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Metro Fare Details Metro Fare Type Mode Current Fare Cash Base Fare Bus $2.00 Cash Base Fare Rail $2.50 Cash (Reduced Fare)* Bus $1.00 Cash (Reduced Fare)* Rail $1.25 2-Hour Pass/Transfer System $3.00 2-Hour Pass/Transfer (Reduced Fare)* System $1.50 2-Hour Pass (from Lambert Airport) System $4.00 (10) 2-Hour Passes System $30.00 One-Day Adventure Pass System $7.50 Weekly Pass System $27.

00 Monthly Pass System $78.00 Monthly Pass (Reduced Fare)* System $39.00 Combo Pass System $98.00 University Semester Pass System $175.00 Metro Call-A-Ride/ADA** CAR $4.00 Children and Senior Fare Seniors (age 65+), customers with disabilities, customers who possess a medicare ID, and children ages 5-12 can ride Metro for half price. Seniors and customers with disabilities must have a valid Metro, St.

Clair County Transit District or Madison County Transit photo ID. Proof of age for children 5-12 years old may be requested. Children 4 years and under ride free. Two-Hour Transfers and Passes Unlimited Travel on Metro for Two Hours for One Fair Price If you need to make multiple trips on Metro or transfer between buses or buses and trains, a Two-Hour Pass or Transfer is a great option. A Two-Hour Transfer can be purchased onboard MetroBus, and a Two-Hour Pass can be purchased at Metro Ticket Vending Machines (found at all MetroLink stations).

 Regardless of where they’re purchased, both the pass and the transfer are valid for unlimited rides on both MetroBus and MetroLink for two hours, all for one fair price! Metro Combo Pass To save on riding Metro and parking in Clayton, check out the Metro Combo Pass. For just $98, the Combo Pass allows you to park in the Shaw Park Drive Parking Garage and gives you unlimited riding privileges on MetroLink and MetroBus.

Pick up your Metro Combo Pass at the MetroStore, located inside America’s Center in downtown St. Louis at 701 Convention Plaza, just west of the Convention Center MetroLink Station. Talk to the MetroStore directly by calling 314-982-1495, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Madison County Transit Fares Madison County Transit (MCT) regional transfers are accepted as full fare without any additional charge on MetroLink and MetroBus.

They are valid for two hours from the time they are punched, and are good for a single trip on MetroBus (operators will not issue an additional transfer). Metro accepts valid MCT Senior Fixed Route Free Ride passes for MetroLink and MetroBus service. The MCT ADA Free Ride pass is accepted on MetroLink and MetroBus in Illinois without additional payment. In Missouri, the MCT-issued ADA Free Ride ID provides reduced fares on MetroLink and MetroBus, and require additional payment.

Please note that all other MCT-issued passes and transfers, including MCT-issued local transfers, monthly passes, summer youth passes and circuit breaker (CB) passes are not accepted on any MetroBus or MetroLink service. MCT accepts Metro Two-Hour Passes/Transfers for a single trip on an MCT bus without an additional charge. Two-Hour Passes/Transfers are not valid for multiple trips on MCT buses. Please click here for more information on Madison County Transit Fares.

St. Clair County Transit Fares Metro accepts valid St. Clair County Transit (SCCT) Senior Fixed Route Free Ride Passes for travel on MetroLink and MetroBus. Metro also accepts SCCT ADA Paratransit Fixed Route Free Ride Passes for travel on MetroLink and MetroBus in both Illinois and Missouri. Circuit Breaker Passes (CB Passes) are accepted on MetroBus and MetroLink in Illinois only, and are not accepted in Missouri at any time.

Please click here for more information on St. Clair County Transit Fares

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Why is LADOT doing TAP? TAP has a number of benefits for LADOT riders. Overall, the TAP card offers riders greater convenience for paying their LADOT fare. TAP offers more payment options and allows riders to better match their travel to the best (and most cost effective) fare payment method for them. With TAP there is no need to have exact change. For riders using more than one transit system, the TAP card with an EZ transit pass or stored value (cash) provides the convenience of having just one card to use no matter how many different transit services are used.

