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Best Graphic Design Career and Business Books - Ultimate List of Books for Freelancers & New Designers - I decided to compile a list of the best graphic design career and business books collected from reading people's favorites listed on forum posts and blogs. I came up with the following graphic design career and business books. Become a Graphic Designer - Design Careers & Design Education Advice from Professional Designer - Elle Phillips wrote this article full of advice to individuals who are looking to become a Graphic Designer.

This article is an informative article to help many other people who also wish to become a Graphic Designer. LIST OF FREELANCE GRAPHIC DESIGN JOB SITES FOR DESIGNERS All Freelance WorkA huge resource for freelancers, with over a thousand projects posted every day. It is Free to apply for jobs and to post jobs. Additionally, display your portfolio / career profile in order to allow employers to find you.

Freelance Jobs AggregatorA site that aggregates freelance jobs from 100s of freelance job boards. Contracted WorkA freelance site that has grown in great leaps and bounds. You can do a search and find a great number of graphic design projects. I think that there is a monthly fee in order to search for projects, but it might be worth checking out. ElanceThe largest freelance marketplace on the internet.

Freelancers have to pay a hefty amount in order to search for projects, which is quite a lot to pay out if you don't end up winning any work. Graphic Designers can search through 100s of freelance projects though. 37 Signals Gig Board Looking for freelance graphic designer projects...37 signals has them. 99Designs99designs is a disruptive startup which connects passionate designers from around the globe with savvy clients who need design projects completed in a timely fashion without the usual risk or cost associated with professional design.

It’s definitely a cliché but there’s no other way to describe it — 99designs was started by designers for designers. Our role at 99designs is to provide a friendly, professional, and secure environment where designers from all walks of life can compete on a level playing field - where they can show off their work, improve their skills, communicate with peers, and win new clients. Agave BlueAgave Blue is a resource for recruiters to find the Talent, Project Managers to find projects and freelancers, and Contractors to find Contracts.

The end result? Great match-ups of experience and skills, with quality projects, contracts and full time jobs. Agaveblue had the IT Professionals in mind from the get go - that's why we're better. Agent SoloAgent Solo launched this English version of their formerly only French freelance job board.. It’s aimed at Canadian freelancers and small business. Freelance Graphic Designer jobs can be found here.

AquentA freelance recruitment agency specializing in creative professionals such as freleance graphic designers and freelance web designers. Aquent sort of works like a temporary agency for talented professionals. AdveresA freelance job system that will enable freelancers and employers to be efficiently matched based on skills requirements and project needs. Web professionals can search for projects using skills categories finding only projects that they have the skills to do.

Employers can post projects with advanced options to ensure that the right candidates respond to their project posting. Authentic Jobs Authentic Jobs is a targeted destination for freelance and full-time standards-aware web designers and developers and the companies seeking to hire them. is an Asian Freelance, Project Outsourcing & Professional Services Marketplace. The principle is "matching high quality services with Lowest price".

There are plenty of contract graphic design and web design projects for consultants to browse through here. Bid it Out A new web 2.0 site. Have the security of being paid on-time with their escrow system for payments. You can even work at home and tap into a global pool of suppliers across a huge range of industries! Bid RadarBidRadar finds, sorts, and delivers business opportunities to you by email every weekday -- for just pennies a day! Have freelance graphic design and web design projects emailed to you.

Biz Reef BizReef is not a simple message board, it is a fully functional online marketplace which graphic designers can use to find consulting design jobs. CareerJetJust type in freelance on the job aggregator and you get tons of results. Type in Freelance Design or Freelance Graphic Design to find great freelance design jobs. ChinWag Jobs Chinwag Jobs, started life in late 2000 as a small, yet perfectly formed email announcement list of jobs in new media.

Now it is a great site for graphic designers and web designers to find freelance projects on. Coder CafeWeb design and web development / coding freelance projects. Great freelance job board for freelance web designers. Coroflot Coroflot has been around forever but I didn't even think of listing them here as a freelance job board until now. They get a freelance job added a few times a week so it is worth it to take a look.

Freelance graphic designers and web designers will feel right at home here as Coroflot was created for graphic designers. Creative Freelance Web Designer MarketplaceCoSwap connects businesses with creative freelancers who specialize in freelance website design, flash design and graphic design work. Outsource your web design project and let web designers bid on it under watchful eye of CoSwap expert professional designers.

