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Let’s look at the new guild leader cards vs the old onesEverything i have written here is my personal option and i welcome feedback and others thoughts. Azorius: Grand Arbiter AugustinIV: makes it harder for opponents to play cards and easier for you to. cancomes out early game. almost useless in combat. Isperia, SupremeJudge: choose able card advantage downside is you can just not be attacked.Comes out mid-game.

A hard hitter with flying. Win to Isperia Izzet: Niv-Mizzet, The Firemind: easy to break (TandemLookout, Curiosity, Jace…). Can’t attack and use draw ability.Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius: slightlybigger for same cost. Damage ability repeatable and unaffected by summoningsickness. Both Mizzets are about equal it really depends onwhere you want the deck to go. And should be fun in combo Rakdos: Rakdos the Defiler: almost demands a demon deck or a deckwhere you gain something when your creatures are sacked.

Hard hitter withflying and trample. Combat abilities make it easier to force sacking ofopponents stuff. Rakdos, Lord of Riots: Hard hitter with flying and trample. Lowmana cost with casting restrictions. Lowers casting cost of creatures Personally I don’t like either but I think Lord of Riots isthe more versatile of the two and therefore better. Golgari: Sisters of Stone Death: Late game hard cast.

Severaleffective ways to use first ability (lure, in combo with second, deathtouch…).Removal and stealing of creatures. Mana cost reasonable. Savra, Queen of the Golgari: gives benafits if creatures aresacked but doesn’t let you sack them herself. At 2/2 and needs to be cobinedwith other things for abilities to do anything under powered for the CMC of 4and being Guild Leader. Jarad, Golgari LichLord: static P/T increase.

Lose of life ability. Return from grave ability. Depending on thedeck Sisters or Jarad have the win. Though I will say fear the use of Jarad andSavra in combo. Selesnya: Chorus of theConclave: forestwalk (more or less useless combat ability). Late game hardcast. Great blocker. Ability give use for unused mana late game. Trostani, Selesnya’sVoice: early mid-game hard cast. triggered life gain. Populate.

Decent blocker. All around both aregreat but I think Trostani has it because she comes out much earlier. Will workgreat in combo because you get bigger creatures and gain more life. Art wise the only onethat loses is Jarad and he loses to both Sisters and Sava, though I will sayAugustin is very close to a tie

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