Riders will be able to register their card, ensuring the card balance is protected if the card is lost or stolen. Riders with the card will board faster and get to their seat quicker. There are four different designs for the LADOT TAP card. Is there any difference between them? All four LADOT TAP card designs function exactly the same. What is the difference between the new LADOT TAP cards and the TAP card that is blue? Each of the new LADOT TAP cards work exactly the same as the blue TAP card.

You will be able to load the LADOT card at the LADOT Transit Customer Service Center (located in the LA Mall in downtown Los Angeles, 201 N. Los Angeles, Ste 16), selected TAP retailers, TAP vending machine at Metro stations, online or by phone. However, the fare product to be loaded must be available from that retailer or ticket vending machine. Stored value (cash) is available at all locations. See the LADOT transit website for times and locations of our Mobile Sales Van.

Is there a senior/disabled, reduced fare LADOT TAP card? Not at this time, as LADOT does not offer senior/disabled 31-Day passes or Trip Tickets. Elderly and disabled customers should use the orange TAP card and place cash value or an EZ transit pass on it. They may also place a 31-Day DASH Pass, Commuter Express Pass or Trip Tickets at the regular price. Can I still order LADOT fare media (Commuter Express 31-Day Pass and tickets, DASH 31-Day pass) at the LADOT Transit Customer Service Center? All TAP transactions such as loading passes, Trip Tickets and stored value (cash) onto a TAP card can be made when you come into the store.

If you order by phone or via the LADOT Transit website, we can process your order by encoding a LADOT TAP card and mailing it to you. If you already have a TAP card, your order must be processed by the TAP Service Center, at or 1-866-TAPTOGO. Can I load an EZ transit monthly pass onto a LADOT TAP card? Yes, the monthly EZ transit pass can be placed onto the LADOT card, with the sticker placed on the front of the card.

But, if you are senior/disabled you will not be able to load a reduced fare EZ transit pass (monthly or annual) onto the LADOT card. This can only be done on the orange TAP card. Can I pay for an Interagency Transfer with stored value on my TAP card? Yes, if you paid the regular fare with the TAP card. You cannot, however, pay the regular fare in cash and use the TAP card to pay for the Interagency Transfer.

I had purchased a Commuter Express 31-Day Pass (or Trip Tickets, stored value (cash)) on my new TAP card, then did not use it for 30 days. When I went to use it on the bus, the validator indicated red. What happened to my pass? If the fare product was purchased on the web or by phone, the fare product must be activated by placing the card by a Commuter Express validator within 30 days of purchase.

If not activated within 30 days of purchase, the fare product will not be available for activation, and the card will be read as No $/Pass. Call the TAP Service Center for assistance. How do I know how much value is left on my TAP card? When you tap the card by the Validator, hold it for a second or two and you will see the remaining balance. Can I pay a part of the fare with stored value and part in cash? No, this is not allowed.

I have an ASI card (TAP Card). What do I do now? You still ride free. Just tap your card by the Validator by the farebox. You no longer have to show your card to the driver. I have an Access Card with a PCA logo on it. Do I tap the card twice? No, PCAs must pay a fare. The qualifying age for a senior getting a TAP card is 62 but the LADOT discount for a senior is 65, do I get the discount if I have a TAP card? Riders who are 62, 63 or 64 years of age and have an orange TAP card will have the full fare deducted if they are paying with stored value (cash) from their card.

If they have a reduced fare EZ transit monthly or annual pass, the validator on the bus will show a green light. Can I allow someone else to use my card, or pay for my child with my TAP card? Unfortunately no, and it is to protect riders from accidently tapping twice and having two fares deducted. The card has a time feature that is set at 7 minutes which means it cannot be used again for 7 minutes of the first tap.

