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These are the average Jiffy Lube oil change prices I've compiled when visiting a service station. But first, a couple of key points... Oil change is not just a necessity for your vehicle, but it is equally important for your own safety and need. You might think that oil change is a simple process of visiting an automobile service center and get it done, but unless you visit a specialized vehicle service center like the Jiffy Lube, you can’t say with certainty whether the automobile center did the oil change astutely or not.

Below you will find a list of Jiffy Lube prices and images. That’s when the Jiffy Lube comes in. A reputed brand in the automobile servicing having its company running franchisee outlets across the USA, and more importantly when you are relying on Jiffy Lube brand, you can breathe with a sigh of relief. There is no question of an error – Jiffy Lube hires expert engineers, mechanics and technicians for this very purpose – to give cent percent customer satisfaction to each and every visitor reaching its service centers.

If you want to keep your vehicle on the road for as long as possible, the Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change is here to help you out. It has been a choice of 24 million customers annually and with the passage of time, its customers are increasing. Apart from providing excellent oil change services, Jiffy Lube offers much more to keep your car maintained. Here are the estimated Jiffy Lube oil change prices: Jiffy Lube oil change price list 2017 Included with the service is oil with up to five quarts.

Expect to pay for half quarts. Additionally a cost of labor around $30 will be added to the base cost. Here are the estimated Jiffy Lube oil change prices: Services Prices Formula Shell® Conventional oil change $29.99 Signature Service oil change $39.99 @ $7 quart Pennzoil® Conventional oil change $44.99 Pennzoil® Synthetic Blend oil change $59.99 Pennzoil® High Mileage Engine oil change $59.99 @ $8 quart Full Synthetic oil change $79.

99 @ $10 quart Pennzoil® Platinum oil change $89.99 Pennzoil® Ultra Platinum oil change $109.99 Wait! There's more details about which oil change to get! Many people ask how much is an oil change at Jiffy Lube. Your search is finally over. Below is a list of Jiffy Lube's services costs to help you discover the cheapest and best deals. FORMULA SHELL® CONVENTIONAL OIL CHANGE The motor oil used here is formulated to provide engine protection along with the fuel economy.

Compatible with other synthetic and conventional oils, the FORMULA SHELL® CONVENTIONAL OIL CHANGE starts at just $29.99 PENNZOIL® CONVENTIONAL OIL CHANGE If you want to keep your engine clean and responsive at an affordable price, PENNZOIL® CONVENTIONAL OIL suits you the best. Owing to the presence of Active Cleansing Agents, it helps clean out all the sludge. Available at just $44.99 PENNZOIL® SYNTHETIC BLEND OIL CHANGE Starting at $59.

99, PENNZOIL® SYNTHETIC BLEND OIL CHANGE not only helps to clean out sludge, but also keeps the pistons 10% cleaner than the toughest industry standard PENNZOIL® HIGH MILEAGE OIL CHANGE Pennzoil® High Mileage Vehicle® motor oil helps in the reduction of the oil leaks and oil consumption in damaged and higher mileage engines. It is also very effective in cleaning out the sludge that lesser oils leave behind.

PENNZOIL® HIGH MILEAGE OIL CHANGE is available in just $59.99 PENNZOIL® PLATINUM OIL CHANGE If you want to keep your engine closer to factory clean, PENNZOIL® PLATINUM OIL is something that you must opt for. Starting at $89.99, this oil change is designed in a way to provide complete protection to engines. PENNZOIL® ULTRA PLATINUM OIL CHANGE The PENNZOIL® ULTRA PLATINUM OIL has the ability to deliver complete protection to your engine.

Price starts at just $109.99 Additionally more Jiffy Lube prices can be seen here. Jiffy Lube Select Services Services Prices RUN SAFE Light Bulb Replacement $5.99 Windshield Wiper Replacement $9.99 Headlight Cleaning (2 headlights) $40.00 RUN CLEAN Engine Air Filter Replacement $14.99 Cabin Air Filter Replacement $59.99 Fuel Filter Replacement Service $69.99 Fuel System Cleaning Service $74.99 RUN LONG Fluid Exchange & Filter Replacement $179.

