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Forty Creek Premium Barrel Select Canadian Whisky 80 Proof Price Point: $20 – $30 for 750 ML Distiller: Kittling Ridge Distillery Background My first experience with Forty Creek was in November of last year at Whiskey Fest.  I chanced upon their booth, which was one of the more modest at the show.  A quiet man stood behind the booth and politely asked me if I would like to sample his whisky.  I obliged, of course, as I had not tried Forty Creek or even heard of it up until then.

When you’re used to the spiciness of a bourbon or the peaty taste of an Islay Scotch, most Canadian whiskies seem to get dull.  I used to enjoy Canadian whisky several years ago, but I think I just appreciated how easy it is to drink. Forty Creek is not your typical Canadian whisky.  After my first sip, I glanced back at the man behind the booth in admiration of his whisky.  He introduced himself as John Hall, the master distiller for Forty Creek.

Review The nose on this one is Canadian, without a doubt.  But it’s not quite as flat as some of its countrymen.  There’s a little more to it, but you won’t be able to tell from the nose alone. Forty Creek surprises on the first sip.  There’s a distinct nuttiness to it, unlike anything I have ever tasted in a whiskey.  There’s also a lot of honey in this, both in the mouthfeel and the flavor.

The finish is just great.  It’s relatively brief due to its low proof, but the oak really shines here. Rating & Recommendations I was pleasantly surprised by Forty Creek.  I give this whiskey a rating of 84 out of 100. Because it’s pretty cheap relative to other whiskeys on the market, feel free to experiment with some mixtures.  It’s just as good neat, though. Forty Creek really stands out as something unique in the Canadian section of your liquor store.

  If you haven’t tried it, I definitely recommend it. -Ryan

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> 40 Creek – Malt Advocate’s Canadian Whisky of the Year Hot on the heels of winning Connoisseur Whisky of the Year – Multiple Markets, in the 2010 Canadian Whisky Awards, Forty Creek Confederation Oak is now Malt Advocate’s Canadian Whisky of the Year. > A century of Seagrams VO The City of Waterloo Museum’s latest exhibit, Initial Success: 100 Years of V.O. Whisky, showcases the 100-year history of one of Canada’s best known whiskies.

The exhibition continues from Oct. 2, 2013 to Jan. 31, 2014. > A Field Guide To Canadian Cocktails Obsessed cocktail alchemist, Scott McCallum and ex-associate food editor for Chatelaine magazine, Victoria Walsh, have created a cornucopia of Canada’s favourite cocktails. > A First Peek at my Canadian Whisky Book Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert, my Canadian whisky book, will be published May 8, 2012 by McClelland & Stewart and distributed by Random House.

> A Journalist’s Primer on Canadian Whisky This primer is a carefully researched overview of key points about Canadian whisky to assist journalists and others. It may be quoted freely with credit to the author. > Alberta Whisky Cake Packed to travel and sealed for freshness, The Alberta Whisky Cake, in malted maple and whisky runner chocolate, is a most toothsome ways for a traveler to remember Alberta.

> And the winner is – Canadian Whisky Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert, written by Canadian author, Davin de Kergommeaux has been named Canada’s Best Spirits Book of 2012. > Beam sells value Canadian whiskies to Luxco Beam Inc. will sell Lord Calvert Canadian and Canada House Canadian whisky to Luxco. > Book Event Features Wiser’s Canadian Whisky Corby Distillers and the Globe and Mail, are co-sponsoring a high-end tasting event to draw attention to my book Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert.

Sample Wiser’s Small Batch; Legacy; Pike Creek; and Lot 40. > Bourbon Country’s Dynamite Dozen Doug Philips has 999 bottles of bourbon in his collection and more on the way. Doug also appreciates malt whisky. Marty Kari is no slouch with single malts either. And both LOVE their bourbon. > BÜZE Magazine goes live BÜZE Magazine – the world’s first interactive all drinks publication is now available in the iTunes Store.

