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Accounting is SimplerOpen item accounting makes it easy to match payments to individual charges. Know exactly what hasn't been paid. Patient ledgers show complete patient account activity including charges, payments, and account adjustments. Reviewing a patient account is faster with the on-screen ledger window. Medisoft Advanced and above also includes a new transaction window that is easier and quicker to use.

Patient and insurance aging reports easily pinpoint past-due patient and insurance payments. Medical insurance billing software with electronic statement submission. Patient statements may be produced on attractive, standard business forms or custom-designed in just the right format with the report designer. Reduce patient account inquiries by holding patient statements until all of a patient's insurance has paid.

It's automatic with patient remainder billing. With multiple fee schedules, up to twenty-six prices may be stored and recalled for each procedure. Payments automatically match charges using payment application.    Practice Management is More EffectiveCharge, payment, and account adjustment information on the practice day sheet makes closing a day fast and accurate. The practice analysis report guides and informs with information on procedures performed, payments received, and accounts adjusted for any period including a day, month, or year.

When a practice depends on referred patients, the patient referral report pinpoints these important sources of revenue. Scheduling appointments is a snap with Office Hours, the patient scheduling program included with Medisoft Advanced. Scheduling patient recall reminders for one visit or a series of visits needed for tasks like calendaring a child's immunization schedule is easy with the recall system.

Patients can be informed of recall appointments with custom-designed post cards, or recall information may be exported for use in letters from your word processor. Billing information is secure in Medisoft Advanced Powerful security is built into the program to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Office managers can easily review changed or deleted billing data on the audit report.

An extra user-defined screen of patient information is available for tracking special information like immunizations, prescription medication or research data. Use it to define your own special data fields.  Medisoft Network Professional adds the ability to design your own custom tab in the Case window to include custom case data entry fields. This information can be used to keep track of case-specific information not found in Medisoft by default.

The customized fields can also be used in specialized reports and forms. Tracks each patient's last visit date to make contacting patients for periodic care easy and automatic. Design reports, write personalized form letters, and more with the report designer. Insurance Billing Is Fast and AccurateStores information for billing virtually every type of health insurance including private commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, CHAMPUS, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, worker's compensation, auto insurance for personal injury cases, and many others.

Prints CMS1500 insurance claim forms. Custom claim forms are easily created with the report designer. Software updates to meet new insurance carrier requirements are readily available. The billing payment status report makes it easy to track down claims that have not been sent to insurance carriers. Insurance billing stays timely and accurate. Turn up your cash flow with electronic claim submission.

  Using a clearing house can prevent errors, reduce rejections and shorten payment times. Depending on the location of your practice, claims for Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and commercial insurance may be submitted through a clearing house. Medisoft Advanced is compatible with Medisoft Electronic Claims Direct software to send electronic claims directly to selected insurance carriers.

It also lets you receive your Medicare EOB electronically and automatically posts your Medicare payments, adjustments, and deductibles - SAVING YOU HOURS OF POSTING TIME! Medisoft CMS 1500 02-12 (2014) ComplianceDid you know that starting with Version 18 of Medisoft, and every version after that, it is compliant with the new CMS 1500 02/12 (2014) claim form? This new form allows for up to 12 ICD-10 diagnosis codes.

. Easy to Learn and UseSearch to quickly find patients, procedures, diagnoses, insurance carriers, or other information stored in the program. If you know the name, you can easily find the code. Pop-up code entry windows for setting up or correcting patients, procedures, diagnoses, insurance carriers, and more are available anywhere a code is needed. Pop-up help windows explain every screen in the program.

Medisoft Advanced is its own computer expert. Managed Care is Made ManageableMedisoft Advanced tracks the number of visits allowed and the number of visits used in a treatment series. Visit information displays on the transaction entry screen and may be printed on insurance claims, statements and reports. Handles PPO patients with a fixed amount co-payment easily and efficiently. Help is On the LineAny software is only as good as the support it receives, and Medisoft's support is top-notch.

The technical support staff is available to answer questions and solve problems for Medisoft. Real Windows Software for Real ProductivityMultitasking features let you work on several things at once. Enter data, print reports, and schedule appointments without stopping what you're doing. Print reports, claims, and statements on any Windows compatible printer. Attractive, engaging shapes, fonts, and colors are all available on your reports.

Share data with other programs because all your information is stored in a standard database format. Standard Windows menus and shortcut buttons give fast access to every function of the program. Medisoft Advanced works like your other Windows programs so it's easier to learn. Procedure and Diagnosis Codes on DiskWith the optional Codes on Disk package you get all the ICD, CPT and HCPC codes for different healthcare specialties automatically installed in Medisoft.

