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Phone: (818) 272-2709 M-F 10:00am-7:00pm SAT 9:30am-6:00pm SUN CLOSED When only one pharmacist is on duty the Pharmacy may be closed for 30 minutes between the hours of 1:30pm and 2:30pm

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200 13550 Paxton StPacoima, CA 91331 (818) 272-2700 My family buys all our household goods at Costco. From toilet papers to paper towels, to food items. This Costco as well as all the Costcos are very affordable and offers great competitive prices for all our household needs. They sell almost everything. The food court also offers really cheap and affordable food. Where else can you buy a hot dog for $1.

50 and they also offer you a drink. There is no where else that can beat their prices. Their churros are $1. But aside from food, if youre an executive member like my family, you also get a 2% cashback. If you're already paying around $110 for membership per year, and you purchase enough products it's essentially free membership for the year. This is why I'll keep coming back to Costco because their prices are very affordable.

I've reviewed many Costco's and I always give them 5 stars. The reason being is most Costcos are very similar, they offer mainly the same products for the same great price. Their employees are also very helpful and diligent in their work, and you can see that they take customer service very seriously here. I always compare Costco to Walmart, particularly because I'd hardly ever shop at Walmart.

When you pay your employees decent wages of course they'd be happy to come to work and do their best. Parking at this location is also ample and this plaza has a lot of other neat places you can visit while you're already here. Conveniently located next to a freeway, it's easily accessible by any direction. The only thing I don't like about this location (it has nothing to do with Costco itself) is the roads around here are very janky.

On Paxton St. the roads are deteriorating and my car is always shaking as it runs over those silly bumps. But that has nothing to do with Costco itself. I think I know why this Costco lacks its 5 stars One star Good parking every time rare for a Costco. They have 25 eco car parking awesome.I've been to some Costcos in my day Burbank, Commerce, Alhambra ugh they all lack this. 2. There food court is located indoors pretty epic and fancy.

This is newer one so bravo there. They are also featured the 1/3 burger here as tester and it's suppose to be similar to shake shack and it is. Lol so do t shelp to Glendale or the west side lol 3 the Gas station rocks 3 pumps now. Shorter wait and fewer lines plus and plus 4 the register and checkout is a breeze awesome cashiers sometimes. Not everyone loves there job but you work at Costco better than Taco Bell down the st.

The employees customer service could be a little more cheerful just a tad. We have some regulars who are very polite live it. My dad even has avid greeter who loves the rams and they talk football every now and the . I've myself experienced snootiness snootyness with some and it's like oooook. Other than that you will find these at any Costco like in a family everyone as that 1 ! Lol Gas up and quick shopping to restock up on cereal for the boys at home.

Given it's Sunday afternoon, Costco "dimsum" was in full swing ;-) Tried a nice shredded Mexican quesadilla cheese, that's pretty tasty - served in the uncooked quesadillas -- both items that would be good to pick up next time. Poke selection didn't look so fresh. The Wild Sockeye Salmon however was super fresh (never frozen) and for $6.99/lb, it's a steal! Only caveat is you have to get the whole fish that's like 4-4.

5 lbs! Hmm... will have to keep that in mind for another time but not when I'm leaving town in 2 days. Parking is the usual crazy, but that's expected when you make a Costco trip any time, any day of the week pretty much. Love the renovated gas station. Got lanes of 3 pumps now, that speeds up the lines for sure. Pacoima is a bit of a trek but nicer than the even more overcrowded Burbank location. Parking lot is big & not a hassle to find parking.

Cashiers are are always so professional & fast. Food court has HUGE lines but it goes fast. Only thing that I don't like about Costco is when you try a new item and like it then return to the store they no longer carry it. Who doesn't love Costco! You can go here for everything. From clothing, to appliances, food, furniture, tires.. you name it they have it. It's extremely busy on the weekends so I suggest going on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The only downside is no sample, if you want samples go on Sunday. I've recently used costco travel online. It was so easy to book a trip to Mexico. Roundtrip airfare, transfers to & from the hotel all included & they gave a hotel resort credit which was nice. It made planning a trip so accommodating & easy! You can look online at deals for different travel destinations. Sometimes they offer a costco gift card.

I also order my contacts from costco, it shipped quickly. Alcohol is cheap from Costco! Most Costcos I visit are pretty similar. This is my favorite local Costco since it's slightly less crowded than the Northridge Costco. Less crowded = slightly more items in stock. Standard big parking lot around the store with a Best Buy, Lowes, Subway an ATM and another restaurant on the other side of the lot.

During busy hours (which is almost all the time), it's a pain getting out of the parking lot. The gas line is always ridiculously long, too. But that's standard for Costco. Inside this membership store, you will find great deals on a variety of good quality items. They stand behind their products with a liberal return policy. Most small items are sold in bulk. There is also a tire store, vision center and food court inside the warehouse.

Its amazing that you can feed a family of four for less than $10.00! An entire pizza is $9.95 and a hot dog is $1.50. I didn't try the food but I heard it was good. Lines to buy your items can be long but they move pretty fast. Customer service is good. I love shopping here. They've always got something new. I love this Costco, the parking is plenty! Unlike the other COSTCOs in the area this one has plenty of parking if you are willing to walk a little.

