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At MMJ America, providing top quality products at affordable prices on every budget is what we are all about. No matter what type of marijuana you prefer, we have an option. And if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, just ask a budtender and he or she will be glad to help you pick the product that is right for you. Here you can see the prices of our diverse selection of products. Medical patients can see the value of being an MMJ America member by viewing the member prices to see the savings.

Prices may vary. Flowers Gram 1/8oz 1/4oz 1/2oz 1oz 2oz Member Mid Shelf Strains $5 $17 $35 $70 $135 $270 Member Top Shelf Strains $5 $23 $45 $90 $175 $360 Member Vault Premium Strains $10 $35 $70 $140 $280 Non-Member Mid Shelf Strains $5 $23 $45 $90 $175 $360 Non-Member Top Shelf Strains $5 $25 $50 $100 $200 $400 Non-Member Vault Premium Strains $11 $38.5 $77 $154 $308 Back To Top Edibles Non-member Member (5% off) Dixie Truffles 300mg $20 $19 Dixie Elixir Soda 40mg $10 $9.

50 Dixie Elixir Soda 75mg $15 $14.25 Dixie Cola 100mg  $12  $11.40 Dixie Dew Drop Tinctures $15 $14.25 Dixie Tonic Energy Boost $10 $9.5 Dixie X Dew Drop Tincture 100mg $25 $23.75 Dixie X Dew Drop Tincture 500mg $100 $95 IncrEdibles 100mg $10 $9.50 IncrEdibles 175mg $12 $11.40 IncrEdibles 300mg $20 $19 Cheeba Chew Caramels $12 $11.40 Cheeba Chews Deca Dose $18 $17.10 Cheeba Chews Quad Dose $10 $9.

50 Cheeba Chews Green Hornet Gummies $10 $9.50 Dabba Mint Chocolate 100mg $12 $11.40 Dabba Mint Chocolate 200mg $22 $20.90 Canyon Cultivation Lik-it-Strips $10 $9.50 Canyon Cultivation Yuz-It Olive Oil $15 $14.25 Catnip Mints 100mg $12 $11.40 Bakked Brownie $9  $8.65 Med-A-Mints 100mg $12 $11.40 Smiley’s Lolipop $5 $4.75 Smiley’s Rancher $4 $3.80 Health Creations Puppy Chow $10 $9.50 Health Creations Peanut Butter Cups $10 $9.

50 Edi-Pure 100mg $10 $9.50 Edi-Pure 250mg $20 $19 Edi-Pure 500mg $40 $38 Sweetgrass Cookie $6 $5.70 Sweetgrass Brownie $6 $5.70 Sweetgrass PB & J Cup $6 $5.70 Back To Top Concentrates Non-Member Member (5%off) Keif (1g) $5 $4.75 Mahatma Ear Wax (1g) $30 $28.50 TC Labs Shatter Glass $35 $33.25 Caviar (1g) $25 $23.75 Honey Oil Syringe (.33g) $15 $14.25 Capa V2 Cartridges $50 $47.50 Back To Top Joints Regular Cone Strain Specific $3 $5 $7 Back To Top Grab Bags Member &Non-Member Mid Shelf Grab Bags $4 Top Shelf Grab Bags $5 Back To Top Capsules Non-Member Member (5% off) AM Focus Dixie Caps (1ct.

) $5 $4.75 AM Focus Dixie Caps (2ct.) $10 $9.50 General Pain Releif Dixie Caps (1ct.) $5 $4.75 General Pain Releif Dixie Caps (2ct.) $10 $9.50 PM Sleep Dixie Caps (1ct.) $5 $4.75 PM Sleep Dixie Caps (2ct.) $10 $9.50 Dixie X Scrips (50mg) $10 $9.50 Back To Top Topicals Member Non-Member Dixie Massage Oil (.125oz) $5 $4.75 Dixie Massage Oil (2.33oz) $15 $14.25 Dixie Massage Oil (4oz) $25 $23.75 Dixie Pain Releife Salve (.

25oz) $5 $4.75 Dixie Pain Releife Salve (.25oz) $10 $9.5 Dixie Pain Releife Salve (1.3oz) $15 $14.25 Dixie Snake Oil Spray (1oz) $15 $14.25 Dixie Snake Oil Spray (2oz) $25 $23.75 Dixie X Pain Releif Salve (1.3oz) $25 $23.75 Recreational Pricing In case you missed it MMJ America is officially open for legal marijuana retail sales at our downtown Denver location! We are very excited to welcome new friends into the cannabis community, come see us today to experience Cannabis Cup award-winning products like Larry OG and Dixie Chocolate Truffles at prices that won’t break the bank.

Below is a sample of our price listing for recreational marijuana sales. Prices are subject to change, to see exactly what is on the shelves today check us out on Weedmaps. Flowers Gram 1/8 oz 1/4 oz $18 $60 $110 Pre-rolled Joints $23 Edibles Concentrate Gram Dixie Colorado Bar (100mg) $35 Mahatma Strain Specific Wax $95 Dixie Truffles (50mg) $35 Top Shelf Shatter Hash $90 Dixie Med-A-Mints 100mg THC $35 Top Shelf Budder $80 Edi-Pure $35 Dixie Dust $80 Drinks Topicals Dixie Elixir Soda 75mg $25 Dixie Massage Oil 2oz 100mg THC $35 Dixie Elixir Soda 40mg $20 Dixie Pain Relief Balm 10mg THC $30 Dixie Dew Drops Tincture $35 Dixie Bath Soak 80mg THC $20

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Check out our new   on The Farm Craft Cannabis Deals page, where you’ll find some of the best Colorado marijuana prices on the best quality craft cannabis.

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