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    E-Mail Contact:  christianhan@earthlink.net                  Christian S. Hansen, Owner/Inventor/Fabricator. New Product:  Drum Style Spacers.  More details, click here. The Tracks Company is your "one-stop" source for custom made Hub Extensions and Wheel Spacers for Compact Tractors and Utility Vehicles such as the Kubota RTV, the Kubota BX, B, L, and M Series of Compact Tractors, the John Deere Gator, HPX, and XUV Utility Vehicles, Compact Tractors from John Deere, Yanmar, Massey Ferguson, International Harvester, Mahindra, Cub Cadet, and Wheel Horse.

..as well as many others...AGCO, TYM, Case, etc, etc.  While there are literally hundreds of various Makes, Models, and Rim Variants in use, they all boil down to about two dozen patterns and assorted variants so there is a 99% chance that I already fabricate the pattern you need.   Many of the commonly requested patterns are shown below, but if you do not see what you need, please call or email.

  I can also do custom designs if necessary. Extra Width Hub Extensions for Agricultural applications and extreme stabilty applications are my specialty so please call for information. Scroll down this page for photos and pricing of some of the more popular available patterns.   Pricing information is also listed at the bottom of this page. 8 Bolt pattern rear spacers (above photo) for the Kubota M Series, the Kubota L Grand, and L48 and L49 Series.

  A variant fits the various  8 bolt John Deere series.  Minimum width is 2.5"  Priced at $435 per pair plus $40 domestic shipping.  Pricing includes appropriate fasteners.  For widths over 2.5" add $20 per additional half-inch. Note on John Deere spacers: modifications include the proper taper applied to the inner plate and 90 degree tapered fasteners.                                                                 Kubota "B" Series (and all John Deere 6 bolt hub) Tractor Wheel Spacers.

..such as the B3030, B2920, B7500, B29, and all other variants within the "B" Series...are available for both Front and Rear Axles.  Kubota "B" Series Rear Spacers and JD 6-bolt patterns are $320/pair plus $25 shipping US domestic, $75 to Canada.  For wider widths add $15 per half inch increment over the basic 2.5" width.  Fasteners included, of course. The photo below is typical: 6 Bolt John Deere, Kubota L Series Front, and Kubota L Series Rear Spacers are now available.

  The photo above shows the 2.5" wide 6 bolt pattern Rear Spacers as used on the Kubota B Series, the Kubota L Series, and as found on many models of John Deere, Yanmar, Massey Ferguson, International Harvester, Cub Cadet, and Wheel Horse, etc. Compact Tractors.  Visually these patterns are all identical but the spacers for each model will have appropriate dimensional changes to suit the specific application.

  All necessary fasteners (nuts, bolts, washers) are included with each pair of spacers.  Note on John Deere spacers: modifications include the proper taper applied to the inner plate and 90degree tapered fasteners. The 6 Bolt Kubota L Series Patterns are priced at $350/pair plus $35 Domestic US shipping for the Rears, and $320/pair plus $25 Domestic US shipping for the Fronts and most other 6 bolt patterns.

..call about your special needs.  For widths over the basic 2.5" add $15/half-inch width increment.  Please inquire further by email or telephone regarding your specific situation and for Canada shipping charges. Here is another photo of the 6 Bolt pattern spacers as applicable to the Kubota B Series, Kubota L Series, John Deere, and other various Compact Tractors that have a 6 bolt pattern.  While these various spacers may all "look" similar, they have dimensional specifications which are tailored for each model application.

  Fasteners are of course included in the pricing. Need a 6 Bolt on 6.5" Wheel Spacer?                                     John Deere 790 Tractor Owners:  The 6 bolt on 6.5" (165mm) pattern fits this machine as well as others with 16mm bolts and that bolt circle diameter...priced at $365 including shipping in the 2.5" width.  This is a photo of a 3" wide Front Spacer for the Kubota B Series which shows a spacer prior to painting as the details show up better without paint.

  Kubota "B" Series Front Spacer pricing is $310/pair plus $25 shipping US domestic, $75 to Canada.  For wider widths add $15 per half inch increment over the basic 2.5" width.  Fasteners included, of course.          Utility Vehicle Wheel Spacers are made in a variety of patterns and widths.  Here is a pair made in a 5" width.  See the next photo down for what they would look like in a 3" width.

 This is the 5 bolt on 4.5" pattern used on the Kubota RTV 900 and 1100 Utility Vehicles, the John Deere Gator, HPX, and XUV Utility Vehicles, the John Deere 2305 (add $15), and JD1206 Compact Tractors, as well as a variety of other machines such as Cub Cadet and Wheel Horse.  This pattern is typically fastened to the machine's hub flange with your 7/16" Lug Bolts that have an 82 degree taper.

