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[embedded content] Because Silver is so malleable yet strong, it can be flattened and stretched in ways that make it perfect for industrial uses. Its antibacterial properties add to the value of one ounce of Silver because it was used in medicine for thousands of years. Silver use in jewelry also increases demand and the 1 oz Silver value. Finally, economic downturns and the value of the U.S. dollar affect Silver value today.

Typically when the dollar and other investments falter, the Silver prices today per ounce go up. What is the lowest price of Silver per oz in the past 5 years? Looking at the Silver price chart, you will see the spot Silver price hit its lowest point in the past five years on Dec. 14, 2015 at 12:30 p.m. (CT) when the spot price for Silver was at $13.81 USD per troy ounce. You can check out the price trends of Gold, Platinum and Palladium, too.

What is the highest price of Silver per ounce in the past 5 years? For the highest Silver spot price, check out our Silver prices chart. The price of Silver per oz was at its highest in the past five years on Oct. 4, 2012 at 12:30 p.m. (CT) when the price of Silver was $35.07 USD per troy ounce. You can check out the price trends of Gold, Platinum and Palladium, too. What is the lowest spot price of Silver per ounce in the past 10 years? Find the lowest Silver price per ounce in the past 10 years in our Silver prices chart.

An ounce of Silver price was at a 10-year low on Oct. 28, 2008 at 12:30 p.m. (CT) when the troy ounce Silver price was $8.91 USD. You can check out the price trends of Gold, Platinum and Palladium, too. What is the highest troy ounce Silver price in the past 10 years? Over the past 10 years, the ounce of Silver price was highest on April 29, 2011 at 12:30 p.m. (CT) when the Silver ounce price registered at $48.

64 USD per troy ounce. You can check out the price trends of Gold, Platinum and Palladium, too. What are today's Silver prices? For today's Silver prices, please see APMEX's comprehensive and interactive Silver prices chart. Whether you need information about current or historical Silver prices, APMEX's easy-to-read graph will keep you up to date regarding today's Silver prices. Where can I see a Silver spot price chart? APMEX displays live spot price chart for all pertinent Precious Metals.

Simply click on the Silver chart to view the current spot price or use the interactive historical Silver chart to gauge where Silver is trending. Are the Silver prices today per ounce the same no matter where I live? Silver prices today at any given moment are the same no matter where you buy in the world. This is a good thing. If live Silver prices weren't the same around the world, there would be an opportunity for arbitrage, when traders simultaneously buy and sell Silver in different markets to take advantage of the differentials of the spot Silver price or premium Silver price.

Live Silver prices always reflect Silver traded in U.S. dollars. In local markets, the Silver price today in USD is simply converted to the local currency to reflect the price for 1 troy ounce of 0.999 fine Silver. The base troy ounce Silver price is used when determining what is the price of Silver bullion like Silver American Eagles and Silver Buffalo Rounds, as well as collectible vintage coins that have high numismatic Silver value.

Is it true that Silver is traded around the clock? Is there any closing price of Silver? When you look at our Silver prices chart, you will see a daily snapshot of Silver prices. We, like other dealers, decide on a daily determination of Silver prices and there is no closing Silver spot price like there is a closing stock price. Silver prices today are affected by the global nature of the trade of Silver.

Traded 24/7 around the globe, Silver is part of the commodity markets of Zurich, New York, London, Hong Kong and Chicago, with the New York Commodity Exchange being the most important for the price of Silver today. Investors look to the New York COMEX to determine what is the price of Silver today. This base line price is referred to as the spot price of Silver and is dependent on supply and demand for Silver worldwide.

When you look at the Silver price history, the price of Silver per oz goes up when demand is high and supply is low. Current Silver prices can also be affected by inflation, fluctuations in currencies and changes in interest rates and deficits. Is the spot price of Silver given in U.S. currency? The 1 oz Silver quotes are always originally in U.S. dollars (USD) because Silver is traded in U.S. currency.

If necessary, the Silver prices per ounce are converted to local currency. Sometimes, too, instead of a troy ounce Silver price, you will see the Silver gram price or Silver kilogram price. Both of these would be converted from the USD price of Silver per oz. We offer Silver bullion in many forms, from Silver American Eagles to 10 oz Silver bars to bags of junk Silver coins worth far beyond their face value.

