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Samuel Hammond May 15, 2014 Before my recent trip to Costa Rica, I have never flown out of JFK airport. I searched several sites for a parking deal. Your deal was the cheapest. I then started looking at reviews of your business. I found most reveiews were of an easy experience. THAT is what I was looking for. A place I could go to drop off my car and get right to the terminal for my flight. Your employees were very helpful.

It rained the morning I arrived and was told to just relax in my car till the shuttle pulled up. He did in about 5 minutes and the driver went right to my trunk to unload our luggage. Upon arriving back in NY, I called and was told where to wait and I would be picked up in about 15 minutes. They were on time and we only had to pick up two other guests at another terminal. When we arrived back to your lot , my car was waiting and the trunk was open awaiting our luggage.

The keys and reciept were in the car so I could just pull away. I want to thank you and your employees for the quick and professional manner with which my wife and I were treated. Should I ever need to fly out of JFK again, I would definitly use your parking lot again. Jennifer Lee May 28, 2014 Location was very close to the airport, quickest pick up I’ve experienced and I’ve parked in almost every lot near JFK, van was also very nice compared with other lots, employees were all super efficient, friendly and helpful.

Overall, best long term parking experience yet!! Lori McCoy July 16, 2014 My family and I used Park Plus to fly from JFK. The reservations were easy to make and they followed up with us prior to our reservation. When we arrived, they met us and took our luggage and loaded it into the nice vans and then we were off to the airport. Easy and convenient, about 10-15 minute ride to airport. When we arrived at airport, my daughter realized she forgot her wallet and purse, either in the shuttle or in our car.

We called them. They looked for the purse, found it, offered to bring it to us and when we said we were already at the gate, they said no problem, we will put it in the safe and you can pick it up when you return. They went above and beyond and put my daughter’s mind at ease that she did not drop it in parking lot etc and she was able to enjoy our trip. On the return, we called them once we got our luggage and it was only about a 5 minute wait and they returned us to their lot with our car waiting for us.

Thanks for the great service. I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Allan August 27, 2014 Great experience! I was dreading parking at JFK, but Park Plus made it easy. The website was easy to use for reservations. When we arrived, the staff were very friendly and immediately drove us to the airport. On our return, the driver arrived when he said he would and both he and the office staff were extremely courteous.

We would definitely recommend Park Plus. Viki S August 29, 2014 I have used Park Plus at this location many times.. I have made reservations online with ease and also called and spoke to Melissa who is a delight.. Everyone there is courteous and extremely pleasant. scott kaiser September 24, 2014 I was looking around at the other lots around Kennedy airport, when I pulled into your lot. I was greeted by a very friendly employee, who was well dressed and smiling.

I said to myself I found a home.. When I reserved my dates of travel on line and got to your lot I was once again greeted by a happy and helpful employee. He then took the luggage I had out of my truck and into the van we all went and it was off to the airport. Pick up could have not gone better, when we landed and got the luggage I called and with in 10 minutes, was picked up and off we went.. Your employees are very helpful and courteous.

When I got back to the lot my truck was ready to go. The luggage went in and I was homeward bound. Thanks for being there. there were other lots around the area but I got a good vibe with this one. Thanks . I know I will be using you once again.. Mark Ward-Willis October 14, 2014 The is the first time I have used this company and I can say they run a 1st class business. It all starts with the person who greets you when you pull in with your car .

Very friendly and polite . The Van driver too was great. The best part was when they pick me and my Mother (82) up at British Airways and the van driver was so friendly .What a nice way to be greeted after an 8 hour flight . The service is first rate and will always us them when I fly out of NY JFK.A Big Thank you Mark Ward-Willis Jenn October 15, 2014 Great service!! Great rates! I came in late for my departure.

. Was rushed off to my terminal ASAP. Driver was respectable and knowledgable. Upon return we were meet quickly at the pick up location- my car was waiting when we arrived I was in my car and driving home with in 20 minutes of landing– I would highly recommend park plus Stephanie Pustola November 12, 2014 Great experience. Quick and easy in and out. We walked out of baggage and our shuttle was right there waiting for us! We didn’t even need to wait.

That was a huge plus traveling with two small children. Our car was waiting for us when we got there. Everyone was friendly and courteous. 🙂 very happy with the service Judy Toth January 13, 2015 This is the BEST place to park!! We have used this location twice already and are planning to book again. Very close to airport, staff is efficient and friendly, and their vans are in great condition.

