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Be sure to read this whole review because there is a very happy ending!!First the things I like...the pan is nice and heafty and well balanced. It's made in the USA. It heats evenly and does a great job baking cookies, and other dough items....actually everything I've baked on it. Now my big beef with this product! I wouldn't feel comfortable putting any food DIRECTLY on this pan. Every time you wash it.

..(and I do follow recommended instructions and wash by hand)...everything turns a muddy gray...the sponge, the rinse water, your hands, everything. It's even hard to wash the gray off your hands after your done. I hate that so just won't let food actually cook on the surface. I'll always use parchment paper. Don't trust all that gray metallic colored residue that comes off in the washing process.Update Feb 20, 2012: I sent Nordic Ware an e-mail asking if they could explain the reason for all the gray metal color all over everything when I wash this pan.

I told them I was very happy to buy a pan made in the USA and the product did perform flawlessly. I was just concerned about all the leaching of whatever it is. Never got a reply.Update Nov 19, 2012: After almost a year someone commented on my feedback suggesting I try contacting Nordic Ware customer service again. Thank you Bon!! I felt it only fair to try again since so many people love this sheet.

Low and behold I received a quick reply. After explaining the situation, they e-mailed a form to fill out and mail in. I just got an e-mail saying they received it, reviewed the information, and they're sending me a new pan because THE GRAYING I'M EXPERIENCING IS NOT NORMAL. I don't know what happened to my original e-mails but based on THIS customer service experience with Nordic, I'd say it was a flawless experience.

The service was friendly, quick, and fair. As soon as I receive the new sheet, I'll wash it, use it, wash it one more time and then report back. I suspect it will be a totally different experience this time....the way we do it here IN THE USA!!!!Update Dec 3, 2012: I have received the replacement half sheet. After washing several times I have no problem with gray residue. I'm convinced the first sheet I received was defective.

This one is perfect...just what I expected from Nordic Ware. This is a company no one should ever be concerned about dealing with. They stand behind their products and, not only deliver quality products, but back them with quality customer service. I'm a believer.

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