How does the Balance Protection work? When you register the card your balance is protected if the card is lost or stolen. You will be issued a new card with the last balance (including a pass) on the card restored. Register your TAP card at Can the TAP card alter other cards in my wallet? It will not impact a credit/debit card with a magstripe, but we do suggest keeping the TAP card away from any other smart card you have in your wallet/purse.

How long will my TAP card last? It is designed to last 3 years, when it will expire. At that time, it will need to be replaced (and the customer will need to pay a fee for the replacement). Where can I see the Privacy Policy (Terms and Conditions)? The Cardholder License Agreement is available at Can I use a personal check at the LADOT Transit Customer Service Center to buy a LADOT pass or Trip Ticket or place stored value (cash) on my TAP card? You can pay with a personal check if you are buying a LADOT fare product (Commuter Express 31-Day Pass or Trip Tickets, DASH 31-Day Pass) and it is placed onto a LADOT TAP card.

You may not pay by check if you are using the blue or orange TAP card or adding stored value to any type of TAP card. We understand this may sound confusing but the LADOT Transit Customer Service Center accepts personal checks for purchase of LADOT fare products, but the Metro and the TAP Service Center do not, so all transactions involving stored value (cash purse), or Metro fare products must be transacted in cash or by credit/debit card.

How do the Commuter Express monthly pass and Trip Tickets work with the fare zones on Commuter Express? What about stored value? Commuter Express operates on a zone system with fare payment based on how far you travel and how many zones you ride. There are five fare zones, identified as Base and zones 1-4. All Commuter Express monthly passes and Trip Tickets are sold on the TAP Card. Commuter Express routes 142, 431, 437, 438, 534 and Bunker Hill operate in only one zone.

The customer should purchase the pass or trip ticket with the correct zone for that route; for example, route 437 operates in zone 1 and the customer should purchase a zone 1 pass or trip ticket. If paying with stored value, $2.50 will be deducted. All of the other Commuter Express routes (409, 419, 422, 423, 448, 549, 573, 574) operate in more than one zone. At the beginning of the route the driver sets the validator to the highest zone number for the route, changing as the bus enters each new zone.

To ensure you pay the right fare, inform the driver of your destination BEFORE you use your TAP card unless you are traveling to the furthest zone. If you are traveling to the last zone on the route and your Commuter Express pass or ticket or EZ pass matches that zone, simply place your TAP card (either side) close to the validator located by the farebox as you board. You will get a green light if there is a valid pass or trip ticket on the card.

If you are NOT travelling to the last zone on the route, you must inform the driver your destination PRIOR to placing the TAP card by the validator. This will avoid you getting a red light because the zone on your Commuter Express pass or Trip Ticket or EZ transit pass did not match the zone set on the validator. The driver will reset the zone to your destination and after indicating the change has been made you will be able to tap your card by the validator.

You will get a green or red light with a valid fare. This same procedure must be followed for those who pay with stored value (cash) on their TAP card. Otherwise an incorrect amount may be charged and the driver cannot reverse the charge. I pay with an EZ transit pass. How does that work with TAP? If you are riding DASH, simply place the TAP card by the validator. With a valid EZ transit pass you will get a green light.

When riding Commuter Express the EZ transit pass works just like the LADOT 31-Day pass as described in the last question. The EZ transit pass is sold as a pass with the option of adding premium stamps for zones 1-11. The EZ transit pass with no stamp is valid for the Commuter Express base zone only. The premium stamps for zones 1-4 are equal to the Commuter Express zones 1-4. Stamps for zone 5-11 also equal a zone 4 for Commuter Express.

I used my TAP card on Commuter Express and the amount deducted from the card was  incorrect. How do I get a refund? Please call the TAP Service Center at 866 TAPTOGO (866 827 8646). I ride Commuter Express and transfer to another Commuter Express bus. How should I pay? The easiest way is to purchase a LADOT 31-Day Pass with the number of zones equal to the highest zone you will travel. For example, if you ride in a Base zone then transfer to a bus in zone 2, you purchase the pass with two zones.

