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114 5739 Callaghan RdSte 100San Antonio, TX 78228 (210) 647-6677 First visit to this place. Don't let the exterior fool you. Their business sign fell down and the new sign is on the way... interior is somewhat rustic, really nice and fun. Can be a little loud because of their high ceilings... We went for breakfast.. wowza yummy! Fantastic service, friendly staff. Probably some of the best grits I have been had! We saw lots of people getting their chicken and waffles - next time we have to try that! Definitely come try this place out.

We will be back! Food is pretty yummy. I love the 404 salad. Chicken flavorful, catfish flavorful. Staff is very sweet and courteous. I would give 5 stars if we didn't wait over an hour to sit and once seated.. it was another hour. From the time we arrived to the time food came to the table.. a little over 2 hours. It's unfortunate, I actually saw people leave because they got tired of waiting for their food.

I'm a foodie, and we understand waiting a long time to get a table. . But, most places you are willing to wait... don't take forever to bring food out. I will come back on a day and time they're not busy. Or I'll order take out. This is definitely a diamond in the rough, old west. I stopped in here the morning after my daughters BMT graduation. The waffles were the best I have had in a while. My daughter had the oxtails and grits.

There were 5 of us at the table and it looked so scrumptious we all had to try it. We tried it and we were all so surprised that it is now going to be a thing for us. No body was dissatisfied at all. The only problem i had was the chicken skin was a bit crispier than I personally care for. Some people like it that way but I like it golden, not a brown color. Tomorrow is my last day in San Antonio.

Guess where I will be for breakfast. Thumbs up to this establishment. Yes sir, just as I thought. We went back for breakfast and it was just as good. Consistently good.! My kind of place. I can't keep calm, it's my 600th Yelp REVIEEEEEEWWWWW and I'm celebrating it at The South C & W! I had one of the best meals ever and the vibe was all the way right! The hubs, my longtime friend (who now lives in SA), and I chose The South for brunch on my recent SA visit, and I'm so glad we did-- and she insisted! When you walk in, the place smells incredible-- great start.

But the gag is, the DJ (yep, there's a DJ) is so great that you almost want to focus more on chair dancing than eating! (I said almost! lol I was definitely able to effectively multitask.) I just love the concept of enjoying good music at brunch! I had the namesake (chicken and waffles-- half regular, half red velvet) and pecan pie. All of it... JUST SO GOOD!!! The pie tasted like Mom's at Christmas! #Winning I'd be remiss if I didn't shout out the tropical punch Kool-aid on the menu that was sweetened to absolute perfection, and sends you back to your childhood at first sip! What a great visit! The service was also stellar and I'll definitely return on my next SA trip! "[At brunch] a DJ saved my life!" Everything was delicious.

The cheese grits were perfect! John catered our wedding so it was great having his cheese grits and waffles again! This hidden gem is such a flavorful surprise. It's hard to find delicious southern food in San Antonio. Good news we found it! I miss an authentic chicken and waffles dish and I found my long lost love here on their menu. Their fried chicken can stand alone with its crispy outside and juicy center but it's wonderfully combined a perfectly made waffle.

My boyfriend ordered the catfish and fries which he devoured. It is a small venue tables of 4 but I'm sure they can possibly pull some together for larger parties. We will be back! This place is hard to find. The chicken was too salty but the waiter and the manager took care of it and me. The Bama Benedicts were good but the eggs was over cooked and the ham was cold. We waited almost an hour for our food but this place is extremely busy.

I'll give this place a second chance next time I'm in town, I think this place has the potential of being great. Update: Went back yesterday. This place was PACKED! It's almost like they've read reviews because they've made tiny improvements to the stuff people mentioned: they have someone outside the door you should walk in and the waffles were a tad crisper. The hospitality is just as great as it was my first time there.