> Canadian Club & the Canadian Whisky Renaissance Canadian Club readies for the Canadian whisky renaissance with two flavoured whiskies (spiced and blackberry) and two ready-to-drink versions, one based on cola and the other on ginger ale. > Canadian Club Hide a Case in Tonga Eight adventurers set off for The Kingdom of Tonga with leader and thirsty traveler Kevin Brauch in search of a case of Canadian Club whisky hidden there as part of the ‘Hide A Case’ brand promotion campaign.

> Canadian Club Whisky for the King of Tonga? Queen Elizabeth II of England was the fifth in her line to grant a royal warrant (now withdrawn) to Canadian Club whisky. Will King George V of Tonga restore this honour to the much-storied distillery with his warrant? > Canadian Feature in Whisky Magazine 98 Post-911 legislation forbids visitors to plants that ship goods into the U.S. by road, so visitors are not welcome at Canadian distilleries.

Look inside Hiram Walker’s, Canadian Mist, Forty Creek, Valleyfield, and Glenora. > Canadian Whisky – the Comeback Category With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to get dear ol’ dad some amazing new whisky from a long forgotten category. Think Caribou Crossing Single Barrel and Royal Canadian Small Batch. > Canadian Whisky – The Portable Expert (Book) Davin de Kergommeaux takes readers on a journey through the first systematic presentation of Canadian whisky: how it’s made, who makes it, why it tastes the way it does, its history, and the rich, centuries-old folklore surrounding it.

> Canadian Whisky at Chapters-Indigo For Father’s Day Father’s Day shopping for the man who has everything just became a whole lot easier at Chapters and Indigo book stores. Canada’s nationwide bookseller is recommending Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert for fathers this year. > Canadian Whisky Awards 2010 The Canadian Whisky Awards recognize the very best Canadian whiskies of 2010, including Wiser’s Legacy, Forty Creek Confederation Oak, Caribou Crossing, Canadian Club, Crown Royal Black, and White Owl Whisky.

> Canadian Whisky Awards 2010 – Brand Extension Canadian Whisky Awards 2010 – Award of Excellence – Brand Extension. Diageo Canada, Crown Royal Black. > Canadian Whisky Awards 2010 – Canadian Whisky Profile Canadian Whisky Awards 2010 – Award of Excellence – Canadian Whisky Profile. Beam Global, Canadian Club. > Canadian Whisky Awards 2010 – Connoisseur Whisky, Domestic Canadian Whisky Awards 2010 – Connoisseur Whisky of the Year, Domestic Market.

Wiser’s Legacy. > Canadian Whisky Awards 2010 – Connoisseur Whisky, Export Canadian Whisky Awards 2010 – Connoisseur Whisky, Export Market. Caribou Crossing Single Barrel. > Canadian Whisky Awards 2010 – Connoisseur Whisky, Multi-Market Canadian Whisky Awards 2010 – Connoisseur Whisky of the Year, Multiple Markets. Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve. > Canadian Whisky Awards 2010 – Innovation Canadian Whisky Awards 2010 – Award of Excellence – Innovation of the Year.

Highwood Distillers, White Owl Whisky. > Canadian Whisky Awards 2011 Canadian Whisky Awards 2011. Whisky of the year: Forty Creek John’s Private Cask No. 1. Canada’s award winning whiskies: Canadian Club, White Owl, Masterson’s, Gibson’s Finest, Wiser’s Small Batch, Wiser’s Legacy, & Collingwood. Special recognition to 20 successful years of Glen Breton. > Canadian Whisky Awards 2012 Canada’s Top whiskies for 2012 honoured at Canadian Whisky Awards.

– These are the best Canadian Whiskies of 2012. > Canadian Whisky Awards 2013 Winners Lot No. 40, a whisky that was first distilled seven generations ago has been named the Canadian Whisky of the Year Award at the fourth annual Canadian Whisky Awards held in Victoria BC, January 16, 2014. > Canadian Whisky Awards 2014 – Canada’s Top Whiskies A jury of nine independent whisky experts named Collingwood 21 Year Old Rye the Canadian Whisky of the Year at the fifth annual Canadian Whisky Awards.

