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I have owned about a dozen pellets stoves over the last 7 or 8 years, 4 of which have been Harman's (Advance, P61A, P61 , and PC45). I could approach the P series as 5 separate reviews, but I think it is more useful to look at the as a group. The P series stoves really have more in common than they do have differences.Harman pellet stoves function in some fundamentally different ways than just about any other pellet stove on the market.

I am of the opinion that Harman makes the best pellet stove on the market, and the P series represents the best of Harman pellet stoves. This review will hopefully explain how I arrived at that conclusion.Lets start with what all Harman's have in common-Pellet Pro systemThe first thing is what they call the Pellet pro system. This and one other thing are what makes a Harman a Harman.[embedded content] This system is about as close as you can get to a bottom feed system, without out being a bottom feed system.

The reason you do not see bottom feed systems is because the were prone to hopper fires. The pellet pro system makes a hopper fire almost impossible (or at least very unlikely) because it creates a separation between the pellets in the hopper and the pellets in the auger. To my knowledge no other pellet stove manufacturer does anything like this. Early Harman Pellet Pro model This system is common to all Harman's, in fact the very first series of pellet stove Harmon made was the Pellet Pro series.

An other benefit to this system is that the variations in different size pellets does not effect feed performance.Harman's have "ESP"The second thing that really sets Harman stoves apart is the use of what they call and ESP probe. Now some of you might hear ESP probe and think it is a device used on ghost hunters, but that is not the case. The ESP (Exhaust Sensing Probe) basically measures the temperature of the exhaust and regulates the feed rate based on the exhaust.

By knowing the exhaust temperature you can extrapolate the heat output of the stove.When you turn most stoves to a particular setting you are basically controlling the feed rate, and that rate is a fixed amount of auger rotation over a fixed amount of time. So the same setting on a most stoves can equal rather different different stove heat outputs based variations in pellets, and as you know from this site there can be some real significant variations in pellets.

By contrast Harman stove temperature settings 1-7 reflect a paticular exhaust output temperature and will automatically adjust the feed rate to maintain a consistent output at the given setting. This system works extremely well, and harman has been perfecting it for over a decade now, so it is a very mature system.Stove Temp versus Room TempThe other common feature to all Harman pellet stoves is the room temperature sensor.

It is basically the temperature probe for the onboard thermostat. So you can essentially set a room temperature and the stove will keep it there by raising and lowering the fire, and if it does not call for heat over an extended period the stove will shut off, and then relight when heat is called for again (with the exception of the P38+).Here is where I offer a couple criticisms about the Harman system.

It is difficult (not impossible) to hook in a programable thermostat to the stove. The second is that running a Harman in room temperature mode is not nearly as efficient as stove temperature mode.  I always run my stoves in stove temperature mode, and they work great.Things specific to the P series P series with nickel options I would say the best way to describe the P series is that form follows function.

These are some of the most functional stoves made, however they are not the most decorative or fancy, in fact one might even call the austere.CleaningThese are just one of the most simple stoves to completely clean. Basically open the door, scrape the burn pot out, scrape the accordion heat exchange (common to P series), brush the ash down into the ash bin, open the bottom door and pull out the ash bin (which is huge btw), pull off the exhaust fan cover and clean and vac out that area (be care around the ESP), and done.

One you are experienced this whole process should take 20 minutes if you take your time. About one a year you should also remove the door to the feed system and vac it out. This requires removing one of the lower baffles.These are all very simple tasks compared to other stoves.One interesting thing Harmon does is that the housing for the combustion fan is part of the stove, and it is offset in such a way that you can see straight out of the exhaust.

I realize this is sorta inside baseball stuff, but if you are a DYI type it makes ownership of the stove a much more pleasant proposition.Differences in the P series Pellet Hopper Capacity The P series has generally above average hopper capacity. Essentially the P series has 3 frame sizes- small (P38 and P43- 50 LBS), medium (P61 and PC45- 72 LBS), and large (P68- 76 LBS). All these can be increased with a sinfully ugly hopper extension, but if you are burning these in a basement the hopper extension might be just the thing you need.

They typically add about 50 LBS of capacity, and is a feature unique to all the P series stoves. PowerThis is an area where Harman pellet stoves shine in general, and the P series in particular (even the P38 is pretty strong. I have heard it said that Harman pellet stoves put out heat like a wood stove, and it is true. As I mentioned before I have owned a number of other pellet stoves, and none of them put the real world heat out like Harman.

The P series in particular give you a considerable amount of radiant heat in the room they are in. Most other pellet stoves do not put out much in the way of radiant heat at all.Build Quality Before Durring These are USA made stoves. They are made in Halifax PA, just a little north of the state capital of Harrisburg. Generally speaking they are just a heavier made stove, the steel is thicker than a lot of other stoves.

The fit and finish is also very good, doors line up and latch as they should. I am actually in the process of refurbishing a 17 year old P61 that was clearly not cared for well, and with a little effort it will come up as good as new, and that is a testament to initial quality. Like anything parts will fail, but the frame of these stoves are rock solid.Differences within the P series. The first thing to note is the number after the P in the model indicates the maximum BTU input to the stove in thousands.

For example a P61 has a maximum BTU input of 61,000 BTUs.P38+ versus P43These are pretty much the same stoves, but the P43 has auto light. In terms of the difference in 5,000 BTUs between the models, I suspect there is a very minor real world difference between the stoves.P61 versus PC45These stove are the same frame size, but there is a huge difference in the burn pots. The p61 is s pellet stove, the PC45 is a pretty much anything palletized stove.

The PC45 comes with an additional burn pot, and 2 different agitators that connect to the end of the auger to stirs fuels like corn that want to clinker very quickly. There is also a series of dip switches that need to be set differently for different fuel types. I currently burn a PC45 set up for pellets, and it seems to have a similar heat output as my P61 did.P61 versus P68The P68 is a minor increase from the P61.

The dimensions of the stove are nearly identical, with the P68 being 2" taller, and holding 4 more pounds of pellets. The burn pot is a bit larger as well. If you are trying to heat a large space this is your stove. This stove will put out more than many wood stoves, and was the highest output free standing pellet stove on the market.Conclusion As you can tell I am a fan of these stoves. My recommendation of the P series stoves in the P61.

It is powerful enough for most applications and just does almost everything well. I have found the loner I owned a Harman the more I liked.Eventually I would like to get a XXV as it blends the great functionality of the P series with the great looks of a classic cast iron stove. I look forward to writing that review.

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A small crackle is all you hear from your wood pellet stove, but the warmth it radiates is undeniable. A wood pellet stove is an efficient and clean way to warm your home, as the pellets are made of compressed sawdust and the stoves themselves are so efficient that they do not require a chimney, but instead use a pipe that vents directly through an exterior wall. These stoves are equipped with a hopper that stores the pellets and slowly feeds them into the stove for use.

Many models feature an external thermostat that regulates the temperature by automatically adjusting the number of pellets deposited into the unit. For ease of use, some models also feature a pilot light that is always on or an electric lighter that works with the touch of a button so you do not need to manually start the flames. Wood pellet stoves are a great way to heat your home, and with the help of the sellers on eBay, you can find the right model with the right features to keep your home warm all winter long.

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