Creative Heads Freelance jobs in Video Game, Animation, TV & Film, and 3D Technology. Graphic Design jobs are posted occassionally. Creative Hotlist Not very many freelance jobs listed here but I would look every once in a while. Freelance graphic design and web design jobs can be found here every once and a while. Creative NicheCreative Niche is a job board for graphic deisgners, web designers, designers, proofreaders, writers, programmers, developers, artists, etc and has a number of them that are freelance.

CSS Beauty Jobs No listings at the moment, but maybe there are usually some. This web site is for web designers to find web design work. Design QuoteWhere web designers and web design projects meets. Design CrowdA forum for freelance designers and has a great freelance job board listed on there with freelance web design and programming jobs. Graphic Designers and Web Designers will love this one. Designers' TalkA great design forum with a LOT of graphic design and web design projects lsited here.

Dynamic ForumsHere you can find work request for freelance web designers. eTeq contains auctions, job postings, and freelance ads all for free. Project owners can post their projects for free and have the site’s competent freelancers bid on it while freelancers, on the one hand, can also sign up for free and begin browsing for various projects up for bidding posted in the site Filter Talent Filter Talent is a full-service creative resources company that connects industry-leading companies with the very best creative talent throughout the West Coast.

Offering both creative staffing services and interactive media design and production, FILTER helps clients to make their ideas a reality and complete their projects with more speed, flexibility and cost efficiency for graphic designers and web designers. Freelance AuctionAre you a web designer? Do you work part-time as a freelancer or as a contractor? Do you provide web site design, graphic design, logo design, flash, database development, related services? Get a freelancer account at freelance auctions to bid on jobs.

Freelance Auction NetworkThe Freelance Auction Network is designed to bring affordable high quality services to small business owners and provide freelance contractors from around the world a better way to market their services. Freelance Auction Network usually has a nice collection of graphic design and web design consulting projects. Freelance BBS"Freelance BBS" is a free web site connecting freelancers and businesses that outsource projects.

Freelance BBS usually has some quality web design and graphic design consulting projects listed. Freelance CenterFreeLanceCenter is one of the newer freelance job boards but has some graphic design jobs listed here. Freelancers.netA great non-auction freelance job board for UK residents. This one has been around for a good 10 years or so and has some nice freelance graphic design and web design projects listed for UK residents only.

Freelance Job SearchA directory of freelance designers. Freelance GlobalA simple freelance job board that has a few graphic designer and web designer projects. Freelancer Store There are no charges to post projects or charges after accepting a freelancer. They also don't take any commission from freelancers. No sign-up fees, No monthly fees, No commission fees. There are some negative comments about Freelance Store online so check it out before using them.

Some graphic design and web design projects listed already. Freelance-WorkFreelance Work was created to connect freelance and contract professionals with qualified employers. Through our project and job seeker databases, freelancers can find their next great projects and list their qualifications so employers can immediately find them. Employers can post jobs and quickly find the talent they need.

It's fast and easy and can work for you. There are always graphic design and web design jobs posted here. Freelance.comSoon will be available in the US, so you can leave your email with them if you visit their site. Freelance GroupsChristian Freelance Joboard. Need Work? Need a Job? Sign Up today and have unlimited bidding on ANY Posted Christian projects or search through our posted Christian Job Opportunities.

No Limits. Full Access. If you are a Christian Graphic Designer or Web Designer than check it out. I don't know if they enforce the Chritian thing or not. Freelance MomFreelanceMom is not associated with the companies offering these jobs - although we do our best to be sure they are legitimate work at home opportunities... still, use your own best judgement, and good luck. Freelance Forum UKCheck out the Freelance Forum UK - they have a freelance jobs section on there.

You have to register to see the forum posts. Freelancer Listing Find the latest freelance job postings and bid on them. Freelance IrelandFreelance is a new completely free, online trading portal for Irish customers, businesses and freelancers. Freelance Pool Freelance Pool was created to help self-employed professionals - designers, photographers, programmers, accountants, marketing consultants and many more - find new clients, expand to new markets or discover the ideal talent for the job at hand.

Freelance QuotesFreelancequotes web-based applications provide access to a network of high-quality service providers and sourcing tools. Freelancequotes consultants offer expertise in every aspect of buying and managing services. Freelance Q We do the searching for you. Tell us what type of freelance work you want to find, and we’ll deliver it right to you... right when the jobs are posted. Freelance SuccessFreelance Success is a community of professional, nonfiction writers who subscribe to a newsletter that guides them toward well-paying markets and editors.

