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153 880 Russell AveGaithersburg, MD 20879 (301) 417-1500 "It's all about me" - 95% of Costco customers. Once you accept that, then you may be in a better mindset before you walk in to this Costco. Overall, I liked he Gaithersburg Costco. I find what I need, it's close to home, and the people there I deal with on the regular are nice. BUT...the parking is an issue...I think that sets the tone for people when they walk in.

I tend to park farther away closer to the exits because I have tried to park closer to the door and it was a nightmare to get out. I walk an extra minute or two...but it's so much better than the alternative. A lot of the customers are impatient...another thing that affects the parking situation. It's not hard to be courteous so things flow better...or maybe it is. Honking the horn for several minutes is pointless since people get irritated and stop moving, so I never understood why people keep doing it.

But this is supposed to be about Costco, not the customers. The store carries what I need and the Kirkland brand is a great less expensive alternative. Their meats are good and the bakery staff should all be fired for making those baked goods look so damn good and They have a great return policy. At times I have had the slow moving service rep helping they didn't want to be there.

The cashiers, most are friendly, and the ones that don't talk much, that's cool too, since I just want to get out of there. I do wish they had a gas station and maybe sold some wine...but otherwise Costco is okay with me...the people/customers....where can I review I Love Costco - I detest THIS Costco. This is easily the worst Costco at which I've ever shopped. I've not been impressed with the staff, they've been rude and have behaved as though the shoppers should feel lucky to be there.

Simple things like a smile at the checkout or an offer to help box your stuff are lacking here. It's as though this particular Costco hired people deemed too rude to work for the TSA. What sets this Costco apart though is the CUSTOMERS' lack of simple courtesy. This is EASILY the rudest bunch of customers I've ever had the displeasure to be around in any store in any place I've lived to include Houston, New York and Boston.

That's perhaps why the staff seem rude. I try to take the extra half hour or so to go to the Frederick Costco or hit the ones in Columbia, Arundel Mills or Wheaton when I happen to be nearby. The combination of nasty Customers and a rude staff make the Gaithersburg Costco something you really want to avoid. Hard to give them any other sort of review since they tossed me out while I was trying to buy something.

Apparently I had my wife's card on me, and that wouldn't work for them, so.... bye bye. It was my fault, but if it was a business that actually wanted to keep customers, they might have figured out some way to let me give them my money. If it was a quick trip in and out of the store, I guess i wouldn't have minded so much. But after the obligatory 15 minutes trying to find a parking space, the bumper cart action down by the fresh produce, and the inevitable 25 minute queue, getting all my stuff on the belt and then being told "you can either wait on the line to see the manager or leave" made it an experience to remember.

Okay! I have finally compared some other Costco locations to write an actual review of this place. The verdict is! The parking lot is atrocious. The lines are abundant and the offerings are just okay. So there is no gas station here and no alcohol here. I think that is just how it is so can't really fault them here. However, I can fault them for the main issue: too many people and the way the parking garage is set up.

It is just a way to incite car accidents. There is just so much going on and so many people walking all over the place to really enjoy yourself. I am a very avid driver and every time I come here I feel like I will hit someone. It is just crazy up in the front. I now decide to park downstairs in the parking garage where there are fewer people just so I can avoid hitting the jaywalkers up on top. However, doing this, I have to walk a long distance to my car.

This, not a huge issue since it is commonplace to walk a long distance for a faraway car. The next issue with this is that there are really only 2-4 exits. So it is always congested. The reason why I say there are 2-4 exits is that there are really two ways out, but you can choose two ways each to get to those two real exits. Can you imagine Thanksgiving or Christmas time? It becomes too unbearable that I just skip Costco and aim for any other grocery chain.

It makes it easier for me and my mind. Then let's talk about the lines here. WOW. There is not a lot of room for purchasing your goods and leaving this place. Getting a box to carry your goods is always on the low end. When you are done buying your goods, you are thrown into limbo waiting for other bystanders to move so you can leave. It can range from 5-20 minutes on just leaving the building. Then it ranges from another 5-20 minutes on leaving the parking garage.