99 Fluid Exchange $129.99 Filter Replacement $99.99 Drain & Fill $69.99 Manual Transmission Service $59.99 Differential Service $59.99 Radiator Antifreeze / Coolant Service $109.99 Power Steering Exchange $69.99 Serpentine Belts Replacement $89.99 Battery Replacement $79.99 Engine Flush $69.99 Tire Rotation Service $21.99 Battery Terminal Cleaning $9.99 Radiator Caps $7.99 Drain Plugs / Check Plugs $5.

00 Antifreeze / Coolant $4.00 Jiffy Lube oil change select services costs The Basics of Oil Change Conventional Oil: It is best suited for customers who wish to use their vehicle normally without going through bumpy, dirty roads or driving in extreme cold places. Synthetic Blend Oil: This oil provides better safety and performance of the vehicle. It is basically obtained through a mixture of synthetic and conventional oils.

It is perfect for riders who wish to go through diverse roads and streets. High Mileage Oil: As the nomenclature indicates, this oil is perfect for vehicles with over 70,000 miles. It helps the vehicle run faster in a real quick time.Synthetic Oil: When you put this oil inside your vehicle you can have a complete peace of mind. Specially formulated for high speed and safety, you can definitely go for it.

But it costs a little more than the others as specified above. The Best Way To Take Care Your Car Most of the time, drivers or car owners don’t think about their engine too much. They’ll climb in, hit the ignition and screech their way to wherever they’re going. Only then when they hear unusual sounds that they start to wonder and worry at the same time. Before they could even reach their destination, the engine gets jammed and they find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Every driver should understand that engine needs a check up every now and then. This is the best thing that you can do to keep your car in good running condition. The ultimate key is to look after it and to give it the required regular car maintenance. When you properly take care your car, you are steering it away from serious problems and troubles. Also shop around to find the best deal on oil change prices because the price is based on location and service center.

Here are essential ways to proactively maintain your engine in excellent condition: Change oil regularly. This is one of the most essential parts of preventive car maintenance. The engine oil keeps your engine parts well lubricated so they won’t swelter. Lack of oil causes the moving parts to directly rub against each other. It causes friction, producing wastes that are converted into heat. Although you have plenty of oil, it would be of no use in lubricating your engine.

You need to change oil and filter every 3000 to 5000 miles. The dirt accumulates in the oil, as well in the filter, which catches all the dirt and wastes that are in the engine. Refer to your car’s manufacture manual for your vehicle’s required oil change interval. The other way to prevent your engine from overheating is to regularly check on the level of coolant or radiator fluid. When the thermostat figures out that the engine is getting hot the coolant moves around to cool the engine down.

However, when you notice that your engine is close to overheating and there’s not enough coolant, bring your car to Jiffy Lube Car Services for a cooling system check. Observe proper car maintenance not only under the hood but on the exterior as well. Check on the tire pressures, windows, bumper, and on possible fluid leakage that you can spot underneath the car. You can smell it actually but better not wait for it to reach your nose.

Perform the regular check up because you wouldn’t want the fluids, especially the oil and antifreeze to leak out of your engine. For reliable car maintenance services you can always count on Jiffy Lube. Promos and good offers are in store for its customers including the oil and filter change service coupon for certain services that they will avail. For a layman an oil change is simply an oil change, but a lot of technicalities are involved in it.

It is only when you reach a highly specialized automobile service sector like the Jiffy Lube you realize that oil change is the pivot on which the longevity and efficiency of your vehicle depends upon. It is a preventive maintenance method to check, inspect and cleaning essential equipment of the vehicle. Jiffy Lube automobile technicians ensure that every customer goes home with a complete piece of mind.