There is not a jobboard located on this site. Freelance Switch Known for their amazing articles, now they have an amazing job board as well. Freelance FreeWhy pay fees to bid on project? offers you the true means to reduce the total cost involved while expanding or launching your new business. Freelance Web ProjectsThis a great freelance site for web developers and web designers.

There are an impressive number of projects open and I believe that ths is one of the better freelance sites out there. Freelance Seattle This is for freelancers in the Pacific Northwest US. Any hiring company may post project requirements via e-mail. Full-time freelancers may subscribe, and respond to their e-mail. There are no commissions or rate markups. Freelance SeekFreelance jobs for web designers and programmers.

Freelance Job NewsGreat freelance site for finding out information and they also have available a jobboard. Freelance UKThis is a freelance job board that caters to freelancers in the UK. This site isn't new, but somehow it dropped off my list until now. Fresh Web Jobs A job board for web professionals such as web designers, digital artists, web developers, writers, etc. As a registered job seeker you will be able to save and mark job postings on FreshWebJobs Get a FreelancerA great site for finding freelance graphic designer and web designer projects.

Go Freelance Now it’s easy to market your freelance services and find all the business you need to succeed. They have many jobs in our database, with fresh contracts and projects being added daily. So kickstart your work-at-home career by signing up for the free edition of The Freelance Job Report. Graphic-ForumsThere is a job section for graphic designers on the Graphic-Forums so check them out.

Guru.comFreelance non-auction jobboard. I'm not crazy about Guru because it always seems like it is full of jobs by recruiters, but you can take a look for yourself. GuruLanceAre you a web developer or web designer? Offer your services on this freelance site. Hot Web Design TalkFind hot web design contract job offers on the Hot Web Design Talk forum. Also more freelance web design projects listed here.

iFreelancePost your profile today and get access to 1000's of buyers in need of your professional services. Advertise to buyers, bid on projects, and earn money doing what you love to do. I Can FreelanceIf you have a skill there is sure to be a demand for it. You can make money while you are home and best of all its easy. Be your own boss and make money on Indeed A job aggregator that I have added the word freelance to .

.. check it out. JobServe US This is a job site that has been around forever but I didn't think of adding it until now. You can search for freelance jobs, by choosing 'Contract' from 'Job Type' drop down list. JOB SERVE UK ... JOB SERVE AUSTRALIA Journalism Jobs This is a great job board for journalists and they also have many freelance jobs which are posted. KirupaThis a forum for designers that has 3 sections for finding freelance design jobs including (1) the free barter system which is for those who need a free solution or are willing to offer a service or item of their own in exchange for work.

(2) Low Profile system in which is for jobs and situations that require a low paying / quick solution. (3) High Profile system is for jobs and situations that require substantial skill and time and are operating on a larger budget. Krop This is a great job board with a gazillion (like my made up word?) freelance jobs, just type in 'freelance'. LancePostA new freelance job aggregator. List BidListbid offers web design and development projects Mac Freelancer Freelance jobboard for Mac project outsourcing.

Meta Filter Jobs MetaFilter Jobs is an area for sharing job openings among members of MetaFilter. Some Freelance jobs are listed here. Monster ContractMonster's Contract and Temporary Work section Monday Works Another freelance job board. Registration is free, no obligations. Only pay when you earn - There is nothing to lose but a lot to win! MyTino One of the leading outsourcing sites No Agencies PleaseFee-Free direct recruitment for new media freelancers NUJ Freelance DirectThe NUJ Freelance Directory is the biggest and most reliable listing of media freelances in the UK and Ireland, covering writers, editors, sub-editors, designers, illustrators, photographers, broadcasters, scriptwriters, web designers, translators, trainers and researchers ODeskoDesk's payment system charges buyers each week for hours worked, and generates detailed timelogs to give literal visibility into the underlying work activity of providers.

the oDesk Workplace lets buyers assign tasks, track progress, manage source code, and collaborate. Providers login to work each day at the oDesk Workplace. Offshore Experts The Premier Directory of Global Outsourcing Service Providers. Network with over 20,000 Outsourcing Experts from Around the World. Open Ad Open Ad is a site for Designers, Writers, Marketers etc. and is the first online marketplace for buying and selling advertising, marketing and design ideas.