When you board you simply tap the card each time. If your ride involves different zones for each bus, and you do not want to purchase the 31-Day Pass, then using stored value (cash) is convenient. You would pay with stored value (cash) on the first bus, and purchase an Interagency Transfer with stored value (cash) as well. On the second bus, you would tap the card, and the validator will see the transfer then calculate any additional fare for the added zones.

This is all done automatically with the amount deducted from stored value (cash). When you pay with a Trip Ticket and have stored value (cash) on your TAP card, the cost of the Interagency Transfer will be deducted automatically on the second bus. If you do not have stored value (cash) on the card, you will need to purchase an Interagency Transfer from the driver. The transfer is valid for Base fare on the second bus, and you pay the difference, if any, if the second bus is more than a Base fare.

How does the Interagency Transfer work with the Commuter Express zones? The Interagency Transfer is equal to the cost of the Base zone ($1.50 or $0.75). If you have the paper Interagency Transfer the driver of the second bus will ask you your destination and will tell you the additional amount owed. Payment is in cash. If you have the Interagency Transfer on the TAP card, the amount owed will be calculated when you tap the card, and if you have that amount in stored value (cash) it will be automatically deducted.

This amount will be based on the farthest zone for that route. If you are not going to the end of the route, you must inform the driver BEFORE you tap the card. The driver will need to reset the zone so you will not be overcharged. Once the driver makes the change you can tap your card. If you do not have enough money in stored value (cash) you need to pay the additional fare in cash. I ride Commuter Express bus and transfer to DASH.

What should I do? You will need to have a Commuter Express 31 Day pass or EZ transit pass on your TAP card to transfer to DASH. You can have a Base pass or one with a zone and the transfer will be free. Also, Interagency Transfers are not valid on DASH. There is no free transfer to DASH if you pay the Commuter Express fare with tickets, stored value (cash purse) or cash. I transfer from Commuter Express to Metro rail.

What should I do? You will need to have a TAP card and enough stored value (cash purse) on the card for an Interagency Transfer, as the turnstiles in the rail stations will only accept TAP cards. Pay your Commuter Express fare with a TAP card (pass, trip ticket, stored value (cash purse)) and ask the driver for an Interagency Transfer. The driver will encode the transfer onto the card and the cost ($0.

25 or $.10) will be deducted from the stored value (cash purse) on the card. You cannot pay for the transfer with cash and have your TAP card encoded. I ride Commuter Express and transfer to a Metro bus. What should I do? You can either have the transfer encoded onto your TAP card (paying the Commuter Express fare with the TAP card and paying for the transfer with stored value (cash purse)) or purchase a paper Interagency Transfer with cash.

You can also purchase an EZ transit pass that will allow you to ride any bus service in LA County and all Metro rail lines. I ride Commuter Express and transfer to a bus system that does not have TAP. What should I do? You can purchase a paper Interagency Transfer from the Commuter Express driver and pay with cash. Or, purchase an EZ transit pass that will allow you to ride any bus service in LA County and all Metro rail lines.

How do I transfer from DASH to Metro rail? DASH drivers do not issue transfers so this will be two separate fare payment transactions, one for DASH and one for Metro rail. Can I use stored value on my TAP card to purchase an Interagency Transfer on Commuter Express? What about if I pay cash? When you pay the Commuter Express fare with a TAP card, you can also purchase an Interagency Transfer using stored value (cash purse).

The driver will encode the transfer onto the TAP card (you will be asked to tap a second time) and the cost of the transfer will be deducted from the stored value (cash purse) amount on the card. On the second bus simply tap your card on the Validator. If you pay cash on the Commuter Express bus you must also pay cash for the transfer. You cannot pay cash on the Commuter Express bus and pay for the transfer with stored value (cash purse).

When paying with cash, the driver will issue you a paper transfer. Give the transfer to the driver of the second bus. You can pay with the TAP card on the Commuter Express bus and use cash to pay for the transfer. The driver will issue you a paper transfer. If I pay the fare with an Interagency Transfer can I purchase another Interagency Transfer? No, this is not allowed.

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