> Canadian Whisky Awards 2015 – Best In The World Lot No. 40 from Corby Distilleries has won Canadian Whisky of 2015 in The Canadian Whisky Awards. > Canadian Whisky Awards 2017 Best in the World The results of the 7th annual Canadian Whisky Awards 2017. Whisky of the Year, Masterson’s 10 Year Old Rye Batch PSA3. > Canadian Whisky Book Best in World Finalist From hundreds of new spirits books published in 2012, Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert is one of five to compete for Best Spirits Book in The World at the Gourmand International Book Awards to be held in Paris February 23, 2013.

> Canadian Whisky Book Wins Gold Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert has been selected as the Wine, Beer, or Spirits book of 2012 by the International Association of Culinary Professionals. The prize was announced at an awards ceremony held last night in San Francisco. > Canadian Whisky Eh? Video with Brian Lilley Sun Network’s Brian Lilley, wonders why Canadian whisky doesn’t get more respect at home.

> Canadian Whisky Feature in Whisky Magazine #90 Western Canada whisky tour to Shelter Point, Victoria Spirits, the ghosts of Potter’s and Canadian Club west, Okanagan Spirits, Black Velvet, Highwood, Alberta Distillers, and Gimli > Canadian Whisky of the Year – 2012 Forty Creek Port Wood Reserve – 2012 Edition from whisky maker, John K. Hall has been named Canadian Whisky of the Year in the 2012 Canadian Whisky Awards.

> Canadian Whisky Paperback Edition This little book may be portable, but make no mistake, it is chock full of fantastic info. Great stories and excellent history. Very thorough yet easy to read. > Canadian Whisky Treasure Hunt on Twitter For the next four Sundays sign on to #DavinTT2 on Twitter for a Canadian whisky tasting, discussion and treasure hunt. Please join us on Twitter at 3:00 PM Eastern time on December 1, 8, 15, & 22, 2013.

> Canadian Whisky Videos A series of six videos from John Hall’s Kitting Ridge Distillery along with clips from Glen Breton, Wiser’s, Canadian Club, Black Velvet, Crown Royal, Still Waters, and Phillips of Revel Stoke fame. Laugh and learn! > Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert is the definitive book about Canadian whisky. History, how it is made, where the flavours come from, the distilleries and over 100 tasting notes.

> CARIBOU CROSSING TOASTS THE HOLIDAYS Caribou Crossing Single Barrel Luxury Canadian Whisky is turning heads in the whiskey world; Gift box makes it ideal for the gift giving season (press release.) > Changing the Guard at Constellation Brands Canada Eric Morham, president of Constellation Brands’ Canadian business will retire and Ben Dollard, SVP International will succeed Morham in the leadership role.

Constellation owns the Black Velvet and Danfield’s brands. > Christmas Whisky for 2012 What a year 2012 has turned out to be! It seems that nearly every distillery had Christmas giving in mind when they came up with their new releases. Danfield’s, Black Velvet, Alberta Premium, Masterson’s, Highwood, Still Waters, Collingwood, Forty Creek, Lot 40, Pike Creek, Wiser’s, Gibson’s . . . > Dave Broom Communicator of the Year Whisky, rum and spirits expert, Dave Broom has been named top communicator of 2013 at the International Wine and Spirits Competition.

A writer and educator, Broom is the world’s leading expert on whisky, rum and spirits. > Dave Broom’s World Masterclass Dave Broom, a contributing editor for Whisky Magazine, and a leading authority on whisky, rum, cognac and cocktails is introducing a comprehensive on-line whisky appreciation course called The World Masterclass. Here is an opportunity to tap into Broom’s vast knowledge.

