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Oil furnaces have been heating homes throughout the USA just as long or longer than any other type of forced air furnace. In some areas of the Country, home heating oil is much more common that natural gas, making oil furnaces more popular than gas furnaces for nothing more than the fuel availability. Other Types: Gas Furnaces | Electric Furnaces In this Furnace Price Guide, we’ll be talking about Oil Furnaces that use forced hot air to distribute heat to your home.

We’ll provide pricing information for wholesale and dealer installed oil furnace replacement cost, variables that can effect oil furnace prices such as sizing and efficiency, as well information related to the cost of repairs and maintenance of this type of home heating system. Finally, near the bottom of this page we have a section devoted to prices submitted by visitors like yourself, containing the details of your own oil furnace cost, when you last replaced or had a system quoted.

Updated June 2017 – To include newest oil furnace pricing, as well as new 2017 repair and installation costs. Sections: Furnace Brands | Size | Service & Repair Costs | User Submitted Prices Sorted by Oil Furnace Brand or Manufacturers Just like any HVAC product or equipment you purchase, the oil furnace brand name or manufacturer will have an impact on the price you pay to have the unit installed.

If you can buy an oil furnace yourself, the brand name will affect the wholesale cost as well. Along with the differences in manufacturing quality, Contractors who choose to align themselves with the highest rated oil furnaces tend to charge more as well. As always, we recommend having a professional install your oil furnace, since a quality installation is just as important as choosing the right brand.

Baseline for these Pricing Examples To give you estimates of average oil furnace prices from the leading manufacturers below, we like to use the standard home size of 1600-2000 sf. To heat that area, we’ll use an 85k btu furnace equipped with a fixed speed 1200 cfm blower, and we’ll assume the home has a utility closet on the main floor or in the basement. The 275 gallon oil tank would be freestanding, in the yard or basement.

Oil Furnace Brand or Manufacturer Furnace Only Furnace Installed Armstrong $1,375 $4,650 Carrier $1,900 $6,150 Ducane $1,750 $5,505 Heil $1,827 $5,494 Lennox $1,970 $6,325 Miller $1,950 $5,975 Olsen $1,795 $5,575 Rheem $1,760 $5,540 Thermo Pride $2,360 $7,140 Trane $2,320 $6,892 Williamson $1,850 $4,781 Average Oil Furnace Cost: $1,936 $5,880 Comparison of Oil Furnace Prices Sorted by Size and the Approximate Area it Heats Oil furnaces need to be properly sized for your home just like other types of furnaces.

If the wrong size oil furnace is installed it can waste energy and cause you to spend more on home heating oil. Increase the need for service and maintenance, provide inadequate heating for your home and of course, reduce the life expectancy off the furnace. To have a properly sized oil furnace in your home,, you should enlist the services off a local contractor who can perform a heat loss load calculation on your home, or find a Manual J load calculator software online, that can help you with each of the detailed measurements need to do it right.

Due to the energy savings of having a properly sized furnace, several states now require load calculations in order to get a permit and inspection. For the purpose of this size and replacement cost comparison, we’ll use a standard (80% afue) to high efficiency (86% afue) oil furnace example, installed in the basement of the home. Oil Furnace Size, Approx Area Furnace (Std-High AFUE) Installed 70,000-90,000 BTU’s, 1000-1600 sf $1,375 – $1,950 $4,650 – $5,975 90,000-110,000 BTU’s, 1400-2000 sf $1,750 – $2,230 $5,525 – $6,290 110,000-135,000 BTU’s, 1800-2600 sf $1,990 – $2,500 $6,150 – $7,550 135,000-166,000 BTU’s, 2400-3400 sf $2,250 – $2,960 $6,975 – $7,990 Oil Furnace Repair Costs Oil furnace troubleshooting, diagnosis, service and repair, is best performed by a trained and certified technician, who knows the ins and outs of the unit being worked on.

We recommend you always have a professional look at your oil furnace before you ever attempt to repair it on your own. The table of repair cost estimates below, includes service call estimates, troubleshooting, removal and replacement of the parts, as well as the retail cost of the part, if you were to purchase and install it yourself. The installation times shown in the table represent the approximate time it would take for a trained oil furnace repairman to troubleshoot and repair your oil furnace.

The final column, “parts installed”, includes all parts and labor, including the service call cost, to have your oil furnace diagnosed and properly repaired by a professional. If you want free repair or replacement quotes for your oil furnace, click here and complete the free quote request form. Service or Repair Parts Only Install Time (Hrs) Parts Installed Service Call Rate $69 – $159 – – Mechanical Thermostat $69 – $155 1-2 $130 – $395 Electronic Thermostat $59 – $370 1-2 $120 – $570 Electrical Fuse or Breaker $8 – $55 Up to 1 hr $70 – $280 Standard Blower Motor $55 – $145 2-4 hours $475 – $675 Variable Speed Blower Motor $65 -$275 2-4 $475 – $775 Oil Furnace Transformers $50 – $125 1-2 $125 – $375 Flame Sensor $40 – $75 Up to 1 hour $125 – $325 Fuel Filters & Elements $8 – $45 Up to 1 hour $75 – $275 Burner Tubes $75 – $475 1-2 $250 – $775 Oil Burner Motor $90 – $135 1-3 hours $275 – $575 Electronic Limit Controls $90 – $175 2-3 hours $275 – $395 Flame Ignitor Electrodes $35 – $79 2-3 $150 – $375 Fuel Oil Pump $95 – $175 1-2 hours $275 – $575 Replacement Nozzles $8 – $25 Up to 1 hour $125 – $175 Visitor Submitted Oil Furnace Replacement, Repair and Complete System Prices Even though we go to great lengths to be sure our oil furnace prices are kept up to date, we can’t include everything! In this section of the page you’ll find prices submitted by readers just like yourself.

