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Image Credit: Tim Brown Architecture Who would have thought that homes could be mostly built in another location and merely transported to your land? Now, the metal building homes industry is on the rise, and in 2017, it looks as if more and more people will have prefabricated homes being built. From pole barn homes to shipping container homes, there are cost effective ways to purchase metal building homes today.

The Process Has Changed Modern prefab homes are houses that are designed away from the home’s final location. This is done so that the perfect conditions will allow for homes to be built quickly and without hindrance. These homes will be built in large warehouses where rain, snow or harsh weather concerns are never an issue.   If you have ever seen the HGTV show about the tiny homes movement called Tiny House, Big Living you will get the idea on a smaller scale of how the are built in large warehouses.

Homes built on-site are subject to further delays and higher costs. Before, prefabricated metal buildings were mostly seen only in the farming industry. Barns, storage units and various other metal buildings were, and still are, a huge part of the farming industry. The lower overall costs and the strong construction has allowed farmers to adequately supply the storage and shelter needs for their animals at a far lower cost than traditional building methods.

Current Trends A normally-constructed residential home in 2013 would have cost approximately $246,000 to build. This does not include the price of land or any other overhead costs that would be incurred by the end of the building project. With the housing market back on the rise, home costs are becoming much more difficult for the average consumer to afford. This has led to a variety of new, more cost-effective home building options.

The Prefabricated Market For Steel Building Homes Metal houses are now at the forefront of innovative home technologies. While Jim Walter Homes stopped their operations, other steel building manufacturers have sprung up offering a wide array of metal building home kits and custom options to the everyday consumer.  The main players are Connect Homes,  Blu Homes, MA Modular and Kodiak Steel Homes.

Two of the most popular metal home kit options available today are a modern steel building update to traditional farmhouse style classic and a unique, green refurbishing idea for shipping containers. Pole Barn Homes Pole barn homes are essentially homes built with metal frames. While in the past these were not easily customized, now you can choose to have a real looking home built to your specifications.

These homes come fully equipped with bathrooms, plumbing and lighting. In fact, it will be hard to distinguish between your pole barn home and any other homes on the block. For all intents and purposes, this looks and functions as a normal home would. The only difference is that it is prefabricated and metal is used for the framing and the roof in most cases. The one big benefit, aside from cost savings, that these homes offer is durability.

From roofing to siding, metal homes are much easier to maintain. Since no rotting can occur, these homes can last for decades with very little upkeep involved. Shipping Container Homes Shipping container homes are gaining immense popularity as of late. These homes are made out of old metal shipping containers in some cases, or they are fabricated into a rectangle. These boxy homes may be a single rectangle with windows, a deck and stairs, or they can be multiple levels or have numerous containers attached to each other.

This minimalistic trend is becoming quite popular with the inside of these containers lined with beautiful hardwood floors, high ceilings and the utmost in amenities. Since the shape is simple, these homes are fairly inexpensive. Some people have even bought the containers themselves, for an average cost of $2,000 and have completely revamped the inside into a beautiful dwelling. Metal Home Floor Plans & Costs Cleary Buildings is a prime example of a company that has prospered with the need for cheaper, more durable housing and then offering custom metal home floor plans.

This company builds beautiful, metal prefabricated homes that offer flexible design choices and easy future expansion. The company also boasts: On-site construction Lower costs Strong structural integrity Easy expansion options Siding and roof options A Boom Due to Savings The average metal house cost will vary from one person to the next but overall the trends are positive for consumers. Other factors include the state, the building type and any extras added as well as size will add to the overall price.

According to one company, the following cost savings are seen: Labor cost reductions of 33 percent Total cost reductions of 25 percent With the average newly built home costing $246,000, this may mean a savings of over $60,000. Prices are effected by three major factors: Size Siding and roofing material Non-standard alterations Industry Outlook According to Freedonia, a study on prefabricated steel homes, in general, shows that the industry is simply booming.

The southwest is the current big buyer in the industry and the forecasts are as follows: 15 percent annual increase in prefabricated homes 135,000 total units produced by 2017 Keep in mind that this study takes the entire industry into account, and not just steel building homes. However, it does show that there is a trend of new homeowners choosing to opt for modern prefabricated home options as the housing market costs are rising.

Companies like Connect Homes are taking the design and architecture to a new level with beautiful metal home designs.  They merge the function of tiny houses and modern prefab homes with the quality and durability that steel provides.   Their metal building ideas and options are limitless. Image courtesy of Connect Homes Major savings are not only seen with the cost of labor and materials. Homeowners that choose to have a steel house built will also see savings in: Heating and cooling Roof repairs Maintenance needs The metal used in these homes is much more durable than wood and has been known to last for decades without high expenditures on repairs and maintenance needed.

Going into 2018, we can expect that the industry will rise at least 15 percent. With the possibility of custom homes with pole barn homes and extremely affordable options with shipping container homes, this is an industry with options for all potential home buyers. Steel Building House Gallery Blu-Homes-Sidebreeze-Max connect-homes-cabin-1 kithaus-modern-prefabs Stillwater-Dwellings-860x450 Kithaus Ashville-NC-Modern-Homes Port-Ludlow-Finne-Architects-860x450 Method-Homes-SML-Series-860x433 Metal-Building-with-Living-Quarters exterior Blu-Homes-Solaire irontown-homes Hive-Modular-Review connect-homes-series-4 Pioneer-Pole-Buildings-860x433 fuse-2 irontown-homes-barn David-Jay-Weiner-Architects-860x433 blanco-front best-shipping-container-house-860x450 2 Blu-Homes-Breezehouse-2 irontown-modern-prefab-home-design-768x348 Finne-Architects-860x450 7-223x137 Ashville-1 Smith-and-Vansant-Architects a-860x450 healdsburg2_02

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General Steel is one of the leaders in the steel buildings industry, and the company has been around since 1995. What’s more impressive is that the company has worked alongside numerous large clients to provide steel buildings to them, too. These clients include: Boeing Disney Dollar General The White House In total, the company has built over 20,000 steel building projects for clients around the world.