And they have your vehicle ready and waiting the minute you arrive! Would highly recommend this business. Jonathon A January 17, 2015 Punctual arrivals and departures. Courteous and friendly staff. These folks rock! Tatiana Sanchez February 15, 2015 Great service, very fast and friendly. No complaint at all, will use this service again. Derek R - Westchester NY April 5, 2015 Arrived at the lot on a Friday around 530pm.

Unpacked my families luggage (4 suitcases) and was in the Mercedes Bus/Van that departed by 540pm. Driver was very polite and personable, think his name was Gee. He is a determined driver and knows that people have to catch planes in a NY minute. My 4 year old commented, “He’s a fast driver” and all on board got a kick out of it. Fast, but safe driver who knows the quickest route to your terminal.

Got to terminal around 5:55p. Upon return, I called when luggage was received, Customer Service Rep said it would be 15 minutes. I saw the Mercedes Bus/Van in about 8 minutes, but due to congestion of traffic on a Thursday at 2pm, it took about 5 minutes to travel 750 feet to the section they told us to be at for pick up. So in all, they beat the 15 minute quote. Once again, the Driver was polite and personable.

The return drive to the lot was a casual one (not crazy fast), took less than 15 minutes. Upon arriving at entrance to lot, my car was parked right in front. Went inside gave them my name & reservation number and I was done in 3 minutes. Customer Service rep was very friendly and personable and provided a complimentary bottle of water. I was very impressed with everything that Park Plus did. Price was right, service was fast and all employees did their job professionally and 100% correct.

My only fault was not getting the car washed. I will be sure to use Park Plus again and refer them to friends, family & business professionals. Thank you Park Plus, Top Notch Service!!!! Charles A April 26, 2015 I went on a family trip and this was my first time parking in an airport parking lot. We arrived and they staff was very friendly and courteous. the bus was right outside ready to take us to the terminal.

Same professional service on my return trip. Car was waiting i went inside and they took care of my right way. I was in my car in minutes car. Great Job i will use Park Plus again. Thank you. PEDRO RIVERA May 2, 2015 I arrives at the lot April 22nd park my car jumped on the bus right to the airport when we got back on the 27th called from the airport was picked up right away to my car the service was great the people were nice I’ll definitely use it again thank you John Tendy May 7, 2015 Excellent as always.

Shuttle is quick, driver polite. BETTER than airport parking because you don’t have t walk 1/4 mile like you do at airport lot and your car is waiting for you when you get off the shuttle. scott k May 28, 2015 The staff at the lot was very helpful. This is my 2nd time using them. Once again we were greeted my on of your staff upon our arrival. The luggage was taken from the truck and put into your vans and off we went.

3 minutes later we were at the airport.When we returned home we got the luggage and made the call and within 5 minutes we were picked up and home bound. Thanks for having such a helpful staff.. JOE June 5, 2015 Arrived at the lot and within minutes our bags were out of the car and into the van. Quick trip to terminal and we are on our way. At return we called lot and in a few minutes the van arrived, bags were loaded, and we were back at the lot in less than ten minutes.

Car was ready, windows open, and we were out of the lot and on our way home. Total cost was less than half of what a car service would have cost. Many times better than parking at long term lot and taking the tram. Already made reservation for our next trip. SOPHIA HERNANDEZ June 28, 2015 BEST SERVICE EVER !THE MANAGER (IAN) ALONG WITH THE VALETS AND CASHIER WERE ALL NICE, BEST SERVICE EVER AND DEFINTELY GOING TO USE THIS SERVICE AGAIN.

THEY HAD GREAT DAILY RATES , CAR WAS IN GREAT CONDITION (VALET PARKING ) AND I LOVE THE IDEA IT IS A SECURE PARKING LOT . I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND OTHERS TO THIS LOCATION . Arlene Biamonte June 29, 2015 I have parked here several times now and the service is always great. The workers are all very helpful and courteous. The ride to and from the airport is always done in record time and with a smile.

I have never come across anyone who has not been more then caring to all of us. Thanks Park plus you are my go to lot every time. Sarah June 29, 2015 Very professional and organized company. I received great customer service and would recommend Park Plus to friends and family. Robert R. July 3, 2015 I am extremely impressed with Ian and the rest of the staff at Park Plus. It is the only parking facility I use at JFK and that will definitely continue.

Everyone I have encountered at Park Plus is very professional, from the staff that processes us upon arrival, to the shuttle drivers taking us to and from the airport, to the parking employees and office staff that handle our checkout. I would unhesitatingly recommend them to others. Kerry-Ann August 19, 2015 So satisfied with the parking would def park here again,my sister car got broken into and glass was all over the front seat…and she got her luggage stolen…but when we got to the parking lot they made sure and got us out to try and catch our flight…we missed it but it was no fault of the parking lot…then we came back from our trip and Aeon I’m not getting the name correct…a bald head light skinned very nice guy was so sweet and kind to vacuum out the excess glass before we left…Thank you Park Plus…excellent service from everyone.