Outsource is the online market place where buyers / procurement managers can post their projects. Businesses and freelance service providers such as freelance programmers will bid for the work you outsource and you can select the best one that matches your requirements OsLanceProvides an online business community for Open Source Developers and Project Managers. We aim to fund OpenSource applications and enable a positive experience for all concerned.

As a user and admirer of Open Source applications, this is our way of saying thank you. has the ability to provide open source with an income. If you have ever used Open Source applications this is your chance to give something back! Outsource Your Logo Design A freelance job site for logo designers. P2W2 It is a new web 2.0 freelance site where you can both check out eachother (employer and freelancer).

..and there are also freelance projects of course. People for Business Sell your skills to UK businesses People Per Hour Market your services, Reach new clients - win work online, and Stay protected - earn money securely. ProjectLanceSeems like a pretty busy freelance marketplace, take a look around. PinoyJobs Pinoy Jobs is a FREE job posting/listing for employers or companies which aims to reach Filipino job applicants.

Post a Position Many freelance graphic design jobs listed here. Pros to GoAssists clients and freelancers in meeting their needs. While clients need freelancers to complete their projects, freelancers need the income these clients can provide. ProsToGo is where the two meet. Our service specializes in handling projects and freelancers in the writing, editing, proofreading, and other text-related fields.

Projects PoolWith the energy of the executive team and staff at Projects Pool we will support your needs in the new and exciting world wide business outsourcing process. Programmer Meet Designer This is a site for programmers, web developers, web designers, entrepreneurs, and writers to find each other and work together to create websites that look and function great. Not a freelance site but there are freelance job sites on there.

Project4HireFind jobs for Freelance Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Programmers, Coders, Writers and more is the place to find Freelance Programmers, Web Designers, Graphic Artists, IT Professionals, Translators, Writers, Consultants & other Freelance Professionals. Project SimpleBid on web design, graphic design, web programming, flash, database, and search engine projects posted by Project Managers.

. Search open projects by keyword or catagory. Sign-up to receive e-mails when projects have been posted in your area of expertise. It costs project seekers nothing to bid on projects. If you are accepted for a project, you pay a flat $5. Project WormMarket your skills by submitting your profile, get projects and earn money doing what you like Remote GurusIf you want to provide a service, RemoteGurus will help you find customers with job postings.

RFP Database Everybody needs Requests for Proposals (RFP) or wants to publicize theirs so they get enough competitive bids. Register for free and have instant access to RFPs and the ability to upload your own. Get the bids that your project requires and deserves! Search Web JobsMany freelance web design and development, web managers, etc jobs listed here Simply Hired A great job aggregator and this is the freelance section.

SmarterworkA freelance auction site that has changed quite a bit in the past year. There are much fewer jobs posted now than I remember. Smashing Magazine Jobs am sure that you have read many articles from Smashing Magazine, well now they have a freelance job section on their site for web designers, developers, animators, bloggers, writers and other web working jobs. SnapLanceSnaplance is an online project outsourcing service designed to bring freelance professionals together with employers ready to buy.

Through our online bidding system freelance web developers, freelance graphic artist, computer programmers and server administrators are able to bid on projects submitted by employers from around the world. SoloGigSologig was created to connect freelance and contract professionals with qualified employers. Through our project and job seeker databases, freelancers can find their next great project, contract or part time job and list their qualifications so employers can immediately find them.

Employers can post freelance, contract, or part time jobs and quickly find the talent they need. It's fast and easy and can work for you. Support UniverseEarn money for your programming and graphic design skills: View and bid on existing projects for the price that you want, deliver and get paid. Firms and freelancers are welcome. Join now. ThemWired ThemWired is a project which will help you meet some talented freelancers from various fields, such as graphic designers and web designers, so you don't have to go hunting elsewhere.

So go there and fill out your information so that you can be found by potential customers. Total FreelanceWhether you're a professional looking for freelance graphic design / web design employment, or a company looking to find the perfect freelancer for your project, your search is over. VFX Jobs A handful of jobs are posted every day so this one is a good find for digital artists and sometimes graphic designers.

Web Design ForumThis is a forum for web designers and this is where freelance /contract web designer positions are posted. Web Designer Forum UKThis is a forum for web designers and this is where web designers can take a look at open job positions in their field. Web WalasFreelance Jobboard for Customised Portal Solutions, Multimedia, Website Designing and Development Webmaster Workforce Webmaster Workforce is online marketplace that connects buyers and providers of webmaster related goods and services as well as some adult site projects.

