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Bought 2nd June 2011 from Selfridge's, Birmingham, England, for a trip to Stonehenge; I wanted something to introduce some friends to 100% agave tequila, and it looks like I really hit paydirt.Tasted out of a snifter the same day.I had previously toyed with trying out an El Jimador repo, but at the time assumed it was a mixto. Indeed, when I first saw this on the shelf, I managed to miss the 100% agave label; however, seeing as it was the cheapest one on the shelf (bar the blanco of the same line), i went for it.

£26 for a 100% agave tequila in the UK is almost unheard of.Presentation:Pretty boring bottle. Nothing of note here, although the fact that it's a tall bottle means it's easier to find in our crowded liquor cabinet :PLook:Pale amber, lots of strong legs & tearsNose:Smells like a lighter anejo - albeit there's no wood, but plenty of cooked agave, a hint of fruit and sweetness hidden behind the kick.

Initial:Sweet, very fruity - there's almost a hint of either strawberry or cherry in there somewhere. There's this kind of buttery smoothness over everything that continues throughout the whole experience. VERY pleasant.Body:A very slight - but not unpleasant - bitterness/sourness comes through, less so when warmed up somewhat; this is coupled with a slightly diminished continuation of the initial taste, albeit without the fruit.

There is a hint of wood in there, with some obvious cooked agave - you can taste the 'cookedness' (struggling to put this into words) of it. There's some mild spice in there too, although I don't find the cinnamon that others have. I do get the butterscotchiness though; it's a very smooth feel.Finish:Short, peppery, some heat - but very little compared to e.g. DJ anejo - a mild numbess and a very distant, well-distributed but not overpowering alcohol burn.

There's some wood there, and - interestingly - the agave and fruitiness from the initial return for a second finish a few seconds later!Overall, this is a great tequila for the money. Astonishingly good for the money, actually. I preferred this to the Don Julio anejo I bought for over twice this price, and also over the unfortunate Sauza mixto repo I've been drinking for the past month or so, which just tastes like white wine to me.

This has earned a firm place at the moment as my favourite tequila - at least until I get time to try out some more anejos. It IS pretty sensitive to temperature; it tastes good at room temperature, but REALLY comes into it's own when brought up to body temperature. I still can't get over how much I love the inital taste, and how it returns for a second coming after the finish! Well impressed.I've no idea how this compares to the mixto version (which I have no desire to try unless by some miracle it is actually better than this), but I can say that it walks all over the other mixtos I've tried.

As others have said, I can see this working really well as an introduction to the wonders of the agave plant; we'll see how well my prediction works out this weekend!

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The Tequila Bar at El Pinto carries the best selection of premium tequilas available in Albuquerque and all New Mexico. With a selection of over 160 tequilas to choose from, no matter your choice of a premium sipping tequila, a premium mixing tequila for a perfect margarita, or a high quality tequila for margarita pitchers on the El Pinto patio, there is something for everyone. For tequila connoisseurs who want to taste the absolute best at our Albuquerque restaurant, choose from the Patron Gran Burdeos Anejo, or the unique Gran Centenario Leyenda, a Herredura Seleccion Suprema, the Don Julio 1942, or maybe a Gran Patron.

Each has a distinctive character and worthy of super premium status. Also recently added is the Don Julio Real, Partida Elegante, Milagro Barrel Select Anejo, and El Tesoro Paradiso, DeLeo Diamante, and Deleon Anejo among other super premium tequilas that are added as we have requests. At El Pinto we take our margaritas seriously! All premium margaritas are made with hand-made simple syrup made in the El Pinto Tequila Bar, fresh squeezed lime juice squeezed that day, and agave nector when appropriate.

For a perfect margarita, choose a premium handmade margarita from a wide selection of offerings. Also, be sure to try the Salsa Twins favorite margarita, the house specialty at the Tequila Bar made with El Pinto's specially produced Patron Barrel Select Anejo, Cointreau, simple syrup, and fresh squeezed lime. Another popular favorite is the "Silver Coin" made only with Herredura Silver, Cointreau, fresh squeezed lime, and house made simple syrup.

This is the best of "Old Mexico" and the way margaritas have been enjoyed for generations. It is the perfect blend of tart and naturally sweet for a relaxing afternoon on the El Pinto outdoor patio. To get a sampling of various different tequilas at the Tequila Bar at El Pinto, choose a tequila flight. You receive a portion serving of three different tequilas and sangrita as a pallet cleanser. Choose from three different fixed flights: Patron, Don Julio or a Seleccion variety, or you can pick any three tequilas on the menu priced $13 or less and pay only $15.

Happy Hour at the El Pinto Tequila bar is Monday thru Friday from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. Enjoy $1.00 off all drinks served in the lounge and a $2 off the Cantina menu. Sampling of the Tequila Brands We Serve Antigua Arroyo Azul Asombroso Avion Azunia Cabo Wabo Calle 23 Camarena Casa Noble Casta Noble Cazadores Corazon Corralejo Corzo Cuervo El Mayor Don Eduardo Don Julio Dos Lunas Dulce Vida El Jimador El Major El Tesoro Espolon Gran Centenario Herradura Julio Cesar Chavez La Cofradia Mi Buen Milagro Oro Azul Partida Patron Real Valledero Republic Sauza Siete Tres Generaciones

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