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Darjeeling Teas - Wholesale Darjeeling Tea Loose Leaf - Vahdam Teas Home » Darjeeling Teas 37 products in stock sort : From the world's only tea gardens with a geographical indication and surrounded by spectacular views of the Himalayas in north-eastern India, Darjeeling spells magic to every tea enthusiast. Often referred to as the "Champagne of Teas", the teas from... Read More Read Less 37 products in stock + Quick Shop Arya Ruby Darjeeling Second Organic Black Tea $30.

00 3.53oz | 100gm | 40 Cups Sale Arya Ruby Darjeeling Second Organic Black Tea Our second flush 'Arya Ruby Black Tea' is a classic example of Darjeeling summer royalty. The well-made leaves are wiry and have a delightful appearance with plenty of silver tips. Manufactured to perfection, the tea boasts of an immensely complex character with abundance of muscatel flavor. The fruit-flowery notes flush your mouth with a sweetness that is pleasant and comforting.

The aroma scents of rich caramel with a slightly woody character. The nose is sharp and slightly fruity which resonates muscatel richness. Overall, the tea has a fantastic texture, a balanced and rounded body with an extremely smooth flavor that leaves a sweet lingering aftertaste in your mouth. An excellent limited edition Darjeeling second flush black tea.  + Quick Shop Singell Darjeeling Second Flush Organic Black Tea $20.

00 3.53oz | 100gm | 40 Cups Sale Singell Darjeeling Second Flush Organic Black Tea The Tea is worth relishing as much as this black tea from a well-known Darjeeling estate. Light bright coppery brew starts out on a soft and clean note which turns sweet in the middle, marked by notes of sweet greens, citrus, and oak wood. The cup retains a crisp freshness all through and makes for a classic of the season.

  Given how refreshing it is to the palate, it makes for a great cleanser between courses of a rich spread.  + Quick Shop Organic Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea $14.00 3.53oz | 100gm | 40 Cups Sale Organic Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea An classic spring black tea from Darjeeling. Blended from multiple single estates teas, this tea offers all the characteristics of a fine first flush in one cup.

Mellow, grassy and flowery. A must have for every Darjeeling tea lover.  + Quick Shop Darjeeling Spring Silver First Flush Black Tea $26.00 3.53oz | 100gm | 40 Cups Sale Darjeeling Spring Silver First Flush Black Tea An premium Darjeeling tea blended with the finest single estate invoices from high mountain estates in Darjeeling, by our master tea taster.  Discover a complete Darjeeling spring tea with beautiful undertones of fresh grass & rich greens in every sip.

A bright liquoring cup with a long finish.  + Quick Shop Darjeeling Summer Silver Second Flush Black Tea $30.00 3.53oz | 100gm | 40 Cups Sale Darjeeling Summer Silver Second Flush Black Tea For those who prefer the classic notes, here's the tea for you. A personally curated blend of superior teas of second flush from Darjeeling's choicest estates this year, you will relish the notes of wood spice blended in with a sweet wet earth and forest floor.

The tea is rich in tannins and in flavours which make it an ideal brunch accompaniment. A host of pastries, puffs, pancakes, scrambled eggs and even buttered-toast tastes better with this tea.  + Quick Shop Organic Darjeeling Second Flush Black Tea $15.00 3.53oz | 100gm | 40 Cups Sale Organic Darjeeling Second Flush Black Tea Perfect as a pick-me-up on a lazy morning, this vibrant Darjeeling black tea holds the promise of fruit and toasted nuts in its dry leaves.

Once brewed, it makes for a well-made tea with sweet and sour flavours with hints of citrus blossom and dried dupes to make every morning a glorious one.  + Quick Shop Giddapahar Supreme Darjeeling Second Flush Black Tea $17.00 3.53oz | 100gm | 40 Cups Sale Giddapahar Supreme Darjeeling Second Flush Black Tea One of the best-selling teas of recent times, the intense flavours and aromas of this Darjeeling estate in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Savour the delicious notes of rich caramel and smooth, enchanting muscatel. The tea leaves are carefully handpicked and produced to remains extravagantly fluffy with select tips with beautiful dark shades.  + Quick Shop Goomtee Premium Darjeeling Second Flush Black Tea $14.00 3.53oz | 100gm | 40 Cups Sale Goomtee Premium Darjeeling Second Flush Black Tea A tea estate that requires no introduction, Goomtee's Second Flush Black Tea with its signature hint of sandalwood aroma is pure ecstasy.

Savour the notes of ripe fruits along with rich muscatel notes in every sip that results in a classic finish.  + Quick Shop Castleton Muscatel Darjeeling Second Flush Black Tea $30.00 3.53oz | 100gm | 40 Cups Sale Castleton Muscatel Darjeeling Second Flush Black Tea The well-rolled wiry blackish leaves have a modest amount of silver tips that define the appearance of this Darjeeling's Second Flush Black Tea.

