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[embedded content] How to drive to Grand Canyon Skywalk from Las Vegas Grand Canyon Skywalk Ticket Prices ARE Packages The Legacy Gold Package is the Ticket Price of $82.37 for the Grand Canyon Skywalk. This has caused some confusion over time. You CANNOT just buy a Ticket to the Grand Canyon Skywalk ONLY. You MUST buy the Legacy Gold Package to enter the Skywalk -OR- it MUST be included in the Tour you book from Las Vegas.

The Legacy Gold Package Includes:– Entrance Fee to the Hualapai Tribal Lands– Skywalk ticket to walk on the glass bridge over the Grand Canyon.– Meal at viewpoint of your choice.– Photo opportunities with Hualapai Members– Hop-on-Hop-off shuttle to all 3 viewpoints In addition to admission, visitors may purchase professional photographs of their visit to the Skywalk in the gift shop. Personal cameras -OR- Cell Phones are NOT allowed on the Skywalk itself; along with other personal property, they must be stored in a locker before entering the Skywalk.

Tour Options at Grand Canyon Skywalk I Googled a Map of the Driving directions on how to drive to Grand Canyon Skywalk from Las Vegas. Google is estimating a 2 hour and 20 minute drive. It is approximately 125 Miles or 201 Kilometers to the Skywalk. You simply take Highway 95 out of Vegas, which becomes Highway 93 just before Boulder City, Nevada, this Highway then takes you through Boulder City and over the Colorado River Bridge to Arizona.

Just a few miles or kilometers before the Bridge, you can drive down to a Parking Lot with access to the pedestrian walkway on the Bridge…for views of Hoover Dam. Allow an extra half hour or more for this stop. Unfortunately, you CANNOT see Hoover Dam while driving across the Colorado River Bridge in a passenger vehicle…the cement dividers are too high. There are Gas Stations with Restrooms along the the way to the Skywalk.

Now, 73 miles or 117 Kilometers after leaving Vegas on this Highway, make sure you turn left onto the Pearce Ferry Road by the big Grand Canyon Skywalk sign. This will take you in a North Easterly direction towards the Skywalk through Dolan Springs. Next, be looking for the Diamond Bar Road sign in about 31 miles or 50 Kilometers, where you will turn right to the Skywalk. You then take the Diamond Bar Road for about 21 miles or 34 Kilometers to the Grand Canyon West and Skywalk Tour Center.

Park in the designated parking area when you arrive and enter the Tour Center. You can Check-In and purchase your Tour Package here. You can also Purchase a Tour Package Online at You DO NOT need to make Reservations to visit Grand Canyon West and the Skywalk. No private vehicles are allowed beyond the designated parking area and Tour Center.  ALL of the Tour Packages are operated by the Hualapai Tribe at Grand Canyon West.

There are two main packages that visitors purchase when visiting Grand Canyon West and the Skywalk. The Hualapai Legacy Package and the Legacy Gold Package. The Hualapai Legacy Package DOES NOT include the Skywalk Ticket, nor Lunch. Since most visitors want to take a walk on the Skywalk, you need to purchase the Legacy Gold Package that includes a Skywalk Ticket and Lunch. This is the most popular Tour Package.

If you are looking for a more exclusive tour, then you might consider the Legacy VIP Tour. Each Tour Package includes a stop at Eagle Point where the Grand Canyon Skywalk is located, Guano Point with spectacular views, and the Hualapai Ranch with Western hospitality and entertainment. I would recommend you get an early start no matter what time of the year you plan on visiting the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Also, in the heat of summer, the earlier you get there, the more comfortable it is. Grand Canyon West is normally 5 to 10 degree’s cooler than Las Vegas…so, it can still be pretty warm out there in the summer. Remember hydration and drink lots of liquids. Sun care is always important in the Southwest, so remember to bring a hat and sunscreen. Now, if you decide you DO NOT want to drive yourself out to the Skywalk, there are tour options by Motorcoach, Airplane, and Helicopter which will pick you up and drop you off at your Hotel in Las Vegas.

You can leave all the navigation worries to someone else by taking a look at your Tour Options below or on Tour Options to get you to the Grand Canyon West & Skywalk Come visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk and experience Grand Canyon West. It’s one of the newest attractions at Grand Canyon…and it’s close to Las Vegas.

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It's Not the National Park While there has been some criticism of Grand Canyon West as a tourist attraction, there are an equal number of excellent reviews raving about the dramatic Grand Canyon views, the Native American heritage displays and the Skywalk itself. The key to getting the most out of Grand Canyon West is to be well-informed and fully prepared for the expense, travel time, road conditions, weather and remoteness.