Why Jiffy Lube? Ranked #1 in the 2014 Training Top 125, Training magazine’s annual ranking of companies’ excellence in training and development programs Ranked #3 in Entrepreneur magazine’s 2013 Franchise 500® Ranked #4 in the 2013 Learning Elite, CLO magazine’s annual ranking of innovative training companies Ranked #1 in the 2011 ASTD BEST Award for the best international training program by the American Society of Training and Development What’s next? Jiffy Lube is the pioneer in providing astute vehicle maintenance service and support to its customers.

The company is striving to keep moving ahead alongside its pursuit of excellence and quality. The company is set to sustain its leadership position in the automotive maintenance sector in the next few more decades to come. Jiffy Lube Center is certainly a leading service provider in the United States, and it’s a brand customers would love to bank upon. Jiffy Lube Hours DAY TIME Sunday 8am - 5pm Monday 7am - 6pm Tuesday 7am - 6pm Wednesday 7am - 6pm Thursday 7am - 6pm Friday 7am - 6pm Saturday 7am - 5pm Use the store finder to locate the nearest service center and store hours Jiffy Lube International is a wholly owned, indirect subsidiary of Shell Oil Company.

The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas. All service centers are fully franchisee-owned spread throughout the country. JL is a renowned vehicle service maintenance provider across the United States. The center offers a plethora of automobile maintenance services to its customers from tire rotations to oil changes and many more. For Jiffy Lube center, customer satisfaction always comes first.

The company works in full cooperation with its staff and hires well qualified technicians and other support officials so that the customer’s vehicle related problems could be met at the earliest. The staff are always there at our 2000 franchisee owned service centers across the nation to meet the customer’s demand. The technicians and staff help customers with complete information regarding any query that they have pertaining to vehicle.

Our success story began in 1981, around 35 years back – today our company proudly boasts of its 20 million customers – who have immense faith in the brand. Jiffy Lube has completely changed the way vehicle maintenance work and service were conducted in the past. It has brought enough dynamic mechanism to vehicle maintenance by offering right and appropriate support both online and in-store as well.

We have a simple mission to rectify all kind of vehicle related problems and go beyond the routine oil change. In a nutshell, as a customer, you can leave all your vehicle related worries behind once you enter into a Jiffy Lube center.

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View the latest Jiffy Lube prices for oil change and other services here. Jiffy Lube is an American service company and a subsidiary of Shell Oil, consisting of over 2,000 businesses in the US and Canada. Jiffy Lube services offer a variety of automotive services including air filtration, air conditioning, cooling system, engine and more, and the company headquarters is currently in Houston, Texas.

Below are the latest Jiffy Lube prices. Jiffy Lube Prices Service Price Jiffy Lube Oil Change Pennzoil Conventional (Includes 5W-30 & 10W-30) $44.99 Formula Shell Conventional (Includes 5W-20) $44.99 Shell Rotella Triple Protection (Includes 15W-40) $69.99 Upgrade to Premium Oil Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle $69.99 Pennzoil Synthetic Blend $71.99 Pennzoil Platinum $89.99 Pennzoil Ultra Platinum $99.

99 Additional Oil (per qt) Conventional $4.00 Premium $6.00 Full Synthetic $10.00 Additional Antifreeze $5.00 Preventive Services Automatic Transmission Fluid/Filter Change $154.99 T-TECH Transmission Service (100% full Synthetic fluid change) $139.99 T-TECH Combo (with filter change) $169.99 Gear Box Fluid Change $44.99 Transmission Drain and Fill $44.99 A/C Evacuation & Recharge Service $134.

99 Transfercase Service $49.99 Manual Transmission Service $49.99 Differential Service $59.99 Radiator Antifreeze/Coolant Service $99.99 Power Steering Flush Service $59.99 Engine Flush $65.99 Serpentine Belt Service $79.99 PCV Valve $10.99 Breather Element $7.99 Radiator Cap Replacement $12.99 Coolant Top Off $4.99 Batteries $129.99 Battery Cleaning Service $21.99 Fuel Saver Services Fuel Filter Replacement $69.

