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Have a look at our new website! The new EJOA website is available for preview here. This link will open the site in a new browser window, where you may login using your regular user ID and password. The content you see should be identical to the content at this site. Data you enter on one site should appear on both, though Forum and Profile photographs may take a few minutes to synchronize. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

You can leave a comment here. There is also a link for leaving a comment on the new home page. You do not need to be logged in to leave a comment, and anonymous comments are allowed. 2017 Conference Sets Records Scroll down for more stories from the Nashville conference: ConferencePresentations Available Online Thank You to Our Conference Sponsors LiveAuction Donors Embraer Discounts ADS-B SBs to EJOA Members An ADS-B Primer Garmin Details G1000NXi Features, Possible Prodigy Upgrade Tamarack Proposes Phenom Performance-Boosting Winglets New Insurance Incentive for EJOA Conference Attendees Board of Directors Election 2018 Annual Conference   The 2017 Embraer Jet Operators Association annual conference at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville attracted record attendance of nearly 300 Phenom and Legacy owners, operators, and pilots; Embraer Executive Jets staff; and representatives from sponsoring, exhibiting, and vendor companies.

  A lineup of some of the 32 Phenoms and Legacy 450 flown by members to KBNA. The conference also set records for number of sponsoring and exhibiting companies, and donations to and proceeds from the live auction. Conference networking The conference kicked off early Wednesday morning with Erik Eliel’s full Airborne Weather Radar course and, for others, a round of golf at the beautiful and challenging Gaylord Springs course.

The Welcome Reception took place that evening at Water’s Edge, a beautiful open-air, waterside venue in the Gaylord’s Delta Atrium. Eagle Creek Aviation Services sponsored the reception. Conference Welcome Reception at Water’s Edge inside the mammoth Gaylord Opryland. The EJOA conference began the next morning with an absorbing keynote address by Col. (ret.) Mark Tillman, who commanded Air Force One for President George W.

Bush, including during the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States and, later, the President’s surprise visit to Afghanistan. EJOA seminars included Erik Eliel speaking on Task Saturation in the Cockpit, Neil Singer on Prodigy Tips and Tricks, a panel discussion on How to Get the Most Out of Your Annual Recurrency Training, and a second panel on the state of the Phenom and Legacy Market.

The day concluded with the Roundtable, an open-mic session during which attendees can discuss any issue of interest regarding their aircraft operation, maintenance, or upgrade. At the Phenom 100 Roundtable representatives from Tamarack discussed details of the performance-boosting active winglet they are considering for Phenoms (see accompanying story). General sessions concluded with the open-mic Roundtable.

Embraer held its Phenom Executive Operators Conference (EEOC) the next day and, along with Garmin, Pratt & Whitney, Embraer-CAE Training Services, CAMP, and other primary product and service suppliers to Embraer, provided detailed updates on a variety of topics including ADS-B service bulletins, the new Garmin G1000NXi, and the potential for offering Phenom EV FADEC software upgrades to the existing Phenom 100 fleet (see accompanying story).

  Conference Presentations Available Online If you didn’t make it to the 2017 conference, or you want to review some of the presentations given there, you can do so by going to Nashville Conference Presentations.   Presentations available online: Embraer jet Operators Association Conference Get the Most Out of Your Training, by Eamonn Powers, Chris Peaton, Travis Holland, Russ Bird, Neil Singer, and Dustin Cordea Phenom, Legacy, and Overall Market Review, by GregOswald, Rick Branch, Dustin Cordea, and Breno Correa Embraer Executive Operators Conference Welcome, by Greg Graber, VP of Customer Support for North America Embraer Executive Jets Update, by Scott Kalister Phenom Program Update, by Simone Gobo Barcellos Garmin Update, by Kraig LaRosh Phenom In-Service Maintenance, by Spencer Marangoni Phenom Maintenance Program Updates, by Luciano Ferraz Phenom 100/300 Operational Update, by Carolina Nascimento and Rafael Reinas Phenom 100/300 Aftermarket Modifications Updates, by Luis Colarino Phenom Material Support Embraer Airworthiness Management, by April Morina Special Programs, by Ron Dech Embraer-CAE Training Services Update, by Walter Slazyk CAMP Systems Update, by Kevin Ryan Hazardous Materials Risks and Requirements, by Fernanda Kalvala EJOA/Embraer Joint Safety Day Factors Involved in Two Phenom accidents, by Dan Ramirez and Jill Wilson, Embraer Executive Jets; Neil Singer; and Randal Brooks, APS Solutions Saturday’s Safety Day presentation focused on factors involved in two Phenom accidents.

Thank You to Our Conference Sponsors EJOA’s annual conference would be a significant financial drain on the association were it not for sponsoring companies and the live auction, and the 2017 conference achieved records on both counts. We thank the 18 companies that signed on as sponsors of the conference for their generous support. They are: Platinum Eagle Creek Aviation Services/Naples Jet Center jetAVIVA   Gold 1st Source Bank CAMP Systems, Inc.