If you recently had your oil furnace replaced, repaired, or even had the complete system changed out, please consider sharing the details of your project with others by completing the short form on this page. We never share personally identifying information on our website and future readers will be grateful.   Location Brand & Service Included Amount Springfield, MA Replaced Thermo Pride Unit Oil Furnace & Labor $2,990 This was the first time we’ve had to replace our oil furnace, the old one was 28 years old and just kept breaking down year after year.

Our son in law recommended a thermo Pride oil furnace so we had one installed. Works great and we’re warm again. Charlotte, NC Rheem Oil Furnace New Furnace & Labor $2,640 The company said we were one of the few oil furnaces they saw in Charlotte area anymore, everyone has converted to gas or heat pumps. Anyhow, 2 guys replaced it one day. We also had the oil tank pumped out, (only the bottom of the tank, 10-20 gallons) cleaned, and refilled with clean home heating oil.

Islip, NY Replacement Oil Furnace New Oil Furnace, Tank Cleaned $6,850 Old heating system was at least 30 years old and looked every bit of it’s age. The oil furnace installed cost included a tank cleaning, plumbing a new feed line to the furnace and disposal of the old oil furnace. Vernandon, VA Trane XV 80 Oil Furnace New Furnace, Installed $3,150 Our old pump failed and instead of replacing the pump itself, we decided to go with a higher efficiency oil furnace.

We would have switched to gas, except its not in our area, and we didn’t want to deal with a bottle. Scranton, PA Oil Furnace Replaced New Oil Furnace, Duct $4,450 Dealer removed old oil furnace and replaced with a new Carrier system. Also replaced several sections off older duct in the basement while they had it opened up.

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Furnace replacement cost varies by make and model. Different brands and their individual models, efficiency ratings, and size/BTU output will vary in price. Expect to pay about $2500 at the minimum for a new furnace including installation. On average, for a high-efficiency furnace with at least two stages, most homeowners in Canada will pay somewhere between $2500 and $5000 when all is said and done.

Prices can stretch as high as $8000 – $10,000 if it’s a top of the line furnace, if it’s a complex installation (or conversion), if you live further from a large city, and factoring in other costs like financing interest over a period of many years. In some parts of Toronto, we’ve seen people advertising furnaces as low as $1500 – $1800, which is in part due to relatively higher competition in the region.

It is certainly possible to get a good deal and a bargain price. However in many cases these are not established businesses and you may be on your own after the install is complete. We generally recommend carefully researching the company you deal with. “Like any home contracting job, you often get what you pay for.” Some people we’ve spoken to ended up paying considerably more than the low advertised price after costly “extras” were added to the final bill.

We always recommend buying from a company that offers at least a 1 year warranty on labour and installation, in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. This is another concern if you buy from someone advertising significantly lower prices than the average market rate, it’s more difficult to know if those units were bought directly from the manufacturer and whether the manufacturer will even honour the warranty.

Furnace rental or rent to own programs allow homeowners to replace their furnace without any upfront costs, and pay a flat monthly rate instead. These programs generally come with an included “protection plan” meaning the homeowner never has to pay for repairs or maintenance of the furnace. This may be a good option for some people, however note that the total cost paid will generally be higher overall than if you simply purchase your system, and pay in full after installation.

Installation Costs Another factor in the cost of a new furnace is the installation. There are many variables at play, so it is impossible to give an estimate here. The best thing is to request a quote from a local company. Here are just a few things that can affect the installation cost of a new furnace: Location of furnace – is it easily accessible, is it in a crawlspace, etc Venting upgrades – older furnaces tended to be larger than newer models, meaning the plenum (the ductwork connecting to the furnace) must be retrofitted Modern safety codes – new safety codes can require upgrades to venting and piping, electrical wiring and so on Other extras – things like chimney liners, condensation draining, and so on can add to the final cost Conversions from oil or electric heat to propane or natural gas are also a bit more complicated and costly than a simple natural gas to natural gas furnace replacement.

Finally, the location of your home can affect the price offered by local suppliers. The closer you are to a large urban center, the higher the competition and thus the lower the prices. If you live in the countryside or a small isolated town, installers have to drive farther and unit delivery costs are higher. In addition, if they’re offering you a labour warranty, the potential cost of driving back out for service calls must be factored into their costs.

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