When trying to determine who makes the best prefab metal buildings, it’s impossible not to talk about General Steel. We’re going to take a long, hard look at this company to see how they set themselves apart from the competition, starting with price. General Steel Pricing Model Images courtesy of The company offers a free, no-obligation quote feature online to help you better understand their pricing model for all kits and custom projects.

The quote feature is the easiest and most robust way to get a clear picture of the cost of your build. The issue is that no general prices are given. Delivery of the kit is the main reason for the quote requirement. If the company has to deliver the kit to a remote town in the mountains far from a warehouse, the price will be a reflection of this. Daily price fluctuations for steel would make any price list obsolete the next day.

But there are some general ideas on how much the cost of standard metal barn kits will be: 15’ x 20’: $8,600 – $14,600 30’ x 40’: $14,900 – $20,900 40’ x 60’: $21,000 – $28,000 50’ x 100’: $34,000 – $42,000 And there are a lot of factors that go into the cost fluctuations, with the three main factors being: Building Design: The design of General Steel buildings can be greatly customized, with additional options costing more money.

Steel Prices: Steel is a commodity, and the price can be influenced by a variety of economic factors. When steel prices are higher, the cost of a building will be higher. Steel Suppliers: The supplier of the steel will play a major role in pricing. Larger suppliers will have better purchasing power, which allows them to buy steel for cheaper and sell it for cheaper, too. This is why all steel buildings for sale will have a large price range.

And when you add delivery costs, this can add to the overall cost of the building. What General Steel Building Kits Include Images courtesy of Standard items are included with every kit, and there are some options that can be added to further customize the building. All of the standard inclusions are: I-beams All bolts and screws Secondary framing Roof panels Wall sheeting Keep in mind that the anchor bolts will not be included for you.

And if you want to add a few options, you can also add the following at an additional cost: Horizontal and vertical slide windows Insulated panels Gutters and downspouts Walk, glass or rollup doors Steel framed openings You’ll also be able to choose a color scheme to customize your building even further. Their metal building kits are just the basics, and they can meet your needs with the help of the company’s many add-ons and customization options.

The General Steel Difference Images courtesy of When choosing General Steel, you’re working with a company that has decades of experience and offers the best-of-the-best materials. It’s different than using a cheaper company that has to cut back on prices and quality. Every steel building is an investment and not a temporary structure. What really stands out to me about the company is that they back all of their buildings with a 50-year warranty.

This is an exceptional warranty, and it allows you to have peace of mind in knowing that your new building is a long-term investment that will serve you for half a century. Honest and upfront, the company will not skimp on your building. If you live in Tornado Alley, they’ll tell you that the following buildings won’t cut it: Pole barn Light gauge Quonset hut And if you live in an area with high wind, seismic activity or heavy snow, you’ll be told that these building types won’t work well for you.

It’s a level of honesty that most companies don’t offer. Installation instructions are provided, but they’re basic. The company does state that a small building, such as a garage, can be erected in as little as one weekend with a small crew of people helping and a forklift. Heavy equipment is needed for larger, more robust kits due to their larger size. Buildings can be used for: Auto repair Barns Churches Carports Garages Homes Storage Mini storage Warehouses Workshops All of these options are available, and with a simple quote, you can customize a building to meet your specific needs.

Key Advantages of Steel Buildings Images courtesy of Cost isn’t the only reason to choose steel buildings over a traditional wooden structure. These buildings also offer the following advantages that wooden structures cannot offer: Fire Resistance: Wooden structures catch fire quickly and go up in a blaze, causing you to lose everything in the process. Fires are the biggest threat to a wooden home.

All General Steel buildings are fire-resistant so that the loss suffered in a fire is minimal. You’ll also be able to receive an insurance premium discount as a result. Durability: Steel is the strongest building material available. When you choose steel, you don’t need to worry about mold or mildew, termites can’t eat through the steel, and the metal is resistant to water. Farmers and agricultural usage of these buildings are optimal because they won’t decay or be susceptible to pest issues.

Strength: The strength of steel is unmatched, and when you choose steel buildings, you’ll be able to enjoy a long-lasting building that was designed from the ground up to withstand high winds, earthquakes and harsh weather conditions. When choosing prefab metal building kits, you’ll also benefit from a quick assembly process. The quick assembly is what allows warehouses and commercial outlets to erect buildings in a matter of weeks.

You’ll be able to jumpstart the construction process and get to use your building much faster as a result. General Steel Doesn’t Just Sell Buildings | They Offer Turn-Key Service Images courtesy of And when choosing General Steel, the benefits go well beyond high-quality buildings and low prices. The company is a one-stop location, and they offer: Architectural Services: The company doesn’t provide traditional architectural services, but they do have sample buildings and will customize projects for you.

They also offer unlimited revisions until the final product is exactly what you envision. 3D Rendering: There is 3D rendering offered for your final concept. This rendering will allow you to view your final product before the purchase is complete. Project Manager: Anyone that buys a building from General Steel will benefit from the company assigning you a Project Coordinator at no additional charge.

This is a person that will answer all of your questions and will ensure that your project is done on time. Design Services: The company offers a robust set of design services aimed to get your project off the ground as effortlessly as possible. When you choose to work with General Steel, you’ll be working with a robust company that offers services that allow you to build your dream building with as little effort as possible.

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