> Dave Broom: The World Atlas of Whisky To my knowledge, Dave Broom’s new book, The World Atlas of Whisky, is the first major whisky book to include a comprehensive chapter about Canadian whisky written by a Canadian whisky enthusiast. > Directory of Micro-Distillers in Canada A directory of all known craft distilleries in Canada, that operate their own still and have product for sale to the public.

Starting a distillery? Your biggest asset is a detailed business plan. > Does Ontario want to kill off Canadian whisky? A bottle of Wiser’s Deluxe made in Windsor from Ontario grain is sold to the LCBO for $6.35. Ontarians pay $27.25 for that same bottle at the LCBO. Of the $20.90 increase, $16.14 goes to the LCBO and the provincial government. > Dunedin DoubleWood- Ghost of Whisky Makers Past From the vestiges of Seagram’s, and the world’s southern-most whisky producer, New Zealand’s rare and acclaimed Dunedin Distillery 10 year old DoubleWood has landed on LCBO shelves.

> Fifth Annual International Whisky Day – 2013 Let every whisky lover raise a dram – wherever in the world he or she may be – to honour the many unsung heroes, past and present, who have been crafting the King O’ Drinks for centuries. > Five Myths about Irish Whiskey Ask anyone in the Irish diaspora what distinguishes Irish whiskey, and you’ll get a lecture.They’ll rhyme off a whole list of things that make it special.

But nine times out of ten, most of what they tell you will be wrong. > Forty Creek Distillery Kittling Ridge Estate Wines & Spirits, has re-branded as Forty Creek Distillery, effective August 2012. > Forty Creek Gold Rush continues Forty Creek whiskies continue their winning streak with double gold at the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Whisky maker, John Hall calls this his Forty Creek Gold Rush.

> Forty Creek Heart Of Gold 43% Heart of Gold, a limited edition of 9,000, individually numbered bottles, will be available beginning September 28, 2013. Forty Creek fans may reserve their numbered bottles between Monday, May 27th and Friday, June 21st, 2013. > Forty Creek Heart of Gold Weekend 2013 On Sept 28 & 29, John K. Hall will crack the seal on Forty Creek Heart of Gold, a skillfully crafted new whisky at an open house weekend at the Forty Creek distillery in Grimsby.

> Forty Creek John’s Private Cask No. 1 It’s a September tradition for Kittling Ridge Distillery to release a limited edition Forty Creek whisky and a May tradition for people to visit the Forty Creek website to sign up for a numbered bottle or two. This year’s release is called John’s Private Cask No. 1. > Forty Creek Port Wood Reserve John K. Hall, one of Canada’s best known whisky makers is set to reprise his limited bottling Port Wood Reserve.

Reservations for this new batch open Monday May 7, 2012 and close one month later on June 7. > Frequently asked whisky questions I found an old bottle of whisky in my grandfather’s garage. How much is it worth? What is the best whisky in Canada? How much does a Texas Mickey cost? Does Canadian whisky have gluten in it? > Gibson’s Finest 12 Year Old Wins Gold The 2011 International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) honoured Gibson’s Finest with three coveted awards.

The Gibson’s Finest 12 Year Old earned the highest rating of all Canadian Whiskies taking home a Gold Award. > Glen Breton Wins Prestigious Awards Glenora Distillers, producer of Canada’s Most Famous Single Malt Whisky has been accorded highest awards in a series of recent international competitions. > Happy New Year 2013 from CanadianWhisky.Org No thanks, in 2013 I only drink Canadian! Wishing everyone who visits CanadianWhisky.

Org a happy, healthy and prosperous new year! > How Canadian Whisky is Made This new video from Hiram Walker Distillery gives a good overview of how Canadian whisky is made and what makes it unique. > Introducing Canadian Mist Black Diamond (43% alc./vol.) Canadian Mist Black Diamond will launch in the United States later this month. – A richer, more robust expression of Canadian Mist is on the way.

