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Golden Corral is known as one of the top-rated open buffet restaurant chains in the entire country and is often visited for its vast selection of food that is guaranteed to satisfy even large families. With food that incorporates an “at-home,” country feel and numerous ingredients that are certified to be clean, healthy and of the highest quality. With low Golden Corral menu prices, the establishment has become the standard for family buffet chains.

Food is prepared in front of the customers, ensuring that there is no deception or cheating involved and to ensure that customers can see that their food is properly prepared. Below are the latest Golden Corral menu prices. Food Size Price Buffet Breakfast Friday-Sunday, 8am-11am (Includes Coffee) Senior (Age 60 and Over) Per Person $8.49 Adult Per Person $9.49 Kids (Age 9 to 12) Per Person $7.

99 Kids (Age 4 to 8) Per Person $5.99 Kids (Age 3 and Under) - Limit Two Per Person $0.00 Lunch Monday-Friday, 10:45am-4pm Senior (Age 60 and Over) Per Person $8.49 Adult Per Person $9.49 Kids (Age 9 to 12) Per Person $7.99 Kids (Age 4 to 8) Per Person $5.99 Kids (Age 3 and Under) - Limit Two Per Person $0.00 Dinner Monday-Thursday, 4pm-9:30pm Senior (Age 60 and Over) Per Person $12.49 Adult Per Person $12.

99 Kids (Age 9 to 12) Per Person $7.99 Kids (Age 4 to 8) Per Person $5.99 Kids (Age 3 and Under) - Limit Two Per Person $0.00 Premium Dinner Friday 4pm to Close, Saturday 11am-10pm, and Sunday 11am-10pm Senior (Age 60 and Over) Per Person $13.49 Adult Per Person $13.99 Kids (Age 9 to 12) Per Person $7.99 Kids (Age 4 to 8) Per Person $5.99 Kids (Age 3 and Under) - Limit Two Per Person $0.00 Beverages Fountain Drinks, Tea & Coffee $2.

29 Fountain Drink 32 oz. $2.79 Water Bottle $1.79 Take-Out Take-Out 1 lb. $5.99 History of the Golden Corral James Maynard and William F. Carl initially drew the concept for Golden Corral back in 1971 but the restaurant would not officially open its doors until 1973, following a series of unsuccessful business ventures that the partners initially attempted. The first location opened in Fayetteville, North Carolina and almost 40 years later there are now over 500 locations across the country, with four-fifths of these being franchises and the remaining 100 company-owned.

By the mid-2000s the chain began a new system called “Strata” in which food preparation is within view of the guests. What’s Golden Corral Famous For? Golden Corral is known specifically for offering breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets, with each buffet offering at least 15 different menu choices. The restaurant chain is also one of the first to offer “To Go” buffet meals. This option allows customers to fill in as much food as they please in a container and are charged according to how much the package weighs, instead of charging the customer according to what kind of food they took.

Most of Golden Corral’s menu items are based on “All-American” meals such as fried chicken, pizza, mashed potatoes, sirloin steaks, rotisserie chicken, meat loaf and pot roast. Why at Golden Corral If you are going out with your family or a group of friends and you want your cash to go a long way then Golden Corral is the perfect solution. There are a lot of different options to choose from in the menu, all of which look and taste like home-cooked meals.

The food is also nutritious and the online menu hides nothing by allowing customers to go over the nutritional facts of each menu item available. Golden Corral prices are affordable especially for a buffet, ensuring every family can avail of what the restaurant has without forcing them to drill holes in their pockets. To learn more about Golden Corral or to find a location near you, visit their website at www.

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Food occupies a very important place in our human lives because it gives us enough energy to pass through the day. Over the years, people have discovered new manners of mixing up different ingredients in order to create dishes. They also started to understand the every single recipe invented at a specific moment is unique and it has some aspects by which it can be organized in different categories.

Those categories could be what we nowadays call “cuisines” and which present a great variety depending on the region of the world as the followings: Asian Cuisine, European Cuisine and American Cuisine. But American Cuisine is considered having unique food recipes reflecting the entire history of each region included in the United States of America. From all food locations found in the US, one of the biggest and worth-mentioning restaurant chain established in America more than 40 years ago is represented by the Golden Corral restaurant chain, which has nowadays almost 500 different locations opened all over the world.

Many people, especially foreigners have the tendency of choosing to eat food made by Golden Corral because they are interested in how American Cuisine is different from other countries traditional type of food. Still, the main reason why people come back to eat at Golden Corral is that of the quality of the services, the nice and cozy atmosphere of the place as well as the fresh food. Golden Corral decided to open that huge number of restaurants in places other than America to offer foreigners of eating food from the restaurant without having to travel abroad in order to do that.