Natalie August 31, 2015 Excellent service from start to finish. I normally use Park Plus over at Newark which is wonderful & this time had to fly out of JFK. Great job guys! Keep up the great service! Hamza Abuhadba October 22, 2015 Marcia picked up my call tonight and took so much stress off my shoulders. she was so knowable and got straight to the point. I was going to use a Groupon (which i did) but she told me that it would be smart to make the reservation first.

After Marcia hearing me stressed out she took control of making the reservation with my permission and it took 2 minutes. she than told me to go right on Groupon and purchase my deal. One less thing for me to worry about! this was the first time i use parkplus and so far i’m extremely happy with the service which makes me comfortable leaving my car behind in good hands. thank you so much marcia looking forward to meeting you day of departure.

Bronwyn November 30, 2015 Awesome experience. Friends used in February and we booked for our annual Thanksgiving trip. It was so nice to park the car and be dropped off right in front of our airline. Pickup was even better, nice to come home from vacation and be picked up and taken to our cars instead of trying to get the surfboard bags on top of the car in chaos. Very helpful with all our bags.

Very clean transfer truck, and everyone was so friendly and very welcoming when we got back. Cheaper than long term parking and much easier and warmer, don’t like the walk to find your car when it’s cold We will book again for next years Thanksgiving day trip. Great experience Joanne January 31, 2016 I just left my car with ParkPlus for 3 days. I will definitely use them again! Their rates were reasonable and extremely close to JFK.

Thank you! Dawn Marie Rizzi March 1, 2016 It is liberating to be able to drive yourself to the airport, leave your car with responsible people and have it there for you when you return. With a groupon, I paid $57 for 7 days. Car service to and from the airport would have been $120 each way. Not having to deal with my husband circling around the airport 20 times to find me – not to mention the horrible, stressful trip home, is priceless.

I drive there myself, I drop my car, I get a 2 minute ride to the airport, my bags are delivered to the curb, I go, I come back, I get my car and drive home. Simple, simple simple! I love this place! Sophia March 9, 2016 Our go to for safe secure considerate service. We have used their services at least 10+ times. If you are thinking of using a parking service don’t think twice, use Park Plus !Warm or cool Mercedes Vans taking you and picking you up promptly at the airport.

Your vehicle waiting warm or cool depending on the weather upon your return. You would think each and every member of the staff takes ownership in this business. You are greeted at your car upon arrival, bags loaded and unloaded at airport, helped from the van I truly love their services! Short story : we needed to make a flight and had a flat tire coming through the Midtown tunnel from Manhattan, we called PARK PLUS to let them know we were worried about making our flight, they said “not to worry”.

We arrived and a Mercedes was waiting for us the staff moved quickly and had our bags in the van before we were. We were at the airport in minutes! Our flight “boarding”! We made it !! Larry and his staff is TOP NOTCH, don’t think twice if you are looking for secure safe prompt considerate service, Park Plus should and will be your choice!THANK YOU PARK PLUSGANNETT NEWS SERVICE Liz May 28, 2016 Ok so WOW.

Ive been stupidly using Usave parking lot for years because it was like a dollar a day cheaper and finally Usave closed down so i was forced to try another lot. I came upon park plus and after using it for my recent fam vacay im seriously sad i havent been using them all along!!! Amazing service, friendly staff, fast drop off and pick up! The line at departures was too long and we had a small baby with us and driver knew it would take us a while to check in so instead of just standing in a long line and having us miss our flight he drove us to the arrivals section where there was no traffic! Upon our return the driver helped carry all luggage to our car, was friendly and courteous.

I seriously cant believe the friendliness and professionalism of the people working at this lot. From now on i will only park at park plus. Keep up the amazing work guys!!! Cathy June 1, 2016 Park Plus is the only Airport Parking facility we will use. We have parked at their JFK and LGA facilities. They both have incredible service. Prompt, friendly, ease of doing business, responsive.We booked two cars recently, 10 adults in our group.

They were waiting for us. 10 minutes from the time we arrived at their facility with tons of luggage, to the Jet blue Terminal – record time.I have recommended Park Plus to all of our friends and business associates.thank you to the entire staff. Kind regards, Cathy Ben Turin June 15, 2016 Excellent Experience with Park Plus! Drivers are friendly and helpful. Maria October 4, 2016 Excellent experience!!! Karen Redick January 24, 2017 The best parking spot ever, I will definitely park here every time I use JFK.