> Introducing Collingwood Canadian Whisky Introducing Collingwood Canadian Whisky, the only Canadian whisky mellowed in toasted maple wood. New from Brown-Forman February 2011. > Introducing Crown Royal XR LaSalle Crown Royal has introduced a new version of their XR Canadian whisky using the last remaining stocks from the long-defunct distillery in LaSalle Quebec. Who knew this whisky even existed? > Introducing SinFire™ Cinnamon Whisky Tapping into the growing trend of flavored whisky, Hood River Distillers, Inc.

announces the launch of SinFire™ Cinnamon Whisky. The “SinFire” name instantly lets the drinker know they are in for a unique, sweet yet sizzling experience. > Introducing Tap 357 Canadian Maple Rye Whisky TAP 357 is a new premium maple-flavored Canadian rye whisky. This small-batch whisky is a marriage of two purely Canadian flavors: rye and maple. New in February 2012 from Van Gogh Imports in Orlando Florida.

> Introducing Wiser’s Whiskey For Austin Texas Wiser’s DeLuxe Canadian Whiskey – Yes, McCormick Distilling Company is bringing the Canadian Whiskey legend to Texas. > Kinclaith Distillery Profile It’s safe to say there was no pagoda atop the Kinclaith Distillery, no quaint dunnage warehouses with earthen floors and blackened, low, stone walls. Kinclaith was part of a big, ugly, industrial complex.

Yet in its 17 short years some much-sought-after Scotch malts were put to cask. > Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off According to The Fake AP Handbook you don’t spell whisky, you savour it. However, millions of know it alls would smugly disagree. > Lew Bryson’s Tasting Whiskey Lew Bryson’s Tasting Whisky, An Insider’s Guide to the Unique Pleasures of the World’s Finest Spirits, is “an instant whiskey classic that will make all whiskey geeks smarter than their friends.

” > Malt Maniacs, Canadian Food Blog Awards, & Happy 2011 Canadian Whisky has been nominated for a 2010 Canadian Food Blog Award in the Wine & Spirits category. So have Billy’s Best Bottles, Cellar Door, Vin Arts Enterprises, and The Jolly Inebriate. The winner is announced, January 31! > Malt Whisky Yearbook 2012 The 2012 Malt Whisky Yearbook is rich in the latest single malt whisky information and is beautifully illustrated with more than 500 new colour photos of all of malt whiskydom.

> Malt Whisky Yearbook 2013 All in all – the most updated malt whisky book on the market! > Malt Whisky Yearbook 2014 Thorough, detailed and up to date, The Malt Whisky Yearbook is a goldmine of malt whisky facts and figures. As more Canadian malt whiskies become available, Ingvar Ronde and his Yearbook will be there to tell the world about them. > Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015 The annual release of Ingvar Ronde’s Malt Whisky Yearbook has long since established itself as a major event on the global whisky calendar.

2015 marks its tenth year of publication. > My Very Own Crown Royal Dark ripe fruit, lively spices, clean crisp oak, simmering white pepper and citrus zest all wrapped in luscious butterscotch. Big, big whisky. > My Whisky Bookshelf Since Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert was published people ask me more about writing than about whisky. My book blossomed after Dave Broom included me in his World Atlas of Whisky, and Dominic Roskrow in his two books, 1001 Whiskies to Taste Before You Die, and The Whisky Opus.

> Northern Border Collection Rare Releases 2017 Corby showcases Canadian whisky with the Northern Border Collection Rare Release. > Outlaw Poets Serenade Canadian Whisky British Columbia country music group, the Outlaw Poets have just recorded a song about our favourite beverage – Canadian whisky. Listen and view on their YouTube channel. > Personalized Whisky Recommendations from Mark Bylok To help promote the release of his first book, The Whisky Cabinet, Toronto author, Mark Bylok is offering personalized whisky recommendations of drams to give to your whisky loving friends and family.