99 Fuel System Cleaning Service $76.99 Cleaning Services Engine Air Filter Replacement $15.99 Cabin Air Filter Replacement $59.99 Safety Services Rain-X Original Glass Treatment $9.99 Windshield Glass Repair $49.99 Headlight $17.99 Headlight Restoration Service $79.99 Conventional Wiper Blade (each) $13.99 Beam Wiper Blades (each) $24.99 Light Bulb $8.99 Light Bulb Replacement/Assembly Service $14.

99 Lube Chassis Only $15.99 Additives $16.99 Tire Rotation Service $19.99 Safety Inspection & Emission Test $35.99 Safety Inspection Only $14.00 Motorcycle/Trailer $14.00 Emission Test Only $25.00 Out-of-State Reg. Form $1.00 Jiffy Lube Locations and Services Jiffy Lube’s 2,000 plus locations are franchised service centers and they serve approximately 24 million customers every year. These service centers are fully franchised and independently operated and owned by more than 250 groups.

In 2011, the company was ranked number one on National Oil and Lube News, and in 2012 was ranked 15th in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2012 Franchise 500. Jiffy Lube offers a wide array of automotive related services including but not limited to tire services, transmission, electrical systems, drive train and more. In addition to affordable Jiffy Lube oil change price the company is known for its Signature Service Oil Change, as it is more than just your typical oil change service.

Instead, it is a full automotive service complete with check, fill, inspection, preventive maintenance and cleaning of all important components so your vehicle continues to run smoothly and without any problems. The Signature Service Oil Change includes change of up to 5 quarts of high quality oil and inspection of wiper blades, exterior lights, the engine air filtration system, checking of the coolant and antifreeze components, wiper blades, belts, brake fluid levels and the chassis.

If necessary, the chassis will also be lubricated. In addition to low cost Jiffy Lube oil change price, the Signature Oil Change will also conduct inspections on the other vital components in your vehicle and clean the windows and interior floor. Aside from those Jiffy Lube services, Jiffy Lube also offers free motor oil top-offs with the same kind of oil you bought up to 3000 miles. In addition to this, the company will also conduct a thorough visual inspection, so that if there’s a problem they’ll be able to spot it immediately and have it repaired.

Senior citizen discounts are also offered in many locations, and when you visit, the personnel will clearly explain all services available so you can make the best choice. Jiffy Lube History The company’s roots can be traced to Edwin H. Washburn, who opened the first store in 36th Street in Ogden, Utah in 1971. The venture was successful, and through the years Washburn franchised several Lube centers in the state.

Eight years later in 1979, W. James Hindman purchased all of Washburn’s franchises and set up the Lube service in earnest. The company relocated to Baltimore, Maryland that same year, and the company views this as the beginning of their history with Hindman as the founder. In 1987 the company went public and two years later had more than 1,000 franchises. In 1991 the company became a subsidiary of Pennzoil, and when Pennzoil and Quaker State merged in 1998, the Lube and 581 Q Lube stores combined, ending up with 1,541 stores.

In 2002, Pennzoil-Quaker was bought by Shell, bringing Lube into its fold. The President of Jiffy Lube is Stu Crum, and the President of their North American stores is Peter Walsh. For more information on Jiffy Lube prices and their services or to find the closest Jiffy Lube locations, visit their website. Don’t forget to check out our Jiffy Lube Coupons page for Jiffy Lube discounts and specials.

Jiffy Lube Hours Monday 8:00 am - 7:00 pm Tuesday 8:00 am - 7:00 pm Wednesday 8:00 am - 7:00 pm Thursday 8:00 am - 7:00 pm Friday 8:00 am - 7:00 pm Saturday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm Sunday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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