Duncan Aviation Embraer-CAE Training Services Elliott Aviation Garmin International, Inc. Gogo Business Aviation Jet Support Services, Inc. PNC Aviation Finance Pratt & Whitney Canada Soljets Stevens Aviation West Star Aviation Universal Weather & Aviation Silver Aero Air Constant Aviation The conference attracted a record number of sponsors and exhibitors   Live Auction Donors Because conference income from registration fees, sponsors, and exhibitors is offset by the cost of staging the conference, EJOA’s only continuing source of operating funds is membership dues, but they barely cover operating expenses.

Thus, the annual live auction, which takes place at the association’s conference dinner, provides the association with financial stability. Association’s conference dinner culminated with live auction. The 2017 live auction was a resounding success thanks to the very generous donations offered by the following individuals and companies:   EJOA Live Auction Items All costs associated with Phenom 100 ADS-B Out compliance.

Donated by Eagle Creek Aviation Services. Labor to comply with Phenom 300 ADS-B Out Service Bulletin when done in conjunction with an aircraft inspection at Eagle Creek Aviation Services. Donated by Eagle Creek Aviation Services. Two Phenom 100 simulator-based recurrent pilot training events at Embraer-CAE Training Services. Donated by ECTS. Phenom 300 simulator-based recurrent pilot training at Embraer-CAE Training Services.

Donated by ECTS. A five-night stay at the Alpine Air Ranch in Jackson, Wyoming. Donated by The Refuge Air Ranch. Two Business Class round-trip tickets to London on any airline from any U.S. city. Donated by Forest Travel. A $3,000 discount for each of two people on Air Journey-guided two-week trip for Embraer Jet Operators Association members to Northern Europe in September 2018. Donated by Air Journey.

Five hours of flying anywhere in the U.S. over three days for up to eight people in a Legacy 500. Donated by Embraer Executive Jets. Professional air-to-air photo shoot of your airplane at the location of your choosing. Donated by Jessica Ambats. Two Phenom 100 maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) increase Service Bulletin SB 500-00-0018 and Phenom 100 maximum zero fuel weight (MZFW) increase Service Bulletin SB 500-00-0005 packages to include engineering, parts and installation.

Donated by Embraer Executive Jets. A set of Phenom 100 OEM Teledyne (Gill) LT Batteries. Donated by Teledyne Battery Products. $5,000 worth of services at any of Constant Aviation’s three locations—Cleveland, Orlando or Las Vegas—or for any AOG service with any of Constant’s 20 AOG hubs. Donated by Constant Aviation. Two sets of Embraer-branded high-tech, precision, premium-class four-piece RIMOWA luggage.

Donated by Embraer Executive Jets. Bikini engine covers and tow bar head for Phenom 300. Donated by David O'Maley. A ride in the Tri-State Warbird Museum’s P-51 “Cincinnati Miss.” Donated by David O'Maley. A case of Wagner Family of Wine (Caymus) wine selection. Donated by Wagner Family of Wine. Thanks also to Garmin International and Alto Aviation Technologies for donating valuable prizes for the Conference Exhibitor Passport program.

  Conference News   Embraer Discounts ADS-B SBs to EJOA Members Embraer announced at the annual conference that it is extending, to EJOA members only, special discounted pricing on ADS-B Out compliance service bulletins and parts for the Phenom 100 and 300. Embraer is seeking a commitment from a minimum of 20 Phenom 100 and 20 Phenom 300 owners and operators to purchase the applicable service bulletin and parts and perform the installation at an Embraer-owned service center.

The deadline for making the commitment, done through the association, is July 31. A purchase order for the service bulletin and parts must be in Embraer’s hands by September 30, 2017, and the installation scheduled and completed by the end of 2018. The special EJOA-member price for the service bulletin and parts for a Phenom 300 with a Prodigy 1000 panel is $72,000—a $35,000 discount off Embraer’s retail price.

The two existing RCZ-852 transponders must be replaced with two new NXT-600 transponders. Pricing for the service bulletin and parts for a Phenom 300 with a Prodigy 3000 panel varies depending on the desired configuration. Replacing one RCZ-852 transponder with one NXT-600 costs $42,000; replacing two RCZ-852s with two NXT-600s costs $72,000; and replacing one RCZ-852 with two NXT-600s costs $81,000.

The discounts range from $20,000 to $35,000—31 to 33 percent off retail—depending on configuration. Installation of the replacement transponders on a Phenom 300, whether Prodigy 1000 or 3000, is estimated at about 270 hours of work because of required rewiring. Installation cost would be negotiated between the aircraft owner and the Embraer-owned service center. The special EJOA-member price for the service bulletin and parts for a Phenom 100 with one transponder is $4,300, and $5,600 if the airplane has two transponders.

That is a $2,000 discount—26 to 32 percent—off Embraer’s retail price. The cost for performing the service bulletin would be negotiated between the aircraft owner and the service center, but the installation process is minor for a Phenom 100. For more information about the special ADS-B pricing, see the conference presentation Aftermarket Modifications Update delivered by Luis Colarino, who heads up Embraer’s Aftermarket Modifications initiative.