Web designers are more likely to find jobs here than graphic designers in the print industry. Webmaster TalkA great forum for webmasters and there is also a forum section for freelance webmaster and web designer project openings. WhizoLoveA new web 2.0 freelance marketplace for freelancers and employers to meet. Graphic Designers and Werb Designers could make use of this networking system. Wise ScoutFind the right contract for you.

Wise Scout's unique job search and alert system makes it easy to find contract graphic design jobs and web design jobs in the right location, for the right day rate, at the right time. Work at Night Work at Night is a brand new employment site and are excited about building our database of employers and helping you to find the perfect night-time or work from home job. You might be able to find contract graphic design jobs and web design jobs here.

CREATIVE GRAPHIC DESIGN JOBS SITES / DESIGN RECURITERS 3DSiteOn 3DSite, you will find design and graphics jobs, as well as career and education information. 52 LTDNeed a graphic designer job in Portland? 52 LTD is Portland Oregon's graphic design jobs agency. Abuzeedo's JobsAbuzeedo isn't just a fantastic graphic design blog, but it also added a job board for graphic designers. There is only one posting now but give it time.

AIGA Design JobsAIGA, The professional association for graphic designers, has a great job board for graphic designers that right now has over a 100 graphic designer jobs listed. All the best PEOPLE, Inc.For years, All The Best People has been the pre-eminent source in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts for advertising, communications, interactive, graphics arts, marketing, printing and public relations professionals.

Find your graphic design jobs on All the Best People, Inc. AquentWorld's largest talent agency for Creative, Web, and Tech professionals. Aquent is well known for finding the best Graphic Designers and Web Designers and Matching them up with the best Graphic Design Jobs in well known companies. Artisan (Chicago, Los Angeles, New York)When you consider the particular nature of placing your individual level of graphic design expertise within a highly unique organization, it takes a special skill .

.. an ability to make the right connection. This is what we do. Artisan will bring together your skills with only the ideal web, print, multimedia and technical opportunities for freelance and full-time jobs, not to mention off-site projects. Take a chance and meet up with Artisan to find and win that graphic design job. Artist ResourceNot very many job listings here for graphic designers but every once in a while there is a great graphic design job listed.

Artsquad.comArt Squad ise committed to providing the highest standard in employment opportunities for Graphic Designers and Web Designers. Search for and find those graphic design jobs.ArtlinksArtlinks provides temporary staffing and direct recruiting for graphic design and production, interactive design and production, writing and editing. Graphic Designers have nothing but good things to say aobut ArtLinks.

Authentic JobsAuthentic Jobs is a targeted destination for standards-aware designers and developers and the companies seeking to hire them. Web Designers should check it out and find web design jobs in their expertise and location. Avery Search AssociatesAvery Associates is a management and executive search consulting company specializing in the graphic arts industry. Graphic Designers - come on and take a look.

Behance NetworkBehance used to be just a portfolio site for graphic designers but now it also includes a graphic design jobs section as well. Big FishCreative, Marketing and Digital Media Staffing for Graphic Designers and Web Designers looking for employment opportunities. CGR/SevenCGR/Seven fills creative jobs and graphic design employment openings in the New York City area, including jobs for Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Creative Directors, Marketing Directors, Account Executives, Business Development, Client Relations, Art Directors, Art Supervisors, Traffic Managers, etc.

with skills in .QuarkXpress, InDesign, Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop, QPS, Workflow Management, trafficking, Traditional Paste-up, Pre-Press, and more... CoroflotCoroflot has a beautiful graphic design jobs section. Finding graphic designer jobs on Coroflot is as easy as pie. CraigslistCraigslist is an amazingly high-trafficked online classifieds site. You can often find great graphic design jobs and web design jobs on Craigslist.

Creative CentralAn employment site for creative professionals including graphic designers, web designers, graphic artists and other jobs for designers. Creative CowCreative Cow has a high priced job posting section and a low priced job posting section on their site. Graphic Designers and Web Designers can choose which one they want and apply accordingly. Creative HotlistOnline resource for jobs and career information in the feild of graphic design, art direction, photography, illustration, web development, and multimedia design.

Graphic Designers and Web Designers will love the easy to use interface for finding jobs on this site. Creative FreelancersHelp Wanted classifieds site for Art and design professionals. These ads are for creative freelancers and full-time workers. Cutting Edge (NYC)CuttingEdge is a placement service specializing in jobs in new media, such as graphic design and web design.Cutting Edge are designed to address the needs of employers and job seekers throughout the New York City Area.

