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netWe SPECIALIZE in offering only quality "English Bulldog Puppies 4 Sale" & "English Bulldog Stud Services" from our top quality AKC dogs. along with the best over nighted shipped semen service available. We only raise AKC registered English Bulldogs. Website: www.BulldogsofTimberRidge.com. JD Bullies, Pryor, Oklahoma - 918-693-5730, Email: jdbullies@aol.comIf you are looking for a gentle spirited companion who will love you with devotion or if you are interested in a show or breeding prospect, you have come to the right place.

www.jdbullies.com. French Bulldog Miniature Australian Shepherd Home raised, quality Toy and Mini Aussies bred to maintain true Aussie looks, temperament, health, and conformation. Health testing has been done on all our dogs and we offer health guarantee on our puppies. Please visit our website www.claycreekaussies.com or contact Ronna at 405-464-1155 or email ronna@claycreekaussies.com. Happy Trails! Oklahoma List of Breeds:K-Z Kai KenKarelian Bear DogKeeshondKerry Blue TerrierKishu KenKomondorKooikerhondjeKuvasz LabradoodleLabrador RetrieverLaekenois Lagotto RomagnoloLakeland TerrierLancashire HeelerLandseerLeonbergerLhasa ApsoLowchen Mal-ShiMalteseMalti-Pom Malti-Poo Manchester TerrierMaremma SheepdogMastiff Mexican HairlessMi-Ki Miniature American ShepherdMiniature Australian ShepherdMiniature Bull Terrier  Miniature PinscherMiniature PoodleMiniature SchnauzerMorkieMudi Neapolitan MastiffNewfoundland Norfolk TerrierNorrbottenspetsNorth American ShepherdNorwegian BuhundNorwegian ElkhoundNorwegian Lundehund Norwich TerrierNova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Ogar PolskiOld English SheepdogOlde English BulldoggeOtter Hound PapillonPapoo Parson Russell TerrierPatterdale TerrierPeek-A-Pom Pekepoo Pekingese Pembroke Welsh CorgiPerro de Presa CanarioPeruvian Inca OrchidPetit Basset Griffon VendeenPharaoh HoundsPlott HoundPointer Polish Owczarek NizinnyPolish Lowland SheepdogPolish Tatra SheepdogPomapoo Pomchi Pomeranian PoochinPoochonPoodle Portuguese Podengo Portuguese Pointer Portuguese Water DogPresa Canario PudelpointerPug Pugapoo Puggle Puli PumiPyrenean MastiffPyrenean Shepherd Rafeiro do AlentejoRat TerrierRat-ChaRed and White SetterRedbone CoonhoundRhodesian RidgebackRottweiler Russell Terrier Saint BerdoodleSaint BernardSaluki Samoyed SarplaninacSchapendoes Schipperke Schnoodle Scoodle Scottish DeerhoundScottish TerrierSealyham TerrierSegugio ItalianoSheepadoodleShepadoodle Shetland SheepdogShiba Inu Shih Tzu Shih-Poo ShikokuShiloh ShepherdShorkie Siberian Husky Silky Terrier Skye Terrier SloughiSmall Munsterlander PointerSmooth Fox TerrierSoft Coated Wheaten TerrierSouth African BoerboelSouth Russian OvtcharkaSpanish Water Dog Spinone ItalianoStabyhoun Staffordshire Bull TerrierStandard SchnauzerStumpy Tail Cattle DogSussex Spaniel Swedish Lapphund Swedish Vallhund Taco TerrierTamaskan WolfdogThai RidgebackTibetan MastiffTibetan SpanielTibetan TerrierTibetan WolfhoundTosaToy Fox TerrierToy Manchester TerrierToy Poodle Treeing Tennessee BrindleTreeing Walker Coonhound Vizsla Volpino Italiano WeimaranerWeimardoodle Welsh FoxhoundWelsh Springer SpanielWelsh Terrier West Highland White TerrierWestiepoo WetterhounWhippet Whoodle Wire Fox Terrier Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Xoloitzcuintli Yorkie Apso YorkiepooYorkshire TerrierYorktese Zuchon

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