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In this day and age, there’s this misconception that very little manufacturing is done in the United States. After all, most of our computers, our electronics, our mobile phones and our textiles are either manufactured in China or in a different third world country. In fact, when my wife and I first launched our online store, we went straight to China for our goods. But recent events have caused us to switch gears with our sourcing strategy.

For one thing, prices in China have gone up significantly over the years and continues to go up at a rapid pace. More and more of the Chinese workforce no longer want to work in the factories and those that remain are receiving significant raises. Now don’t get me wrong. We still get most of our products from China but there are some inherent disadvantages in doing so. For example… The lead times for receiving product are on the order of months – For example, we typically have to order our goods 3-4 months in advance which makes inventory planning extremely important The minimum order quantities are higher – The prices in China are super low but you have to commit to larger quantities in order to make it worth your while Communication can be a problem – In order to communicate with our factories, we either have to stay up late or wake up super early.

Designing new products in China can be somewhat problematic as well. But when you source product in the United States, everything is a whole lot easier. Your vendor is just a phone call away. The timezones are manageable and in the worse case, it’s really easy to hop on a plane and visit. In addition, more and more of our customers have been looking to buy goods made in the good old USA so we’ve decided to make an effort to source product locally as opposed to overseas.

Enter The LA Fashion District A while back, I had my buddy Emmanuel Eleyae on my podcast and he inspired me to take a trip to the LA Fashion/Garment District to look for suppliers. For all of you who don’t know who Emmanuel is, he’s the founder of and he produces all of his products locally. You can catch his podcast episode here. Anyway, Emmanuel sources all of his fabrics and his labor from Los Angeles and his cost of goods are actually quite reasonable.

Plus, it’s refreshing to hear that you can easily find contract seamstresses and designers willing to work for a small shop. So two weeks ago, my family and I took a trip down south to the LA Fashion District in search of new suppliers for our products. Here’s how our trip went. First Impressions The LA Fashion District is located in downtown Los Angeles and is known for being a creative center for the fashion industry.

It’s a top destination for wholesale buyers, retail shoppers, clothing designers, fashion students and Hollywood stylists. And what’s nice is that everything is all densely packed and completely walkable (the whole area is about 10 blocks square). While my wife and I didn’t cover the entire thing, we did manage to visit a decent portion of the fabrics and textiles section. What’s funny is that as soon as my wife and I arrived at Santee Alley, one of the main streets of the district, I immediately felt like I was in China (with the exception that very few Chinese people were in sight).

There were stables and stables of clothing shops and accessory stands all over the place. Merchandise was everywhere and it was quite overwhelming. If you’ve ever been to the Ladies Market in Hong Kong, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Finding Vendors Anyway so we get there and start aimlessly looking for shops that sell products similar to what we want to stock in our shop. And it’s crazy how much variety that you can find over here.

In fact, there was so much to see and visit that I decided to contact Emmanuel for some advice. After all, I figured that there must be some method to the madness… Hey Emmanuel, This place is pretty overwhelming:) Where is a good place to start? We brought along samples of our products to be created. Any advice would be awesome:) Thanks,Steve And here’s how Emmanuel replied… Samples are a great idea, significantly speeds up the conversation.

I prefer to think about the LA Fashion District as a treasure hunt. There really isn’t a “destination” you’re going to or “starting point.” More like steps in a discovery process to your destination. I would try and find something as close to what you’re looking for to start(this can even be done online before getting there), then when they tell you they don’t have it ask “who does.

” After 4 or 5 you’ll finally start to get closer. After 4 or 5 more you might find it. (Or you might get lucky and find it right away.) The important part is to prepare mentally to be walking around all day and stopping into 10-15+ shops… And also, never forgetting to ask “who else might have this.” Even other store visitors and not just the owners of the shops. Respectfully,Emmanuel I guess I was wrong! There’s no real method to the madness at all.

If this was easy, then everyone would be doing it:) Our Journey So we took Emmanuel’s advice to heart, started walking door to door, and asked questions to vendors that sold items similar to what we wanted to sell. I remember ending up at this one gigantic fabric warehouse and learning a ton of info about the different types of fabrics and their uses. What’s funny here is that we never had to deal with any of this stuff importing from China.

