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Fight back with Evergreen Lawn Care Services, LLC. Relax and enjoy the comfort of your lawn, shrubs, and trees with our proven liquid fertilization, insect control, and weed control methods. Serving the greater Charleston, S.C., area, Evergreen Lawn Care Services, LLC has been in business for 35 years and is locally owned and operated. If you reside anywhere in the Low Country or the Tri-County area, call us today for a complimentary survey.

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Testimonials Here's what a few of the over Lawn Care Professionals that use LawnPro had to say: "She's going to email everyone in the homeowner's association and recommend me." "Thanks for the info. It certainly was a profitable day today. I got my very first customer. But wait, there's more... She is a realtor, and president of her homeowners association. (which just happens to be one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the Jackson area).

She loved me! She is going to email everyone in the association and recommend me. To top it off, using LawnPro, I was able to produce a professional looking invoice and a blank contract, which she promptly signed and handed me a check for the entire duration of the year contract up front!!!!!! Yes, it has truly been a great day, and I owe it to you and LawnPro." Jason in Jackson, MS " of all, you can add your own business logo" "After spending countless hours of research via Internet and phone on choosing the right lawn care software, I finally made the decision to go with LawnPro- and will never look back.

This program has everything you need in dealing with clients- contracts, invoices, estimates, summary reports, pre-written letters, you name it, the program has it. It is easy to use and has definitely been a great asset to my company for the past year. The program provides professional letters, contracts, and invoices that allows my company to stand out- whether it be in the bidding process or our overall presentation to the public.

And best of all, you can add your own business logo to all public materials. I have recommended this program to many and will continue to recommend it!" Shawn RobinsonTop Choice Lawn Care, LLCNashville, TN "...used the letter welcoming a family to a neighborhood, which got me two new customers." The software has been very helpful in sending out proposals as well as thank you notes. I even used the letter welcoming a family to a neighborhood, which got me two new customers.

All my customers like the invoices I take with me to the job, or send after the work is done. I'm now getting several of my clients used to the monthly billing, which has made billing them much easier on me as well as them. Add to that the features that let me keep up with my equipment as well as how much I am making, is exceptionally nice, and my tax person loves it. It makes their job much easier.

It really saves time (which is money) over the long run. Thanks for taking the time to put together a work tool that really works. I am looking forward to using the latest software, and I already know it will be a great advantage to me in the future. Being professional is more than cutting a lawn to make it look good, it also includes looking good, and providing great service from every angle, including the paperwork.

Again, thanks, your software has really be a great help to my business. Danny W MorganAn Old Man With A Lawn Mower "...using this software I don't have to use a calendar or track invoices." Since I started using this lawn care software I don't have to use a calendar or track invoices. I love the estimate calculators - they take all the guess work out of my estimates and my customers, old and new, say they love how they know my prices are great and I will always show up when scheduled.

Great software product and great price - my business has grown because of it!!! Thanks Total lawn care, LLC.Lennon McDuffie "I'm a lawn care person not an accountant. With this program I can easily do all the paperwork for my business." For the past year I have been using LawnPro software and am very pleased with the results. I am a lawn care person not an accountant. With this program I can do all the paperwork for my business.

I have found it easy to set up and maintain my customers and the services I provide to them. Daily routing and follow-up is the best. I just print a daily route sheet and keep track of the time spent on each property which results in better service and pricing. Keeping track of invoicing and payments is simple. My accountant said my P&L looks better with LawnPro. The support has been great!! When I have had questions or suggestions, I just call or e-mail and get the answers I need.

Don CrainLawnAirColorado "...Thanks for the fast response, to my questions." I just wanted to tell you how surprised I am at the support and the service you provide to your clients. I like that personal service." Also want to let you know that I've been using your software for the past 3 years and I'm really happy with it. I like the way it flows and in fact I wouldn't even think of changing to any other program.

I like the way LawnPro works and also the price. It's the most reasonable price I've found on the net. Other programs less complete than this, will go for 500 plus! I hope this doesn't give you an idea to raise you price. Keep the price reasonable and the program full of features as it is now. Juan Rodriguez Aceves

Hazel Gordon

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