundraiser RafflePublicity is the key element of a fundraiser raffle, particularly when offering an expensive grand prize.

Issue a press release and make sure it reaches the appropriate persons at local media outlets such as newspapers, radio stations and local television. Also get the word out through your newsletter and website as far in advance as possible. Aim to build excitement and anticipation with your supporters for the prizes to be offered. Assign various aspects of ticket sales to as broad of a base as possible.

By avoiding having one or two people try to handle everything, you’ll reach a much larger number of prospects. Fundraiser Raffle Ideas Door Prize RafflesEverybody loves winning a door prize at an event, so keep that in mind when deciding how many prizes to give away. Be sure to sell raffle tickets at the door as that is the prime time for an impulse buy. Keep your prize expense to roughly one-third of your projected revenue.

New Car Raffle DrawingA new car raffle is always a huge draw because it appeals to almost every adult. Because of the prize expense, you’ll need to decide the best balance between ticket prices and total revenue. I’ve seen car raffles priced anywhere from $20 to $100 with proportionately more tickets needing to be sold when prices are lower. In this example, five times as many $20 tickets need to be sold.

Offer Multiple Raffle PrizesHaving multiple prizes increase the chances of winning, but more importantly, it also increases the chance that people will buy a ticket or even multiple tickets. The psychology behind providing multiple prizes is proven to increase participation because people are more likely to consider the odds more in their favor. There is also a belief that having various prizes also increases the chance of having one that appeals strongly to almost anyone.

Among the most popular prizes are big screen TVs, CD players, iPods, gift certificates, spa visits, and weekend getaways. 50/50 RaffleHere you are doing a door prize raffle, but the prize is half the ticket sales. It certainly simplifies things and most people like the idea of winning cash. A 50/50 raffle works great at sporting events such as football or basketball games, but it can also be used at any type of event.

Cash Calendar RaffleThis raffle idea combines a calendar sale with a chance at winning a prize. Each calendar purchase includes a raffle ticket for a prize drawing for a certain amount of cash. Some groups do just one prize drawing from the raffle tickets. Others offer a continuing series of cash drawings, usually on a weekly basis. Prices for cash calendar fundraisers are often in the $20-$25 range, depending on the cash prize drawing.

A weekly prize of $50 or $100 is common, with larger prizes of $500 or $1,000 being offered at some stages of these fundraisers. Fundraiser Raffle Ideas Wrap-upA fundraiser raffle is a great way to raise funds, either as a standalone fundraiser or in conjunction with an fundraising event. For instance, you can add a raffle to a school carnival, a black tie charity event, or even a car wash. The most important thing is to offer attractive prizes with widespread appeal and price your tickets to maximize total revenue.

It doesn’t do any good to overprice the tickets because total ticket sales will suffer. Choose the right price point to stimulate impulse buys. Most people will make an emotion-based decision to participate and then justify it with logic, so make sure your raffle prizes seem really attractive in comparison to the ticket cost. Hopefully, these easy to do raffle fundraiser ideas will help you raise more than enough funds for your group.

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02 EachToll Free 877-515-5219 / Email us Tips on Ordering the Right Raffle Tickets Before you purchase your raffle tickets there are a few things to consider. Raffle tickets sold by Kwik Tickets Inc. vary by size and should be selected based on the type of raffle or quantity of prizes you have decided to use. The standard size raffle ticket is 5 �� by 2 1/8� (see our Quick Ticket for more information.

) For other common raffles such as the Gun or Cash Bash the standard raffle ticket types used include the Big Ticket 5 �� by 4 �� or the Jumbo Ticket 8 �� by 3 5/8�. These raffle tickets are large enough to include more information such as a group of prizes or detailed information about the prize including a picture. If the raffle you are running requires more room for the stub information, the Short Half Ticket 8 �� by 2 1/8� or the Half Ticket 8 �� by 2 �� inches, may be what you require.

These tickets allow equal amounts of space for the ticket/prize information and the empty fields for the buyer to fill out (name, address, phone, etc.) If you are looking to make your raffle ticket stand out you may wish to consider adding one or more colors to the ticket you choose. For an additional charge your ticket could include a full color picture of the item your organization is raffling. If you still cannot decide which ticket fits your needs, you may want to consider the amount of information included on the raffle ticket; base your ticket selection on word quantity.

Decide what information you want to include on the ticket and see how much room you will need. We suggest the following items be included, although you may put as much or as little information as you like. Provide a full list of your prizes and any details about the item(s); be sure your drawing date and time is listed; the ticket cost is another key piece of information; you may also wish to include the type of drawing (example: No.

will be taken from 7:00 State lottery 3-digit number.); other raffle tickets include disclaimers and expiration dates. After reviewing the text you want to include, you will have a better idea of the size your raffle ticket will need to be. Something you may want to consider as you are planning your raffle and printing your raffle tickets. Printing companies may print your tickets without mentioning legalities.

It is NOT the responsibility of the printing company to verify your raffle is legal. The assumption is that if you are now ordering the raffle ticket you have performed all the requirements needed by your state to make sure your raffle is on the up and up. To verify your raffle event is legal you will need to check your state�s policy on fundraisers and gambling as the laws vary state by state.

An easy way to find this information is online. Do a search under your state�s Statutes: regulations about solicitations by non-profit or charitable organizations. Some states also list their guidelines along with their gambling regulations.

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