Graphic Designers and Web Designers located in the NYC region should check out Cutting Edge to get matched up with quality graphic design jobs. Design FirmsThere are a few jobs posted here from employers seeking qualified graphic designers. Designer TodayDesigner Today pulls graphic designer jobs from nearly every job website on the planet and present them to you in one easy to view page. Design Relateddesign:related(tm) is a community site and inspiration tool that brings together creative graphic designers from different disciplines (and parts) of the design world.

Design:related serves to motivate designers to share ideas, inspire, and be inspired. They also have a great job board for graphic designers that you should find very useful for your web design and graphic designjob search. Designer's Network Design Job BoardIf you're a graphic designer looking for your next gig or a creative agency or business looking for a superstar, then you might be able to find them here.

Graphic Designers and Web designers are both welcome here. Deezin JobsA new beta job board for graphic designers...check it out and fill that graphic design employment opportunity. eMedia StaffingThe mission of eMedia Staffing is to provide corporate organizations with the highest caliber creative technical talent in their field, while providing creative technical talent with exciting opportunities for professional growth and career advancement.

Web Design and Graphic Design jobs are posted here as well. Employment Crossing's Design CrossingThis site aggregates graphic design jobs and web design jobs from design jobboards and puts them on its site. Entertainment CareersAnimation/Graphic Design/Visual FX Jobs listings here which include both graphic designer and web designer job postings. Estetitica Design ForumFind open graphic design opportunities on the Estetica Design Forum.

Filter Creative AssetsCreative Assets is an indispensable creative talent resource to hundreds of progressive companies and advances the careers of creative professionals such as for Graphic Designers and Web Designer. With more than 10 years of experience, we place design, advertising, marketing and public relations professionals into desirable freelance and full-time positions. Fresh Web JobsAs a registered job seeker you will be able to save and mark job postings on FreshWebJobs.

Use the FWJ Bookmarklet to add job postings from other sites, keeping them centralized and organized in one place.Web designers will find this site useful for finding quality web design jobs. GoJobsGraphic Design Job Search. Graphic Design Job Listings. Find your next Graphic Design Career. is a Search Community, connecting millions of business professionals like you with the information and professional contacts needed to advance your career.

Stay on top of your industry by accessing books, magazines, articles or even continuing your education. Find a new job, post and search resumes, and access a wealth of career resources. Graphic Designer ForumThe Graphic Designer Forum has a graphic design jobs classifieds section that you should drop in on every once in a while to find a good graphic designer job. Creative Jobs CentralOver 100 graphic design jobs posted daily here which should put a smile on many graphic designers' faces.

Graphic ResourcesGraphic Resources & Associates, Inc. is a national recruitment firm, specializing in the printing and packaging industry. They work selected assignments, much the same as the top retained executive search firms. Graphic Design jobs are posted here. Hollister Staffing (Massachusetts Creative Staffing Agency)A creative staffing agency in Massachusetts that will help you find a quality graphic design job.

How NowSo, you’re looking for a job but you hate the idea of searching for a highlighter and a copy of the want ads. You’re in luck—check out How Now to find quality graphic designer jobs and figure out why it is different. ID OnlinePublished since 1954, I.D. Magazine is America’s leading critical magazine covering the art, business, and culture of graphic design. Winner of five National Magazine Awards, the publication appears seven times a year.

Issues include the Annual Design Review. You might not have realized that they have an online job board for designers, so check it out. Indeed A job aggregator that I have added the words 'graphic designer' to it and ... check it out.Jobs by EmailSearch for graphic design jobs and web design jobs now with Jobsite and send your CV straight to the top recruitment agencies and employers in your sector.

Job Openings: Graphic DesignA listing of high profile companies that hire graphic designers. JolaThe clients that Jola partners with are among the most successful traditional and interactive agencies in the industry. These agencies are notorious for creating award-winning work. And when they have staffing needs, they seek candidates who can also create award-winning work. Graphic Designers and Web Designers are treated very well at Jola.

