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Eye Exams are More Than Just Vision Screenings  Are you straining to see or read? Having frequent headaches or finding it increasingly difficult to drive at night? It may be time for you to get a comprehensive eye examination. There's an important difference between an eye exam and a vision screening. Here's what you need to know about getting an eye exam: Eye exams not only test for visual impairment, they can be a first line of defense in identifying other underlying health issues.

Even if you don't "feel" like you're having issues with your eyes, some conditions don't have any noticeable symptoms and can only be identified through a full eye exam. Here are some other signs that you may need an eye exam: Double vision Difficulty reading Difficulty performing close-up work, such as reading or sewing. Changes in how you see color Impaired night vision, particularly when driving Frequent changes to your eyeglass prescription Issues with glare from table lamps or from the sun Seeing halos around lights Seeing a white spot or cloudy spot in the pupil (the pupil, instead of being black, appears milky or white) Trouble with side or peripheral vision Because Eyeglass World wants our customers to see better and live better, we endorse the recommendation of health professionals worldwide to get an annual eye exam.

When you make getting your eyes checked each year a part of your annual primary care routine, you are safeguarding your vision. Why? Because better vision and eye health are a significant factor in your overall wellness. Eye exams assess your vision needs and detect potentially harmful conditions before they become serious. Find your closest Eyeglass World location to schedule an exam.* If it's been less than a year since you had your eyes checked but you experience changes in the way your eyes look or experience any discomfort, don't wait.

Call and schedule an eye exam immediately. Children's Eye Exams and Vision Testing The same holds true for your children when it comes to properly caring for their vision. Your child may have his vision screened by a pediatrician or school nurse, but this isn't a substitute for a comprehensive eye exam. Doctors can detect and diagnose any potential vision problems that your baby may struggle with at a very young age.

Many vision issues affecting babies, such as lazy eyes or crossed eyes, can be corrected if diagnosed early. Maintaining regular eye exams as your child grows will ensure that they are healthy and seeing well. This becomes especially important as your child starts school. Proper focusing skills and hand-eye coordination are essential to learning and cannot be diagnosed from a vision screening alone.

Here are some signs of vision problems in children: Squinting of eyes, closing one eye or covering one eye Always holding things close to the face Tilting the head to one side Repeatedly rubbing eyes One or both eyes turn in or out Eye redness or tearing Difficulty reading Diffiulty focusing Complains that can't see board in classroom If you've never had your child's eyes examined by a licensed doctor of optometry, visit your closest Eyeglass World today.

It can make a huge difference in your child's life. When children see well, they learn better. Information for this page from

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What should I have ready for an eye exam? Please arrive 5-10 minutes to your appointment to complete patient paperwork. If you’re a new patient, it’s helpful to bring a copy of your most recent prescription from your previous provider. You can also bring your current eyewear and/or a box of contact lenses for each eye showing your prescription on the label. If you have vision insurance, please bring a copy of your insurance card.

You can call the store 24 hours before your appoint to verify your benefits. Why do contact lens exams cost more? Contact lens exams cover all of the evaluations that you get with an eye exam for eyeglasses, plus additional diagnostic information that indicates what contact lenses are right for you. How do I get my prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses? You'll receive a prescription for eyeglasses following your exam.

If you are prescribed contacts, you'll receive a trial pair and must return for a diagnostic evaluation after you’ve been wearing them for a short period of time. This follow-up visit is necessary to evaluate how you are seeing, and how well the contact lenses fit your eyes. Contact lens prescriptions can be released after the follow-up visit once the contact lenses are deemed a good fit for you.

Why should I schedule an eye exam in the first place? If you've experienced any of the following, we highly suggest scheduling an eye exam with one of our optometrists: Changes in vision Blurred or fuzzy vision Eye pain or strain Extreme or recurring headaches Seeing black or gray spots In addition to the comprehensive eye examination, an optometrist will discuss any of these changes with you to determine whether additional treatment is needed.

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