Why can't I pay the spot price Silver rate? Why do I have to pay the higher premium price of Silver? The spot price of Silver is the Silver price per ounce in raw form. No one can buy or sell Silver at the Silver spot price because traded Silver price rates must include the price of fabrication, distribution and a minimal dealer fee, plus any numismatic or collector value. The premium price for Silver bullion is most often seen as the best choice by those who buy Silver as part of their investment portfolio because the premium is often the lowest.

Favorite Silver bullion investments include Silver American Eagles, RCM Silver Bars, Silver Canadian Howling Wolves and Austrian Mint 1 oz Silver Philharmonics. Others look to Silver coin prices that can include a higher premium Silver value if the Silver coins have a numismatic value, or a collectible value of Silver. The Silver value per ounce goes up when these vintage Silver coins are scarce, in high demand or valued for their artistic beauty or historical significance.

Some favorite collectible Silver coins with a higher value of Silver per ounce include Silver Dollar Coins and a variety of vintage nickels. When looking at Silver coin prices, what does it mean that the coins have numismatic Silver value? Numismatic Silver value means that coins are worth more and therefore have a higher premium value of Silver. The higher premium value of Silver coins often is related to the rarity and beauty of the coins: Do they hold historical significance or artistic Silver value? When browsing the Silver price chart, you will see the spot price Silver rate, or base price.

To calculate the premium 1 oz Silver value, dealers add costs of fabrication, distribution and a nominal dealer markup, as well as any numismatic Silver value. This added cost will be the premium price of Silver you pay. When looking at the current price of Silver and deciding what to buy, you will want to determine if you want Silver bullion, like 1 oz Silver Rounds, only for its raw Silver value, or if you also want to invest in Silver coins such as vintage Silver Liberty Seated Dollar Coins that have higher numismatic value.

Why is the current price of Silver listed as the Silver spot price when I can't buy Silver at that rate? Does the premium current Silver price markup go to the dealer? No one can buy Silver at the spot price Silver rate. The spot price Silver rate represents the price of Silver today in its basic form before fabrication. The Silver prices per ounce you pay also include costs of distribution, a small dealer markup and any numismatic or collector value of Silver for rare coins that hold additional historic or artistic Silver value.

The value of Silver bars is usually the lowest Silver price per ounce, making Silver bars and other Silver bullion often the choice of those who are building an investment portfolio. Vintage minted Silver coin prices are often higher and harder to determine because the premium Silver price depends on the quality and rarity of the coins, the mint where the coins were produced and the popularity of the coins with collectors.

As a result, premium Silver value per ounce is much higher for highly sought after Silver coins than for Silver bullion without numismatic Silver value per ounce. What is the spot Silver price? APMEX provides spot Silver prices in real time. APMEX also provides an interactive graph for your research needs. It is as easy to see the spot Silver price from a month or year ago as it is to see today’s spot Silver price.

This can help you determine your buying power.  When I hear the phrase "sovereign Silver coins" what does that mean? Is there a high premium price of Silver coins that are considered sovereign? Governments around the world mint sovereign Silver bullion coins that carry a face value when in circulation. These popular coins also often have numismatic, or collector, Silver value per ounce, which means the Silver price typically exceeds the face value.

Favorite vintage sovereign coins with numismatic or collector Silver value per oz include Early Silver Dollars. The U.S. Mint started producing coins in 1792 and has since minted coinage with numismatic appeal, resulting in higher Silver prices for these collectible vintage coins. U.S. Silver coins minted before 1965 were typically 90% Silver. In 1965, Silver prices started to increase and the U.

S. government substituted less valuable metal. As the value of Silver per ounce went up, people hoarded the older coins and today these coins, if they have no collector Silver value, are often sold as junk Silver. While called "junk," these coins are valuable to investors because of the high Silver content and value of Silver per ounce, which is higher than the face value of the Silver coins. This is borne out by looking at historical Silver prices.

Junk Silver coins available at the current price of Silver include 90% Silver coins, 40% Silver coins and 35% Silver coins. When looking at Gold and Silver prices today, how do I make sure I compare the right numbers? The current Silver price is based on the U.S. dollar (USD) because Silver, like Gold, is traded in dollars. Also keep in mind Gold and Silver prices are listed by the troy ounce. When looking at live Gold-Silver prices, make sure the current Silver prices and current Gold prices are listed in troy ounces and in dollars.

If not, this means that in determining what is the price of Silver or Gold, the site you are looking at converted troy ounces to Silver grams or kilograms or converted USD to another currency. Also, differences in the price of Silver and Gold can be a result of the numismatic or collector value, which can be much higher than the premium Gold and Silver prices for bullion bars or coins that have little to no collector value.