For our Chinese vendors we simply attended the Canton Fair, picked what we wanted from their samples and off we went. Here in the garment district, you kind of have to know what you want and then you can start asking more intelligent questions. Thankfully, my wife brought actual samples of product from our shop to show everyone so that we had something physical to refer to. But our entire journey was 100% random! To give you an idea of the randomness, we visited this one shop run by a nice Chinese lady that sold dresses and womens clothing.

And the reason we stopped at her shop was because her business card indicated that she was a “manufacturer of clothing”. Anyway after chatting with her for 5 minutes, we discovered that she didn’t have what we wanted and that she only manufactured her own designs. But when we showed her some of the sample aprons we brought, she offered to help us make them. Next thing you know, we start chatting about prices and the manufacturing process and she refers us to some other people within the fashion district to talk to.

In fact, our entire journey in the LA Fashion District was just one referral to the next. In any case, if you ever decide to go, be prepared to do a lot of walking and being pointed in different directions. The Upshot The upshot of our aimless wandering was that we learned a lot about the manufacturing process and all of the pieces involved. And to summarize, we learned that… The prices to have our goods made were roughly 2-3X what it costs to make the same item in China (just the labor) The minimum order quantities are much much lower.

You can have a prototype made on the spot if you have a design pattern and fabric in hand There are many different steps and players involved in making a single piece of clothing The LA Fashion District is a great place to find wholesale clothing vendors Overall if you want to have something made in the LA Fashion District, it helps to have a prototype in hand to show to the vendors. That way, you can get an accurate quote for how much it costs to make.

And when it comes to fabrics, it can be terribly overwhelming unless you know what type of fabric you need. In fact, you should spend sometime doing the research before you go to the fashion district so you don’t end up going crazy. But to sum it up, the experience was exactly how Emmanuel described it. You simply have to do the legwork and be inquisitive to get what you want. After all, there are a lot of people out there hungry for your business and you simply have to reach out and ask.

For textiles at least, it’s worth looking to source locally at first before making a larger commitment to overseas manufacturing. Ready To Get Serious About Starting An Online Business? If you are really considering starting your own online business, then you have to check out my free mini course on How To Create A Niche Online Store In 5 Easy Steps. In this 6 day mini course, I reveal the steps that my wife and I took to earn 100 thousand dollars in the span of just a year.

Best of all, it's absolutely free! Note: This post above may contain affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you make a purchase when clicking a link. Please consult our privacy policy for more information. Similar Posts Have you read these?

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For any person who is thinking about getting into the organization of providing wholesale items at retail price ranges, the very first thing that will come to mind is, in which do I receive the wholesale goods from? The second thought will likely be, which wholesalers or drop shippers am i able to rely on?

Gone are definitely the times when men would just don nearly anything they had in the closet. Lately, males are merely as fashion conscious as girls, and they are prepared to devote dollars to order the garments they like. In actual fact, a great deal of males desire to obtain brand identify outfits due to the fact these are typically sure to be of fine high-quality and elegance. Should they should purchase branded mens wear at wholesale price ranges, then they will go out and purchase extra of such affordable excellent garments.

1. Nikibiki Apparel | Vernon, California United StatesNikibiki is a leading specialty wholesaler of fashionable and young junior apparel. We provide the best quality seamless apparel pieces such as camis, tubes, dresses & more. Made in the USA! 2. Volume Apparel | Stoughton, Massachusetts United StatesAmerica's fastest growing resource for branded off-price apparel - infant to adult. Name brand apparel & plus size apparel at below wholesale prices.

Russell, Champion, National Outfitters, Urban Clothing, T-Shirts, Jeans, Phat Farm, Mudd, One Step Up, Bill Blass, Energie, Miss Sixty, Jou Jou, and more! Thousands of units in stock & ready for delivery. 3. FashionGo -The No.1 Wholesale Fashion Marketplace | Los Angeles, California United StatesVisit the largest online wholesale fashion marketplace in the US. Shop nearly 1,000 suppliers with thousands of new arrivals everyday! Register your boutique for FREE and start shopping in 24 hours! 4.

