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About Monex Current Gold Prices features live gold pricing and price charts for gold bullion and gold bullion coins offered by Monex. As one of the oldest and largest precious metals dealers  inNorth America, Monex has booked over $2 billion in total customer transactions every year for the past 10 years, making it one of the world’s  premier gold bullion market-makers.

At, you can view live price charts for all the gold bullion products sold by Monex, including (hyperlink each) Gold Bullion, Gold Coins, Gold Vienna Philharmonics, Gold American Buffalos, Gold American Eagles, Gold Canadian Maple Leafs, and Gold South African Krugerrands. Additionally Monex offers historical data on these and other precious metals, allowing investors to learn more about the precious metals markets before investing.

For over 40 years, Monex has been a trusted name in gold and other precious metals investments. Located in Newport Beach, California, Monex is a family-operated company with three generations of the Carabini family — founder Louis, his son Michael, and his granddaughter Christina — working together under one roof. With a dedication to customer service, Monex has a reputation of building long and fruitful relationships with precious metal investors, with hundreds of thousands of customers served.

Call 1-800-444-8317 to speak to a Monex Account Representative today!

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Features Reviews Demo Video Dashboard Your personalized home page gives a snapshot of the financial markets, which are highlighted with 8 categories: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Energy, Index, Currency and USD fiscal figures. Gold Prices From the Dashboard screen, thumb to any of the eight categories, such as Gold, to get the prices of the popular category items with dollar and % Change, and toggle to High or Low for the trading session.

Favorites Monex Bullion Investor™ puts you in control with your customized screen. Select favorite coins, bars, ratios and index indicators to quickly monitor commodities, currencies or economic figures that suit you. The Details From the category screen or others, get to the details page to see one, five or ten year historical prices charts. This is where you set your personal Alerts, modify your Dashboard and select your Favorites.

USD Figures Purchasing power of the United States Dollar is affected by the fiscal affairs of the government. Five fiscal red flags are: The Debt, Spending, Budgeted Deficit, Money Supply and a US Gold Valuation. Gold Valuer One intriguing guide to the devaluing dollar is measuring the money supply, most notably measured as M1. Get the latest gold value clock, and its projected value, as it compares M1 to gold reserves.

"Finally, an Apple mobile app that gives me a real bullion market the way I want it, without a log in. Good job, Monex, I will definitely take advantage of the market alert function and the gold to oil ratio." ~ Michael C., Investor "This app lets me stay in touch with the precious metals market and other financial markets and data. It is clear, accurate and more importantly, user-friendly. It allows me to customize the data so I can watch my pertinent financial information.

" ~ Ryan V., Trader "Wow, I struck gold with the Monex app. I now have my finger on the pulse of the market, with instant access to every key variable I watch. A 24-karat find! I love the ratios and daily updates." ~ Betty B., Investor "The Monex app is both informative and convenient. Like many participants in the metals markets, I follow the gold:silver ratio and know of no other app which makes this so easily accessible.

All in all, a very useful tool." ~ Daniel W., Investor "Intuitive and easy to navigate, this is the best app yet for precious metals. The home screen has all the up-to-the-minute prices. Extensive charts and market information is just a tap or two away. A home run!" ~ Mike M., Trader [embedded content]

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