With a lower total price of Silver per ounce, collectors of Silver bullion often favor these coins and rounds from around the world: Austrian Philharmonic coins, Canadian Maple Leaf coins, Silver Buffalo rounds and Silver American Eagle coins. When I see live Silver prices, what is being quoted? Live Silver prices are based on the troy 1oz Silver price in U.S. dollars (USD). Even when the Silver price today is listed in grams or kilograms or another currency, the price of Silver was converted from the price based on troy ounces and USD.

Browse the various live Silver prices listed on these favorite Silver coins offered at APMEX: Silver American Eagles, Silver Canadian Howling Wolves and Austrian Silver Philharmonics. What is the Silver price per ounce, per gram and per kilo? APMEX displays the spot Silver price per ounce, per gram and per kilo so you are always working with exact numbers when making your purchasing decisions. The price per gram and per kilo is calculated from troy ounce metric.

  Grams of Silver Example Silver Price Price of Silver Per Gram 1 $17 $0.55 2 $17 $1.09 3 $17 $1.64 4 $17 $2.18 5 $17 $2.73 6 $17 $3.28 7 $17 $3.82 8 $17 $4.37 9 $17 $4.91 10 $17 $5.46 What are sample kilo price of Silver today? Kilo of Silver Example Silver Price Price of Silver Per Kilo 1 $17 $546.02 2 $17 $1,092.03 3 $17 $1,638.05 4 $17 $2,184.06 5 $17 $2,730.08 6 $17 $3,276.09 7 $17 $3,822.11 8 $17 $4,368.

12 9 $17 $4,914.14 10 $17 $5,460.15 When determining what is the price of Silver today, what is the difference between an ounce and a troy ounce when looking at the Silver prices chart? An ounce is not a "regular" ounce when paying the spot Silver price. When Americans refer to ounces, they generally are referring to avoirdupois ounces. The price of Silver per ounce is always measured in troy ounces, which are equal to 1.

09711 avoirdupois ounces. When you pay the current Silver price for a pound of Silver, you are paying for 12 troy ounces. One troy ounce equals 31.1035 grams or 480 grains. When you know these equivalences, it's easy to determine the value of Silver per ounce no matter what measurement is used. Where can I see a Silver prices chart? APMEX provides a Silver prices chart in real time. APMEX also provides an interactive Silver prices chart for your research needs.

A live Silver prices chart makes it easy to plan your purchases to your advantage. How do dealers determine what is the current price of Silver? Silver prices are based on supply, demand and production. Silver is a versatile Precious Metal that has many uses, from jewelry to coins to industrial needs, pushing the Silver value per ounce up. Relatively rare, Silver also doesn't easily corrode or oxidize and is the best thermal and electrical conductor, making it the right choice for electrical projects.

It is also used in medical and consumer products because it is antimicrobial and non-toxic, further increasing the value of Silver per ounce as more is used. Silver prices today are also affected by industrial uses of Silver. It is popular in industrial applications because Silver is malleable enough to be flattened into sheets and strong enough to withstand being drawn into thin wire. And, of course, Silver's beautiful display makes it a favorite for jewelry, mirrors and silverware.

Even with all these uses, Silver prices today are still much lower than Gold prices. That is, in part, because there has typically been more Silver produced and available, making for a lower current Silver price than the current Gold price. What is a Silver Share or Silver Trust? Some Silver investors would prefer not to house or ship their Precious Metals, so they invest in what is known as a Silver Share with an ETF.

These shares are unallocated and work directly with a Silver Fund company who then backs up the Silver shares or stocks, and thus takes care of shipping and storage. With that, the Silver buyer does not have to worry about holding the tangible asset. However, Silver investors who prefer to hold and see their investments do not care for this option. Although APMEX does not offer ETFs or Silver Shares, click here to learn more about secure storage options with Citadel.

How is the Silver spot price determined? Many markets and market makers exist as Silver is traded around the globe, but the New York Commodity Exchange (COMEX) is the most important exchange that sets the spot Silver price. To determine the forecast of Silver prices, data from the front month futures contract traded on the COMEX is used. Only when there is little to no volume on the front month contact, the next delivery month with the most volume is used to calculate the spot Silver price forecast.