On brewing, it produces an intense cup in colour and aroma. Apart from the signature mild muscatel flavours, there is also a definite flowery essence that one finds in the tea. Handpicked from one of the finest high-elevation Darjeeling estates, this chinary is flavourful selection at a great price. + Quick Shop Imperial Muscatel Darjeeling Second Flush Black Tea $26.00 3.53oz | 100gm | 40 Cups Sale Imperial Muscatel Darjeeling Second Flush Black Tea The light amber coloured brew is laden with fruity and floral notes.

Savour the long caramalised notes at the heart of each sip with a soft and sweet floral to woody dry finish of the cup. What truly sets this tea apart is the variety of flavours that have balanced to perfection in the cup. It has all the sweet summer magic in its heart with the hints of a tropical sunshine in its colour. + Quick Shop Diamond Moonlight Darjeeling First Flush White Tea $58.00 3.

53oz | 100gm | 40 Cups Sale Diamond Moonlight Darjeeling First Flush White Tea A truly delicious white tea with an array of delectable tropical flavours in every sip. This 'moonlight' white tea is a selection of the finest picks from Darjeeling district in India and its fresh, floral and lemony aroma is entwined with hints of oak wood.  A soft and smooth tea from start to finish, it has a hint of greens at its heart and the succulence of mango and aromatic white flowers which complements the velvety smooth texture of the brew.

  We'd suggest two steeps of this sensational tea in the evening to savour the sweet, floral notes of an elegant white tea.  + Quick Shop Snowbud Darjeeling Organic White Tea $38.00 3.53oz | 100gm | 40 Cups Sale Snowbud Darjeeling Organic White Tea An exotic white tea from the Okayti tea plantations in Darjeeling. Discover a beautiful delicate flavour with extravagant silver tips spread all over the tea leaf.

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CHOOSE ANY OF OUR NEW FIRST FLUSH DARJEELING TEA AND BUY WORRY FREE! ALL OUR 2017 TEAS ARE THE BEST, RARE AND HIGH QUALITY FIRST FLUSH TEAS Hello Tea Lover! Thanks you for patiently waiting for our Darjeeling First Flush Teas to be updated to our site. Like every season, every year, we have been hunting for that special heap of tea lying in one corner of a tea estate, clamoring for its unique flavor quality and ready to be picked.

I guess they too want a proper tea taster to categorize them, rank them and finally put a price tag on them. They know their worth and only an experienced Darjeeling local guy can shoulder them - that's no doubt "us"... Ahem!! The year's biggest Darjeeling season, Darjeeling First Flush 2017 Tea season had a slow start This year, there was no "Christmas Rain" and there was drought like situation.

On March 15, 2017 I had taken a tour of various tea gardens from the highest altitude tea gardens to the lowest towards Gayabari Tea Estate on the Mirik Valley region. I then climbed up via Longview Tea Estate. It was just a survey ride inspecting the tea bushes. To my utter surprise none of the tea gardens had done flushing and there was almost zero new First Flush tea leaves on the bushes. Only one tea garden had abundance of flushing, which was Longview Tea Estate.

This is because it is situated in a pretty warm temperature and had received some rainfall. It was an alarming sight and I thought I wouldn't get any teas this year due to the dry weather conditions. I thought there would be no tea except for some small heaps got from irrigation. But I guess, the rain gods wasn't so cruel after all. After my visit, it did rain and quite sufficiently. Now it was sun's turn to shower it's mercy on the land.

After the rain, the land needs to warm up a bit to sprout new life, the tea leaves. Unfortunately weather conditions started to be extremely cold and gloomy. Like in the winters when it is cold, the tea growth gets inhibited. Here, the much needed warmth of the rays was missing and hence no flushing. The silver lining was there and the clouds ultimately moved. It showed us the rays of hope from March 21.

Darjeeling First Flush 2017 was saved, but started a bit late. This also means the First Flush period was cut short. And production quantity lower, but thankfully within the quality time period. [embedded content]Video: Darjeeling First Flush Tea leaves being evenly spread at the withering process The Best Darjeeling First Flush Tea for you Anyways, we only choose a few rather than add tons of mediocre teas which only confuses a buyer.

You can choose any new 2017 Darjeeling First Flush tea and we guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. Otherwise your money back :) You will get a lot of teas being sold online similar to ours - please note that we have chosen the best after rigorous tea tasting sessions and through experience expertly. We have chosen the best produced during peak quality time. We welcome you to taste theirs if you want to experiment and try ours - you will definitely know the difference.

For example try Castleton Moonlight from others and try ours, you will be shocked to know the difference. So shop worry free and enjoy the Darjeeling First Flush teas that speaks of the highest quality offering from Darjeeling. Once again, Thanks to all our tea loving friends for their patience and the wait. Darjeeling First Flush 2017 was quite a dramatic witness of what weather means to tea. Darjeeling Tea is a complex set of an amalgamation of plant, soil and overall climatic conditions.

But to top it all, the best, the whole of Darjeeling Tea industry can offer, is here :) We do the hard work of selecting and procuring, not because we have to, it's because we love to. Now the best fruit is ripe, its time to relish to heart's delight! Choose on!!!

Hazel Gordon

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