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Hot Wheels free price guide of collectible cars made by Mattel. These values are for in package or in blister unless stated as being loose. Usually collectors want a mint package, although rare Hot Wheels can sell for large amounts of money in less than perfect condition.Using this price guide should help you when you are buying rare and uncommon Hot Wheels collector cars. The LE or Limited Edition cars, and the original cars made many years ago are always easy to sell to collectors for a good price.

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In 1995, Mattel introduced a new way to collect Hot Wheels. Cars were issued as "New Model Series" in a set of 12, along with several specialized 4-car subsets. The New Models would soon give way to the title "First Editions" in 1996, and the issue numbers would increase, but the same categorizing technique took place over the years.In 2013, major changes took place in how the cars were grouped. The "New Model" and "First Edition" titles were dropped, and any new issues were simply identified with a "New For 2013" badge on the package.

The other Mainline cars were broken down into different segments, with sub-segments. Lastly, the beloved "Green Stripe" that adorned the Treasure Hunt vehicles was gone, replaced by a tiny Flame logo on the cars, indicating they were a Regular TH. $uper TH packages are also unmarked, but the cars are easily identifiable with the Spectraflame paint and Real Riders wheels.This guide will break down and list all of the sets and "approximate" values.

Note that the NCHWA utilizes a pricing method called "Star Value�." Instead of specific dollar values, each car will be assigned a Star Value� to indicate rarity and price range. There are simply too many variables to place a "set" value on any model, so a range will be used instead to indicate where that particular model may fall on the secondary price scale.The Star Value� chart will be placed at the bottom of each page for easy reference.

A +/- indicates that the car falls either into the lower/higher end of the Star Value. This pricing method is unique to and allows for artificial inhibitors on market conditions such as "secondary buyer-itus" and new releases.

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