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Phone: (954) 972-0313 M-F 10:00am-7:00pm SAT 9:30am-6:00pm SUN CLOSED When only one pharmacist is on duty the Pharmacy may be closed for 30 minutes between the hours of 1:30pm and 2:30pm

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Great place to work Licensed Dispensing Optician (Former Employee) –  Woodinville, WA – December 10, 2017 Loved working at Costco. Very fast paced and day went very fast. Enjoyed interacting with members. I have met some wonderful fellow employees and have had some great managers. Fun place to work, great environment and people Shipping and Receiving (Former Employee) –  Grand Rapids, MI – December 10, 2017 typical day was working and assisting in every department of the warehouse, whether it was the meat, deli, bakery departments.

I also helped with the shipping and receiving department. Pros Excellent benefits, great atmospher Great Marketing and Sales (Current Employee) –  Wyoming, MI – December 10, 2017 Great staff and Employees. Fun place to work , benefits , managers are great, good company to work for . I have nothing else to say. I do not like doing online reviews on my company’s behalf. It is out of my comfort zone .

Pros Support Cons Hours Costco Meat Wrapper (Former Employee) –  Rego Park, NY – December 10, 2017 Cleaned meat room and cutting utensils. Organized areas where the meats were stored. Mopped floors of the establishment. The work place was a good culture fast paced enivroment Gas Station Attendant (Former Employee) –  Tigard, OR – December 9, 2017 work starts out fast and time flies by very active and on your feet kind of job.

working day to day with coworkers in great! gas station is very repetitive and fast. easy to stay focused and work hard. Excellent Bakery Asst. (Former Employee) –  Fredericksburg, VA 22407 – December 9, 2017 Excellent place to work filled with excellent people and many great benefits 401k offered, health benefits, membership, paid days off and sick time offered. Review Summary Equipment Operator (Current Employee) –  Monroe, NJ – December 9, 2017 A typical day at work depends on your department in the Warehouse.

I work in shipping so its definitely a time sensitive department. I have to load trucks before i leave, ranging between 3-10 trucks depending on how fast you can go. Its starts to become stressful when you to try and get all the things needed on the truck but cant because other employees aren't doing their job properly. Also since there are multiple different Managers each one has a way they choose to get the items to shippers.

Which causes chaos and mass confusion as well as items that are mandatory to get onto the truck, never leaving the dock. Due to lack of communication with the General Managers down to the employees. Good company with so so management Cashier, Forklift Driver, Produce (Former Employee) –  Cordova, TN – December 8, 2017 As far as retail careers go Costco offers good pay, benefits, vacation, and advancement opportunities.

Management wasn't the greatest and of course expect to work weekend because it is retail after all. Hours aren't great however Costco does close earlier than many other retail stores so there is a possibility that you wont work as late if you are coming from another retail store. Pros Health Care, matching 401k, pay for retail, advancement opportunities Cons Poor management, retail hours and schedule fast pace, stressful job Gas Station Attendant (Current Employee) –  Hanford, CA 93230 – December 8, 2017 I love my job and the people that i work with but it just isnt the job for me.

Being a single mom and having to work nights and weekends every weekend and they arent very lenient with working with you during the weekends. At first i wasnt a single mom but now that i am it is hard to find baby sitters and be able to afford them with only working part time, good place, bad management Cashier (Current Employee) –  Miami, FL – December 8, 2017 I've been dealing with a target on my back and harassed.

I can't grow here and I am not assisted in my growth. I just want full time and they won't give it to me, I've earned it. I've been here a long time. I lost faith in my managers. great work place Food Handler (seasonal) (Former Employee) –  Henderson, NV – December 7, 2017 Costco offers many great benefits to working there it was fun and fast paced. Great work culture and people always room for advancement.

Most the employees have been there along time they work with you school schedule and your home life. Very understanding people. Great place to work if your a Brown Nose-r Food Court Clerk (Current Employee) –  San Leandro, CA – December 7, 2017 Don't work too hard unless you love to feel under appreciated. You'll see people who don't work hard advance and they really didn't deserve it.

If your a woman, get ready to be harassed EVERY single day of your life and if you don't like it..... no one cares. Horrible work culture, at least at San Leandro #118 Phenomenal place to work Head Cashier / Stocker (Former Employee) –  Sacramento, CA – December 7, 2017 Lots of advancement, salary increases quarterly, changing of departments to suit yours or the company's needs.

Retirement programs, healthy enviorment Pros Advancements, changing departments Productive and fun atmosphere Member Service (Former Employee) –  Augusta, GA – December 7, 2017 Best job I ever had in retail. The pay and benefits are the best! The work is hard but the benefits are worth it. The company truly values its team. LOVE COSTCO!!! Pros Great pay Cons no cons If you like retail and routine, Costco is the place for you Pharmacy stocker and merchandiser (Current Employee) –  Santa Rosa, CA – December 6, 2017 Costco pays well in the long run and the benefits are hard to match.

If you enjoy doing the same task day in and day out, you will thrive. I worked in many different departments and all of them became dull after a short time. Good managers (ones that care) are hard to come by, but when you do its golden. Members are sometimes very difficult , but most are ok. Most departments are physical and the concrete floors do no one any good. Hard work but pays well Return to Vendor Clerk (Current Employee) –  Salt Lake City, UT – December 6, 2017 This is a hard working, fast paced environment but the medical benefits they give are really awesome.

The pay is great for not having an education. Not having weekends off for months at a time unless you request it is a bummer. Vacation is blocked off from Thanksgiving to Christmas, no leaving town for the holidays. Pros Healthcare, pay, great co-workers, good exercise Cons Weird shifts, work weekends, can be monotonous. Fast-paced Stocker (Former Employee) –  Maplewood, MN – December 6, 2017 Very fast-paced.

There is always work to be done on the clock. You are always moving and talking with either co-workers or customers on a daily-basis. highly competitive and fast paced Front End Supervisor (Current Employee) –  Austin, TX – December 6, 2017 I managed at least 50 employees per day, ran the flow of business and had to make judgment calls and adjustments to accomodate the needs of the business.

Management put a lot of pressure to meet or exceed standards and goals between warehouse competition. Very stressful environment and member service is the number one goal. Hardest part of this job was lack of positive re-enforcement and lack of value out of your work. Pros great insurance and pay Cons high pressure to meet goals and not much appreciation Good to place to work Tire Center Technician (Former Employee) –  Arlington, VA – December 6, 2017 The work Environment is very friendly.

For people that like to work is good place. I was part time and i had all the benefits, health, dental and vision. Decent company. Some managers shouldn't be managers Service Deli Clerk (Current Employee) –  Antioch, CA – December 5, 2017 A big issue with Costco is that it's all seniority. Now that's not always bad if you've been there a while but for the new guys it can suck a whole lot and certain departments make it suck even more because you can be stuck doing the most work with the least amount of time to relax but be paid the minimum solely because you haven't been there as long as others.

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