I tried the fried pickles. They had great flavor throughout the crisp breading. This time though I ordered the catfish po-boy. And when I tasted that first bite of the catfish, bread, sauce, lettuce, and tomato, I actually said out loud, "Wow! This is fantastic!" and it was great throughout. It's important to note that (as some may say in their reviews) the music inside the restaurant was a tad too loud and it was hard to hear the person across the table.

When I was here the first time, I was one of 4 tables in the restaurant with customers. This time, though, all the tables were full and there were 4 parties in line to get a table. Quite the shift. And yet despite the increased popularity they've actually improved on their experience! I still recommend this place! I had the Bama bennies and they were delicious! My brother had chicken (bone in) and waffle.

The plate cost $15, he doesn't think it was worth that. For what he paid he thought it should've had something extra. It was still good though.The bennies were $13. I liked my plate and my waffle was delicious. It is a small place and almost easy to miss. I didn't see a sign outside. Service was good. They were friendly. Delicious! The food melted in my mouth. Loved it!! Definitely going back to try the Shrimp & Grits.

Besides the food, the customer service was exceptional. Overall, great experience! Can't wait for a 2nd trip! Update: I'm not sure what happened to service. I think The South is just quite overwhelmed and is having a hard time accommodating. Exceptional service. We felt right at home from start to finish. Solid 4 stars but the oxtail and grits sets it over the edge. Our waiter offered us complimentary mimosas to start off a fantastic early lunch.

We of course had to get the chicken and waffles. You can either order a buttermilk waffle or red velvet waffle or both. I always love being able to select all the things. However, the waffle itself was a disappointment. This is the restaurant namesake! The waffles were incredibly gummy and lost all crispness. Both the buttermilk and red velvet were too dense and gummy. It was probably one of the worst waffles I've ever had.

But the chicken was much, much better. It was well seasoned, hot and very crispy. If I had only ordered chicken and waffles, I would have given The South 3 stars. But the chicken itself was redemptive. As was our next entree - the oxtail and grits. The Orleans oxtail grillades and grits to be exact. Guys. You need to order this! This dish is graciously offered on the all day brunch menu. It's incredibly rich and the oxtail is melt off the bone tender.

Incredibly delicious. Order this and share. It's so rich that I think finishing one portion alone will cause a heart attack. The grits come with a side of biscuits. My brother really wanted the biscuits and gravy so our kind waiter just got us some gravy to go with the biscuits anyway. I found the biscuits slightly doughy and the gravy too salty. But overall it was a nice compliment to the oxtail.

What a fantastic start The South!! Avoid the waffles. Come for the grits and stellar service. THIS FOOD IS SOUTHERN COMFORT!!! *** they might actually deserve 5 stars, I just have to try something else on the menu first, I'm pretty reserved & selective, can't be throwing out a fifth star to just everybody lol*** So last Saturday was Friendsgiving with some of my girls. We decided to try this new restaurant.

Now it's a hike for us since we all live in the downtown area. BUUUUUT never let it be said, we won't travel for a great meal and it was WELL worth it!! If you haven't been down to the South yet, what the heck are you waiting for!? Here's a little sample of what you're missing: THE most tender oxtails & gravy over cheese grits with the tastiest little biscuit you've ever had on the side. And to drink? A mason jar of grandma's Kool-Aid.

.. (No it's not actually called that but this is exactly how my grandma used to make hers, sweet & tart. I almost teared up over that drink just thinking about her) But I had to get back to my meal. And one of my friends ordered pecan pie but they were out. Sorta bummed but it was close to closing so I can understand that when everything is fresh baked daily. Listen, this is Southern comfort on a plate people.

Come taste & see for yourself! . Next time, I gotta try their chicken & waffles. I must have died and gone to heaven. Why pick between sweet and savory brunch when you can have both? I ordered their chicken and just the regular buttermilk waffles (you can get half red velvet and half buttermilk). The portion was ginormous but it was so good, I ate it all up. They had a complimentary mimosa that added that citrusy part of a balanced breakfast ;).

