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Updated December 4, 2017 By Richard Thomas Rating: B+ Jameson Black Barrel(Credit: Irish Distillers) “Small batch” is an ill-defined category in whiskey, and the best way to think of the definition is to apply it literally: said whiskey is made in small batches. Heretofore, the term was used exclusively in America and applied to bourbon and rye, but now Ireland’s Jameson Distillery is getting in on the act.

Or at least it had until a name change came along. You see, Jameson Black Barrel used to be known as Jameson Small Batch. Introduced in 2010 as Jameson Select Reserve Small Batch, Black Barrel is a blend (remember “small batch” isn’t “single barrel”). About 3/4s is 12 year old, pot still Irish whiskey, and the remainder is 5 year old grain whiskey. The latter whiskey is made for only a few days of the year and not used in any other Jameson label, giving the blend its small batch and select reserve designations.

The contributing whiskeys are matured either in toasted sherry casks or charred bourbon barrels. The WhiskeyJameson Black Barrel comes in a fairly typical Jameson green glass bottle, with the company label design done up in dark charcoal gray. That bottle comes with a plastic and cork stopper and a metal foil wrapper. The whiskey is bottled at 40% alcohol, unless you live in South Africa, where it is 43% alcohol.

The whiskey has a solid, straw-gold coloring, and a nose like a breakfast fruit bowl. A dense citrus scent is front and center, with touches of coconut, apricot and guava, and just a hint of graininess in the background. It’s a creamy, full-bodied whiskey on the palate, tasting of vanilla and coconut with woody notes. The Jameson style is very much there at the core, but with so much extra. The finish is cool, crisp, slightly woody and with a bit of bite to it.

I must say I liked the Jameson Black Barrel at least as much as I liked the distillery’s 18 Year Old, and the latter is a damn sight more expensive. That makes this whiskey a solid choice for bargain hunting Irish whiskey lovers. The PriceThe official pricing for this whiskey has risen to €47 since it was rebranded as Jameson Black Barrel (see below). That is some €15 higher than it was when it was released as Jameson Small Batch.

Do yourself a favor and grab a bottle at the lower price while you still can. Share :

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The Old Jameson Distillery is closed for redevelopment until March 2017. Please check their website for further information. The Old Jameson Distillery is located on the original site of John Jameson’s distillery in Bow Street in Dublin.  This distillery, founded in 1780,  was Ireland’s most famous distillery for nearly 200 years, until its closure in 1971, when distilling of Jameson Irish Whiskey was transferred to the Midleton Distillery.

  For many years the Bow Street Distillery lay abandoned, but today, once again, it is a hub of activity, welcoming visitors from all over the world. This award wining brand home is one of Dublin’s and Ireland’s favourite attractions.  Located on the north side of the city, it is an easy walk from the city centre along the river Liffey, a short bus ride with Dublin’s Hop on Hop off bus tours, or only 3 minutes’ walk from the Smithfield Luas tram stop.

  It is open throughout the year, with guided tours at regular intervals throughout the day. Each tour starts with a short audio visual presentation, detailing the history of Irish whiskey and specifically the passion that founder, John Jameson, had in establishing his distillery. The Old Jameson Distillery was recreated in 1997 to bring the old distillery and story back to life.  Although no distilling actually takes place here, it is an excellent way to understand the how and why of whiskey.

  Every step of the distilling process has been recreated, from malting and storing barley, to mashing and fermentation, to distilling and maturation.  Guides are very friendly and often multi-lingual.  The tour ends with a comparison whiskey tasting and a complimentary glass of Jameson or a Jameson Ginger & Lime cocktail. Guests can then enter their details on an Ipad and request their very own personalised Jameson Whiskey Tasting certificate.

  Tours can be booked on arrival or in advance online. There is a very good restaurant on site, the 3rd Still, which is popular not just with tourists, but also with locals.  The menu is both diverse and contemporary, the atmosphere relaxed and friendly and it offers a bird’s eye view into the bustling lobby below. In fact, if you peer over the balcony of the 3rd Still, you can see into the original foundations of the Jameson Distillery which were purpose-built to bear the formidable weight of the enormous whiskey vats.

   A stop the ‘JJs Bar’ on the ground floor is the epicentre of Jameson mixology, where expert barmen create and delight guests with their own flavour infusions and Jameson cocktail recipes. The Old Jameson Distillery includes an exclusive Jameson gift shop, where you can buy Jameson merchandise and the many different Jameson whiskeys produced nowadays.  You can also purchase the Jameson Distillery Reserve, a 12 year old whiskey which is exclusively sold here and at the Jameson Experience in Midleton, and each bottle can be personalised.

For the whiskey enthusiast, both Jameson centres offer the "Bottle Your Own" experience.  You can now hand fill a bottle of Jameson Select Reserve Cask Strength Black Barrel from a live bourbon cask, before personalising the label with your name, the date, the number of the cask, the bottle number and the alcohol strength (currently 59%).  By logging your bottle in the Jameson Select Reserve Cask Strength Black Barrel ledger, you can ensure that your bottle becomes part of the history of Jameson forever.

  Price is Euro 100.

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