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we can’t give you any clear price list. because prices are going up and down as per the demand and supply.  also depend on lot quality Your Require Thickness Your Require Sizes Your Require EDGE Finishes POLISHED: Satin smooth finish achieved using Diamond Abrasives. HONED: A smooth finish with a slight sheen, produced by using special polishing abrasives. FLAMED: The top surface of the Granite Tile /Slabs are burnt off, giving an irregular texture.

SANDBLASTED: Sawn stone Granite Tiles/Slabs are coarsely polished thus removing saw marks and leaves a semi-smooth, blasted finish. BRUSHED: The Honed / Flamed / Sandblasted, Granite Tiles / Slabs are finished using nylon or diamond brushes. SATINATO: The Granite Tiles / Slabs are honed and brushed. ANTIQUE: The Granite Tiles / Slabs are flamed and brushed. LEATHER: The Granite Tiles / Slabs are brushed, using a series of diamond brushes for a leather texture.

LAPPATTURA: The Granite Tiles / Slabs are brushed, polished and again brushed for a combination of polished and honed finish. EDGE Finishes TILES:  Polished/ Beveled/ Calibrated SLABS: We are able to provide various edge finishes as per the customers requirement. Granite Tiles and Slabs Colors :-  Our Main Markets in India are shown below.  Jammu and Kashmir Andhra Pradesh Meghalaya Orissa Jharkhand Assam Arunachal Pradesh Punjab Karnataka Bihar Chandigarh Rajasthan Katni Chhattisgarh Goa Rajsmand Kerala Delhi Mizoram Tamil Nadu  Gujarat Madhya Pradesh Nagaland Tripura Maharashtra Haryana Puducherry Udaipur Himachal Pradesh Makrana Sikkim Uttarakhand Manipur Jaipur Uttar Pradesh West Bengal Agra Darbhanga Purnia Kolkata

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Granite Flooring  is best for your house and office .Here we are showing complete details of Granite flooring including all the points :- Cost of Granite Flooring Granite Flooring Advantages and Disadvantages Granite Flooring vs Marble Flooring Granite Flooring Pros and Cons  Granite Flooring and vastu  Granite Flooring and health Granite Flooring benefits Granite Flooring Bangalore Price Granite Flooring photos and Granite Flooring designs Cost of Granite Flooring Granite flooring will cost is divided in mainly in tree parts.

first is granite cost second if fitting cost and third is fitting cost. Granite cost is depend which type of granite you will buy. It is starting from 28 Rs. per sq. feet in 2 by 1 feet tiles and 55 Rs. per sq. feet in slabs.  it is minimum price of good quality product but here are too many types are available. fitting cost is around 12 to 15 Rs. per sq. feet but it depend on your designs of flooring.

 for your transportation cost you have to conform us which place you are want to buy and how much qty you will buy.  In India Mainly Granite Produce from Rajasthan ( jalore), Bangalore and Chennai. Granite Flooring Advantages and Disadvantages it is strong, water resistant, scratch resistant, stain resistant and has a high heat tolerance. so that it is best for kitchen countertops and rough use flooring area.

 That second list of the hardest Stone on the planet. The granite is close to the diamond, without a doubt. so that, it’s flooring life is too long. we have too many colors of granites. so that you have lot of color choice for flooring designs.Granite is a stone used for building and remodeling jobs. Once granite is cut, polished and sealed it is very durable and can withstand many different environments.

Granite comes in several different colors, and the cost of granite varies as it depends on the availability of the particular type of granite, size of the piece and the demand for that type of granite. While many people like using granite, there are some disadvantages you should be aware of before purchasing granite. Granite Flooring disadvantages Cost :- Granite is very expensive when compared to other types of building material.

Granite is all natural, heavy and dense. Therefore transportation costs are increased due to the weight of granite. Granite is also very difficult to cut because of the denseness of the material. The difficulty with cutting granite also increases the cost. If the granite should be cracked upon cutting, a new piece is needed or special repairs, which are complex and difficult. However granite is almost indestructible, so the granite should last a lifetime.

Cracks :- Granite is not as likely to crack as other harder materials such as concrete. Very small cracks, scratches or chips can be filled in using epoxy, but larger damaged areas may not always be repaired. If the crack can be repaired, it can only be fixed by granite repair professionals. Even if the crack is repaired, there is still no way to hide the seam that is created by the crack. Granite Flooring vs Marble Flooring Granite Flooring photos,   Granite Flooring designs,  Granite Flooring bathroom,  Granite Flooring cost in hyderabad, Granite Flooring chennai, Granite Flooring designs india, Granite Flooring designs in bangalore.

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