> Proof Whisky (42% alc./vol) – Canadian Whisky Preview Introducing Proof Whisky, a new Canadian whisky from Toronto’s Proof Brands, that has been showing up quietly on LCBO shelves for the past couple of weeks. > Return of the Chicken Cock The new Chicken Cock whisky bears little resemblance to the original, but the name is so eye-catching it was only a matter of waiting until someone revived it.

> Rum War Threatens Small Caribbean Producers Government-subsidized rum war threatens small Caribbean rum producers. > Rye Whisky – A Genuine Canadian Cultural Product Conservative James Bezan, MP for Selkirk-Interlake, today introduced a private member’s bill to reduce federal excise duties on spirits by $1.00 per litre of absolute alcohol. ★★★★★ > Sazerac Acquires McGuinness Silk Tassel Canadian Whisky Sazerac Company has agreed to purchase McGuinness Silk Tassel Canadian whisky, from Corby Distilleries Limited.

> Sazerac Canadian Whiskies for Father’s Day Sazerac encourages gift givers to go Canadian for Father’s Day 2012 with Royal Canadian Small Batch and Caribou Crossing Canadian whisky. > Sazerac Introduces R&R Reserve Canadian Whisky Sazerac Introduces R&R Reserve To Fast-Growing Rich and Rare Line Up –The Way Great Canadian Whisky Used to Taste > Seagram’s Museum Tasting Event January 29, 2013 The former Seagram museum in Waterloo, Ontario, will step back in time on January 29 to celebrate the home-coming of Seagram’s New Zealand whisky, a long-lost child of Canada’s former distilling empire.

> Shelter Point Cask Offer Shelter Point Distillery is making history by releasing its inaugural Canadian Whisky Cask Offer to the public. Shelter Point makes traditional Scottish-style single malt on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. > Silver Medals for Hood River Distillers Hood River Distillers, Inc. Scores Two Silver Medals in the Canadian Whisky Awards1910 Rye Whisky and SinFire™ Cinnamon Whisky Earn Industry Acclaim > Single Minded 2013 – The Book Eight years ago, Johanna Ngoh founded the popular Spirit of Toronto whisky show, held each May at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto.

In 2002 she began publishing a whisky fanzine called Single Minded™. Single Minded™ is now back as Johanna’s full-colour, annual guide to really good whisky. Just $15.00. > Stalk & Barrel Single Malt at LCBO Vaughan, Ontario, May 23, 2014 – Still Waters Distillery announces the release of its STALK & BARREL SINGLE MALT WHISKY at the LCBO. This is the first Single Malt Whisky to be distilled, aged and bottled in Ontario.

> Still Waters Distillery Long-time chums, Barry Bernstein and Barry Stein are making single malt Canadian whisky at their Still Waters distillery in Concord, Ontario. And now they have opened a shop at the distillery. > Still Waters releases Stalk & Barrel Single Malt Still Waters Distillery has released it’s first mature single malt whisky. Stalk & Barrel was drawn from the first few casks of whisky made at the distillery in 2009 and is bottled at natural cask strength.

> Still Waters Single Malt Vodka Wins Gold What? Vodka on a whisky site? Yes, this is Still Waters Single Malt Vodka – it’s vodka made from the same spirit that is slowly maturing into Still Waters Single Malt Whisky. We thought you should know. ★★★★★ > Taste Canada Awards 2013 Short List Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert is on the short list for the 2013 Taste Canada Book Awards.

> Thank Yous for 2011 and Happy 2012 New Year’s 2012 thanks to Canadian whisky lovers and whisky makers, and to the promoters and sponsors of the Victoria Whisky Festival, Savour Stratford, and Whisky Live, who have supported in 2011. > The Best Canadian Whiskies in the World A list of some of my favourite Canadian whiskies of 2012 and 2013. If I made this list over again it would probably include different whiskies.