Thank you I felt very comfortable leaving my car here very nice service also, thanks again. James February 21, 2017 Excellent service, polite and prompt drivers. Got me to terminal and picked up in less than 5 minutes. Melissa Carrion August 30, 2017 Park Plus is the ONLY parking service I use when I travel out of JFK. The drivers are nice and helpful. I dont have to wait long for the shuttle to and from the airport.

I have used them about 3 times, they provide excellent service each time. GREAT customer services goes a long way… Alexandra September 23, 2017 Excellent and impressive service! Highly recommend!

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JFK Airport Guide: John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York, NY 11430, www.panynj.gov The Big Airport of the Big Apple JFK is the bigger of two busy airports in the NYC area (other than Newark, which is New Jersey). As the larger international airport, travelers often prefer JFK to LaGuardia. JFK also houses the widely favored Jet Blue airline and large number of shops and eateries.  Why You'll Be a Fan of JFK The terminal housing Jet Blue (Terminal 5) is the ideal spot when you're passing through JFK.

It's the most updated area in the airport, and the food choices are a lot better than the other terminals. There are plenty of healthy food options alongside the calorie-laden fast foods. There are also plenty of charging stations and outlets to keep your mobile devices on the map.  Not So Great Things About JFK The biggest complaint most people have about JFK is that it can get uncomfortably crowded.

You shouldn't be surprised at this since it is located in one of the most populated cities in the U.S. Consider it a necessary evil of traveling to New York City.Another frustrating aspect of JFK's layout is the lack of family restrooms. You'll have to drag your little ones into the regular restrooms for potty time.  How to Have Some Fun at JFK Airport lounges are popular places to hang out at JFK.

If you're looking to find your own exclusive corner of JFK, go to the Airspace Lounge in Terminal 5, but don’t get too comfy and miss your departing terminal. This lounge provides some extra luxury relaxation space that is reminiscent of the best spots in Manhattan. It offers a host of amenities such as complimentary Peet's coffee, espresso drinks, private bathrooms and even showers. The cost to get in can be as low as $25 for some qualifying travelers, and you get a ten dollar credit to spend upon entry.

If you decide this isn't the spot for you, there are numerous other lounges located throughout the terminals. Shopaholics are likely to be the most entertained during an extended stay at JFK. The myriad of shops here makes it easy for you to pass time much like you would in any shopping mall. Terminal 1 has many top line designer boutiques such as Hermes, Cartier and Bvlgari. Terminal 4 has MAC, Jo Malone and Victoria's Secret.

 Muji To Go in Terminal 5 stocks a ton of unique Japanese style gadgets and trinkets, which are fun to browse through.  Where to Find the Best Fare at JFK If you're looking for some great airport food, JFK won't disappoint. The real problem will be deciding which restaurant you will choose. Sushi lovers will rejoice at the sight of Deep Blue Sushi. This Terminal 5 hot spot has been critically acclaimed by big names such as Food and Wine Magazine.

The sushi selection is amazing, but you can get a lot more than just raw fish. A large number of people, who have tried Deep Blue Sushi, rave about the pork ramen plate. Tables come equipped with sriracha to perk up the dish of your choosing. Bar seating is available if you prefer to sip a Sapporo while you're devouring a dragon roll. If you have barbecue on your mind, head over to Blue Smoke on the Road in Terminal 4.

You'll have to take a stride all the way down the Delta terminal to get here. However, once you arrive, you'll get a taste of barbecue that even the truest southerner would appreciate. House favorites include the pulled pork and fried chicken sandwich. There is also a take out window if you don't feel like sitting inside. Conveniently located across from Blue Smoke on the Road is one of NYC's favorite burger joints, the Shake Shack.

As the name implies, they serve thick, flavorful shakes aptly named the "concrete." They also have a range of gourmet style burgers like the Shroom Burger. Hot dogs and chicken dogs are also on the menu if you don't feel like stuffing down a burger. As far as fries go, they are usually soggy and greasy, but the rest of the menu offers solid choices. Some travelers forgo the red meat altogether and come here for the concrete shakes before heading to the pick up window at Blue Smoke for a pork sandwich.

  Some Other Things to Know About JFK If you want to steer clear of the crowds, you are better off spending time at the Delta terminal. Delta seems to have a lot less passengers waiting around for flights, and you can easily find some elbowroom there. Another tip is to remember to keep moving when you're going through the airport. New Yorkers are in a hurry 24 hours a day, and don't take kindly to those who move slow or block walkways.

Make sure you keep up with the flow when walking, and move to the side when you need to stop for something.Got an opinion on the above or advice for fellow JFK travelers? Tell us on our Facebook page! 

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