The gas station is redone, clean and well maintained. The staff is super friendly and the vibe is welcoming. This shopping center however does get some of the hottest temperatures that the San Fernando valley sees, so if you are shopping here in the summer prepare to come back to a car that feels like a baking oven. I love costco, all of its products, and it's great policies! But this location's optical department and return line sucks! They're both so slow!!! However, the return line is why I'm writing this review.

I came here to return some clementines that I found out had rotted and stood in the return line for what I would think would only be for a short time. Unfortunately, it ended up taking almost thirty minutes! Why was this? Because they only had two people working the return line! There were at least five other cashier people not doing anything though. In fact, many of them were just laughing and talking to their friends while the return line just kept getting longer and longer! Ridiculous.

I'm disappointed in this Costco. Plenty of parking at this location especially if you dont mind a extra length of a walk. If you are not able to find parking right in front they offer parking across the main street near Lowe's. If you dont want to park there you can also try parking to the right side facing out the entrance, plenty of parking in this section. Carts are sometimes an issue when shopping but coming here several times, I have not had an issue finding a cart and/or flat bed.

The cleanliness overall is like all other Costco's compared, not bad. Haven't had any issues with this location. I come here primarily for the optometry section and each time I have not had any issues whether I am here for an exam or if I am coming buy to buy glasses or contacts. I recently came to purchase contacts and Costco already has great prices, but they saved me even more looking into my insurance coverage.

I always come to this Costco in the mid-afternoon during the week to pick up a couple whole pizzas for my co-workers' lunch. The food court is always fast and efficient; I don't think I've ever had to wait more than 20 minutes for the pizzas to be cooked. Even though this Costco isn't in the best area, there is always plenty of parking and the interior is just like any other. Wanted to say a few words about the hearing aid center.

FANTASTIC. Especially Minerva. Patient, explained things clearly and was always ready to help. I couldn't have been happier. I have since moved out of the area, but if the Costco hearing aid center I will be using is half as good, and they have a worker half as knowledgeable, professional, patient and nice as minerva, I know I will be in good hands. Love having the store nearby but hate the lines to exit they make you feel like a criminal I usually have a good experience only at the Optical Department that's for the 2 stars.

However, honestly today I realized they need to hire people at the main cashiers who not just can do the work but can be a friendly person that has manners saying a "You're welcome or thank you" and look you in your eyes. While ringing up my items, the cashier (name tag AnthonyZ.) didn't even look at me once to tell me what was the amount, is this your cart, is this your card- decided to ask the person in front of me and behind me when I was right In front.

Secondly, I just laid my cash out, he took it, gave me my change n that was it.. on to the next person. And he didn't have no eye problem. Thank God, the person who put my items in the cart was respectful to my brother and my kids. And the gentleman checking our receipt. Seriously, need a team meeting for that. My mother had gone later in the day, and told me she was wasn't even helped with her items after paying.

One worker turned his back on her and helped someone else. If we are going to be treated this way, I'm going straight to management. Although a majority of the guests are rude, all employees have been friendly and helpful. They are never out of stock of what I'm looking for and the lines move quickly. The employees are always on their toes, quick to ask you if you need help and know exactly where things are located.

This is not my personal experience. But while I was getting my vitals checked at Kaiser ER in Panorama City, a father rushed his son and daughter in. Told the nurse he needed his kids check ASAP, because they were eating g pizza at Costco, and the kids noticed maggots. They had already consumed part of the pizza. Since it was after dark, they didn't see them right away. As I was going in I saw them showing the maggot infested pizza to the nurse.

Just a heads up for you people. It's Costco in Pacoima. If you love Costco and buying in bulk then this place is just for you. It's like any other Costco, which isn't a bad thing at all. There are a ton of goodies to be had. For a $1.50 you can get an awesome hot dog and a soda. That's the deal of the century. I've a huge Costco fan, despite always spending more money than I should when I come here.

A great prime location for a great store. Aside from good price and great stuff Costco has, Mayra and Suzy in customer service were honestly the Best!! They went out of their way to help me as if they were helping a family member or a good friend. They were very sweet, nice and had a lot of patience with me . If you girls are reading this . Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it. Babe likes this place more than me.

Lol Great prices, clean warehouse. Food samples galore, cheap & quick eats- I love the combo pizza slice and that frozen berry slushie & of course, warehouse prices on food, household items, gifts and booze. Costco is great for gift card purchases and even vouchers for See's Candy, postage stamps, gym memberships, and movie tickets. The parking lot is a lot more user friendly than the Burbank location and this one, being in the Pacoima 'hood, is also less crowded.

The gas prices are always a few cents cheaper than either Burbank or Tampa or Sepulveda too. Don't be afraid of the 'hood you bulk item shoppers, gas guzzlers and food samplers! I hear they are switching over their credit card system from American Express to Visa in the near future, which doesn't bother me a bit. I have their Executive card and get rebates on my purchases each year. Really, this is a fantastic place to shop!

Hazel Gordon

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