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Daikin AC prices 2017 Daikin is the leader worldwide when it comes to air conditioners. This Japanese AC manufacturer has become synonymous with reliable, efficient cooling systems. The company is renowned for its ethical standards and for adhering to environmental regulations. The firm's love and commitment to the environment are reflected in their manufacturing process. They make use of renewable energy, and you can be proud that when you purchase a Daikin product, you're doing your bit to preserve the environment.

Choosing the right air conditioner model for your residential or commercial needs is a challenging task. With so many models and innumerable specifications, it's common to feel overwhelmed. In this page, you can compare several models from Daikin together. With advanced filters, you can choose the particular specifications and find the right model for your needs. What more, you can even find the best price for the model you have chosen, right on this page.

This eliminates the need to scan several retailers. So, go ahead, compare models and pick the best one at the best price. 5 Compelling Reasons to Choose Daikin All air conditioners keep your room cool. Daikin goes a step forward and keeps the place clean with advanced air filters. The sound Daikin ACs emit when operated is equal to the rustling of leaves. Extremely quiet, they don’t cause noise pollution.

Five years Warranty – Each Daikin AC unit comes with a 5-year complete Parts and Labour warranty. Approval from the Asthma Council and is the only brand that has the blue butterfly symbol to indicate this. Impeccable After-Sales Support with a team of expert, qualified technicians who restore your AC back to normal. Broad Range of AC models and Types from Daikin Daikin is well-known for its diverse range of models that vary in features, efficiency, and size.

With a huge variety of models, Daikin satisfies the needs of all types of customers. Split Acs : They have a compressor unit placed outside the room and an indoor unit. This design helps in better air flow and do not require removing window panes. From inverter series to 5 star energy rating ones, you can find them all under this series. Cassette : Ceiling mounted units that provide 360-degree airflow.

They are mostly used in places that have high ceilings. With .75 tons to 2.2 tons ACs, you can easily find one for yourself Floor Standing: As the name indicates, these ACs stand freely and are placed on the floor. They do not require complicated installation. You can begin operation by just plugging them into a power supply. Ducted: These units are placed in the ventilation ducts of a room.

Ideal for enclosed and large spaces. From the small .75 tons to the big 11 ton models for big spaces, they are great for small as well as large spaces. VRV :They make use of Heat Reclaim Ventilation that removes the heat from space. Chillers : These aren’t air conditioners rather they’re chillers that blast cold air. They are either water cooled or air cooled. Air Purifiers: They make use of Titanium Apatite photo-catalytic filter to remove harmful micro-organisms from the air helping you breathe peacefully.

Roof Tops: These easy to install units are placed on the roofs of commercial establishments. How to Choose the Right Daikin AC? With so many models that vary in features, specification and size, it’s difficult to find the right model. Choosing Daikin is just the first step. The next step is to determine the right model. You can find the perfect AC for your requirements by deciding on your usage.

Residential Usage A. For Small Rooms : If your room is small and occupies less space, then you can choose 1 or 1.5 ton Split ACs from Daikin. B. For Entire Houses : To air condition your entire house you can either use split ACs in your bedrooms and a Cassette AC in the living room. Or if you wish to have central air-conditioning, then you can choose Ducted Models. Commercial Usage For commercial spaces that have plenty of foot traffic, you can make a choice between floor-standing ACs, chillers.

For entire showrooms, VRV, Ducted or Cassette ACs work better. You can also add an air purifier to remove harmful micro-organisms from the air. Industrial Usage For industrial cooling needs, where central air conditioning is necessary, choose from ducted, VRV or chillers depending on the size of your warehouse. Why Use CompareRaja? With CompareRaja you can compare several models of Daikin simultaneously.

This helps you to zero down to a particular model based on the features and specifications. It not only helps you to find the best model but helps you purchase it at the best price. Use CompareRaja and simplify your AC shopping!

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Price $$$ Coverage : sq.ft. ENERGY STAR® ... A Daikin brand air conditioner with an energy-efficiency scroll compressor and a 5-millimeter condenser coil design ...

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