Liaison CreativeAt Liaison, we are always looking for talented, creative, dependable professionals to serve our clients' needs. Whether it's a temporary freelance assignment or a permanent placement at one of our client sites, Liaison has a wide range of opportunities for graphic artists, web developers, account executives, marketing professionals, and copywriters. (UK)For jobs in graphic design look no further than mad. Find design jobs with the leader in design jobs in the uk and around the world. They list jobs such as Website Design Jobs, Graphic Designer Jobs, Interior Design Jobs, Jobs in Design and Freelance Design Jobs MediaBistroCareer opportunities for media professionals such as graphic designers and web designers. Media Techniques - (TX and CA)Training, Publishing, and Quality Controls Services..

.Locations in Texas and Southern California. Find your graphic design job or web design job at Media Techniques. MicroStaffMicroStaff is committed to recruiting the best new media talent available. MicroStaff personally interview each candidate and have extensive resources to meet the needs of Engineering, Creative Services, IT, Marketing and Educational Services departments. Graphic Designers and Web Designers welcome to contact MicroStaff.

Network DesignFor over a decade, Network Design has been recognised at the forefront of the design industry. During this time, they have successfully provided quality applicants at various levels within the design industry, specifically in the areas of Architecture and Interior Design, Graphic Design and Design Management, and the ever-emerging New Media sector. Print Design PlanetA small selection of graphic designer jobs.

PrintLinkPrintLink is North America's leading professional placement firm specializing in the graphic communications industry. Printquest Our industry-based executive search consultants meet the requirements of clients in the Printing, Graphic Arts, Packaging, Multi-Media, Publishing, and Specialty Printing Markets. PrintLink devotes personalized attention to both employers and job-seekers to help define their goals, then deftly matches them to complement each other.

Production HubEntertainment Jobs in Film, Television, Video and Digital Media Production, and there are many graphic designer job listings listed here. RitaSue Seigal AgencyThe most important job we do is to help client companies find the best designers, design managers and creative directors for their businesses. Roz Goldfarb Sectioned out into different design categories. SitePoint MarketplaceSitePoint has a great list of web design jobs.

Smashing Magazine JobsI am almost positive that you know about Smashing Magazine's blog. Now Smashing Magazine has a job section that also has graphic design / web design positions listed. Specialty Graphic Imaging AssociationThe SGIA/DPI Industry Employment is a valuable service where companies can list positions available and individuals can build and post resumes. Find a graphic design job here.

Steel Dolphins' ForumThis might be a forum for graphic designers but they also have a section where employers can post graphic design and graphic arts jobs. Talent ZooA job board for marketing, advertising, and PR jobs which as you know all of these industries need graphic designers to survive. The Creative GroupMatching Creative and Marketing talent with the best companies. As a creative professional, it's only natural to want to produce award-winning work for innovative companies.

The Creative Group can help you do just that by matching you with projects tailored to your specific expertise and preferences. Learn more about the benefits of working with us or register online today. We have open graphic design and web design job opportunities right now. The Graphic Design ToolCheck out these Graphic Design jobs from this new site. Update Graphics (New York + New Jersey)Imagine partnering with a creative placement firm who has your true interests at heart.

A firm filled with forthright, energetic and ethical people working to create long-term relationships with human beings. Human beings like you...the talented graphic designers and web designers out there looking for quality graphic design jobs in the New York and New Jersey location. Web Design ForumsThis is a web designer forum that has a section for full time web design job postings. You The Designer Jobs BoardI just noticed that You The Designer has started a graphic design jobs board! So far there is only one job listed but it is a start.

The jobs listed are updated on a regular basis so be sure to check back often for the hottest new graphic design jobs in the industry. Major Job Boards to Check Out KropA job board that has 1000s of great jobs for creative professionals including graphic design positions. Simply HiredSimply Hired searches thousands of job sites and companies, just so you don't have to. They eat, sleep and breathe job search, to help you find that dream job.

Use their nifty tools to find local jobs, identify trends, research salaries, and secure that offer letter. CareerJet Just type in 'graphic design' on the job aggregator and you get tons of results. Career Builder FlipDog HotJobs Jobster Monster . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FREELANCE/CONTRACT GRAPHIC DESIGN JOBS CREATIVE & ARTISTIC JOBS SITES / RECURITERS FREELANCE BUSINESS ARTICLES POST A FREE GRAPHIC DESIGN PORTFOLIO - LET EMPLOYERS FIND YOU EMPLOYER - POST A JOB (FREE) TO OVER 100,000 GRAPHIC DESIGNERS EMPLOYERS - SEARCH THROUGH GRAPHIC DESIGNERS' PORTFOLIOS who have variants to their coat touchand kinds during their clothing consistency,so very pay attention and even gain knowledge from the ways the following, such 2 dog breeds remain the size of during this section as a result of the company is greatly long lasting anyway being previously bred from a sizable gene pool in addition turning out to be really [.


