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We have over 30+ years of experience in the field of hearing aid repair. If you are looking for the best price, experience, and friendly service think of us. Best Price - We offer the lowest prices in Hearing aid repair.  Starting from as low as $90 Experience - With over 30+ years in the business of helping people hear. Friendly Service - We strive to treat our customers with exceptional service and care.

  Client Testimonial: "Comments - Hello I just wanted to let you know I recieved my hearing  aid in the mail today and I can't thank you enough. It is so wonderful  to have 2 hearing aids working for my hearing lost. I really appreciate you all doing that for me. Thank you very much. Note; I have been without this one for probabley 3 mos. (Couldn't afford what the lab charges where I take it to get it cleaned) Thank you again and again.

" We repair the following models: Siemens hearing aids Beltone hearing aids Micro Tech hearing aids Songbird hearing aids Medicare hearing aids Argosy hearing aids Unitron hearing aids Starkey hearing aids Diva hearing aids Widex hearing aids Oticon hearing aids Phonak hearing aids Miracle Ear hearing aids Resound hearing aids Sonic hearing aids BTE hearing aids Audibel hearing aids CIC hearing aids Rexton hearing aids Song Bird hearing aids Siemans hearing aids Power hearing aids Senso Diva hearing aids OMNI hearing aids Interton hearing aids Lloyds hearing aids Costco hearing aids Atlas hearing aids Sonic Innovation hearing aids Siemens Digital hearing aids Sears hearing aids Triano hearing aids Adapto hearing aids Audina hearing aids Canta hearing aids Avada hearing aids and many more.

.. We repair the following types: Digital hearing aids Discount hearing aids Child hearing aids Senior hearing aids Programmable hearing aids Behind the ear hearing aids Used hearing aids New hearing aids Waterproof hearing aids Bone Conduction hearing aids Analog Hearing aids Audiology Hearing aids and more... We also include in our services hearing aid batteries.  If your company is interested in wholesale lab services contact us for details.


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About Phonak Phonak is a Swiss-based company specializing in hearing-aid production, with a worldwide presence. Phonak, as a brand, has become one of the world-leading manufacturers of digital hearing aids. From humble beginnings as far back as 1947, Phonak is committed to driving excellence and improving technology in the hearing-aid market. The product range is vast and caters for all hearing-aid needs.

The price of a Phonak hearing aid is very much designed around your personal needs. Phonak prides itself on customizing each hearing aid according to customer demand. Everybody’s ears are different, so each hearing aid has to be different! Whether you need a one-sided hearing aid, a water-resistant hearing aid or maybe a hearing aid to reduce unnecessary noise like wind or other background noise interference, Phonak has the right unit for you.

Model Warranty Price Per Ear Ambra 3 Years $2,899 Audeo S Smart IX - 3 yearsV - 2 YearsIII - 2 Years IX - $2,899V - $2,299III - $1,849 Solana 2 Years $2,349 Audeo S Mini IX - 3 YearsV - 2 YearsIII - 2 Years IX - $2,899V - $2,299III - $1,849 Audeo Yes IX - 3 YearsV - 2 YearsIII - 2 Years IX - $2,899V - $2,299III - $1,849 Cassia 2 Years $1,899 Exelia Art 3 Years $2,799 Versata Art 2 Years $2,299 Naida IX - 3 yearsV - 2 YearsIII - 2 Years IX - $2,799V - $2,299III - $1,849 Nios Micro V - 2 YearsIII - 2 Years V - $2,299III - $1,849 Certena Art 2 Years $1,849 Milo Plus One Year $1,599 Note: Prices vary depending on your location.

Please contact an audiologist near you or the company directly to find out the exact prices for your region. All units will be calibrated to your ears as part of the unit price. Phonak hearing-aids can be broken down into three main categories: Hearing-aids that sit deep in the ear canal Hearing-aids that are situated in the ear canal or in the bowl of the ear Hearing-aids that are situated only in the bowl of the ear Every Phonak hearing-aid is individually programmed for the ear that you will use it in.

As a guide, here is list of the most popular Phonak hearing-aids and the prices from which they start at. Phonak, Milo Plus, from £595A standard unit using core technology without breaking your budget. Phonak, Certena, from £850The Certena range reduces the most common problem with hearing aids, the whistling! Phonak, Audeo Spice, from £850A superb range of units, ideal for those especially worried about self-image.

Phonak, Naida, from £825A range with natural sound filtering as well as being waterproof! Now you can walk in the rain and still hear! Phonak, Cassia, from £895Sound is brought direct to your ears with this range, so you and your family can adjust the volume separately and enjoy watching TV together. Phonak, Versata, £1150A great range that expands audibility and enhances speech intelligibility.

Phonak, Solana, from £1245With great zoom-technology, sound is filtered from any direction you choose. Phonak, CROS, £1600A specialist range designed for when one hear is unaidable. Affordable accessories The Phonak range includes a range of accessories to help with all aspects of life, whether it be talking on the telephone (Click’n Talk), or connecting your hearing aid via Bluetooth to electronic devices at home, for example, your television, (iCom).

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