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sizing – schier Schier Products Sizing Reps Dealers Sizing Sizing a grease interceptor is complicated. Not only are there numerous plumbing and menu-related factors to consider, but you must also understand what the local plumbing and sewer codes require. Alas, there’s just no shortcut to correctly size a grease interceptor… until now. Grease Monkey™ (beta) guides you quickly through the important aspects of sizing, produces a printable and sharable sizing report and comes with our complimentary pre-approval service.

When you select to "Pre-Approve your project" we double-check your work and confirm local code approval. Grease Production Sizing™ First introduced in 2012, Schier’s Grease Production Sizing™ (GPS) has been used to size over 30,000 restaurant grease interceptors, has been adopted by several municipalities, published in the 2017 edition of ASPE’s Plumbing Engineering Design Handbook and now powers our Grease Monkey™ sizing tool.

"Just Right" product selection Traditional sizing methods only consider the restaurant's wastewater flow rate to the grease interceptor and do not factor in the amount of grease produced. This often leads to interceptors that are either over-sized or under-sized for the application - both are very costly to the restaurant. GPS factors both the flow rate and the grease content of the wastewater produced by the kitchen, ensuring a grease interceptor that is sized 'just right'.

Pumpout frequency As a rule of thumb, most cities require the interceptor to be pumped out every 90 days (or less). Grease Monkey™ selects the interceptor that most closely matches 90 days grease capacity based on the grease production of the restaurant. Kitchen Best Management Practices (BMPs) Kitchen BMPs can drastically improve the pump frequency of the interceptor. Please see our BMP page for more information.

Can it handle job-site conditions? Grease Monkey™ takes it a step further, checking to make sure that the interceptor will handle the physical requirements of the job, like the piping connections and vehicular traffic loading.

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