Anyways, the success Golden Corral has is tremendous, which is the owner of the restaurant continue to improve it. Golden Corral Prices Item Name Price (USD) Buffet Breakfast (Sat. and Sun. till 11 am) 8.89 Lunch (Mon. to Sat.) 8.79 Dinner (Mon. to Sun. from 4 pm) 11.99 Premium Dinner (Mon. to Sun. from 4 pm) 13.99 Beverages 2.39 Item Name Price (USD) Kid's Buffet Ages 3 and under (Limit two free meals per adult) Free Ages 4-8 5.

99 Dinner (Fri. to Sun.) 6.99 Ages 9-12 6.99 Dinner (Fri. to Sun.) 7.99 Item Name Price (USD) Senior's Buffet (Over 60) Breakfast (Sat. and Sun. till 11 am) 8.39 Lunch (Mon. to Sat.) 8.29 Dinner (Mon. to Sun. from 4 pm) 11.59 Premium Dinner (Mon. to Sun. from 4 pm) 13.59 Senior Early Bird Special (Mon. to Fri. from 2 pm to 4 pm) 7.59 Beverages 2.39 Item Name Price (USD) Baby Back Ribs All You Can Eat Ribs (Mon.

to Fri. after 4 pm) 11.99 All You Can Eat Ribs (Sat. and Sun. after 11 am) 11.99 Breakfast Catering Packages Light Continental 7.50 Worth Getting Up For 8.50 Country Breakfast 9.75 Item Name Price (USD) Lunch & Dinner Catering Packages Out to Lunch 8.25 A Day in the Park 13.00 GC Picnic 9.25 GC Pit Barbecue 8.25 BBQ Ribs 12.00 Today's Special 11.00 That Was Awesome 11.00 A Fine Dine 14.00 Item Name Price (USD) Holiday Catering Packages Holiday Essentials 9.

00 Gobble Till You Wobble 13.00 Holiday Feast 16.00 Item Name Price (USD) Wedding Catering Packages Light & Easy 9.00 Simple & Elegant 10.50 Wedding Complete 11.50 Wedding Complete Plus 13.00 Golden Corral Prices for Breakfast Breakfast buffet is served only on the days of Saturday & Sunday up until 11 o’clock. Golden Corral breakfast price is: $8.69 the chiefs will delight you with different types of food, such as blueberry muffins, pancakes with various flavors, French toast or waffles.

If you are looking for a much more consistent breakfast you have the possibility of ordering pork steaks or breakfast pizza instead of all low calories foods mentioned before. Also, the beverages are included in the price so feel free to drink whatever you want from the available ones. What time does golden corral close? Golden Corral usually closes at 9:00 pm. How much is golden corral? Golden Corral Lunch Prices Lunch is provided from Monday to Saturday and it costs as much as a breakfast buffet, with the mentioning that beverages are not included in the price.

The price for Golden Corral lunch buffet is: $9.95 per adult. You will have the possibility of choosing from a series of food and on special occasions, Golden Corral will provide a seafood buffet. The standard price for beverages at Golden Corral to serve with the food is $2.19. Golden Corral Prices for Dinner is offered starting with 4 pm and you can come to eat dinner on any day of the week. You will be charged with an amount of $11.

99 as well as $2.19 for the beverages but within this $14.18 you will eat whatever you like, starting from hot soups and cold meals, such as salad & dressings. As for dessert, you will be surprised by the variety of bakery you will find included in your buffet. Golden Corral restaurant is very interested in offering its customers the best services in matter of food, which is why if you will pay a visit to the main website of the restaurant you will be pleased to discover that Golden Corral is looking after your health.

This is why, if you select one of the categories of food from those listed there you will have the possibility of seeing how much calories has every single type of food included in the buffets. Kid’s Prices Bring your kid to eat at Golden Corral You want to spend some quality time with your entire family including your kids while eating something delicious but don’t have any idea of where to go? Golden Corral has some interesting offerings for you and your children.

If your kid is between 4-8 years old you will have to pay a small price of $5.99 and up until the age of 12, you will be asked to pay an extra dollar. Also, every meal for children with the age of 3 or under is offered freely by the Golden Corral restaurant. Senior’s Buffet Prices Only for 60+ year old customers Who says that being old doesn’t have any benefits? Not Golden Corral! This restaurant chain has created different offerings in order to give customers who have overcome the age of 60, the possibility of eating unique dishes included in the well-known American Cuisine.

The timetable regarding how breakfast, dinner and lunch is served is similar to the one mentioned above in the standard buffet availability description, but the prices paid for the buffet are lower: Buffet prices for Seniors is: $8.19 for a complete breakfast buffet as well as for lunch and $11.49 for dinner without beverages included and a small amount of $2.19 for the beverages. If you consider yourself an early bird and you love having breakfast at early hours, Golden Corral makes it possible for you with only $7.

59 from Monday to Saturday starting with 11 am up until 4 pm. All customers of 60 years old and older are welcome! Golden Corral Coupons Sign up for free coupons and feel free to split the price with a friend. It is true that the plates loaded with high-quality food made by experienced master chief from the Golden Corral restaurant made one from the many other reasons why you should come and eat at this location.

