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Kia cars and SUVs are easy to maintain, if you have the right ingredients on your side. Exclusive and sensitive as they are, you can not expect your Kia car to deliver quality performance unless you are careful about its daily maintenance. Surely you wouldn’t want to be that unfortunate person who owns a brand-new vehicle from the reputed house of Kia and yet suffers from car breakdowns every now and then! The key to getting the best from your Kia is to pay more attention to the oil changing process.

Change oil frequency How often you get oil changes for your Kia car depends entirely on two factors: how old the car is and how you use it. There are certain oil change intervals for each Kia model, so you should ask your Kia service about when to bring in the vehicle for a check in. Where to find Kia oil change coupons? You can get Kia oil change coupon codes at various websites on-line. Think of Groupon, Livingsocial, Saveology or any other coupon code provider.

There are dozens out there! Once you decide on the coupon provider, you should browse through their website to search for the latest deals, specials and offers. Sometimes, you’ll also need to provide some specifics like your car model, usage, etc. This information will help the website to throw up coupons that are more suited for your type of vehicle. List of Kia vehicles: Soul, Sorento, Optima, Forte, Cadenza, Rio, Sportage, K900 luxury sedan, Sedona minivan.

Check for local dealerships near you that offer cheap oil change services and give them a call!

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What are the average prices of oil change services for Kia cars and SUVs? The main reason for fluctuations in pricing for oil changes have to do with the quality of oil you use in your vehicle. All of the major chains (EZ Lube, Jiffy Lube, Quick Lube and Valvoline Service Centers) will set their pricing to within a couple of dollars of each other. Another factor that may come into play when it comes to price is where you are located.

Kia oil change pricing The average cost of a basic oil change will usually come in at between $25 and $50, assuming conventional grade oil is used. The higher the grade of oil used, the more you can expect to pay, with semi and full synthetic oils topping the price list. For example, opting for a fully synthetic oil means paying somewhere between $60 and 70 for an oil change. Whichever way you go, all of the major chains will be roughly the same price for each different oil grade level.

You can save yourself a few dollars off of those prices by looking for oil change coupons online or in your local newspaper. It shouldn’t be that difficult to find coupons for Kia oil change that can easily save you $5 to $10 off an oil change. Look for Kia oil change coupon codes You have several options when looking for Kia car coupon codes and deals. 1. Search Internet  The world wide web is a wonderful place to start looking for latest oil change coupon deals.

Bulletin boards like Craigslist are a great place to start. When using Craigslist, you should head to the “automobile” section and then click “services” to find the latest coupons. You should also consider Google, Facebook or Twitter to find the latest deals. Just search for “oil change coupons” and you’ll find hundreeds of search results. Do not forget the printed media! Newspapers and magazines are still a great source to find latest discounts, as well.

2. Kia dealership websites Local Kia dealers are another, very reliable place to look for oil change discounts. You should not limit yourself by checking only the one you bought your car from, but also others located in your particular area. 3. Oil Change Franchises: Valvoline, Jiffy Lube, Midas, etc… Major franchise chains, such as Meineke, Jiffy Lube, Firestone, Tire Kingdom and others offer great savings too, so you should find their websites and place an order there.

These companies often market deals on oil change services, though they usually also try and up-sell you once you get inside the door. Their cost of oil change start at around $19 for a standard oil change and go up to $25+ if you opt for a synthetic oil. The also offer other services including tire alignments, battery replacements, oil filter check ups, as well as many others. One thing you need to watch out using these services are taxes and hidden fees that might be added to the advertised coupon prices.

So, finding the latest coupon codes, deals and prices should be fairly easy. Saving some extra money each time will bring a smile to your face and leave some money laying around for other Kia car maintenance needs.

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