Grand Canyon West is privately owned and operated by the Hualapai Tribe and requires the purchase of a permit and Legacy tour package for entry. Outside food and drink are not permitted (except for water) and you may be persuaded to purchase photos and/or a souvenir. A typical visit, without tour add-ons, could total around $206 per person, if it looked like this: Legacy Gold entrance package, includes a meal and the Skywalk — $87.

92 after tax/fees Three professional Skywalk photos — $96.30 after tax Souvenir purchase at the gift shop, using a $5 coupon included in the package — $21.40 after tax The travel time — just 2 ½ hours from Las Vegas — is minimal compared to the drive to the South Rim from Las Vegas, but because signage is minimal until you get within about 10 miles of Grand Canyon West, and much of the drive is on 2-lane roads and even 9-miles of a graded dirt road that's bumpy, dusty and has a 25 MPH posted speed limit, it seems like a more arduous journey than it really is, especially if you're unprepared.

Patience and a high-clearance vehicle are definitely recommended; it's unwise to take a regular sedan — especially a rental car — to Grand Canyon West. Don't follow the car in front of you too closely, or you'll be shrouded in dust and unable to see properly. If you are driving a rental car, take the Park-and-Ride shuttle from Dolan Springs. It's just $15 cash, round trip, paid to the driver and worth every penny to avoid additional charges from the rental car company.

You may experience long lines at the shuttle stops or waiting to walk on the Skywalk. There isn't much protection from the elements in these queues, so be prepared with a wide-brimmed hat, plenty of high SPF sunscreen, sunglasses, light layers, and at least a quart of water per person. Some visitors are struck by the remoteness of the West Rim. There are no services along the 50–70 miles between US-93 or Kingman, respectively, and Grand Canyon West, so make sure you have sufficient gas, air in your tires, and your car is in good working order.

Take precautions typical of any road trip; have water, food and emergency supplies in your vehicle. There is almost no cell service at Grand Canyon West. Do not rely on your mobile for emergency calls, nor your smartphone for directions, a connection to the internet, or travel apps. Be prepared with some printed or written directions, and make your hotel reservations ahead of time. West Rim Hotels & Lodging Grand Canyon West, while conveniently located just 125 miles east of Las Vegas, Nevada, is in a remote part of northwestern Arizona, with few developed comforts in the area.

The West Rim does feature overnight accommodations nearby; Hualapai Ranch and Hualapai Lodge are operated by the Tribe. The Hualapai Ranch is located inside the Grand Canyon West recreation area, while the Lodge is approximately 90 minutes from the West Rim in Peach Springs, AZ on historic Route 66. A third option is the Grand Canyon Ranch Resort, just 2 miles outside Grand Canyon West on Diamond Bar Ranch Road.

This working cattle ranch offers pine cabins, sleeping tipis (seasonally), western entertainment, helicopter flights, and horseback rides. The Hualapai have preserved this remote part of Arizona, providing lodging and dining that meet our creature comforts, but not taking away from the beauty that is the Grand Canyon West Rim. Truth be told, most Grand Canyon West Rim visitors are daytrippers who choose to book their overnight accommodations in Las Vegas, NV — just a 2 ½-hour drive from this western-most Grand Canyon point of interest.

One can easily drive themselves or take a bus or coach tour from Las Vegas and see the West Rim in 8 hours round-trip, or even half that time on a helicopter or air tour from Las Vegas. We also highly recommend checking out West Rim hotels in Kingman, just 70 miles from Grand Canyon West and a central resting stop with easy access to I-40, I-93, and several fascinating attractions including ghost towns, gold mines, museums, lakes, Hoover Dam, gaming and more.

Weather The Grand Canyon West Rim's elevation, at 4,800 feet above sea level, is right between that of desert Las Vegas and the lofty plateau of the South Rim. It stands to reason, then, that visitors generally experience temperate weather year-round; although summer temperatures can climb past 100° F. The West Rim isn't subject to extreme winter snow conditions like the South and North Rims, although it is possible visitors could encounter snow at Grand Canyon West in December, January and February.

Daylight Savings Time Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time, so if you're coming to Grand Canyon West from Las Vegas, you may need to account for a time difference. Daylight Savings Time (Spring to Fall) — Arizona is equal to Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), so it's the same as Nevada 9:00 am in Las Vegas = 9:00 am at Grand Canyon West Standard Time (Fall to Spring) — Arizona is equal to Mountain Standard Time (MST), which is 1 hour ahead of Nevada 9:00 am in Las Vegas = 10:00 am at Grand Canyon West

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