When looking at the price of Silver per ounce on the historical Silver prices chart, it looks like Silver bullion prices change often. Why? It is true when you look at Silver price history charts, you will discover a fluctuation of Silver prices per ounce during volatile times. But there are also quieter times when the Silver price history shows the price of Silver is stable. In fact, many investors consider Silver bar and Silver coin prices so stable, they call Silver a safe-haven asset to include in their portfolios.

When reviewing the value of Silver per ounce, some of the favorite Silver coins, Silver Bars and other Silver products include Silver American Eagles, Silver Buffalo Rounds and 10 oz Silver Bars. Historical Silver Price Charts Investors who buy coins with numismatic value, including rare coins like Silver Dollar coins, are paying a much higher premium price over spot Silver prices because they value the historical and artistic value of the Silver coins.

To view the live price of Silver today, go to APMEX's easy-to-navigate Precious Metals price chart that displays live spot prices, as well as historical metal prices to help you strategize your next purchase. What are the Bid Silver prices per ounce? The Bid Silver price per ounce today is the current highest market offer to sell to a dealer. Consumers can expect to receive the bid price when selling Silver to a dealer.

  What is the Ask Silver price per ounce? The Ask current Silver price per ounce is the current minimum price for a dealer to sell in the market. Dealers will offer to sell Silver to you for the ask price. What does the Spread mean for the Silver price per ounce today? The difference between the Ask Silver ounce price and the Buy ounce price of Silver is the Spread, or the bid-ask spread, and represents the dealer's profit.

The dealer will pay you the Ask Silver price today when you sell Silver, while you will pay the Bid price of Silver today. How much does an ounce of Silver cost? APMEX displays the Silver price for today as well as an interactive historical Silver price chart. Today's Silver price appears plainly near the top of the page. You can know the Silver price for today at a glance. Where can I see a Silver pricing chart? APMEX provides a Silver pricing chart in real time.

APMEX also provides an interactive Silver pricing chart for your research needs. A live Silver pricing chart makes it easy to plan your purchases to your advantage. What are my Silver coins worth? Silver coins' prices depend on many factors, such as mintage, condition and scarcity. Consider beginning your research into your Silver coins' value at APMEX, where a large inventory and informative format can help you understand the value of your Silver coins.

There seems to be a large difference in the price of Gold and Silver. Why? Perception, demand and to some degree rarity dictate the differences in Gold and Silver prices. Gold has always been perceived as rarer than Silver, but there is some debate about whether Silver is now rarer. Whatever the answer, Silver-Gold prices are far apart. The current Silver ounce price is about 70 times less than Gold prices.

Some of the difference can be attributed to Gold being harder to mine because the Precious Metal is often alloyed with other metals, requiring a purification process. Demand also affects the price of Gold and Silver, with both Precious Metals sought after for industrial uses, medicine, jewelry and bullion. Some popular bullion products with desirable Silver prices include Chinese Silver Panda Coins, 10 oz Silver bars and 1 oz Silver Rounds.

In addition, Gold-Silver prices reflect that both central banks and individual investors buy more Gold. Demand, in many ways, is all about perception and history. Gold and Silver prices charts throughout time have been at odds. As early as 6,000 years ago, Gold was used as decoration and was introduced in ancient times as coins. Thus, Gold is often perceived as more valuable because civilizations before us also saw Gold as more valuable.

These are just some of the reasons Silver and Gold prices are so different. Investing at the current price of Silver per ounce Why should I invest in Silver, with Silver prices today changing? Many see investing in Silver as a good way to balance their portfolio for retirement or to preserve wealth. Silver prices per ounce often move conversely compared to the U.S. dollar value and other economic factors so the value of Silver coins and other Silver bullion is likely to be balanced if other investments are waning.

Also, when you look at the Silver price chart, you will see the Silver price history has typically been stable during inflationary times. Around the world, an ounce of Silver is an ounce of Silver, with the same intrinsic Silver value today and the same current Silver price per ounce in U.S. dollars. This makes Silver easy to trade. Last but not least, passing along tangible wealth to future generations is easy and they will appreciate Silver bar and Silver coin values.

With the current price of Silver, investors know Silver prices today are likely to hold their value tomorrow. I want to invest in Silver for retirement. How do I invest safely? No one can guarantee any investment is completely safe. Yet with the price of Silver today, many investors see Silver as a good addition to their investment portfolio, depending on their goals. When investors hold a physical asset like Silver for 3-5 years, they generally consider the Silver price history, as provided on our Silver prices chart.