The fried chicken was crispy and seasoned to perfection. It can be a little salty by itself, but when you combine it with the syrupy waffle, it makes the perfect combination. They definitely know what they're doing here. I can't wait to go back and show this place to more of my friends! I've heard good things about this place so I was excited to try it out for a weekend brunch. We got there early so we got sat right away, everyone was very friendly and the owner even came by to say hello which was nice.

I was a little disappointed with the food, our table got an order of pancakes, French toast and the country breakfast. The portions were adequate.. taste was good but not great. I expected died and gone to heaven kind of food from the way people were talking about this place but the food was more relatable to an IHOP. It wasn't bad I just expected more from the hype, 3 plates and 3 coffees was $50.

I had such a great time at the South yesterday. My friend and I were lucky enough to get there at a time when there was no wait for a table. The have been previous days when I have passed by and there is a line out the door. I ordered the oxtail and grits, and it was melt in your mouth delicious! My friend had some fried pork chops and gumbo which she also enjoyed. They had a live dj that kept the environment fun and energetic.

San Antonio definitely needed a place like this! The food was awesome..... the customer service was outstanding I watch the owner personally check in with each customer .... Came to visit San Antonio and I was treated to some of the best chicken and waffles I had in a long time .... outstanding experience will be back soon..... Ps: I love the new jack swing music Chloe, our waitress was exceptional.

Very friendly and informative on the menu options. I really enjoyed the atmosphere! I ordered the chicken and waffles and must say the waffles were amazing. The chicken needs a little twerking, maybe try using the waffle batter or a little less salt. Otherwise, I think once they get the recipe for the chicken down this place will be top notch. The shrimp and grits was a good dish. Grits were Soo creamy wished they had a bit more texture.

Creole gravy can have more punch, make it spicy, remove the red peppers and dice the onion smaller. You got a good amount of shrimp too. Ohhh and the koolaid!!!! Yummmm The food wasn't what I expected for 'southern' food. I went with my coworkers for lunch in October. We were very happy with the customer service, but the food just okay. We all come from a southern background, so we all expect 'finger-licking' good food.

I had the eggs benedict with shrimp and a bed of greens (it normally comes with Texas toast). My food seemed to have been sitting for a minute because it wasn't hot. I also thought that the shrimp were small and I barely saw any Hollandaise sauce on my plate. I also had to explain to the waitress who had to explain to the cook what a bed of greens are when I made my order! For the cost, I expected more.

Needless to say, if I go back I won't be ordering that. My coworkers had chicken & waffles, and catfish & grits. They said their meals were okay but not like southern restaurants one might frequent in states like South Carolina or Georgia. Also kool-aid refills are not free. Although it was a little burnt, I enjoyed the peach cobbler and might go back just for that. But I do want to try the chicken and waffles myself just because everyone has their own taste.

Shying up to 3 stars but really I'd give it a 2.5 if I could. The Green Thumb omelette was satisfying but slightly underwhelming. I had to ask for hot sauce to make it interesting. The hot cakes that came with it however were very good and I'd come back just for them. On the critical side, the coffee was aweful. I sent it back. It tasted like it was microwaved from an old yesterday's pot despite being fresh brewed.

I also tried the pecan pie which tasted forgettable. The final critical note and most important was price. For the quality of food and type of place I expect entrees under $10 and this place starts at $13 and upcharges for changes. To get my $13 bucks I need a lot better food and on plates that actually fit the food that comes on it. Up the game The South! You're a touch above an iHop right now. This restaurant is amazing! It's a nice and small place to enjoy some southern brunch.

The employees and owner of the The South are very welcoming. I went on a Wednesday so unfortunately I couldn't get a mimosa because they only serve them on the weekends.. But that didn't stop me from getting their Chicken and red velvet waffles. Omg they were amazing! Perfect combo! The waffles were huge and soo soft and the chicken was perfectly cooked. This place is very new so I suggest y'all go and try them out before it gets busy!! Great food and great service!

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