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Melissa Price Design is a Sydney-based graphic design studio specialising in print and magazine design, also extending projects to web and screen based mediums. We work under a simple manifesto... first and foremost, design must engage and communicate, whilst also being creative and unique with a strong and well developed concept. Based in Cammeray on the Lower North Shore of Sydney, Melissa Price Design is available to work on projects in any location.

We have a long list of clients across the world, in cities including Sydney, London, Dubai, Bangkok and Seattle. We also are able to provide additional services such as marketing plans, copy writing and editing, social media strategy and implementation, web hosting and development and printing. Get in touch! We'd love to hear from you. Fire & Stone restaurant This monotone graphic was created from an original photograph for an interior area of Fire & Stone restaurant, Fire & Stone Westfield, Westfield, Shepherds Bush, London Pages from a menu designed for Fire & Stone restaurant, Covent Garden, London Bar menu cover design for Fire & Stone restaurant, Covent Garden, London RSPCA NSW & Greenhouse Marketing Services These direct mail pack elements were designed for Greenhouse Marketing Services as part of a pack they put together for RSPCA NSW.

Gracemere Hotel Restaurant A menu designed for the restaurant at the Gracemere Hotel in country Queensland. Royal North Shore Hospital Fundraising The Northern Sydney Cancer Centre CARE Programme aims to enhance the supportive care and survivorship services for people diagnosed with cancer in the Northern Sydney region. This will facilitate an improved quality of care for their patients and minimize effects of the illness on individuals, carers and family.

To raise much needed funds Royal North Shore Hospital Fundraising assisted The Northern Sydney Cancer Centre CARE Programme in hosting a Soireé of Champagne and French cuisine which included an auction of donated items. Various designed elements were needed to enable the success of the event. These included the logo, invitation, letterhead, payment form and programme. Bar Cleveland A poster created for Bar Cleveland, Surry Hills, Sydney Dirty Martini Bar A menu cover, logo and pattern designed for Dirty Martini, London Launch party invite for Dirty Martini, London Covent Garden Restaurants Business card and logo designed for Covent Garden Restaurants, London The Gardening Club Bar and Night Club This is the cover for a drinks menu designed for The Gardening Club, Covent Garden, London Rock Garden Restaurant A poster designed for Rock Garden restaurant, Covent Garden, London Katana Restaurant @ The International Sake menu designed for Katana restaurant @ The International, London The International Bar & Restaurant - Relaunch Promotional material designed for the recent relaunch of The Intermational Bar, Lounge & Restaurant, London Radisson Blu Hotel Sydney Advert designed for Radisson Blu Hotel Sydney Bistro Fax Restaurant Poster designed for Bistro Fax restaurant, Radisson Blu Hotel Sydney Waterfront Brasserie Menu designed for Waterfront Brasserie, Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth, UK Promotional poster designed for Waterfront Brasserie, Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth, UK Mia Karlsson Logo, identity and website designed for Interior Designer Mia Karlsson, London, UK Retox Bar Smollenskys Bar This is a selection from a series of posters designed for Smollenskys, Docklands, London Network Ten Australia 2009 calendar designed for Network Ten, Sydney, Australia So You Think You Can Dance, Australia, Top 20 Poster design for Network Ten, Sydney, Australia One HD One HD corporate bar panelling designed for the 2009 Melbourne Grand Prix Philip Matthews Consultancy Logo and business card designed for Philip Matthews Consultancy, London, UK identity magazine Covers and feature pages designed for Identity magazine, Dubai, UAE ep magazine Covers and feature pages designed for ep magazine (EMAAR Properties), Dubai, UAE Cityscape Magazine Covers and feature pages designed for Cityscape magazine, Dubai, UAE Cityscape Show Daily Covers and feature pages designed for Cityscape Show Daily, Abu Dhabi, UAE Destinations of the World News magazine Cover design for Destinations Of The World News Cancer Services Ball Three years of posters designed for the Royal North Shore Hospital Cancer Services Ball, St Leonards, Sydney For more examples of work please just ask or visit our new site which is currently in pre launch phase: www. We've showcased a lot of Annual report, prospectus, proposal and other document design samples here .

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