Investors often see Silver and other Precious Metals as a good way to guard against other investments faltering. Typically as investments like stocks, bonds and the U.S. dollar falter, the current Silver price goes up. This is why so many investors often consider Silver to be a safe haven.  Those watching what is the price of Silver over time often use dollar cost averaging when investing. This is when you divide the total sum to be invested into equal amounts invested at regular intervals.

It is a conservative method of buying at the current Silver price and allows for flexibility as the market shifts. What is an ounce of Silver worth? The spot prices of Precious Metals exist in a constant state of flux, depending on many market factors. To see the Silver spot price today, you need look no further than the interactive and up-to-the-minute Precious Metal price charts at APMEX. They display the Silver spot price today as well as a historical price chart so you can see how Silver is trending.

Where can I see a Silver price chart? APMEX provides a real-time Silver price chart. APMEX also provides an interactive Silver price chart for your research needs. A live Silver price chart makes it easy to plan your purchases to your advantage. Look at the interactive Silver chart to see the current price of Silver.  When should I buy Silver bars and when should I invest in Silver coins? Sometimes there is a big difference between Silver coin prices and Silver bars and rounds.

  When you invest in Silver, what is your goal? Many investors simply want to buy the most Silver at the best current price of Silver per ounce to build their portfolio. They will buy Silver bullion bars and rounds or junk Silver. Others invest in Silver for more than the monetary Silver coins value. These investors love collecting coins that offer a way to hold history and artistic renderings in their hands.

These more artistic Silver coins have a higher premium because of their numismatic or collector value and are beautiful to display. When deciding between Silver bullion bars or rounds and Silver coins, you must determine what your investing or collecting goals are. What's my Silver coin worth and what is the value of my Silver coin? The price of a Silver coin depends on many factors, such as mintage, condition and scarcity.

APMEX, with its huge inventory and informative format, is a great place to begin your research as to a given Silver coin price. A good place to begin researching Silver coin values is on APMEX's Silver spot price chart. It is a real-time interactive chart that allows you to see up-to-the-moment and historical Silver values. How much is a Silver Dollar worth? 

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Current Price Of Silver Per Troy Ounce Rising Uses and Value of Silver Silver is a whitish precious metal and has been used since about 4000 BC for various purposes such as money, silverware, jewelry and so on.  Silver is measured in troy ounces.  A troy ounce is 31.10348 grams. A troy ounce is about 10 percent more than the avoirdupois ounce.  The avoirdupois is a weight system which is based on a pound which contains 16 ounces and also equals 453.

59 grams. The current price of silver per troy ounce, per gram, per ounce or per kilogram is available on the top right hand side of this website and one can know the price in dollars, yen or in any other form of currency. The price of silver keeps fluctuating having it’s ups and downs.  This depends on the supply and the demand for the precious metal.  Many experts predict that the price of silver is sure to go up in the next ten years due to the shortage of supply and the huge demand for the metal in various electronic applications, medicine and photography.

After knowing the current price of silver per troy ounce, one can invest in silver bullion such as silver bars or coins or in silver stocks, exchange traded funds (Silver ETFs) or digital silver products. Silver or Gold Many investors are plagued by the question of whether to invest in gold or silver.  There are many reasons why one should invest in silver today.  The current price of silver per troy ounce makes it a very attractive proposition.

  During the bull markets, silver has always had a great increase in prices.  In some cases, it has also been noticed that silver has tripled from the current price of silver per troy ounce, whereas gold has only doubled. Increasing industrial demand Silver also has plenty of industrial applications, which makes its demand a permanent one, whereas gold is used only for ornamental purposes and aesthetic ones.

  In the electronic age, these uses are increasing day by day. The industrial demand will definitely end in increase from the current price of silver per troy ounce.  In fact the supply of silver is not able to keep up with this demand.  Mine production and secondary recovery has fallen short of industrial demand for the past fifteen years.  Even above ground supplies are extremely short. Easy storage Hence, considering the current prices of silver per troy ounce, it is recommended that people invest in silver if they are capable of handling the bulk and the weight.

  It is popular to invest in silver bars as these are uniform in size and are easy to handle and convenient to store.  Hence, you can store a great deal of wealth in a small storage area.  Always buy silver bars with hallmarks and after checking out the current price of silver per troy ounce. Looking for a precious metals provider that sells silver coins and bullion (including junk silver)? Click here to visit our favorite provider.

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