The friendly and warm atmosphere inside the restaurant is also having a huge influence on the opinion of the customers, but in general, the customers gave Golden Corral a very good review after eating there. Despite that, Golden Corral services might look pretty expensive to the majority of persons around the global map, therefore the entire restaurant chain decided to take action and solve this problem by creating different opportunities for the restaurant eaters to buy special coupons in order to give them the possibility to enjoy a good meal at Golden Corral.

These special coupons for Golden Corral restaurant mentioned just now can be found on different websites. For example, if you consider going to Golden Corral accompanied by a friend or by your lover, per se, the value of two coupons could get up to $30, so you will only have to pay half of the price which is really affordable. Besides the well-known buffets and grill served daily at the Golden Corral, there are also some special occasions when you can get huge discounts.

One of the most important events hosted by this famous restaurant takes place every year in November and it is called “Military Appreciation”. This event is made especially for those who have served in the US Military and in order to show gratitude and respect for veterans or active duty Golden Corral offers a delicious free dinner. The family of the heroes of US (Veterans Military discount pricing) are welcome at this memorable event, but they will have to pay the standard prices for a dinner buffet because the free meal is only for those who served the country.

Another special deal you will find at Golden Corral is represented by the “Good as Gold Club” which is made for the loyal customers. After subscribing to the Golden Corral Club every customer will receive a special surprise as well as news about discounts, other events held at the restaurant and upgrading food menus depending on the season of the year. On their birthdays, customers will receive from now on special gifts due to their loyalty to the services of Golden Corral restaurant chains.

Kids have special nights at Golden Corral restaurant too, which is why in the event called “Feeding America’s Families” held on every single year, the team of the restaurant offers two kids the possibility of winning a free kid buffet. Those parents who decide to buy an adult buffet will increase their kid’s chances to win. Also, Golden Corral has interesting catering packages offerings for special moments and occasion.

For example, if you are deciding to get married and you don’t know where to order the food for your wedding party, why not consider to use one of the Wedding Catering Packages offered by Golden Corral? Starting with $13 you can obtain a complete dinner with which you will have the ability to highly impress your wedding guest. We mentioned in our article that Golden Corral is offering different packages for holidays too.

If you are looking to spend your holiday in a familiar atmosphere being surrounded by childhood friends, then ordering food from Golden Corral should be enough to make an incredible holiday dinner for you and your friends. Believe it or not, this restaurant has small prices for these types of holiday packages and this is why you will be able to get them for no more than $16. Still, the holiday essential package should not be more expensive than $9 which is a good deal, if you think about it and compare to other home-delivery food.

Important aspects you should know about the prices & availability Looking for a high-quality and inexpensive place where you can eat food specific for the American Cuisine? Tired of those eating places which promise to deliver fresh and tasty food but all they offer is bad services? Then you must come to Golden Corral restaurant, which offers one of the best food services in the entire world, appreciated by most of the customers who have already eaten here and decided to come back every time they got the occasion.

The standard buffet category of Golden Corral restaurant includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, premium dinner and beverages. Still, here are some aspects regarding the availability of the meals as well as the expected prices of the buffets: Prices for Buffet Since the early years, Golden Corral restaurant chain has managed to become the first option for eating location chosen by people of different nationalities who want to discover the taste of American Cuisine because of the various dishes offered during specific times of the day or of the year, such as Thanksgiving.

Golden Corral provides for its customers, like impressive food menus for breakfast, dinner, and lunch as well as drink beverage menus. Therefore, the variety of the recipes made by the chef’s restaurant, which is included in these menus is unquestionable. From another point of view, which is the price a customer has to pay for a specific type of meal either hot or cold, Golden Corral offers several discounts and coupons in order to lower the standard prices, though it is already affordable to eat here.

Still, the most important aspects that made Golden Corral having so much fame among other restaurants with specific American Cuisine recipes are the buffet & grill offerings. Many foreigners, as well as American people, come to the restaurant especially for these buffets, which have been well-thought created in order to fulfill every customer’s wishes and food preferences. The high-quality of the services offered by Golden Corral restaurant as well as the low prices attract daily an enormous number of customers and even more on special times of the year such as Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve.

Golden Corral dinner prices Here at Golden Corral restaurant chain master chiefs have gathered all over the world in order to create great dishes using either basic or sophisticated method and special ingredients imported even from Europe because as you may already know, the American Cuisine uses different aspects from the European one. Delicious, healthy and low-calorie food is waiting for you at the Golden Corral and if you are having any second thoughts regarding the prices, we invite you to discover the special offers specially created for you and your entire family.

For those of you who want to eat food from Golden Corral restaurant but don’t have enough time to actually come into one of the locations spread all over the globe, Golden Corral has thought of a way of sending food at your address. With different buffet packages offered by Golden Corral, you can taste the food in our own home privacy without having to pay that much in order to receive the wanted dishes.

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