StyleMoca Wholesale - #1 Women's Graphic Tops andLos Angeles, California United StatesQuality Women's Unique Graphic Tees, Tops, and Dresses at the lowest wholesale price. ********** 10% Off Entire Order for your First Order [code: new10off] ********** 5. 🏷 75% OFF SELECT STYLES MUST GO🏷 | Los Angeles, California United StatesPrices 40-80% below wholesale!! is an online showroom open to retailers and B2B customers.

Women's Fashion Apparel, Fashion Jewelry and Accessories, Perfumes, Sunglasses, Cosmetics & more. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $299 or more in the continental US!! 6. TRIPPO NOVELTY | Newington, Connecticut United StatesTRIPPO IS A MANUFACTURER, IMPORTER, EXPORTER OF OVER 6000 SMOKING PRODUCTS AND ADDING NEW ONES ON A DAILY BASIS, THIS HAS MADE US THE LARGEST SINGLE STORE ON THE WHOLESALECENTRAL.COM.

OUR PRODUCT RANGES FROM GLASS PIPES TO THE MOST SOPHISTICATED ELECTRONIC GADGETS. BROWSE OUR STORE AND FIND OUT. 7. Bulk Wholesale | Portland, Oregon United StatesWholesale Supplier of Apparel, Fashion Accessories and Health & Beauty Products. 8. Island Wholesale Clothing | *** Urban Clothing *** | Miami, Florida United StatesWholesale clothing | urban clothing & urban wear. Jeans, shorts, Shirts in American name brands such as Levis, Reebok, Nautica, Calvin Klein, Lucky Brand, Chaps, Izod, DKNY, Kenneth Cole, Eddie Bauer, Ecko, Akademiks, Enyce, Rocawear, Victorious, Apple Bottoms, Hanes & more! 100% AUTHENTIC! Call Us 9.

Fast Turn Wholesale | City Of Industry, California United StatesWholesale name brand and department store clothing for Junior, Contemporary, and Plus Sizes. We provide excellent quality merchandise at a great price! 10. | Brooklyn, New York United StatesWe offer the latest women and kids' apparel, including tops, dresses, bottoms, activewear, shoes, accessories, and many more products under $9, even $6 or less! High quality, low prices and fast shipping! Register today and shop now at www.! 11. LOVE IN | LOS ANGELES, California United StatesLOVEIN is an young contemporary wholesale clothing company offers latest trendy fashion at amazing price with fast shipment & best customer support. 12. T-shirt CityMyrtle beach, South Carolina United StatesResort apparel for men, women and kids. 13. Three Layer Sportswear | Los Angeles, California United StatesThree Layer Sportswear manufactures, wholesales, and distributes blank t-shirts, pullover hoodies and full zip hoodies, crew neck sweatshirts, tank tops, bottoms, youth hoodies and fashion fleece.

Please contact us for bulk pricing options if you are order 500+ per style. 14. Kori America | Los Angeles, California United StatesBased in Los Angeles, Kori America caters to the customer that looks for and enjoys expressing her freedom and individuality through the clothing she rocks. Our company values are rooted in producing and distributing pieces for everyday wear, but with an added touch of unexplainable flavor, which makes her feel exceptional.

15. Seven Seas IncLos Angeles, California United StatesOnly Seven Seas can guarantee authenticity on all our products such as jeans, t-shirts and much more. We currently carry name brand urbanwear like SEAN JOHN, ROCAWEAR, ECKO, MAKAVELI, SE7EN, G-UNIT for Men, Women, Kids and much more. 16. Velzera | Los angeles, California United StatesManufacturer and wholesaler of contemporary fashion for missy and plus size women.

We have a fast fashion approach and continuously offer our customers new styles in a short space of time. Velzera gives customers high quality apparel at affordable prices. For any questions call us at 213-746-1285 or 213-745-8898. 17. Mono B Clothing | Los Angeles, California United StatesMono B is a Los Angeles based women's activewear and leisure wear manufacturer and wholesaler since 2009. We are proud to showcase trendy and fashionable yet affordable high-performance activewear.