Have the most current code database for all specialties. Grow Up With MedisoftAs your practice grows, so can your Medisoft software. When you own Medisoft Advanced. you can upgrade to another higher priced program and receive a full credit of your old program's retail price toward the purchase of a new one. Or you can purchase additional licenses to expand your Client\Server network.   Medisoft Network Professional VersionThe benefits of using the Medisoft Network Professional version include: Medisoft NetworkProfessional EXCLUSIVE Reports   Track revenue generated for patients seen at different facilities with the Facility Report.

The Patient Remainder Aging Report ages patient responsible remainder balances. You choose when aging begins – from the transaction date or the date of the first statement. The Patient Detail Remainder Aging Report shows aging information, as well as details on insurance payments. The Guarantor Quick Balance shows a summary of all remainder balances for a guarantor. Medisoft Network Professional EXCLUSIVE Features Create a treatment plan for insurance payment approval or for presenting treatment options for patients.

Once a plan is approved or selected, it can be converted into billable transactions quickly and automatically in Transaction Entry. Design your own custom tab in the Case window to include custom case data entry fields. This information can be used to keep track of case-specific information not found in Medisoft by default. The customized fields can also be used in specialized reports and forms.

Reduced Network Traffic In the Client/Server setting, the server is processing the information and returning only the data requested by the client. This differs from peer-to-peer multi-user where large amounts of data are sent over the network for the workstations to process the request. Because Medisoft uses the Advantage™ Database Server, network traffic is decreased.Improved Medisoft Performance High network traffic can cause your Medisoft system to not function to the best of its ability.

Traffic on the network slows down the transfer of data. This, in turn, slows down the response of your Medisoft system as it waits for the data. Medisoft Advanced Network Professional reduces network traffic which, in turn, will improve the performance of Medisoft.And Most IMPORTANTLY, Extra Protection For Your Data To further protect your data, the Advantage™ Database Server system ensures all database operations run to completion — it will not execute partial commands.

In a peer-to-peer system, there is a risk of data corruption in instances where the processing of information is interrupted, such as a power surge, power outage, or a user turning off his/her computer. In the Medisoft Advanced Network Professional setting, if the process is interrupted, no data will be transferred. Quotes From Customers: Building a Reputation:"We gave up an expensive program to use Medisoft.

I have no regrets."-- Jackie Barnes, Office Manager"When I first heard of Medisoft's low price, I thought something must be wrong, but it's been fantastic."-- Richard Hilker D.P.M."Out of 28 programs we evaluated to run our billing agency, Medisoft came out on top."-- Graham Logan, Entrepreneur"Dollar for dollar, this program is by far the most cost-effective healthcare billing program around. I advise all my residents to look at this and encourage them to start their practice with it.

"-- Richard Erali"My first introduction to touching a computer was with the Medisoft system. Both the secretary and I were terrified of leaving the safe and secure pegboard system... Buying Medisoft was an excellent decision because it's easy to use and understand."-- Fiona Kennellv,  Medical Assistant"We looked at six different programs and refused to permit seven others from showing theirs because too many questions were left unanswered by all thirteen, When we looked at Medisoft, I knew that it could streamline our practice and increase our income by providing a more efficient billing system.

"-- Catherine Stephens, Office Manager "Great program. They're constantly updating to keep pace with new changes and to improve the program"-- Susan Lumsden, Office Manager DEMO To download a free trial demo, please click here to go to our download page. Click Here for Medisoft Version 20 System and Hardware Requirements Click Here to go to a list of current specials.Orders over $400 will received FREE FedEx Second Day Air Shipping.

We stock most items so we can ship within 24 hours. All other orders will have a $20 shipping and handling charge. (Shipping prices for Continental U.S.)Call us at 888-691-8058 for current pricing and specials.We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.Prices and offers subject to change without notice.   Call us at 888-691-8058 for special pricing.

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Medical billing software automates repetitive and error-prone billing tasks. It helps medical offices: Increase collections Code claims properly Verify patients’ insurance coverage Post payments and EOBs Provide reports on collections and rejections Claim Status Dashboard in MediTouch by HealthFusion There are hundreds of computerized medical billing systems on the market and they range from functionally simple to very sophisticated.

The most basic systems help providers generate paper statements based on demographics and billing codes input by the user. Additionally, medical office billing software allows providers to submit claims electronically, scrub claims, post payments, pull advanced reports and more. In this guide we discuss the following: What Type of Buyer Are You?Benefits of Medical Billing SoftwareMedical Coding SoftwareCost and Return on InvestmentImportant Considerations What Type of Buyer Are You? Most practices we speak with match one of these common buyer types: Inpatient care providers.

This category of buyer includes hospitals and long-term care facilities that need to submit claims using UB-04 forms. This type of form typically requires a system designed for inpatient billing, although some outpatient healthcare billing software systems do have a module for UB-04 billing. Outpatient care providers. This category is made up of the private practices that submit claims on the CMS-1500 forms.