If you want to commit to the offer, please email Mark Twombly, Executive Director, Embraer Jet Operators Association, at executivedirector@phenom.aero by July 31 at the latest.   An ADS-B Primer Still a bit fuzzy on exactly what ADS-B Out is, and why you are required to upgrade your aircraft to be compliant? We have a document that explains it all. See Dan O’Donnell’s What is ADS-B Out, And Why Should I Care?   Garmin Details G1000NXi Features, Possible Prodigy Upgrade Many EJOA members have been pressing Garmin International and Embraer about the potential for upgrading the Prodigy 1000 system with features found in the new G1000NXi.

Garmin’s Kraig LaRosh briefed conference attendees on the topic. LaRosh said G1000NXi standard configuration features include: 10X faster processor Improved look Brighter displays Weight reduction COM frequency decoding HSI map XM Weather animation VFR and IFR sectionals Vertical Situation Display (VSD) European Visual Reporting Points Plain-language TAFs   Optional NXi features include: Garmin Connext FS 510 Wireless database concierge SurfaceWatch GWX 70 Radar and advanced features Powerlines (SVT/Moving Map) LaRosh cited a “rough order of magnitude base equipment price range of $80,000 to $85,000” to upgrade the Prodigy 1000 with NXi features.

That price range is “pending Embraer program definition and commercial agreements,” he said, and does not include installation or GWX 70 radar upgrades. Embraer plans to survey Phenom owners and operators to assess interest in upgrading Prodigy systems with G1000NXi features, as well as the potential to upgrade the Phenom 100 PW617F-E engine with the Fadec (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) improvements that distinguish the new PW617F1-E engine used on the latest version of the Phenom 100—the EV.

The new Fadec gives the EV improved hot and high takeoff and climb performance as well as a higher maximum cruise speed compared with the standard Phenom 100   Tamarack Proposes Performance-Boosting Winglets for Phenoms Tamarack Aerospace was at the Nashville Conference to gauge interest among Phenom owners and operators for the same sort of performance-boosting winglets Tamarack developed for the Cessna Citation CJ series.

The company is teaming up with jetAVIVA to introduce its “active winglet” concept to the Phenom community. The winglet features a moveable surface just inboard of the winglet that relieves additional g-loading on the wing in turns, turbulence, and other maneuvering. That allows Tamarack to install the winglet without expensive, weight-inducing modifications to the wing structure. Tamarack’s analysis for the Phenom 100 shows some tantalizing performance improvements, including: Up to 15 percent increase in range Direct climb to FL 410 A 400-pound increase in MZFW “Dramatic” increase in hot and high takeoff and climb performance Better handling characteristics and smoother ride “Stunning” aesthetics Increased market value of the modified aircraft Similar improvements are forecast for the Phenom 300, which, of course, already has factory-installed winglets.

Tamarack is estimating a price of $275,000 for the Phenom 100 winglets. The company is offering interested owners a factory tour and an engineering meeting to discuss performance, economics, and timeframe for the Phenom winglets. For more information about the Tamarack active winglet for the Phenom 100 and 300, contact jetAVIVA’s Dustin Cordier at 321-505-0289 (cell), 512-410-0295 (office), or email dustin.

cordier@jetaviva.com.   New Insurance Incentive for EJOA Conference Attendees The Nashville conference marked the inauguration of a new insurance benefit for EJOA members. The association’s primary objective for holding an annual conference is to provide continuing education on the safe operation and responsible care of a Phenom 100 or 300 or Legacy 450 or 500. Insurance underwriters recognize this objective, and are offering earned insurance premium credits, rebates, or profit sharing to EJOA members who attend conference seminars.

Some companies are offering a 10-percent credit on the annual premium. Each member who attends selected conference seminars receives a certificate that his or her insurance agent provides to the underwriter. The incentive program was coordinated for EJOA by CS&A insurance agency in Franklin, Tennessee, but it is non-exclusive to any agent/broker and available to all members and insurance companies who want to participate.

Insurance underwriting companies who have agreed to participate are: Allianz Aviation Managers, Inc. Berkley Aviation underwriting for StarNet Insurance Company Great American Insurance Group Old Republic Aerospace, Inc. (formerly Phoenix) QBE Insurance Company W. Brown and Associates underwriting forEndurance American Insurance Company Starr Aviation (final approval pending but expected) The incentive will be in full force for the 2018 annual conference.

  Board of Directors Election At the conference Keith Christensen and Jay Obernolte were re-elected to two-year terms on the association’s Board of Directors, and Keith was asked by the board to continue as President of the Association. Director seats currently held by Gary James, David O’Maley, and Bill Midon will be up for election at the 2018 conference.   2018 Annual Conference The association is negotiating to have the May 2018 annual conference in Austin, Texas.

As has been the case since 2014, the conference will include the Embraer Executive Jet Services Phenom 100/300 EEOC (Embraer Executive Operators Conference). And, for the first time, Embraer will hold its Legacy 450/500 EEOC in conjunction with the Phenom EEOC. That means Phenom 100 and 300 and Legacy 450 and 500 owners, operators, and pilots can look forward to one event that will cover both the EJOA and the EEOC meetings.

Stay tuned for more details.   END  

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