The pursuit of athleisure and quality-centric fitness apparel have been our manifesto. 18. Wholesale Women's Clothing | Spring Import | New York, New York United StatesWholesalers of women's clothing and apparel. Categories include: knit tops, blouses, dresses, sweaters, plus sizes, and bottoms. 19. Gameday PromosSpringville, Utah United StatesAt Gameday Promos nearly anything you can put a logo on we can make.

Hats, shirts, jackets, hoodies, uniforms, pens, rally towels, beanies, scarves, pom poms, foam products, water bottles, cinchbags, stress balls, key chains, magnets, cups, pins, and notepads 20. NY Wholesale- #1 Shoes Supplier Nation Wide. | New York, New York United StatesSpring/Summer Dresses, Blouses, Shoes, Slippers, Boots, Ponchos/Cardigans/Ruana, Leggings, Scarves, Gloves, Headbands, Thermal Underwear Sets, Plus sizes, Jewelry, Swimwear and more etc.

Minimum order 12 Pieces. Factory Price $1.95, $2.25, $2.50 .Lowest Price Guaranteed. 21. | BRAND NAMES | (732) 866-9976, New Jersey United StatesDesigner clothing, brand name apparel, sneakers, jewelry, luxury handbags, designer wallets, branded belts, sunglasses, overstocks and more. Visit us online via our website for more details 22. Reborn JLos Angeles, California United StatesReborn J is a specialty manufacturer offering contemporary clothing for women at an affordable price.

We create the most suitable and up-to-date fashion clothes that you can wear quickly, fashionably and comfortably. 23. | Los Angeles, California United StatesWe offer the highest quality clothing at the lowest prices in the industry. In business for more than 20 years, we sell denim jeans, women's tops, dresses, skirts, jackets, and more. Quantity discounts available. We dropship.

Call 800-652-8275 24. STEAL DEAL INC *******#1 STREET WEAR CLOTHING | Los Angeles, California United StatesStreetwear, lifestyle, urban and hip-hop clothing. T-shirts, Polo's, cargo pants, men and women's apparel. StealDeal is the official carrier of TRUKFIT clothing, FILTHY DRIPPED, JSLV, FAMOUS, THE HUNDREDS, NEFF, TAPOUT, SUPERMAN, BATMAN, MARVEL, DC and much us toll free at 1-800-416-6149.

25. JG APPAREL INC.******JGTOPSHOP.COM*******VERNON, California United StatesQuality Wholesale clothing at economical price. Brand name apparel, T-shirts, Urban Clothing, Leggings, Jeans & Denim, caps and much more.... 26. LIQUIDATION GENERAL | Eureka, Missouri United StatesLiquidation General is one of the largest liquidators of Designer High-End Clothing. We sell the highest quality of new, overstock, & shelf pull apparel.

DRESSES CLEARANCE SALE! Save an additional 25% OFF ALL DRESSES LOTS and FREE SHIPPING included. Grab these before we sell out!! 27. LA Style Book Wholesale | Los Angeles, California United StatesLA Style Book, We a fashion manufacturer and wholesaler based in the Heart of Fashion District in Downtown Los Angeles. With over 20 years in the fashion industry, we specialize in a wide range style categories, denim to women and plus size clothing.

We provide the best quality goods from jeans and leggings to tops and trendy style 28. GILLI CLOTHING - MADE IN USA WOMEN'S CLOTHING | Los Angeles, California United StatesMADE IN USA clothing specializing in Women's Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Outterwear & Plus Size Apparel. GILLI CLOTHING is one of the few Made in USA companies offering High Quality apparel at affordable prices. Regular Size & NEW Plus Size collection.

*Free Shipping (Continental U.S. only) on orders over $300* 29. POL Clothing Women's Wholesale | LOS ANGELES, California United StatesTrending boho & young contemporary women's fashion for boutiques! Find the perfect styles for your store. Boho/young contemporary inspired styles including tunics, prints, crochet & lace tops, dresses & skirts, sweaters & outer wears, & accessories.

Large selection of women's fashion updated frequently with new trending styles! 30. B & B Sales | Lynbrook, New York United StatesWe are Wholesale Distributors of proven fast moving Novelty T-Shirts such as FUNNY ONE LINERS, RUDE & OFFENSIVE, NASCAR and HIP HOP. Great for Flea Markets, Fairs, Stores, etc.

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