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Buying Hong Kong Disneyland tickets is fairly straightforward, at least compared to the baffling selections available at some of the other Disneyland parks across the globe. The standard Hong Kong Disneyland ticket price is pretty reasonable when compared to the price (about $100) per day at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. You can find out how much the different tickets are for the park below, as well as where to find better deals and discounts before your trip to the park.

Prices for Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets One Day Ticket PricesThe most expensive way to visit the park is by purchasing a standard one day ticket. These are rarely discounted when purchased directly through Hong Kong Disneyland, and the 2018 prices are as follows: Adult: HK$619 (approximately $79 U.S. dollars)  Child: (Ages 3-11) HK$458 (approximately $58) Senior: (Ages 65 and over) HK$100 (approximately $13) Two Day Ticket PricesBuying the two-day ticket knocks about the half the price off the cost of a second day.

Not only will you save money, but you have the flexibility to visit on two consecutive days, or at another time within seven days of your first visit. Adult: HK$799 (approximately $102) Child: (Ages 3-11) HK$589 (approximately $75) Senior: (Ages 65 and over) HK$170 (approximately $22) Magic Access Passes The annual passes are the most cost-effective tickets Hong Kong Disneyland offers but you'd need to spend at least three days at the park to make it worth your money.

The passes are called Magic Access and can be purchased online as well as in the park. These passes also include discounts on Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel stays, so be sure to check if your desired hotel is on the list before booking. Silver Magic Access Pass You get 220 days of access to the park with this pass, but it doesn't include weekends or holidays. Magic Access silver pass holders receive 10% off park merchandise and 15% off stays at the Hong Kong Disneyland hotels.

Adult: HK$1238 (approximately $158) Child: (Ages 3-11) HK$880 (approximately $112) Senior: (Ages 65 and over) HK$316 (approximately $40) Student: (Ages 12-25) HK $880 (approximately $112) Gold Magic Access Pass This pass gives you 340 days of park access, including most weekends, but not holidays. You also get 10% off park merchandise, 20% off stays at Hong Kong Disneyland hotels, free parking, and more.

Adult: HK$1999 (approximately $255) Child: (Ages 3-11) HK$1409 (approximately $180) Senior: (Ages 65 and over) HK$525 (approximately $67) Student: (Ages 12-25) HK$1409 (approximately $180) Platinum Magic Access Pass For the true Disney fans that want to option of visiting every single day of the year, this pass entitles you to a 365-day ticket. You will also receive free parking, a complimentary buffet dinner on your birthday, online seat reservations for Mickey and the Wondrous Book, and more.

Adult: HK$3491 (approximately $446) Child: (Ages 3-11) HK$2485 (approximately $317) Senior: (Ages 65 and over) HK$890 (approximately $113) Student: (Ages 12-25) HK$2485 (approximately $317) Hong Kong Resident Magic Access Passes Discounts are not typically offered for local residents for single or two-day park tickets, however, Hong Kong residents do receive reduced prices for the annual Magic Access passes.

Resident Silver Magic Access Pass This pass has the same benefits and restrictions as the non-resident silver Magic Access pass, but with a reduced rate. Adult: HK$1178 (approximately $150) Child: (Ages 3-11) HK$828 (approximately $105) Senior: (Ages 65 and over) HK$290 (approximately $37) Student: (Ages 12-25) HK$828 (approximately $105) Resident Gold Magic Access Pass This pass offers the same benefits and restrictions as the non-resident gold Magic Access pass, but also with a reduced rate.

Adult: HK$1888 (approximately $241) Child: (Ages 3-11) HK$1345 (approximately $171) Senior: (Ages 65 and over) HK$485 (approximately $61) Student: (Ages 12-25) HK$1345 (approximately $171) Resident Platinum Access Pass Like the regular Platinum Pass, this Magic Access level does not have any restrictions for visiting the parks and comes with all of the platinum benefits including free parking. Adult: HK$3348 (approximately $427) Child: (Ages 3-11) HK$2375 (approximately $303) Senior: (Ages 65 and over) HK$820 (approximately $104) Student: (Ages 12-25) HK$2375 (approximately $303) Discounts for Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets It is possible to find cheap Hong Kong Disneyland tickets.

The most reliable discounter is China Travel Service. They have a counter at Hong Kong Airport and several branches in downtown Hong Kong. The prices tickets are often HK$50 - HK$100 cheaper than buying tickets online or at the park. The catch is, oftentimes there are no weekend dates available from these ticket sellers, so you must be willing to visit on a weekday or risk paying full price. Another option for purchasing discounted tickets is through Klook, an online reseller with a limited number weekend passes.

You can expect to save between 10% or 15%, on average, and the tickets are issued directly to your mobile phone.  Important Information About Hong Kong Disneyland The park no longer sells higher-priced tickets for holiday dates. While it's good news that standard one-day tickets allow access on all days, this does mean that there is a chance you won't be able to enter the park during busy holiday periods.

Arrive early, especially during Chinese New Year and Golden Week to be assured entry. Children under 3 years of age are given free entry to the park. Guests staying at either of Hong Kong Disneyland’s hotels do not have free access to the park, but discounted tickets are available for purchase. 

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