  (The JD1206 uses 12mm.)  The inner plate of the spacer is appropriately countersunk to accomodate this angle.  Pricing is $195/pair plus $15 US shipping ($50 to Canada) and includes a set of ten OEM Lug Bolts.  Add $12.50/half-inch width increment for widths over 2.5". (On the JD2305, add $15 for a special bevel that must be applied to the outer edge to fit the rim, similar to the BX spacer shown below.

) A similar Rear Wheel Spacer is available for the Kubota BX Series Compact Tractor to give improved safety and stability to what is otherwise a top heavy and tippy machine.  They have the proper 5x4.5" bolt pattern, 1/2"x20 threads, and a 60 degree countersink.  The outside edge is lightly beveled to accomodate the radius of the inner surface of the rim.  Each spacer is custom made from 1/4" plate steel and welded fabrication.

  The photo shows 3" wide spacers (but they can also be made in other wider widths if you prefer).  $215/pair (add $12.50/half inch for widths over 2.5") (includes a set of lug bolts) plus $15 US shipping, $50 to Canada. The New Kubota RTV-X Series uses a four bolt pattern which is similar to, but not exactly the same as, the 4-bolt spacers shown below.  The "X" uses 1/2" bolts and is priced at $225/pair in a 2.

5" width (including shipping), plus $10 per each additional half-inch width.    4 Bolt Front Spacers for the Kubota BX Series are custom designed with 9/16" threading and the proper 60 degree taper that matches the OEM lugs and are priced at $190 per pair. US Shipping is $15, Canada is $50. For wider widths, add $10/half inch increment over 2.5".  Fasteners are included with each pair of spacers.

2016 Update: This pattern has been redesigned to use the "stud & nut" pattern as shown in the Rear Spacer photo discussed previously.Also available is a variant of this same pattern that fits the Kubota BX 1500 and 1800 models that have an even smaller diameter front rim and tire than the rest of the BX Series.  The bolt pattern and lug bolts are identical but both the inside and outside diameters of the spacers are just a bit smaller to fit into the unique curvature of the front rim.

  Same Pricing.                                    For Agricultural applications using Kubota RTV or John Deere Utility Vehicles: Here are 5" wide spacers built to help match crop row widths:                                                                              These Spacers are custom made in sizes from 2" to 5" wide.

..from $210/pair (which includes US shipping and lug bolts) plus an extra width charge of $12.50 per half-inch increment over 2.5" width.   __________________________________________________ PRICING  FOR WHEEL SPACERS: Kubota RTV or John Deere UTV are $210/pair (includes US Shipping, fasteners).  (Add $12.50/half inch width over 2.5")     John Deere 2305 Compact Tractor $225/pair (includes US S/H, fasteners).

 (Add $12.50/half inch width over 2.5")     Kubota BX Series Rear Spacers $230/pair (includes US S/H, fasteners). (Add $12.50/half inch width over 2.5")          Kubota BX Series Front Spacers $205/pair (includes US S/H, fasteners).  (Add $10/half inch width over 2.5")            Kubota B Series Front Spacers $335/pair (includes US S/H, fasteners).  (Add $15/half inch width over 2.

5")         Kubota B Series Rear Spacers $345/pair (includes US S/H, fasteners).  (Add $15/half inch width over 2.5")         6 Bolt on 6.5" (165mm) John Deere Spacers $365/pair (includes US S/H, fasteners).  (Add $15/half inch width over 2.5")  Kubota L Series Front Spacers $345/pair (includes US S/H, fasteners).  (Add $15/half inch width over 2.5") Kubota L Series Rear Spacers $385/pair (includes US S/H, fasteners).

 (Add $15/half inch width over 2.5") Kubota L Grand & M (8 Bolt), John Deere (8 Bolt) Spacers $475/pair (includes US S/H, fasteners).  (Add $20/half inch width over 2.5"). John Deere 6 Bolt Patterns  $345/pair (includes US S/H, fasteners).  (Add $15/half inch width over 2.5"). ALL OTHERS AND CUSTOM FABRICATIONS...PLEASE INQUIRE!!         NOTES:All spacers are built on a custom basis.

..when ordered, as ordered.No completed spacers are held in inventory.Build time will vary with season and work load.Please allow 2-4 weeks for fabrication.Build this fabrication time into your expectations.Order your spacers before you "need them tomorrow".Prices and specifications subject to change without prior notice. Photos may not reflect most current modifications. Full payment is due with order.

 No returns of specially designed orders except by prior arrangement.                                                                             Spacers are warranted against defects in material or workmanship via repair or replacement at option of manufacturer upon return and examination.All refunds for approved returns or order cancellations subject to discretionary 15% fee and product returned in resaleable condition.


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2014 Kubota Tractors Kubota is a tractor and heavy equipment manufacturer established in Osaka, Japan, in 1890. Kubota’s tractors were first introduced to the U.S. in 1969, and today, Kubota is America’s leading distributor of under 40hp tractors. Kubota products are sold in over 130 countries around the world.

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