> The Essence of Canadian Rye Follow as it Goes on the Road to Find the Essence of Canadian Rye Whisky Tasting Old Crown Royal, WhistlePig, Lot 40, and Wiser’s Legacy. > The Grand Finale of #DavinTT A month of discussing the book, Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert will wrap up on Sunday, May 26, 2013, at 3:00 eastern time. Search for #DavinTT on Twitter and join us! > The Trouble With Tradition Whisky making traditions have changed radically over the years.

Take your pick and you can prove just about anything is traditional (or isn’t.) > The Twelve Whiskies of Christmas Thirteen favourite Canadian Whiskies to make Christmas 2011 just that much more special: Canadian Club, Collingwood, Crown Royal, Royal Canadian Small Batch, White Owl, Pendleton, Danfield’s Alberta Premium, Wiser’s, Masterson’s, Forty Creek, Gibson’s, & Glen Breton.

> This Father’s Day give Canadian whisky, the book Make this the perfect Father’s Day with a gift Dad can enjoy all year round. > Twitter Tasting & Book Review Week 3 #DavinTT Join whisky fans from around the globe on Twitter this Sunday, May 19, at 3:00 Eastern time as they discuss Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert, and raise a dram of Canadian whisky. Go to #DavinTT on Twitter at 3:00 Eastern time this Sunday to take part.

> Twitter Tasting & Book Review Week Two Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert, book review and Canadian whisky tasting on Twitter at 3:00 Eastern time, Sunday. May 12, 2013. Join us on Twitter at #DavinTT > TWO BREWERS YUKON SINGLE MALT Award Wining Yukon Brewing launches its first foray into whisky, on February 13, 2016 in Whitehorse Yukon. > What I Learned Writing A Book It’s more than two years since my book, Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert was released.

Since then, on the strength of that book, I have travelled on three continents introducing people to Canada’s native spirit. > What would Sir John A. MacDonald Drink? There was plenty of good whisky around in his time. So what was Sir John A.’s tipple? What was his drink of choice? Rye? Champagne? Gin? Read on. > Whiskey Guide, From Behind the Bar Sales of North American whisky are soaring, and consumers are seeking ways to learn about these spirits.

Reading the North American Whiskey Guide, From Behind the Bar is a good way to get started. > Whisky Whisdom from Canadian Club Whimsical “whisdom” from Canadian Club: Never send beer to do a whisky’s job; Everything in moderation. Except bacon; Drafts are best suited for fantasy football – order a Canadian Club Whisky. > Whisky: The Manual by Dave Broom Dave Broom’s Whisky: The Manual brings new insights to the real joy of whisky – its myriad flavours.

After delving into its history and how whisky is made, we learn how to tease out the richest and most subtle of its flavours. > WhistlePig 10 year old Straight 100% Rye Whiskey Dave Pickerell is a true icon of the American whisky industry so when he declares Canada as the source of the world’s very best rye whisky, that’s news to be shouted from the rooftops. > WhistlePig Farms Is Now A Distillery There are two kinds of distillers: Those who make whisky, and those who pretend to make whisky.

Why do the people who bottle WhistlePig insist on pretending it’s American straight rye? > Why is Canadian whisky called rye? Is Canadian whisky really “rye”? You bet it is, and that’s the way it has been for some 200 years now. > Wills & Kate’s Honeymoon Cocktail To mark the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey today, William Grant & Sons mixologist, Charlotte Voisey, has created a honeymoon cocktail featuring Gibson’s Finest Canadian Whisky.

> Wiser’s Legacy ultra premium rye – press release Expertly crafted, blended to perfection and made in Canada – an ideal gift for the whisky enthusiast. Available in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia in time for Christmas. > Wiser’s Legacy Canadian Rye Whisky (45% alc./vol.) John Philip Wiser, distiller. Born October 4, 1825, Trenton, New York; died April 30, 1911, Prescott, Ontario.

Legacy: Wiser’s family of great Canadian whiskeys and now a brand new one. > Wiser’s Legacy wins in World Whiskies Awards Wiser’s Legacy has won Canadian Whisky of the Year in Whisky Magazine’s fifth annual World Whiskies Awards.

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