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UTILITYMost commonly used for building-to-building applications, the AFL 12-Strand Tight Buffered Indoor/Outdoor 62.5 Multimode Riser Fiber Optic Cable from Discount Low Voltage is also a good choice for indoors use, thanks to its riser rating. It also is approved for mining applications. This 12-strand multimode fiber optic cable is water blocked. The tough outer jacket of this 12-strand fiber optic cable resists moisture, fungus and the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, providing extra durability and reliability.

  AVAILABILITYConnectors and tool kits are available at if you want to do your own terminating on this cable. The assembly house at Discount Low Voltage can also provide you with pre-terminated fiber cables made to your specifications:·AFL 12-Strand Tight Buffered Indoor/Outdoor 62.5 Multimode Riser Fiber Optic CableFree shipping is available on qualified orders of $200 or more.

Delivery typically takes two to five business days. We also offer other shipping options if you need your cable faster.VALUE We can cut this cable by the foot with our cable reeling machines, meaning you buy only what you need. For quick answers to your questions about this or other fiber optics cables, just call our expert customer service staff toll-free or send us an email. Read the How to pull Fiber Optic Cable article on the Discount Low Voltage Blog.

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Opting out of your old cable and moving into the latest fiber optic type of cable? They say that this type is a better choice as fiber optic cables transmit light through strands of glass or plastic fiber which are so thin it’s like a human hair. It is also composed of a cladding material and a buffer coating that surrounds the center glass core unlike the traditional coaxial with its twisted pair cable that transmits electronic signals.

The cost of fiber optic cable varies greatly as they are measured by foot and where it will be installed. So if you own a building and want your business installed with this type of cable you may as well expect that the fiber optic cable installation cost will be higher. Fiber Optic Cable Average Installation Cost On average, fiber optic cable installation cost around $1 to $6 per foot and this depends on the fiber count.

It’s actually very difficult to get an estimated price or an exact price for one entire building to install this type of wire. However, one good example of a fiber optic cable installation cost for a building would be around $15,000 to $30,000 that has 100 to 200 drops. Fiber optic cabling is a bit more expensive than copper cabling, honestly speaking, but fiber optic cabling provides greater capacity and more reliability which can actually reduce your expenses on long-term costs.

Factors Affecting Fiber Optic Installation Prices Every building is constructed differently and situated in various types of areas with different surroundings, neighbors, and physical dynamics that will influence its access to fiber lines. The amount of money you will spend on the cost of fiber optic cable will depend on to the specifics of your location, the building itself, and type of installation suited for your needs.

These are some factors that will impact the installation cost of fiber optic cable: The nearest active fiber line. Is this fiber line local? Is it close to your office building? Will the network run through or near your building? This will be a great determining factor on your installations costs as this will tell how difficult it will be to accomplish the installation process. The kind of conduit your building has.

This may be able to lower the costs of the capacity to your building so be sure to take advantage of the conduit that is already installed in your building. If it has sufficient space in it then the installation of fiber optic cable will be substantially simpler and can be cheaper. The existing conduit should lead straight up into your building as having winding paths, with twists and turns may have a major impact on the installation costs as this type of path is trickier than straight ones.

Consider checking what obstacles are in the way. Are you located a bit far or across the nearest active fiber line? If you will be crossing a state highway just to extend fiber in your area then you should be prepared for higher costs. The type of physical terrain where the fiber needs to traverse just to reach your location will become significant. Depending on the route the fiber needs to take to your facility the costs of installation will be affected.

If you have areas such as historical sites which can often cause some problems to bringing fiber cable installation in your location then you should be prepared with the cost. Permits are important. Since permits are involved it is only important to be reminded that getting these permits may become an obstacle for your fiber optic cable installation. If you are located in areas where multiple jurisdictions are needed then you might have difficulty getting the permits and might add up to the cost of the installation.

Availability of space in your telecommunications room. If the fiber optic cable is brought to your building, does your telecommunication room has the necessary space for the installation and additional cable? If it’s a yes then that will lower down the cost of your fiber optic cable installation price.  This will also ensure continuity of connectivity once the installation is done.  It is important that there are also telecommunication closets on other areas for tenants to not get interrupted as the installation is being processed.

Power must be sufficient for your fiber optic cable to work. Is the sufficient power for the fiber optic cable also accessible from your telecommunications room? If available power is ample and if an emergency generator is available for use to assures an uptime activated service then you will save more money as some companies may require you to add more power capabilities if found that your current one is not sufficient enough for the fiber optic cable.

Are there different paths in your building where the fiber optic cable can take? Fiber optic cable is brought into a building ideally through two different entrances. Just like an emergency fire exit, there should also be a secondary entrance that can mitigate possible outages if it so happens that the primary fiber optic circuit is cut. Although this is a rare occurrence, having you fiber optic cable installed in two different entry points removes some risks and may also add a reliable layer to your network.

The size of the area that needs installation of fiber optic cable. The larger the area you need for the fiber optic cable to be installed the higher the possibility that it will affect the price that you will get. When to Use Fiber Optic Cable Fiber optic cable offers a cost-effective solution for companies who want it installed. It is also a better choice compared to horizontal cabling application in a lot of scenarios.

Fiber optic cable offers a considerable initial amount of savings if installed. You will also realize that you save more on this type of cable installation in the long run. A lot of companies enjoy the benefits they get when they installed fiber optic cable in their business like lower maintenance costs, and upgrading your network without the hassle of having to get or buy new cables. You can also have the benefits of having signals carried a hundred times further than copper wire, the capacity to have an extremely high bandwidth, a greater and better reliability due to the electromagnetic interference resistance that the cable has, a lighter and thinner weight compared to copper wires, and a non-flammable type of cable.

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