Just a huge mess in my opinion. Don't get me started on changing your tires. There was one time that they messed up my tires because they were not aligned properly and had to wait a second time just to fix the mistake. I end up usually waiting 3-8 hours for changing my tires. The only saving grace here is that it is a Costco and they are here. I do like the brand. I like the lower prices. However, I hate the overpopulation here.

They really need to set up another one close by to minimize the foot traffic in this one particular location. This is more for the Costco Tire place. DO NOT GO THERE! I have spent two trips and more than 8 hours and am still waiting for the tire change to happen. The service is abysmal and there are frequent yelling and cursing between irate, frustrated customers and rude, incompetent staff. Not sure how much savings are there but this much I am sure about.

They are not worth it. Although the parking lot is extremely close to the entrance into the warehouse, once you go in, you'll be surprised by how different this Costco is from other Costcos. There are Kosher options here which was my first time ever seeing one. This store offered a lot of grocery items fit for a diverse population. Pros: a lot of variety and well stocked, bulk and wholesale price, convenience Some negatives: The workers here were really slow.

Parking is always a nightmare during the weekends especially around noon. C'mon - why all the bad reviews? Although parking is horrendous on the weekends, service is great and there is a wide and diverse selection of goods to buy. Food line can be long at times too, but still - who doesn't like free samples? Great place to shop. The service here is bad .... even at the place where you sign up for a membership.

. the cashier doesn't even say hi how. R u 1 guy at the cashier with messed up teeth just looked at me no greetings . And customers here doesn't know how to park . I'm surprised Wheaton Costco got better ratings because it's in a ratchet ghetto area. I have been shopping here for the last 7 years and still the place I'll be doing my shopping. Every good thing has its ugly side. Recently we were manhandled, harassed and embarrassed by black guy at the door for something that we had paid for and have a receipt for.

He took out an item out of our cart that we had actually paid for and he refused to give it back to us. That's daylight stealing. We are taking legal action to ensure that never happens again to anyone else. Store manager Chris is of no use either he cursed using unprintable words at the customer when we called to make a complaint. Very unprofessional and uncouth. So nasty, so rude! Sad! Parking is ALWAYS A NIGHTMARE HERE! Always crowded and parking a nightmare.

Not much else to say. The selection of merchandise is just like any other Costco. I bought my glasses here after I had an eye appointment. The eye Dr was good and attentive. I had to go back three times to have the arms adjusted. I finally fixed the myself with my gas stove (and caught them on fire in the process.) Before moving to the area, I was a BJ'S Wholesale member for years. I loved Costco but it wasn't convenient until now.

This location is ghastly on the weekends and holidays, and the parking situation is abysmal unless you're willing to park downstairs, which could be okay unless you have a heavily packed, unwieldy cart in your hands. (Who thought out this parking lot?!) Despite this, the deals are excellent if you know your prices. Plus, whenever I've dealt with employees, they've always been friendly and helpful.

The selection is also excellent! Although, I am sad they no longer carry Kirkland brand lactose-free milk. Otherwise, they carry many of my food staples including frozen berries, brown and white rice, quinoa, Chia seeds, vegan protein powder, and much more. The produce is typically topnotch and the dairy selection usually doesn't leave me wanting. Their rotisserie chickens are $5 like every other grocery store but are clearly larger than most other places! On the weekends, there are crowds AND a ton of samples that will tempt you above your alotted budget.

Stick to weekday shops to avoid straying from your list and to keep your shop times at a minimum. There's always a long line so don't expect a quick in-and-out for 3 items. Lastly, I have family members who have been members for years and have bought everything from tires to European vacations with Costco! They have excellent guarantees and really do often have the best prices. Definitely do your own research first but don't forget to keep Costco in mind.

They seem to sell everything these days! Honestly one of the most crowded establishments in the DC area. Obviously love Costco and their prices, but it's almost impossible to get around this place without running in to 10+ people and their carts. This Costco is GARBAGE. Parking lot design is terrible. Nobody here has any courtesy/manners or any sense of driving ability. I am willing to drive up to Frederick even if it's only to buy one item.

Costco corporate - you need to close this location down. I shouldn't feel like I'm in a third world country when I go to Costco. The store itself is ok, not discernibly different from any other Costco, but parking is an effing nightmare. Whoever developed the layout for that parking lot needs to be slapped. With a brick. Repeatedly. This place is a magnet for shitty drivers and distracted pedestrians alike.