These buyers need to submit electronic claims to Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies using Medicare billing software/Medicaid billing software. Software needs do not vary much by size of organization, although larger organizations will need a more robust, scalable medical insurance billing software program. Specialists. Specialists such as chiropractors, naturopathic doctors and mental health providers of varying designations typically see patients that pay directly via cash or credit card.

Moreover, their patients typically do not submit many (if any) claims to insurance companies or government payers. As a result, these providers have more lightweight needs. Outsourced billing services. These buyers are third-party companies that submit claims on behalf of providers. They are typically paid a percentage of collections by providers. They have similar functional requirements to their respective provider clients, but may require a very broad, flexible system if they bill for clients of varying specialties or types of care.

Integrated suite buyers. These buyers require billing functionality, but would rather implement one integrated suite for scheduling and EMR. Their vendor selections are often driven by the EMR functionality, since most integrated systems are differentiated by their EMR offering, not their billing modules. Benefits and Potential Issues Billing software is an integral part of the overall revenue cycle management process.

Billing and other administrative tasks are notoriously paper-laden and cumbersome. A modern medical billing software system allows billers to be as efficient as possible at coding, submitting and following up on claims. Moreover, staff will find that medical billing and coding software helps them code claims accurately to avoid errors. As a result, most providers find their collection rates increase when going from manually submitting claims to using medical claim software.

Finally, advanced reporting tools typically provide insights that are tough to gain without a medical billing solution. By knowing which claims get rejected most often, which payers pay the slowest, and which visits can be upcoded, providers can make data-driven decisions to improve collections. Most practices and billing services we speak with face a common set of billing challenges, and consequently, they’re considering purchasing (or replacing) software to address those challenges.

Here are common scenarios we often hear about during our phone consultations: Transitioning from paper claims. Typically, solo or small practices are making the move from paper claims to an electronic system (though that is not always the case). They have a difficult time keeping track of patients and who owes what. They will implement medical billing software for the first time to reduce paperwork, track all data in a central place and improve efficiency overall.

Bringing billing in-house. Another common scenario, most practices choose to bring billing in house—as opposed to outsourcing to a third-party service—to cut costs, have more control of their billing and accounts receivable and get everything centrally located. Replacing antiquated software. Finally, offices replacing their existing system do so because it’s outdated and expensive to maintain, it doesn’t meet their technical requirements (e.

g., integration with electronic medical record software) or they have a difficult time using it. In this scenario, Web-based medical billing software is an attractive option because it’s modern and easy to use, costs less up front and updates automatically as vendors release new versions and enhancements. Medical Coding Software Many medical billing software solutions include functionality that enables HIPAA-compliant medical coding.

Users can enter procedure and diagnosis codes and even look up codes online to find the correct ones. This capability allows users to file and track claims more easily and helps in the tracking of data over time. Many medical billing software solutions will also update codes automatically to ensure the accurate ones are always being used.  Costs and Return on Investment The prices of medical billing software programs often depend on the application’s deployment model.

On-premise systems will require upfront costs for licenses, servers and other necessary hardware, setup and training. Buyers of on-premise systems will also need to pay ongoing maintenance and support fees, which are typically 15-20 percent of the upfront licensing costs. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications typically require lower upfront costs and ongoing monthly fees that cover licensing, support and upgrades.

Finally, there are free medical billing software options that are supported by alternative revenue streams, such as advertising. Most buyers who have successfully implemented systems will be able to generate returns on their investments through improved accuracy of filings, improved billing efficiency, and subsequently, increased collections. Collections Management in Kareo speeds payment Important Considerations Integrated suites vs.

stand-alone billing solutions. Buyers will need to decide if they want to implement a standalone system, a system integrated with patient scheduling (typically called “practice management”) or a fully integrated billing, scheduling and electronic medical records (EMR) system. Many vendors such as AdvancedMD and NueMD offer all three options. Medical billing solutions have long been the only or primary applications used in many doctors’ offices, and they are usually the first systems new practices will implement.

Despite government legislation requiring the adoption of EMRs, we still hear from many practices looking for standalone billing or practice management systems. On-premise vs. Web-based. SaaS or Web-based medical billing systems have become very popular and comprise well over 50 percent of new solution sales. Low upfront costs, greater accessibility and little to no IT requirements are contributing factors to so many buyers preferring Web-based systems.

Assuming buyers have reliable Internet access, we typically recommend they consider these programs. Security. A primary concern we hear from buyers regards data security. Since medical billing involves the storage and transmission of so much sensitive patient data, buyers will want to make sure they implement a secure system. Vendors are well aware of this need and offer HIPAA-compliant systems. User adoption.

 Usability tends to be more a function of the end user and how the system is configured than the medical claims software itself. Users with medical experience can typically adopt most systems quickly. Many complaints regarding usability tend to be related to setup and maintenance of servers and other hardware, not the applications themselves.

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