Expect to spend most of your time waiting for people walking across the small, two-lane driveway with their full attention on their cell phones, or waiting for foreigners who cannot parallel park spend 15 minutes trying to get into a parking space the size of Rhode Island (and still manage to park over the line!). Oh, and be extra careful of people backing out of spaces. I saw a guy back into a car that was at least 2 car lengths behind him and waiting on his space.

Still not sure how that happened. What's inside the store is rarely worth the headache of actually trying to get in. I either drive and have someone else run in and grab what we need or go to the Costco in either Wheaton or DC (which sells alcohol!) The only recommendation I can make for this Costco is to avoid it. Drive 15 to 20 minutes out of your way to go to a different one because you will make up for it three times.

Although this Costco size wise is much larger than the other ones, it has the same variety of items. There's really no benefit to put yourself the stress of going to this abysmal place: 1) parking is a mess; no access to below level garage except to walk around ramp while dodging aggressive parking and you're certainly not going to carry your bulk grocery items down two flights of stairs. 2) Customer service is seriously horrifying.

I witnessed the man at the membership services berate a man; then, call the next customer, a little old lady, a "piece of sh*t." I literally could not believe my ears. 3) the line for food was 35-40 minutes. I'm seriously reconsidering my Costco membership bc there's no reason to pack myself like a sardine, be treated like I smell like one, just to buy toilet paper and tomato sauce. It lasts me forever, but I'm not really saving that much money in the long run! Especially considering time it takes to get in and out and how much fresh stuff goes bad.

The tire center here is a nightmare. Never bring your car here unless you have 7 hours to waste and hate good service. There is absolutely no management here what soever. Id rather be gang raped then come back here again. This place sucks. Extremely awful service! Bad attitude, especially the cashier named Suzexx something! We're asking to check if we swiped the credit card twice politely , she was acting so rude.

We have been to so many different COSTCO from coast to coast, yet never being treated like this. After reading Yelp reviews and comments, I strongly recommend the management should do something. We are paying to be members!! One of the guys that are picking the carts curse at me and told me to go somewhere else his attitude was unbelievable and I will never come back to the store I will tell my friends and family members to not go there because the guy will curse you for leaving the card where it supposed to be.

this guy was a Latino boy with bear and a ponytail and chubby his name is Carlos , I will not go back again until this guy is fired and so my family and friends this is not the way a client supported to be treat I am not sure why so many people are complaining about this store. Ive been coming here for years and Ive never had a problem. Yes, the parking lot is a mess but people forget they also have garage parking, instead of going down there to park they just hound everyone on the ground floor until they get parking.

I should've be siding with bad customer service, as customer service is very important in retail but I am sorry not even Costco cashier is going to make small talk with you and ask you how many dogs you have. Do you see a number of people waiting to check out? and youre upset because your cashier didn't ask for your name. I dont get it lol, if people have a problem with lines I would suggest you go to Sams Club where its always empty.

This place is nice and clean. Everything is always stocked. They've always had a pretty decent kosher section but now they seem to be selling a small amount of halal meat as well. This issue was all dealing with the optical department at Costco in Gaithersburg, Maryland Sunday, my wife took my son in to be fitted for glasses. They did not do the pupil distance test so the lens and frames could be ordered.

I went in today, Monday at 4pm and the worker went through all the paperwork then finally said they could not order because my son did not do the pupil distance test. This took an hour. This also includes time talking to VSP to clear up the benefits since what costco charges does not match VSP even though they say they accept VSP. At 6pm I brought my son back to do the pupil distance test. All was going well and I showed the worker my $20 off coupon and stated the cost after the coupon and she affirmed it.

This is when things went south. The worker did not take off the $20 when she rung up the charge. She acknowledged her mistake and asked if I wanted the refund in cash or back on the card. It is a health benefit card so I can't take cash from it since it must be used for healthcare expenses. Glasses qualify. She had two managers helping and it finally took about an hour to fix the mistake. The resolution was weird since they refunded the cost plus the VSP benefit then recharged my card that total then charged another $20 (a mistake) then credited $20 then another $20 credit to get the correct final cost.

This was about an hour of time. This should not take anywhere near this much time.

Hazel Gordon

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